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Wing Luke Museum
2007.066.227 Book A collection of drawings and comments on Taiwanese life originally published in Taipei's China Post newspaper between 1957 and 1960. Formosan Vignette Kuo, Paul 1960 Hua-ming Books
2007.066.228 Book Profusely illustrated accounts of Imperial China's religions in the broadest sense from folk beliefs to Buddhism, Daoism, and state-sponsored Confucianism. Vol I: Superstitious practices (birth and childhood; betrothal and marriage; death and burial; petition-talismans (written charms) for the benefit of the dead; divers superstitions for the benefit of the dead). Vol II: Superstitious Practices (healing charms, lucky charms, petition-charms, etc.). Vol III: Superstitious Practices (principal elements: cosmic, mythological and symbolical employed in Chinese charms). Researches into Chinese Superstitions: vols I-III Dore, Henry; M. Kennelly, trans. 1966 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Company
2007.066.229 Book Profusely illustrated accounts of Imperial China's religions in the broadest sense from folk beliefs to Buddhism, Daoism, and state-sponsored Confucianism. Vol IV: Superstitious practices (fortune-telling, divination and omens, vain observances). Vol V: Superstitious practices (vain observances continued, some annual religious festivals and customs; animals, trees and plants endowed with marvellous powers). Researches into Chinese Superstitions: vols IV - V Dore, Henry; M. Donnelly, trans. 1966 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Company
2007.066.230 Book Profusely illustrated accounts of Imperial China's religions in the broadest sense from folk beliefs to Buddhism, Daoism, and state-sponsored Confucianism. Vol VI: The Chinese pantheon: the principal triads; gods principally worshipped by the literati; Buddhas, Bhodisattvas, and worthies of the Buddhist pantheon). Vol VII: The Chinese pantheon; Buddhas, Bhodisattvas, and worthies of the Buddhist pantheon (continued). Vol VIII: The Chinese pantheon; founders of Buddhist schools in China. Researches into Chinese Superstitions: vol. VI - VIII Dore, Henry; M. Kennelly 1966 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Company
2007.066.231 Book Profusely illustrated accounts of Imperial China's religions in the broadest sense from folk beliefs to Buddhism, Daoism, and state-sponsored Confucianism. Vol IX: The Chinese pantheon; Taoist personages (immortal gods, genii). Vol XI: The Chinese pantheon; Boards of Heavenly administration (boards of celestial government). Researches into Chinese Superstitions: vol IX - X Dore, Henry; D. J. Finn, trans. 1967 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Company
2007.066.232 Book Profusely illustrated accounts of Imperial China's religions in the broadest sense from folk beliefs to Buddhism, Daoism, and state-sponsored Confucianism. Vol XIII: Popularization of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in China; Confucius and Confucianism. Researches into Chinese Superstitions: vol XIII Dore, Henry; L.F. McGreal. trans. 1967 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Company
2007.066.233 Book A dual-language compilation of seven complete major works and many shorter pieces from the Confucian period through the Qing dynasty Readings in Chinese Literary Thought Owen, Stephen 1992 Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University
2007.066.234 Book A collection of five articles on popular Chinese religion in Hong Kong in the twentieth century, reprinted from the Journal of Oriental Studies, vol VII, No. 1, 1970 A Hong Kong Collection Potter, Jack M; James W. Hayes; Luke S.K.Wong; J. Steve Hoadley; Marjori Topley 1970 Hong Kong University Press
2007.066.235 Book Collected essays on the role of the scholar-official class; the structure of Chinese instituions; the character of commercial and industrial life; and the varieties of protest and dissent Chinese Civilization and Bureaucracy: Variations on a Theme Balaze, Etienne; H.M. Wright, trans. 1964 Yale University Press
2007.066.236 Book An illustrated short account of Chinese opera covering history; actors; costumes, makeup and stage properties; movement and gestures; music and singing; the various traditional opera forms; and stories from Chinese operas. This is a 1968 Taiwan reprint of the 1966 original. Chinese Opera: A Short Guide Halson, Elizabeth 1968 Zhongyang Tushu Chuban She
2007.066.237 Book A history of the Chinese societies of the Qunqiu and Zhanguo periods, with special emphasis on social mobility. Ancient China in Transition: An Analysis of Social Mobility, 722-222 B.C. Hsu, Cho-yun (Xu Zhuoyun) 1965 Stanford University Press
2007.066.238 Book An anthropological analysis of the rural Taiwanese family in the twentieth century, from the woman's point of view Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan Wolf, Margery 1972 Stanford University Press
2007.066.239 Book An account of China, Taiwan, and Korea after the establishment of the People's Republic of China and the end of the Korean conflict Still the Rice Grows Green: Asia in the Aftermath of Geneva and Panmujom Caldwell, John C. 1955 Henry Regnery Company
2007.066.240 Book A collection of stories, reminiscences, poems, and essays by Lu Xun (1881-1936), one of China's foremost writers. Silent China: Selected Writings of Lu Xun Lu, Hsun 1973 Oxford University Press
2007.066.241 Book An account of the women's movement in China, 1900 to 1949, with special empahsis on the educated women's movement, the factory women's movement, and women peasants' movement. Fifty Years of Struggle: The Development of the Women's Movement in China (1900-1949) Siu, Bobby 1975 Revomen Publishing Company
2007.066.242 Book A report on China a few years after the establishment of the People's Republic. Daybread in China Davidson, Basil nd (1953) Jonathan Cape
2007.066.243 Book An anthropological study of a Rural Taiwanese Chinese family in the twentieth century. The House of Lim: A Study of a Chinese Farm Family Margery Wolf 1968 Meridith Corporation, Appleton-Century-Crofts
2007.066.244 Book The nature and extent of social mobility in China through the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Ladder of Success in Imperial China: Aspects of Social Mobility, 1368-1911 Ho, Ping-ti 1964 Columbia University Press
2007.066.245 Book Sixteen articles on the regional and local systems that states, corporations, and civic associations set up to profit from or suppress the opium trade in China. Opium Regimes: China, Britain, and Japan, 1839-1952 Brook, Timothy, and Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi 2000 University of California Press
2007.066.246 Book A description of life in Southern Song China just before the Mongol invasion of 1276, focused on the city of Hangzhou (the residence of Marco Polo 1276-1292). Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion 1250-1276 Gernet, Jacques; H.M. Wright, trans. 1962 Stanford University Press
2007.066.247 Book An anthropologist's account of popular Chinese methods of determining destiny and character from physical aspects of the human body. Chinese Body Divination: Its Forms, Affinities, and Functions Lessa, William A 1968 United World
2007.066.248 Book A novel by one of China's pre-eminent writers (written in 1930 and published with the title Ziye). The novel focuses on how the Chinese industrialists, the working class, and the national capitalists reacted to foreign imperialism and the gathering recolutionary movements in China of the early twentieth century. Midnight Mao, Tun 1976 C and W Publishing Co.
2007.066.249 Book Illustrated account of China and the experiences of American Christian missionaries there in the early years of the twentieth century. With our Missionaries in China Anderson, Emma, et al 1920 Pacific Press Publishing Association
2007.066.250 Book A selection of political, military, and philosophical wrting of Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong). Mao Tse-tung: An Anthology of His Writings Mao Tse-tung; Anne Fremantle, ed. 1963 New American Library
2007.066.251 Book A collection of fifteen articles on Taiwanese society and culture from an anthropological perspective. The Anthropology of Taiwanese Society Ahern, Emily Martin and Gates, Hill, editors 1981 Stanford University Press
2007.066.252 Book A collection of eleven articles on Chinese traditional science and its history, including a bibliography of books and articles on traditional Chinese science in western langauges. Chinese Science: Explorations of an Ancient Tradition Nakayama, Shigeru, and Sivin, Nathan, editors 1973 MIT Press
2007.066.253 Book An account of mathematics in Song dynasty China, with special reference to the Shu-shu chiu-chang of Ch'in Chiu-shao (the Shushu Jiuzhang of Qin Jiushao; Mathematical Treatise in Nine Sections), completed in 1247. Chinese Mathematics in the Thirteenth Century: The Shu-shu chiu-chang of Ch'in Chiu-shao Libbrecht, Ulrich 1973 MIT Press
2007.066.254 Book The author explores the concept of li (the center of life for a warrior in the feudal period as well as the crystalization of the concept of civil rule among pre-Qin Confucial saholars) as the central theme in the cultural history of ancient China. Li: Rites and Propriety in Literature and Life; A Perspective for a Cultural History of Ancient China Fehl, Noah Edward 1971 Chinese University of Hong Kong
2007.066.255 Book A comprehensive overview of the nature and history of the Japanese language, covering the historical and geographical setting; genetic relationships; writing systems; dialects; phonology; loanwords; special and notable utterences; and grammar and syntax. The Japanese Language Miller, Roy Andrew 1967 University of Chicago Press
2007.066.256 Book Twenty-four lessons based on everyday conversational situations, intended for secend- semester students of the Chinese language. Chinese Dialogues Wang, Fred Fang-yu; Fenn, Henry C and Lee, Pao-ch'en, editors 1965 Yale University
2007.066.257 Book The Chinese revolution examined in the context of the history and nature of Chinese political culture. Mao's Revolution and the Chinese Political Culture Solomon, Richard H. 1971 University of California Press
2007.066.258 Book A comprehensive analysis by a leading Chinese linguist of spoken standard Chinese ("mandarin", or Putonghua) covering the sentence; word and morpheme; morphological types; syntactical types; compounds; and parts of speech. A Grammar of Spoken Chinese Chao, Yuen Ren 1968 University of California Press
2007.066.259 Book A survey of the legal aspects of traditional Chinese social structure, covering family and clan; marriage; social classes; magic and the law; and the confucian school and the legalist school. Law and Society in Traditional China Ch'u, T'ung-tsu 1961 Mouton & Co
2007.066.260 Book A profusely illustrated account of the traditional Chinese religious system, broadly defined. Topics covered include disposal of the dead (funeral rites, ideas of resurrection, the grave) and the soul and ancestral worship (the soul in philosophy and folk-conception, demonology, sorcery, the war against spectres, and the priesthood of animism). Many extracts from books and other documents are presented in the original Chinese and in English translation (This is a 1969 Taiwan reprint of the 1892-1910 original published by EJ Brill. Leyden). The Religious System of China, in Ancient Forms, Evolution, History and Present Aspect, Manners, Custom and Social Institutions Connected Therewith De Groot, JJM 1969 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Co.
2007.066.261 Book A detailed sociological account of life in a village in Northern Guandong Province in the early years of the 20th century. Country Life in South China: The Sociology of Familism Volume I Phenix Village, Kwangtung, China Kulp, Daniel Harrison 1966 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Co.
2007.066.262 Book A social, political, and cultural survey of China from its remote past to the present day....from ancient dynasties to communism. The Changing Society of China Chai, Ch'u and Chai, Winberg 1962 New American Library
2007.066.263 Book Strange Customa in China Peng, Yunghai 1970 Peng Yunghai
2007.066.264 Book A classic account of the social life of the Chinese in the late Qing dynasty. This is a 1966 Taiwanese reprint of the 1865 original published by Harper & Brothers. New York. Social Life of the Chinese: With Some Account of their Religious, Governmental, Educational, and Business Customs and Opinions. With Special but not Exclusive Reference to Fuhchau. Volume I Doolittle, Justus 1966 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Co.
2007.066.265 Book Well-regarded brief account of the history of Chinese Buddhism. Buddhism in Chinese History Wright, Arthur F. 1965 Atheneum
2007.066.266 Book A translation of the Daode Jing attributed to Laozi. The Way of Life: Lao Tzu: A New Translation of the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu, translation and introduction by R.B. Blakney 1958 Mentor
2007.066.267 Book An account of student life in China, Japan, and India in the early years of the 20th century, with a special focus on Christian education. The Students of Asia Eddy, Sherwood 1916 Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions
2007.066.268 Book Covers three aspects of Chinese astology: Its foundation in Chinese astronomical observation; its historical development; and the method of interpreting portents. Includes actual horoscopes from different periods. The Complete Guide to Chinese Astrology: The Most Comprehensive Study of the Subject Ever Published in the English Language Walters, Derek 2005 Watkins Publishing
2007.066.269 Book A portrait of life along the "silk road" trade route through Central Asia from the eighth through the tenth centuries. Life Along the Silk Road Whitfield, Susan 1999 University of California Press
2007.066.270 Book Eyewitness accounts of events in the period of the fall of the Ming dynasty and the conquest of China by the Qing, from writings of Chinese and Europeans, missionaries and vicroys, artists and merchants, Ming loyalists and Qing collaborators, maidservant and eunuchs. Translated, introduced, and annotated by an historian of the Ming dynasty. Voices from the Ming-Qing Cataclysm: China in Tigers' Jaws Struve, Lynn, editor and translator 1993 Yale University Press
2007.066.271 Book An account of the monetary system in late Qing China including the "cash" sector, the silver sector, the banking system, and the role of the monetary system in economic development. Also treats the problems of translating such terms as "cash," "tael," "ch'ien," and "Spanish dollar." Money and Monetary Policy in China 1845-1895 King, Frank H. H. 1965 Harvard University Press
2007.066.272 Book An annotated list of official positions in the late Qing system of government (including central, provincial, and military officials; hereditary ranks; Buddhist and Taoist officials; and official positions in Mongolia, Turkestan, Tibet and the Tibetan Lamaist hierarchy). This is a 1970 reprint of the 1897 original published by Kelly and Walsh and by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. The Chinese Government: A Manual of Chinese Titles, Categorically Arranged and Explained, with an Appendix Mayers, William Frederick 1970 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Co.
2007.066.273 Book A collection of original documents tranlated from the Chinese and material from Western sources on the role and impact of traditional secret societies in the political and social life of modern China from the Opium war to the establishment of the People's Republic in 1949. Secret Societies in China in the 19th and 20th Centuries Chesneaux, Jean 1971 Heinemann Educaional Books (Asia) Ltd
2007.066.274 Book A selection of 57 poems, including the original Chinese, annotations, and translations into English. The Heart of Chinese Poetry Whincup, Greg 1987 Anchor Books, Doubleday
2007.066.275 Book A philosopher's description of Chinese mentality, based on a series of eight broadcast lectures by the author in Nanking during the Spring of 1937, on the eve of the Japanese invasion. The Chinese View of Life: The Philosophy of Comprehensive Harmony Fang, Thome H. 1957 Union Press
2007.066.276 Book A philosopher's discussion of the Confucian and Daoist concepts of human nature in Zhou China. The Concept of Man in Early China Munro, Donald J. 1969 Stanford University Press
2007.066.277 Book A social and political history of China up to and including the Han dynasty. This is an undated Taiwanese reprint; no information on translator, publisher, or publication date of the original book. Chinese Civilization Granet, Marcel nd
2007.066.278 Book A translation and annotation of a seventeenth century collection of erotic stories. Monks and Nuns in a Sea of Sins Yang, Richard F. S., and Howard S.Levy, translators and annotators 1971 Warm-soft Village Press
2007.066.279 Book A history of Qing dynasty intellectual history by a leading intellectual and official of the Republican period. This is a 1970 reprint of the original published by Harvard University Press in 1959. Intellectual Trends in the Ch'ing Period (Ch'ing-tai hsueh-shu kai-lun), Translation and introduction by Immanuel C. Y. Hsu Liang Ch'i-ch'ao 1970 Zhongshan Shuju
2007.066.280 Book A collection of 14 articles on political elites in China from the 1930s to 1969. Elites in the People's Republic of China Scalapino, Robert A., editor (who also wrote the introduction) 1972 University of Washington Press
2007.066.281 Journal Vol. 10, 1970 A collection of 16 items on aspects of Chinese social, political, cultural, and natural history with a focus on Hong Kong. Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
2007.066.282 Book Bilingual text of the Daode Jing, with annotations. The Saying of Laozi: Tao Te Ching: A New Translation by R. B. Blakney Laozi, translation by R. B. Blakney 1970 Confucius Publishing Co.
2007.066.283 Book A sociologist's account of 42 guilds (social/economic/occupational/regional/religious organizations) in early twentieth-entury Beijing. This is a 1966 Taiwanese reprint of the 1928 original published by Columbia University Press. The Guilds of Peking Burgess, John Stewart 1966 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Co.
2007.066.284 Book Over 300 popular saying in standard Chinese, and over 100 in Cantonese, all tranlated, with some annotations. More Chinese Sayings with some Cantonese Expressions Lai, T. C., translator and annotator Swindon Book Co.
2007.066.285 Book A novel set in early twentieth-century China. The Bitter Tea of General Yen Stone, Grace Zaring 1930 Bobbs-Merrill Co.
2007.066.286 Book An anthropological account of a farming village in Taiwan in the 1970s. Upper Camp: A Study of a Mixed-cropping Village in Taiwan Chen, Chung-min 1977 Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica
2007.066.287 Book About 8,000 entries covering common terms of the basic theories in Chinese medicine and appendices on the names of items in the common Chinese materia medica, moxibustion and acupuncture. Chinese-English Glossary of Common Terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine Guangzhou Institute of Chinese Medicine Compilation Group 1982 Joint Publishing Company
2007.066.288 Book A selection of poems by Mao Tse-tung including the Chinese originals and English translations. The Poems of Mao Tse-tung Mao Tse-tung; Barnstone, Willis translator 1972 Bantam Books
2007.066.299 Book An account of life in a Chinese village in the 1960s. China: The Revolution Continued Myrdal, Jan and Gessle, Gun; translated by Paul Britten Austin 1970 Penguin Books
2007.066.300 Book Aguide to using the Guoyu Cidian, a major Chinese dictionary. A Guide to using the Gwoyeu Tsyrdean Wan, Grace 1970 Chinese Materials and Research Aids Service Center
2007.066.301 Book The original Chinese, a translation into English, and a discussion of the Platform Sutra (Tanjing) of Hui Neng, the 8th-century sixth patriarch of the Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhist tradition, based on a manuscript copied down sometime between 830 and 860 and found at Dunhuang (Tun-huang) in the early twentieth century. The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch: The Text of the Tun-huang Manuscript, Translated, with Notes Hui Neng; Yampolsky, Philip B, translator and annotator 1967 Columbia University Press
2007.066.302 Book Chinese and English translations, from an unspecified language, of a short work in two parts. The first touches on early Muslim life in China and highlights the fact that Muslims underwent a process of cross-cultural adaptation in the host environment from the Yuan period onward. It also discusses the 1759 conquest of the central Asian region of Xinjiang, which brought a large population of Turkic Muslims under the control of the Qing Empire. The second part discusses the twentieth century and dissects the ten Muslim nationalities recognized the the People's Republic of China. The Other Middle Kingdom: A Brief History of Muslims in China Betta, Chiara; translated by Phylis Lan Lin and Cheng Fang 2004 University of Indianapolis Press
2007.066.303 Book An account of a Chinese classic devoted to agriculture, written by Jia Sixue (Chia Ssu-haueh) sometime between 533 and 544. The original Chinese text is presented, with English translation and extensive explanatory notes. A Preliminary Survey of the Book Ch'i Min Yao Shu, An Agricultural Encyclopedia of the 6th century. Shih, Sheng-han 1962 Science Press
2007.066.304 Book Book III. Intermediate-level textbook containing reading selections from plays, short stories, diaries, speeches, essays and travelogues, with English/chinese vocabulary. Read Chinese Wang, Fang-yu 1961 Yale University Press
2007.066.305 Book Researches on the languages spoken by the pre-Chinese races of China proper previously to the Chinese occupation. This is a 1970 Taiwanese reprint of the 1887 original. The Languages of China Before the Chinese de Lacouperie, Terrien 1970 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Co.
2007.066.306 Book An account of the history, structure, and activities of the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, 1950 to 1975. Text in English, summaries in Chinese. Silver Jubilee 1950-1975 Family Planning Association of Hong Kong nd
2007.066.307 Book Translations of six Yuan dynasty (1271 - 1368) plays: The Orphan of Chao; The Soul of Ch'ien-nu Leaves her Body; The Injustice Done to Tou Ngo; Chang Boils the Sea; Autumn in Han Palace; and A Strategem of Interlocking Rings. Six Yuan Plays Liu, Jung-en 1972 Penguin Books
2007.066.308 Book A biography of Charles George ("Chinese") Gordon (1833-1885), British army officer and administrator also known as "Gordon Pasha" and "Gordon of Khartoum." He was active in the Second Opium War and the suppression of the Taiping rebels. The Chinese Emperor promoted him to Tidu ("Chief Provincial Commander"), one of the highest imperial Chinese military ranks. Chinese Gordon: A Succinct Record of His Life Forbes, Archibald 1884 John B. Allen
2007.066.309 Book An illustrated 59-page guide to a Field Museum of Natural History exhibit of items connected with theatrical performances in Asia, including: The religious drama of the Chinese; the lion-dance, China; Imperial play, China; the shadow-play, China; the Tibetan mystery-play; the theatre in Java; and Singhalese masks. Guide, Part 1, Oriental Theatricals Laufer, Berthold 1923 Field Museum of Natural History, Department of Anthropology
2007.066.310 Book Part I consists of a translation of the Lienu Zhuan, and Part II is "An estimate of the position of woman in early China." The Position of Woman in Early China: According to the Lieh Nu Chuan "The Biographies of Chinese Women" O'Hara, Albert Richard 1971 Mei Ya Publications
2007.066.311 Book A collection of essays by C. T. Hsia on the conflicts between left-wing literary personalities and the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai in the 1930's. The Gate of Darkness: Studies on the Leftist Literary Movement in China Hsia, Tsi-an 1968 University of Washington Press
2007.066.312 Book A collection of short essays on Taoism as a rival school of thought to Confucian teaching. This is a First Grove Press Edition of the book first published by John Murray Ltd., London, in 1955. A Taoist Notebook Herbert, Edward 1960 Grove Press
2007.066.313 Book A survey of political thought in the Qin dynasty period in China, by one of China's leading intellectuals in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This is a Taiwanese reprint of the original, which was published by Kegan, Paul, Trench, in 1930. History of Chinese Political Thought During the early Tsin Period Liang, Chi-chao 1968 Ch'eng-Wen Publishing Co.
2007.066.314 Book A text for learning the Taiwanese (Hokkien or Minnan) language. Thirty-two lessons introduce 1,098 words (characters included). This is a Taiwanese reprint; publication date and place of original not known. Teach Yourself Taiwanese (Hokkien) Chiu, Chiang Ker 1968 Jinshan Tushu Chuban Youxiangongsi
2007.066.315 Book A report on the role and use of science in the lives of China's people based on a visit to China by an organization, named Science for the People, in 1973. China: Science Walks on Two Legs Connell, Dan and Glover, Dan, editors 1974 Avon Books
2007.066.316 Book A famous short story by one of China's best-known writers, written in 1922 and set in the China of 1911. Ah Q, a farm laborer, suffers a lifetime of humiliation and persecution, dreams of revolution and ends up on the execution ground. Illustrated by Cheng Shih-fa, a well-known Chinese artist. The True Story of Ah Q Lu, Hsun 1976 C and W Publishing Co.
2007.066.317 Book A guide to the correct spelling of local place names, with descriptive material as well, in English and Chinese. A Gazetteer of Place Names in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories 1969 Government Press
2007.066.318 Book A textbook introducing literary Chinese through a study of the Hsiao Ching (Xiaojing, or Classic of Filial Piety), with vocabulary and notes. Literary Chinese by the Inductive Method Volume I: The Hsiao Ching Creel, Herrlee Glesner; Chang, Tsung-ch'ien; Rudolph, Richard C. 1948 University of Chicago Press
2007.066.319 Book A textbook introducing literary Chinese through a study of the Mencius (Mengzi), with vocabulary and notes. Literary Chinese by the Inductive Method Volume III: The Mencius, books I-III Creel, Herrlee Glesner; Chang, Tsung-ch'ien; Rudolph, Richard C. 1952 University of Chicago Press
2007.066.320 Book The Chinese character text for Mandarin Primer, by the well-known linguist Chao Yuen Ren. Character Text for Mandarin Primer Chao, Yuen Ren 1963 Harvard University Press
2007.066.321 Book Volume one of a two-volume text on spoken Cantonese. Cantonese: Basic Course Volume One Boyle, Elizabeth Latimore 1970 Foreign Service Institute
2007.066.322 Book Volume Two of a two-volume text on spoken Cantonese. Cantonese: Basic Course Volume Two Boyle, Elizabeth Latimore 1970 Foreign Service Institute
2007.066.323 Book A text for spoken Mandarin (Putonghua) by the well-known linguist, Chao Yuen Ren, originally published in 1948. Mandarin Primer: An Intensive Course in Spoken Chinese Chao, Yuen Ren 1964 Harvard University Press
2007.066.324 Book Volume one of a three-volume text on spoken Taiwanese Hokkien (Minnan). Speak Taiwanese Hokkien, Book I Taipei Language Institute 1969 Taipei Language Institute
2007.066.325 Book Volume two of a three-volume text on spoken Taiwanese Hokkien (Minnan). Speak Taiwanese Hokkien, Book II Taipei Language Institute 1969 Taipei Language Institute
2007.066.326 Book Volume three of a three-volume text on spoken Taiwanese Hokkien (Minnan). Speak Taiwanese Hokkien, Book III Taipei Language Institute 1969 Taipei Language Institute
2007.066.327 Book Pronunciation drills for Taiwanese Hokkien (Minnan), to accompany the text Speak Taiwanese Hokkien, by the Taipei Language Institue. Pronunciation Drills for Taiwanese Hokkien Taipei Language Institute 1969 Taipei Language Institute
2007.066.328 Book Illustrated account of China in the early part of the 20th century, and American christian missionary activities there. China's Real Revolution Hutchinson, Paul 1924 Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada
2007.066.329 Book Six Ming dynasty "detective stories" featuring the Song dynasty magistrate known as Pao Lung T'u Ch'eng (Baolong Tucheng). This translation was originally published in 1964. The Strange Cases of Magistrate Pao: Chinese tales of Crime and Detection Comber, Leon, translator 1970 Panther Books
2007.066.330 Book A brief account of the Chinese language, covering sounds, script, language reform, words, functions, texts, radicals, writing, simplification, and romanization. About Chinese Newnham, Richard; with Tan Lin-tung 1971 Penguin Books
2007.066.331 Book A Chinese-English bilingual text, on facing pages, of the Chinese short story Spring Silkworms by Mao Tun. Spring Silkworms Mao Tun (Mao Dun) 1970 The English Language Publishing Company
2007.066.332 Book An English translation of the novel by Lao Shaw (Lao She). Rickshaw Boy Lau, Shaw 1945 Reynal and Hitchcock
2007.066.333 Book A classic account of the politics of the opium trade in China in the 1830's and the opium war between Britain and China. Foreign Mud: Being an Account of the Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830's and the Anglo-Chinese War That Followed Collis, Maurice 1946 Faber and Faber Limited
2007.066.334 Book An account covering the concept of sin in Chinese folk religion; the various hells; the categories of sin and changes in the concept of sin; a note on sin, guilt, and sex; schoklarly evaluation of sin and shame; suicide in short stories; and moralists' evaluation of sin and shame. With a glossary of Chinese terms. Guilt and Sin in Traditional China Eberhard, Wolfram 1967 University of California Press
2007.066.335 Book A survey of the Chinese language covering the dialects and the modern standard language; phonemics; morphology; and syntax. The Chinese Language Today: Features of an Emerging Standard Kratochvil, Paul 1968 Hutchinson University Library
2007.066.336 Book Six articles on social-science research by overseas scholars in Hong Kong in the late 1960s. Proceedings of a Symposium held February 8-9, 1969. Anthropology and Sociology in Hong Kong: Field Projects and Problems of Overseas Scholars Topley, Marjorie, compiler 1969 University of Hong Kong
2007.066.337 Book Covers traditional worship; an overview of Taiwanese folk gods; the ten most popular gods of Taiwanese folk religion; the main temple and birth date of most folk gods; and a list of the gods, including their names in Chinese characters with Mandarin and Taiwanese pronunciations. Illustrated. An Introduction to Taiwanese Folk Religions Kramer, Rev. Gerald P.and Wu, George 1970
2007.066.338 Book Covers Annual festivals; marriage; and matters connected with death. Illustrated. A Guidebook for Christians on Taiwanese Customs and Superstitions: Translation of Ki-tok-to Kap Tai-oan Koan-siok Albrecht, Rev. Ardon, and Go Sin-gi, translators translator 1965
2007.066.339 Book An illustrated account of the caucasoid mummies discovered in the Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. The Mummies of Urumchi Barber, Elizabeth Wayland 1999 W.W. Norton & Co.
2007.066.340 Book An examination of the historical circumstances under which the reform movement of 1898 arose, and role of Weng T'ung-ho in that movement. This work was published in the Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies, New Series I, Number 2, April 1957. Weng T'ung-ho and the Reform Movement of 1898 Hsiao, Kung-chuan 1957 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
2007.066.341 Book An annotated translation of "Diverse Records of Wooden Bridge" ("Panqiao Zaji") by the poet-essayist Yu Huai (1616-1696). Yu recorded how he and his associates amused themselves in the entertainment quarters of Nanjing, and how the collapse of the Ming dynasty brought about an abrupt end to their carefree pleasures. A Feast of Mist and Flowers: The Gay Quarters of Nanking at the End of the Ming. Yu Huai; Levy, Howard S., translator; Kazuko Ishibashi, illustrator 1967 Howard Levy
2007.066.342 Book This Taiwanese reprint contains both Carstairs Douglas's Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy (first published in 1899) and Thomas Barclay's Supplement to that work (first published in 1923). The language of Amoy (Xiamen) is closely related to the Chinese language as spoken by the great majority of the Chinese in Taiwan. Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy, with the Principal Variations of the Chang-chew and Chin-chew Dialects, published together with Supplement to Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy Douglas, Rev. Carstairs and Barclay, Rev. Thomas 1970 Ku-t'ing Book Store
2007.066.343 Book A dictionary of southern min (minnan hua) as spoken by the majority of Chinese in Taiwan, and in the areas of Fujian Province on the mainland of China, from which the Chinese early migrated to Taiwan. A Dictionary of Southern Min: Based on Current Usage in Taiwan and Checked Against the Earlier Works of Carstairs Douglas, Thomas Barclay, and Ernest Tipson Embree, Bernard L.M. 1973 Hong Kong Language Institute
2007.066.344 Book Annotated translations of five daoist (taoist) books written on silk found in a Han dynasty tomb at Mawangdui in 1973. These works had been suppressed and lost after Confucianism became the predoninant court philosophy in the 1st century BCE. Five Lost Classics: Tao, Huang-lao, and Yin-yang in Han China Yates, Robin D. S., translation , introduction, and commentary 1997 Ballantine Books
2007.066.345 Book Covers general works; late Ch'ing political history; political institutions; power politics; republican China; intellectual and cultural history; economic history and institutions; Chinese society; and reference works. Japanese Studies of Modern China: A Bibliographic Guide to Historical and Social-science Research on the 19th and 20th Centuries Faiirbank, John King, and Masataka Banno 1955 Charles E. Tuttle Co.
2007.066.346 Book About 6,000 Chinese characters are defined in English, and for each, modern mandarin (putonghua), Cantonese, ancient Chinese (early Tang dynasty), and Japanese on pronunciations are given. This work was originally published in 1923. Analytic Dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese Karlgren, Bernhard 1974 Dover Publications
2007.066.347 Book An early 16th century reprint, of an edition which appeared in 1436, of a children's primer, said to be the oldest illustrated children's primer known to exist in China, and more than a century older than the first picture book for children in the West. 15th Century Illustrated Chinese Primer: Hsin-pien Tui-hsiang Szu-yen: Facsimile Reproduction with Introduction and Notes Goodrich, L. Carrington, Introductiona and notes 1967 Hong Kong University Press
2007.066.348 Book An illustrated government report describing Hong Kong in 1975. Covers industry and trade; financial structure; employment; primary production; education; health; land and housing; social welfare; public order; immigration and tourism; public works and utilities; communications and transport; the media; the armed services and auxiliary services; religion and custom; recreation; the environment; population; natural history; and constitution and administration. Hong Kong 1976: Report for the Year 1975 Savidge, Joyce, editor 1976 Hong Kong Government Press
2007.066.349 Book Covers rice marketing during the Japanese occupation; rice merchants and rice markets; marketing operation; and the costs and margins in rice marketing. Rice Marketing in Taiwan Yeh, S. M. 1955 Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction
2007.066.350 Book A character dictionary giving definitions in Chinese and pronunciations in putonghua and Cantonese. Five appendices: a table of hanyu pinyin; a table of standard Cantonese sounds; a conversion table for traditional and simplified characters; a table of commonly-used punctuation marks; and a table of Chinese dynasties. Zhonghua Xin Zidian: Putonghua, Yueyu [New Zhonghua Dictionary: Putonghua (mandarin), Cantonese] 1976 Zhonghua Shudian
2007.066.351 Book A discourse on tantrism by a very controversial Taiwanese Buddhist figure Lu Shengyan (1945-), who heads a temple in Redmond, Washington State. See the Wikipedia entry on Lu Shengyan. Xiyatu de xingzhe: Xuanxue de Shengming Face [A Wandering Monk in Seattle: Living Principles of Metaphysics] Lu Shengyan n.d. (1983?) Qingshan Chubanshe
2007.066.352 Book A Study based on Rubbings of the Engraved Han Paintings in the Collection of the National Museum of History, Taiwan. In Chinese, with an English Summary Social Life During the Han Dynasty as Seen from Han Paintings Ho, Hao-t'ien 1959 Zhonghua Congshu Bianshen Weiyuanhui
2007.066.353 Book "Preliminary Research into the Development and Evolution of Capitalist Relations in China". Three articles on the origin and development of the "sprouts" of capitalism in Ming and Qing China. Zhongguo Zibenzhuyi Guanxi Fasheng Ji Yanbian de Chubu Yanjiu Shang, Yue 1956 Sanlian Shudian
2007.066.354 Book "Chinese Family Law". A comprehensive survey of Chinese family law, with a emphasis on Republican China, by a noted legal scholar. Zhongguo Qinshufa Dai, Yanhui 1968 n.p.
2007.066.355 Book "Curiosities of Colloquial Chinese Speech" A popular account of Chinese sociolinguistics. Zhongguoren Shuohua de Suqu Chen, Ke 1995 Baiguan Chubanshe
2007.066.356 Book A collection of 34 short literary pieces by Ming and Qing dynasty authors. Xingling zhi Sheng: Ming-Qing Xiaopin Chen, Wanyi, editor Shibao Wenhua Chuban Qiye Gufen Youxian Gongsi
2007.066.357 Book This book includes historical information on the Hakka of south China from 40 different clan genealogies. In Chinese. Historical Sources for the Study of the Hakkas (Kejia Shiliao Hui Pian) Lo, Hsiang-lin (Luo Xianglin) 1965 Institute of Chinese Culture
2007.066.358 Book "A History of Qing Dynasty Women's Literature", with information on over 300 female authors in the late Ming and Qing dynasties. Qingdai Funu Wenxueshi Liang Yizhen 1968 Taiwan Zhonghuashuzhu Yinghang
2007.066.359 Book In this book (the French title was La Religion des Chinois), "Marcel Granet set out to provide a panoramic view of Chinese religion from its origins until the early Republican period. This edited translation is intended to illustrate the Durkheimian legacy to the study of religion...and to serve as an introduction to Granet's sociological work" (from the dust jacket). The Religion of the Chinese People Granet, Marcel, Freedman, Maurice, translator and editor 1975 Harper & Row
2007.066.360 Book A biography of the poet Ts'ao Chih (Cao Zhi) 192-232 A.D. Ts'ao Chih: The Life of a Princely Chinese Poet Dunn, Hugh, Illustrations by Ho Hwai-shouh n.d. (1970?) China News
2007.066.361 Book "The aims of this study are to review the main features of Chinese rural development and changes in agriculture in recent times, identify new terminology and explain differences between Chinese and socialist development patterns, particularly divergences from the Soviet model" (from the Preface). A Chinese/English Dictionary of China's Rural Economy Broadbent, Kiernan 1978 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux
2007.066.362 Book A collection of twenty articles on Asian medical systems, including the great traditions of Hindu, Arabic, and Chinese medicine; the structure and character of cosmopolitan medicine; the adaptive significance of medical traditions; the culture of plural medical systems, the ecology of indigenous and cosmopolitan medical practice; medical revivalism; and perspectives. Asian Medical Systems: A Comparative Study Leslie, Charles, editor University of California
2007.066.363 Book A philosophically-oriented study of the principal elements of Taiping ideology, exploring its underlying historical and cultural roots, and evaluating the numerous intrepretations offered since the rebellion. First published in 1967. The Taiping Ideology: Its sources, interpretations, and influences Shih, Vincent Y.C. (Shi, Youzhong) 1972 University of Washington Press
2007.066.364 Book The Chinese texts for 14 short stories written between the literary renaissance movement in 1917 and the 1950s, with an introduction in English. Authors include Lu Hsun (Lu Xun); Kuo Mo-jo (Guo Morou); Yeh Shao-chun (Ye Shaojun); Mao Tun (Mao Dun); Yu Da-fu (Yu Dafu); Lao She; Chu Tzu-ch'ing (Zhu Ziqing); Lao Hsiang (Lao Xiang); Ping Hsin (Bing Xin); Shen Ts'ung-wen (Shen Congwen); Pa Chin (Ba Jin); Chang T'ien-yi (Zhang Tianyi); Ting Ling (Ding Ling); and Chao Shu-li (Zhao Shuli). Originally published in 1953. Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature Volume Two: Stories Liu, Wu-chi and Li, Tien-yi 1965 Far Eastern Publications, Yale University
2007.066.365 Book A biography of Confucius and an account of the legacy of Confucianism. Originally published in 1949. Confucius and the Chinese Way Creel, H.G. 1960 Harper and Row, Publishers
2007.066.366 Book An account of languages in China: The Han language and its pronunciation, grammar, dialects, history, and writing system; and the minority languages (covering the Turkic, Mongolian, Tungus, Tai, Tibeto-Burman, Miao-Yao, Mon-Khmer, and unclassified or isolated languages). The Languages of China Ramsey, S. Robert 1978 Princeton University Press
2007.066.367 Book "This paper is an attempt to explore the usefulness of a sociology-oriented approach to the study of folktales. Some sociological methods, such as the survey technique and the selection of a stratified sample have been used, and sociological ways of interpretation have been applied" (from the Introduction). The folktales studied are "The story of grandaunt tiger"; "Peach boy"; "The treasure bowl"; and "Duck King". Different versions of the first two are presented in Chinese. Studies in Taiwanese Folktales Eberhard, Wolfram 1971 The Orient Cultural Service
2007.066.368 Book A collection of black and white photographs published in the Photography Magazine published by the China Post in Taiwan in the period 1979 to 1974 Faces of Taiwan 1974 China Post
2007.066.369 Book A comparison of European and Chinese gilds, followed by accounts of the religious fraternity; the craft gild; the provincial club; and the gild merchant (discussing the gilds in Newchwang, Swatow, and Canton). The Gilds of China: With an Acccount of the Gild Merchant or Co-hong of Canton Morse, Hosea Ballou 1966 Ch'eng-wen Publishing Company
2007.066.370 Book Translations of poems by seven Tang dynasty poets. Poems of the Late T'ang Graham, A.C., translator 1965 Penguin
2007.066.371 Book A dictionary of terms which pertain to all facets of Chinese agriculture -- including plant pathology, farm machinery, political terminology, and agronomy, among others. Intended for students of all phases of Chinese studies, and not only for those concerned primarily with agriculture. Dictionary of Chinese Communist Agricultural Terminology Wong, Sybil, compiler and translator 1968 Union Research Institute
2007.066.372 Book A collection of 14 articles in which the authors, specialists in Chinese history, politics, and sociology apply social science approaches to the political and social uses of Confucian ideas. First published in 1957. Chinese Thought and Institutions Fairbank, John K., editor 1967 University of Chicago Press
2007.066.373 Book A collection of 19 articles on science and techology in China and Japan, covering quantitative sciences; qualitative sciences; technology; and cultural interactions. Science and Technology in East Asia Sivin, Nathan, editor 1977 Science History Publications
2007.066.374 Book A translation of chapters 1 - 34 of the earliest and most important theoretical medical text in China, the Huangdi Neijing Suwen. First published in 1949. The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine Veith, Ilza, trans. 1972 University of California Press
2007.066.375 Book A collection of the fragmentary remains of the original Chinese text of "Fan Sheng-chih Shu" (Fan Shengzhi Shu), rearranged, translated into English and discussed in an analytical essay. Originally published in 1959. On "Fan Sheng-chih Shu": An Agriculturalis Book of China Written by Fan Sheng-chih in the First Century B.C. Shih, Sheng-han, editor and annotator 1963 Science Press
2007.066.376 Book "An extraodinarily detailed and careful study which brings together a large amount of documentary material and the results of innumerable interviews Mr. Welch held with refugee monks during the four years he spent in the Far East assembling material for this work. The Methodology is worthy of special note" -- from the Virginia Quarterly Review. Originally published in 1967 The Practice of Chinese Buddhism 1900-1950 Welch, Holmes 1973 Harvard University Press
2007.066.377 Book A collection of 18 articles on translating from Chinese to English, din three sections: Working notes; Anthologizing; and Critical Surveys. Translating Chinese Literature Eoyang, Eugene, and Lin, Yao-fu, editors 1995 Indiana University Press
2007.066.378 Book "...this booklet attempts to provide, in condensed form, material touching on its vast area, its complex population, and its more that 3,000 years of intellectual and meterial development in order to show contemporary China in its proper setting." -- from the Introduction. China Wenley, A.G. 1944 Smithsonian Institution
2007.066.379 Book A novel (Fengchui Caodong) by the well-known Chinese author S.Y. Shu (also known as Lao Shaw and Lao She). The Yellow Storm Shaw, Lao (S.Y. Shu); Pruitt, Ida, translator 1951 Harcourt, Brace, and Company
2007.066.380 Book "Liang Ch'i-ch'ao, a brilliant scholar, journalist, and political figure, contributed heavily to modern Chinese history and helped unwittingly to reveal its meaning. Both his 'visible' career and the inner history of his thoughts fall naturally into three consecutive stages. I have tried in the three parts of this study to be first a chronicler, to recount his contribution, and next a historian, to comprehend it." -- from the Preface. First published in 1953. Liang Ch'i-ch'ao and the Mind of Modern China Levenson, Joseph R. 1967 University of California Press
2007.066.381 Book "This is the first anthology of Chinese literature to draw together the finest of existing translations. Where these have been found inadequate, new translations have been commissioned. Thus, roughtly half the material is published for the first time in this volume. The selections span a two-thousand year perod, from the Chou Dynasty (1122-221 B.C.) to the Yuan Dynasty (1280-1367 A.D.). From the ancient Songs to the dramas of the fourteenth century, all major genres are represented." -- from the back cover. Originally published in 1965. Anthrology of Chinese Literature: From Early Times to the Fourteenth Century Birch, Cyril, compiler and editor, Keene, Donald, associate editor 1967 Grove Press
2007.066.382 Book "...Harry L. Shapiro...recounts the astonishing discovery of the fossils of Peking man in an abandoned quarry near Peking and the even more dramatic tale of their disappearance during World War II. The long search for these priceless fragments, which revolutionized the history of man's evolution, has led investigators from one end of the world to the other. Dr. Shapiro's book is at once an anthopological detective story and an illuminating account of the evolution of man." -- from the back cover. Peking Man: The Discovery, Disappearance, and Mystery of a Priceless Scientific Treasure Shapiro, Harry L. 1974 Simon and Schuster
2007.066.383 Book Six lessons in spoken Chinese used at Yale University and elsewhere. In Yale romanization. Speak Chinese (Revised) Lessons 1-6 1966 Far Eastern Publications Yale University
2007.066.384 Book Twenty-four lessons in beginning spoke Chinese used at Yale University and elsewhere, in Yale romanization. First published in 1948. Speak Chinese Tewksbury, M. Gardner 1966 Far Eastern Publications Yale University
2007.066.385 Book Twelve lessons in newspaper Chinese used at Yale University and elsewhere, in Yale romanization. First published in 1960. Advanced Chinese: Newspaper Readings Chih, Yu-ju 1967
2007.066.386 Book Twenty beginners' lessons in reading and writing Chinese used at Yale University and elsewhere, in Yale romanization. Originally published in 1953. Read Chinese: A Beginning Text in the Chinese Character: Book One Wang, Fang-yu and Lee, Pao-ch'en, editor 1966 Far Eastern Publications Yale University
2007.066.387 Book "Secrets of the Hongmen". An account of the history, ritual, and symbolism of Hongmen secret societies. Hongmen de Mimi Su, Wenli editor n.d. Xinli Shuzhu
2007.066.388 Book "A Brief Introduction to Important Events and People in Chinese History" Zhongguo Lishi Zhongyao Shijian yu Renwu Jianjie Shen, Ning 1975 Xianggan Chaoyang Chubanshe
2007.066.389 Book A history of women's life in China from ancient times into the 20th century. Zhongguo Funu Shenghuoshi Chen, Dongyuan 1970 Taiwan Shangwu Yinshuguan
2007.066.390 Book "The Basics of Political Economy" zhengshi Jingjixue Jichu Zhishi 1975 Renmin Chubanshe
2007.066.391 Book Originally published in 1913, this is a dictionary of about 15,000 Chinese characters arranged by the romanized pronunciation of each character in the Minnan dialect. Definitions are in romanized Minnan. Also included are several appendices: A radical index; a glossary of world placenames and names of historical personages; character examples of Minnan syllables; a list of calendrical cyclical characters for selected years; a list of names from the bible, with Minnan transliteration; a list of simplified versions for some common characters; and a list of new or Minnan-specific characters, with explanations in romanized Minnan. A Dictionary of the Amoy Vernacular Spoken Throughout the Prefectures of Chin-chiu, Chiang-chiu and Formosa Campbell, W. 1965 Taiwan Jiaohui Gongbaoshe
2007.066.392 Book A research aid of almost 1,200 pages, with five main aims: To suggest solutions to basic problems in research on traditional Chinese civilization and history; to introduce the main primary sources; to introduce the main reference works; to give readers a sense of the spectacular changes that took place in the course of Chinese history; and to suggest ways to avoid anachronistic interpretations of the past. Chinese History: A Manual, Revised and Enlarged Wilkinson, Endymion 2000 Harvard University Asia Center
2007.066.393 Book Originally published in 1935, this is an account of Chinese culture and society by one of her foremost interpreters. Contents include: The Chinese people; the Chinese character; the Chinese mind; ideals of life; woman's life; social and political life; literary life; the artistic life; and the art of living. My Country and My People Lin, Yutang 1938 Halcyon House
2007.066.394 Book Photo illustrations of over 100 shrubs found growing in Hong Kong, with Chinese names and descriptions in English. Indices of common English names, Chinese names, and plant families. Hong Kong Shrubs Urban Services Department, Hong Kong, compiler 1971 Government Printer
2007.066.395 Book Photo illustrations of over 100 trees found growing in Hong Kong, with Chinese names and descriptions in English. Indices of common English names, Chinese names, and plant families. Originally published in 1969, this is a revised edition. Hong Kong Trees Urban Services Department, Hong Kong, compiler 1972 Government Printer
2007.066.396 Book Photo illustrations of over 100 herbs and vines found growing in Hong Kong, with Chinese names and descriptions in English. Indices of common English names, Chinese names, and plant families. Originally published in 1969, this is a revised edition. Hong Kong Herbs and Vines Thrower, S. L. 1974 Government Printer
2007.066.397 Book Originally published in 1961, this is a revised edition. "Schafer discusses the Chinese taste in stones, Tu Wan [(Du Wan) was a 12th century stone collector and descendant of the Tang poet Tu Fu (Du Fu)] and the history and nature of his catalogue, and the technology and petrology of the 12th century. His synopsis of the Chinese text describes 144 types of stones with translated abstracts of each, material of great interest to modern collectors of 'scholar's rocks'" -- from the back cover. Tu Wan's Stone Catalogue of Cloudy Forest: A Commentary and Synopsis Schafer, Edward H. 2005 Floating World Editions
2007.066.398 Book "...a wealth of images in Chinese history and literature expresses a rich tradition of homosexuality dating from remote antiquity. Drawing from dynastic histories, erotic novels, popular Buddhist tracts, love poetry, legal caes, and joke books, Passions of the Cut Sleeve evokes the complex and fascinating male homosexual tradition in China from the Bronze Age until its decline in recent times." -- from the dust jacket. Includes an appendix on lesbianism in Imperial China. Passions of the Cut Sleeve: The Male Homosexual Tradition in China Hinsch, Bret 1990 University of California Press
2007.066.399 Book "...what are li and qi? Are they equivalent to 'law' and 'psyche' perhaps? Or are 'pattern' and 'matter-energy' closer translations? And is 'number' and accurate translation of shu? The first part of this...introduction covers not only these three important concepts but also yin, yang, wuxing, and yijing. Part Two considers the development of Chinese mathematics...; Part Three covers astronomy, the cosmological schools, calendrical science, and astrology; and Part Four focuses on alchemy, magic and the search for immotality, elixir poisoning, and other topics" -- from the back cover. Originally published in 1985. Li, Qi and Shu: An Introduction to Science and Civilization in China Yoke, Ho Peng 2000 Dover Publications
2007.066.400 Book "The world's preeminent authority on Chinese science explores the philosophy, social structure, arts, crafts, and even military strategies that form our understanding of Chinese science, making instructive comaprisons along the way to sililar elements in Indian, Hellenistic, and Arabic cultures. A major portion of the book concentrates on Taoist alchemy that led not only to the invention of gunpowder and firearms, but also, through the search for macrobiotic life-elixirs, to the rise of modern medical chemistry" -- from the back cover. Science in Traditional China: A Comparative Perspective Needham, Joseph 1981 Harvard University Press, The Chinese University Press
2007.066.401 Book A collection of 17 articles on the writing of history in the People's Republic of China. "The book is esssentially a preliminary reconnaissance of the work done by Chinese historians during the first 15 years of the People's Republic" -- from the back cover. History in Communist China Feuerwerker, Albert, editor 1969 MIT Press
2007.066.402 Book Over 500 Chinese idiomatic phrases, with equivalents culled from the English translations of the Selected Works of Mao Zedong. Xiyu Yili Yang, Chen-kwang 1974 C. K. Yang, Publisher
2007.066.403 Book Includes "Taiwan as a Laboratory for Study of Chinese Society and Culture" by Shao-hsing Chen, "More Rural People -- Strong Family Life" and "Urbanization and the Family" by Arthur F. Raper, and "Matrilineal and Affinal Relationships of a Taiwanese Village" by Bernard Gallin. Four Articles on Population and Family Life in Taiwan Chen, Shao-xhing; Gallin, Bernard; Raper Arthur F. 1966-1967 Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
2007.066.404 Book Translations of the poems by over 140 Chinese poets, from the anonymous authors of the Shijing to the work of Mao Zedong. Sunflower Splendor: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry Liu, Wu-chi, ed. 1975 Anchor Press
2007.066.405 Book An illustrated history of Hong Kong up to a few years before its conversion to a Special Administrative Region within the People's Republic of China. A Borrowed Place: The History of Hong Kong Welsh, Frank 1993 Kodansha International
2007.066.406 Book An account of Sino-British diplomacy leading up to the reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese rule. The End of Hong Kong: The Secret Diplomacy of Imperial Retreat Cottrell, Robert 1993 John Murray
2007.066.407 Book An account of Sino-British diplomacy leading up to the reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese rule. The End of Hong Kong: The Secret Diplomacy of Imperial Retreat Cottrell, Robert 1993 John Murray
2007.066.408 Book The stories behind about 2,000 set expressions, literary allusions, adages, sayings, and proverbs frequently encountered in Chinese literature. Chengyu Diangu Yuanliu Gushi Shangxi Cishu Zhang Su, Gu Chao, Compilers; Chen Yuanhui, Su Ji , Editors 1990 Jiaoyu Kexue Chubanshe
2007.066.409 Book A collection of 14 articles delineating aspects of Hong Kong society in the mid-twentieth century. Hong Kong: A Society in Transition: Contributions to the Study of Hong Kong Society Jarvie, IC, and Agassi, Joseph, editors 1969 Routledge & Kegan Paul
2007.066.410 Book Accounts of the experinces of a British Special Magistrate in the New Territories of Hong Kong in the mid-twentieth century. Myself a Mandarin Coates, Austin 1969 John Day Company
2007.066.411 Book A history of Hong Kong in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. A History of Hong Kong Endacott, GB 1973 Oxford University Press
2007.066.412 Book A translation of the Liubu Chengyu, a manual widely used by government clerks in Chin from the middle of the 18th century to the end of the Qing dynasty. Ch'ing Administrative Terms: A Translation of the Terminology of the Six Boards with Explanatory Notes Sun, E-tu Zen, translator and Editor 1961 Harvard University Press
2007.066.413 Book A history of Chinese customs from the earliest times through the Ming dynasty. Zhongguo Fengsu Shi Zhang Liangcai 1969 Taiwan Shangwu Yinshu Guan
2007.066.414 Book A collection of ten articles on the new policies toward China adopted by the United States government in 1972. Meiguo Dui Hua Xin Zhengce Lin Daguang et al 1972 Qishiniandai Yuekan She
2007.066.415 Book Adiscussion of the common grammatical particles used in classical chinese, along with outlines of classical phonology and grammar. Wenyan Xuzi Lu, Shuxiang n.d. Taipingyang Tushu Gongsi
2007.066.416 Book A history of political parties in China from the late Qing dynasty to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Zhongguo Zhengdang Shi Yang, Yuqiong 1966 Taiwan Shangwu Yinshu Guan
2007.066.417 Book A collection of four articles: One on changes in Tang dynasty land and tax systems; one on urban economics in Hangzhou in the Southern Song dynasty; and two on capitalism, the market economy, and industrial development in the Republican period. Zhongguo Jinji Shishang de Jige Wenti Kong, Jingwei 1957 Shanghai Renmin Chubanshe
2007.066.418 Book A collection of 183 humorous stories from Chinese popular literature. Zhonguo Minjian Gushi Xiaohua Ji n.d. Kunlun Chubanshe
2007.066.419 Book An account of peasant uprisings in China between 1644 and 1721. Qing Chu Nongmin Qiyi Ziliao Jilu Xie Guozhen, editor 1956 Xin Zhishi Chubanshe
2007.066.420 Book Analyses of the economics of wealthy families; landlords, the textile industries, and "anti-feudal" movements of urban lower classes in southern China in the Ming dynasty. Mingdai Jiangnan Shimin Jingji Shitan Fu, Yiling 1957 Shanghai Renmin Chubanshe
2007.066.421 Book A socio-cultural study of the Chinese family and kinship system. Zhongguo Jiating Zhidu Wu Zisu, Chen Zhiping, Wu Guohua 1970 Taiwan Shangwu Yinshuguan
2007.066.422 Book A Chinese translation of W. H. R. Rivers, Social Organization (1924). Shehui de Zuzhi Rivers, W. H. R.; Hu Yigu, translator 1966 Taiwan Shangwu Yinshuguan
2007.066.423 Book A reprint of a book originally published in Beijing in 1920. It covers such topics as the powers of the head of the family, marriage, divorce, concubinage, widowhood, remarriage, filial piety, mourning, ancestor worship, children, and inheritance. Zhongguo Jiating Wenti Yi Jiayue, Luo Dunwei 1966 Shuiniu Chubanshe
2007.066.424 Book Nine essays by the Taiwanese anthropologist Li Yiyuan on such topics as culture and behavior; culture change; social structure and personality; funderal rituals; Southeast Asian society; spiritual beliefs of the Yami peope of Taiwan; and the American anthropologist Clyde Kluckhohn. Wenhua yu Xingwei Li Yiyuan 1966 Taiwan Shangwu Yinshuguan
2007.066.425 Book A collection of 17 articles on the controversies surrounding the political interpretations of legalism and confucianism in the People's Republic of China in the 1970's. Rufadouzhengshi Wenzhang Xuanji various 1974 Sanlian Shudian
2007.066.426 Book Twenty-five articles on socialist rural development in the People's Republic of China. Shehuizhuyi Xinnongcun Shanghai Renmin Chubanshe 1974 Shanghai Renmin Chubanshe
2007.066.427 Book A text of 11 chapters (502 pages) on political economy. Zhengzhi Jingjixue Gailun Xu He, et al, editors 1975 Renmin Chubanshe
2007.066.428 Book A collection of 15 essays on culture, modernization, culture change, anthropology, war, individualism, and education by the Taiwanese anthropologist Huang Shumin. Wenhua yu Ren Huang Shumin 1970 Daxiyang Tushugongsi
2007.066.429 Book "Mian Mian (b. August 28, 1970 in Shanghai) is a Chinese writer. She writes on China's once-taboo topics and she is a promoter of Shanghai's local music. Her publications have earned her the reputation as China's literary wild child, and some are banned in China. Her first novel, Candy (Tang), has been translated into English" -- from Wikipedia. Tang Mian Mian 2000 zhongguo Xiju Chubanshe
2007.066.430 Book " A semi-autobiographical novel written by Chinese author Wei Hui... Shanghai Baby was banned in China as being decadent and copies were publicly burned. In the West, the intended audience for the novel, the reaction was positive and the book was translated into English and other languages. In 2007, the novel was made into a film, directed by Berengar Pfahl and starring Chinese actress Bai Ling in the lead role of Coco" -- from Wikipedia. Shanghai Baobei Wei Hui 2000 Chunfeng Yishu Chubanshe
2007.066.431 Book An account of Hong Kong and its history up to the eve of its reversion to the People's Republic of China. Hong Kong Morris, Jan 1988 Random House
2007.066.432 Book Five essays on the "boat people" of south China by the American anthropologist Eugene N. Anderson. Essays on Sough China's Boat People Anderson, Eugene N. 1972 Orient Cultural Service
2007.066.433 Book A collection of 22 essays on aspects of the study of the Shijing ("Book of Odes" or "Book of Poetry)." Shijingxue Hu Puan 1964 Shangwu Yinshuguan
2007.066.434 Book A dictionary of commonly-encountered set phrases in Chinese. Shiyong Chengyu Cidian Xu Yeji 1978 Shidai Tushu Youxiangongsi
2007.066.435 Book A general account of family law (originally published in 1944), covering the nature of family law; the evolution of kinship; marriage; parents and children; guardianship; adoption; family; and kinship councils. Xianxing Qinshufalun Li Yichen 1966 Guoli Bianshiguan
2007.066.436 Book A collection of three erotic stories: Wedding Night; Giving One's All; and Nightime Assault on the Gates of Passion. Xinhun zhi Ye Shan Shan n.d. Chiping Chubanshe
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