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Wing Luke Museum
1900.4425 Article The author describes watching a sumo tournament in Vancouver's Japan Town. Lords of the Ring Nakamura, Raymond December 1999 Pacific Citizen
1900.4426 Article The Los Angeles Nippons Baseball Club, 1926-1941 Yoichi Nagata 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4427 Article Nikkei in Combative Sports: Judo, Boxing and Freestyle Wrestling Svinth, Joe 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4428 Article Includes a picture of a 1926 Sumo team. Some individuals' names have been written in. Kendo and Sumo in the Continental United States Azuma, Eiichiro 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4429 Article Shinzen Basketball: Bridging Communities Here and Across the Pacific Emily Moto Murase 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.443 Seattle's "Second" Chinese Immigration Rumley 5/5/1974 Seattle Times
1900.4430 Article Rounding Third Endo, Nancy 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4431 Article The Heart Mountain Relocation Center's Golf Course Janet T. Inouye, Lewis S. Kawahara 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4432 Article 350 members from the San Francisco and San Jose Area continue the tradition of fun and skiing with over 30 ski days this year. Nisei Ski Club: Over Forty Years of Fun Through Skiing Yoshida, Pam 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4433 Article Details plans for Sakura Village in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo that would include a gymnasium partments, condomini7ms, library and retail and commercail office space. New Development in Little Tokyo Shigemura, Christina 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4434 Article Judo, Justice Emi, Frank 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4435 Article Controvesy over a non-Japanese American's attempt to join the O'ahu AJA Senior Baseball League. Playing Hard Ball in Hawaii Okamura, Jonathan Y. 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4436 Article Kohei Yoshida: Judo Pioneer Nakagawa, Martha 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4437 Article Japanese Martial Arts in Hawaii Wayne Muromoto 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4438 Article The Big Game Pete Hironaka 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4439 Article The history of bowling and how it has impacted Japanese Americans. The History of Bowling Hoshiko, Mike December 1999 Pacific Citizen
1900.444 Secondary Migration Among the Indochinese McInnis January 1983 P/AAMHRC Research Review
1900.4440 Article Story of the Asahi Baseball Organization, a baseball team sponsored by Matsujiro Miyasaki . The team was formed when discrimination against Asians was high in Canada. However, the Asahis drew overflowing crowds and even toured Japan. Details of the fate of the team during WWII and following. Roy Yamamura was the most prominent player and when his playing days were over he continued helping younger players. For the Love of the Game - Japanese Canadian Baseball Adachi, Pat 12/01/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4441 Article Early Nisei Athletics Shake Ushio 12/01/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4442 Article Human interest story about basketball and its part in the friendships of the author. Indiana Jones Saved Me Kitayama, Glen 12/01/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4443 Article Cathay Post active for more than 50 years Lloyd Hara 11/07/98 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4444 Article Long article on Oregon's history in the 1940s, small section on internment. An Oregon Century: At War in the 1940s Wheeler, Ken 12/24/99 The Oregonian
1900.4445 Article Japantown Hill, James 02/19/00 The Yuuyake Shimbun
1900.4446 Article Whiteness of national parks - a flaw or social reality? Michelle Boorstein 08/25/97
1900.4447 Article A Torii for Bill Naito 05/14/96 The Oregonian
1900.4448 Article Saving the best of all for last: A town celebrates a man's life Bouye, Margie 05/23/98 The Oregonian
1900.4449 Article Not enough funds for some internees Small, Julie 06/05/98 North American Post
1900.445 Troubled Refugees: Many Hmong, Puzzled by Life in the U.S., Yearn for Old Days in Laos Morin 2/16/1983 Wall Street Journal
1900.4450 Article Michi Weglyn, author of Yeas of Infamy was honored by the Los Angeles, CA Day of Remembrance. LA toasts Michi Weglyn Omori, Chizu 03/17/98
1900.4451 Article Japanese have grave concerns over limited space Magnier, Mark 11/06/98 The Columbian
1900.4452 Article Laying 'Siege' to truth about Arabs Diana Abu-Jaber 11/08/98 The Oregonian
1900.4453 Article excerpt of review by Roger Ebert Critics' Quotes, Movie Review Excerpts Ebert, Roger November 13, 19 Oregonian
1900.4454 Article Atonement for the Past...Justice for the Future Aoyagi, Caroline 11/01/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4455 Article National JA Memorial Foundation campaign enters Phase III 09/03/98
1900.4456 Article Letter to the Editor with some details and insights into the evacuation and internment of people of Japanese ancestry cduring WWII. Moving on with truth Frisk, Richard M. 01/29/99
1900.4457 Article Last Call for Immigration Historians! Lisa Charlie Ritts 08/05/98 International Examiner
1900.4458 Article Redress and You: How the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 impacts you 09/05/97 Pacific Citizen
1900.4459 Article Northwest Nikkei Museum's Open House Giudici, Carey, C. 10/23/98 North American Post
1900.446 "All Kinds Now": Seattle's Asian Community Bends with the Winds of Change Anderson 1/9/1983 Seattle Times
1900.4460 Article Alaska at war: "I remember what I want to forget" Sylvia K. Kobayashi 07/24/98 North American Post
1900.4461 Article Several readers comment on the question posed in a previous issue - Bill Hosokawa's column 8/21/98, "Is it time for JAs to stop whining about our wartime internment?" Letters to the Editor - Re: Time to quit whining 09/03/98
1900.4462 Article There was a place called Kooskia Hosokawa, Bill 10/15/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4463 Article Ethnic Horizons: Part II Marutani, Bill 10/01/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4464 Article Japanese American, Born in Internment Camp, Files Multimillion Dollar Claim Against the U.S. 12/23/98 North American Post
1900.4465 Article Good summary of issues of JA internees after World War II. Article written in connection to the JANM's exhibit, Coming Home: Memories of Japanese American Resettlement. Coming Home: New exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum sheds light on resettlement period Tanner, Mika 09/03/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4466 Article Judge delays ruling on Japanese Latin American redress case 04/17/98
1900.4467 Article WWII Internees recall detention at exhibit opening 04/17/98
1900.4468 Article The Evacuation of Italian Americans Hosokawa, Bill 09/18/97 Pacific Citizen
1900.4469 Article Editorial in response to previous article (Marutani, Pacific Citizen, July 17 - Aug. 9, 1998) The author argues that the Supreme Court's rulings on Japanese American internment is incomplete and such injustice can happen again. Re: Constitution, Law & Justice Suyama, Eji September 3, 19 Pacific Citizen
1900.447 Article Article on how local Seattle companies import products from the People's Republic of China American grocery shelves welcome Products from China Tsutakawa, Mayumi Dec. 1976 International Examiner
1900.4470 Article Internees get diplomas 50 years late 05/07/97 The Oregonian
1900.4471 Article E-mail: A New Tool to Fight Racism Ariana E. Cha 01/06/97 The Oregonian
1900.4472 Article Summary of a travelling exhibit organized by the Smithsonian and displayed at the Allen Library of the University of Washington. Includes notes of additional material which was gathered and displayed from the collections of the University. A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution Omori, Chizu 03/08/97 International Examiner
1900.4473 Article National Japanese American Memorial Foundation asks public to review KIA list 01/21/99
1900.4474 Article Grant Henjyoji 11/11/97
1900.4475 Article CLPEF announces new web links Stephanie Lai 09/19/97 Pacific Citizen
1900.4476 Article Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center 10/23/98 The Yuuyake Shimbun
1900.4477 Article ORA seeks missing Japanese Americans 09/01/95
1900.4478 Article Short editorial on draft resistors during WWII (editorial) Ichikawa, R.S. 11/05/98
1900.4479 Article Highway Sign to Minidoka 09/18/97
1900.448 Article The start of the International District Arts and Crafts Co-operative. Artists to Sell Wares, Benefit District September 1975 International Examiner
1900.4480 Article 13 names of Japanese Americans from the University of Washington and served in WWII were submitted to the UW Memorial World War II Memorial at UW 08/07/98
1900.4481 Article Aju Sogabe will create a 3x30 art work for the Pike Place Market to tell the story of the Japanese American farmers at Pike Place who were evicted from their land and businesses during WWII. It will be called Song of the Earth. Our town: A Place in Pike Place History Ritts, Lisa Charlie 05/20/98 International Examiner
1900.4482 Article Christmas 1944 in France Sato, Ken 12/18/98 North American Post
1900.4483 Article The Little Tokyo district n Los Angeles was battered by the recession of the 1990s in both California and Japan. Hopes for revival of the district rest with promotion of the expanded Japanese American National Museum and its performances. L.A.'s Little Tokyo district eyes revival White, Michael 02/22/99
1900.4484 Article Japanese American Puts Finishing Touches on da Vinci Project 09/25/98
1900.4485 Article Nisei Cleric Honored 1998
1900.4486 Article Fund for Japanese American internees sued Stern, Cassandra 09/01/98 The Washington Post
1900.4487 Article Describes part of the Governor Tom McCall Park which is known as the Japanese American Historical Plaza. Features stones etched with poetry to remind viewers of the struggle and hardship that Japanese immigrants and their descendants in the U.S. have had to endure. Silent stones speak in Portland's Japanese American plaza Kawamoto, Kevin 10/03/98 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4488 Article Between 1930 and 1940 only 70 Pierce County Nisei out of 419 high school graduates enrolled in colleges and universities. Even after graduating from college and/or professional schools many had difficulty finding a job in their field. Nisei College Students (excerpted from "Furusato") Magden, Ronald E. 10/23/98
1900.4489 Article Daughter's persistence leads to war reparations Riley, Brendan 07/31/98
1900.449 Article Explores the businesses, restaurants, and culture of Chinese Americans in the Chinatown/International District. Includes a picture of looking down King Street towards King Street Station. Atmosphere of Orient in Seattle Chinatown Strachan, Margaret Pitcairn May 19, 1946 The Seattle Times
1900.4490 Article More WWII internees to be compensated 01/08/99
1900.4491 Article Plight of interned citizens focus of '12-1-A' 09/17/98
1900.4492 Article New G.I. Joe 442nd Infantry Nisei Soldier action figure is released by Hasbro and the regiment is recalled by Dick Neito, a team member. New action figure commemorates the 442nd combat team Ritts, Lisa Charlie 01/06/99
1900.4493 Article Politicians have a long history of inflating their military records to impress voters. The ranks are full in the Veterans of Feigned Wars Mapes, Jeff The Oregonian
1900.4494 Article MIS Northwest endorses four Nikkei vet monuments Gorai, Art 04/17/97
1900.4495 Article Veterans dedicate state's national cemetery 09/28/97
1900.4496 Article Soldiers 'looked like enemy' but saved lives 9/18/95
1900.4497 Article Patriotism of Japanese Americans to be Honored 7/95
1900.4498 Article Japanese Americans urged to apply for compensation 2/13/98
1900.4499 Article Concern grows as all kinds of businesses use electronic data-gathering technology that can be used to invade privacy and provide govenmental and business agencies with information about individual's every move. Census data was used in WWII to track people with Japanese ancestry. Dear No. 604237737, our records show. . . O'Neill, Patrick 8/9/98 The Sunday Oregonian
1900.450 Article The renovation of an area along Jackson Street between Eighth Ave to Tenth Ave. Titled the Big Lift and completed by Operation Crossroads (local community). Big Lift for Crossroads Dec. 18, 1955 The Seattle Times
1900.4500 Article Jim Matsuoka retires as head of I.D.'s International Realty after 49 years. Goodbye to International Realty
1900.4501 Article Today is deadline for internees to seek WWII redress Tom, Dara Akiko 8/10/98
1900.4502 Article Partial article on plight of WWII merchant seamen who are not regarded as veterans but some have been extended burial benefits . (World War II Merchant Seamen)
1900.4503 Article Foundation kicks off PNW fundraising Yamagiwa, Jill C. 10/17/97 North American Post
1900.4504 Article Letter to the Editor regarding Proclamation 2762 which pardoned 1,523 people who were convicted of violating the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 who were actually conscientious objectors. Conscientious objectors are not "draft resisters" Ito, Paul H. 4/1/97
1900.4505 Article A unit of many heroes MacDonald, Sally 3/22/93 Seattle Times
1900.4506 Article Monument will honor living and deceased WWII vets 12/95 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4507 Article (Bill passed the US Senate to bring definition of Merchant Marine veteran of WWII consistent with other branches of the service) 3/31/99
1900.4508 Article Pentagon guarantees military funerals to qualified vets Anne Gearan 4/23/99 Columbian
1900.4509 Article Pentagon promises military funerals to all qualified veterans 4/22/99
1900.451 Article A brief history of how Chinatown/International District was formed. The Chinatown Scene The Seattle Guide
1900.4510 Article Bits of the stories told in the book Unsung Heroes from MIS Northwest Association. Some untold events Marutani, Bill 4/3/97
1900.4511 Article 'Other MISers' Bill Marutani 12/19/97
1900.4512 Article Safe Pass buttons were worn by Chinese-Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Another line for the button maker? Hosokawa, Bill 3/20/97
1900.4513 Article Extensive review of the film: Beyond Barbed Wire which chronicles the experiences of the Nisei soldiers of World War II> Nikkei young should see 'Beyond Barbed Wire' Omori, Chizu 5/30/97 North American Post
1900.4514 Article James M. Matsuoka retires and closes his real estate business, International Realty Co. Includes a biography of Mr. Matsuoka and his accomplishments. Community saddened as head of I.D.'s International Realty retires Kawaguchi, Marti February 4, 199 International Examiner
1900.4515 Article Includes the criteria used by the 100th/442nd/MIS World War II Memorial Foundation to determine who will be listed on the monument. Monument Names Finalized 11/26/97
1900.4516 Article More than 700 Japanese-Americans interned during World War II are expected for a 3-day reunion. Reunion is open to internees and their families who lived in the Portland area before the war. Three-day reunion awaits ex-internees Reang, Putsata 8/11/95 The Oregonian
1900.4518 Article Japanese-Americans Face New Fears Seth Mydans 3/4/92 New York Times
1900.4519 Article Senator Jokes of Hiroshima Attack 3/4/92 New York Times
1900.452 Article A look into renovating the Milwaukee Hotel, one of the most well-known hotels in the Chinatown/International District. On the back is a request for donations. A Chinatown Story Nov. 27, 1977 The Seattle Times
1900.4520 Article Two Letters to the Editor (of the Pacific Citizen?) regarding statements by Bill Hosokawa using quotes from Peter Irons' book, Justice at War, to question by only Korematus was honored by the Presidential Medal of Freedom and not the others who were involved in the Supreme Court cases that challenged the evacuation. Peter Irons says book quoted out of context Irons, Peter 4/2/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4521 Article An update from the ORA Greene, DeDe 4/2/98
1900.4522 Article Hosokawa responds to Irons' Letter to the Editor Hosokawa, Bill 4/2/98
1900.4523 Article Speech by Kaun Onodera on the 51st Memorial Day service at Lake View Cemetery. He had been the speaker at the first Memorial Day service at this site, as well. A Nisei veteran's Memorial Day speech is worth repeating Onodera, Kaun 5/23/97
1900.4524 Article T Army recognizes MIS Northwest's WWII record McClelland, Kamilla Kuroda 10/10/97 North American Post
1900.4525 Article A documentary film "Hoolywoodism: Jews, Movies, and the American Dream" looks at the development of the movie industry. Many early moguls were Russian Jews, who sought to assimilate and be successful. 'Hollywoodism' a tragic tale of Jewish idealists and buccaneers Mahar, Ted March 22, 1998 The Oregonian
1900.4526 Article The first-ever daily tours of Manzanar commemorate an era many would like to be forgotten. Internment camp tours a step to reviving history Fleeman, Michael 7/27/97
1900.4527 Article Settlement discussions on Japanese Latin American redress case delays ruling 4/2/98
1900.4528 Article Search for WWII students interned 4/20/98
1900.4529 Article Japanese Americans alarmed as bashing incidents increase Ferdinand M. de Leon Seattle Times
1900.453 Report Notes from a meeting of the Chinese Community Council in which they discuss a youth activities study (finding a place for youths to meet and participate in activities), the needs of the Chinese elderly, the housing situation in Seattle, and revitalizing the Chinatown/International District. Chinese Community Council January 17, 198 Chinese Community Council
1900.4530 Article Age of Contrition Page, Clarence 06/26/97
1900.4531 Article Unique World War II story of MIS Nisei imbedded at Presidio San Francisco 04/17/97
1900.4532 Article Do We Really Need A New Enemy? Krauthammer, Charles 03/23/92 Time
1900.4533 Article CLPEF Announces 100 Recipients of Grant Program 04/18/97 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4534 Article Defense of internment startles legislators Spencer, Hal 02/20/92
1900.4535 Article Japanese-Americans assail rebirth of racism Tim Neff 02/20/92 The Oregonian
1900.4536 Article Tackle-shop owner spans generation of anglers The fishing Linc Yuasa, Mark 02/04/92 Seattle Times
1900.4537 Article Couples in interracial marriages focus on common goals William R. Macklin 03/29/98
1900.4538 Article Text of the speech given at the UCLA redress summit. The story, from G. Ujifus's point-of-view, of the strategies, connections and people required to get the legislation and funding from the U.S. Govenment for World War II redress to Japanese Americans. The Same Car to Both Guys Ujifusa, Grant 01/02/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4539 Article U.S. says it paid $1.6 billion to those interned during WWII 02/20/99
1900.454 Chinese Digest vol. 3, No. 9 Chinese Digest Sept. 1937 Chinese Digest
1900.4540 Article Hawaii Internees Paid Redress 03/13/98
1900.4541 Article Kooskia, Idaho, internment camp project calling its WW2 detainees 01/01/98
1900.4542 Article Brief history of the efforts to obtain an apology and reparations for the evacuation and internment of people of Japanese ancestry during World War II. Genesis, 1946: JACL - Reparations - Redress Honda, Harry 01/02/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4543 Article Spies reunite, recall tales of bravery in World War II 09/12/95
1900.4544 Article Asian-Americans in middle of California controversy Clarence Page 05/24/95
1900.4545 Article Review and criticism of the book, Democacy on Trail, by Page Smith. Smith tells the story but reaches some conclusions disputed by the reviewer. Relocation - the decision nobody made Harmon, Rick 09/03/95
1900.4546 Article 300 seek redress for WWII internment Kim, Eun-Kyung 09/08/97 The Oregonian
1900.4547 Article Tribute to James and Misao Sakamoto who owned the Seattle newspaper the Japanese American Courier, helped organize the Japanese American Citizens League and sponsored various sports teams called the Courier Leagues. Monument to be dedicated at Seattle Keiro Hoshide, Hideo 09/10/95
1900.4548 Article Eternal Torch Marutani, Bill 05/01/97
1900.4549 Article Review of the book Personal Justic Denied, offical report and recommendations of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, first published in 1983 'Personal Justice Denied' refutes all arguments defending internment Mochizuki, Ken 05/16/97 North American Post
1900.455 Pavilion was made in Taiwan and a gift from Taipei Pavilion restored in 2009 museum retains some pieces of the original District Park Dedicated July 1975 East is East
1900.4550 Article Slavery apology falls off agenda Sonya Ross 10/01/97 The Oregonian
1900.4551 Article Writer presents data from documents that argues that the FBI constructed the reasons to pressure the railroads to fire all Japanese workers and that this action should lead to redress payments for the victims of these layoffs. Reader: railroad workers deserve redress Weglyn, Michi Nishiura 10/10/97
1900.4552 Article Shiro Kashino's unjust court-martial conviction was over-turned after 52 years and a long battle. 442nd Combat Regiment hero Shiro Kashino's honor restored after 52 years 02/20/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4553 Article The legacy of the Isseis Kitagawa, Joseph M. 07/01/98 North American Post
1900.4554 Article Personal story of relocation during World War II. The Journey's End? Japanese Americans and Redress Kashima, Tetsuden 09/24/98
1900.4555 Article The full list of the ORD's Unknown Historical Records. This is the list of internees who have not been located for redress. ORA's List of Unknowns 06/18/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4556 Article Columnist Bob Shimabukuro has been working on an account of Henry Miyatake and other individuals who hatched the Japanese American redress movement in Seattle in the 1970s. Born in Seattle: Japanese American Redress - Part I Shimabukuro, Robert Sadamu 09/02/98 International Examiner
1900.4557 Article A reflection on the end of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, the U.S. government's historic apology to nearly 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent who were uprooted and interned during World War II. Letter to the Sansei Kono, Robert H. 1998 International Examiner
1900.4558 Article Bainbridge Japanese Americans are interned again - as actors in movie 'Snow Falling on Cedars'. This folder also contains: an article about the author of the book, letters to the editor, and an article about a German national who was interned. Islanders relive historic wrong De Leon, Ferdinand M. *** 04/21/98 The Seattle Times
1900.4559 Article Calif. Assembly members Nakano, Honda introduce Day of Remembrance resolution 03/18/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.456 Article Origins of some of the street names in the Chinatown/International District District Street name origins International Examiner
1900.4560 Article House Bill 1572 seeks to educate students about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and the suspenion of their civil rights. Internees Testify for Education Bill 04/08/99
1900.4561 Article Explains the evacuation and destruction of the homes and boats of more than 3,000 Japanese Americans from Terminal Island in the Los Angeles Harbor. These people, who were mostly fisherman, were the first to be evacuated en masse and, because their village was made into a military base, had no place to return to after WW II. Efforts to raise money for a memorial to these people is underway. Terminal Islanders seek public support for monument Nakagawa, Martha 05/01/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4562 Article Ex-internee gives pupils a stark history lesson Newbart, Dave 02/26/99 Chicago Tribune
1900.4563 Article The ORA has officially closed its doors. Summarizes its activities. Ten year program to compensate JA WWII internees closes its doors 03/18/99
1900.4564 Article Tourists in Hawii interested in military history can visit four sites on Oahu, Pearl Harbor, with exibits from the USS Arizona, the men of the Armny's 100th Battalion and 442nd; USS Missouri; the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii and the National Cemetery of the Pacific. Days of war revisited at cemetery, two museums near Pearl Harbor Mahar, Ted 02/28/99 The Oregonian
1900.4565 Article Dedication of a plaza as the Minoru Yasui Plaza and the unveiling of a bust of Yasui. Mayor Webb dedicates Minoru Yasui Plaza 03/18/99
1900.4566 Article Summary of book by Richard Oguro, Sempai Gumi, giving unknown details of the three Nikkei untils participating in World War II. Details of the War Department's decision to allow any participation by Japanese Americans. Comrades in Arms Nishimura, Hiro
1900.4567 Article A complete list of all of the delegates at the national emergency council session at San Francisco called by the JACL to examine the problems raised by Exec. Order 9066. Another look: JACLs record on Evacuation Honda, Harry K.
1900.4568 Article In 1948, the Columbia River flooded, washing away the entire twon of Vanport. Vanport was a war-time boom town just outside of Portland, with a significant population of Japanese Americans. Flood of Change: The 1948 Vanport Flood Rubenstein, Sura May 24, 1998 The Sunday Oregonian
1900.4569 Article Compares the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, Yugoslavia to the Evacuation of all ethnically Japanese after Pearl Harbor. Echoes of Internment in Kosovo Hosokawa, Bill 5/6/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.457 A Dragon on Fifth Avenue Dorpat 1/9/1983 Seattle Times
1900.4570 Article Citizenship at age 100 Holt, Gordy 2/4/98 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4571 Article 100-year-old becomes U.S. citizen 3/22/98 Columbian
1900.4572 Article A Hansel Mieth photo showing residents of the Heart Mount camp saluting the flag. A Flag Salute 4/16/98
1900.4573 Article The Topaz Museum Board bought 400 acres at the site of the former internment camp .n It is on the Utah's register of National Historic Places and the Board will continue to develop plans for saving and restoring the site. Topaz Museum buys over 400 acres of Topaz site Aoyagi, Caroline 3/5/98
1900.4574 Article Film, Children of the Camps, capturesthe childhood trauma of JA who were incarcerated during WWII and its continuing affects. Children of the Camps 5/21/99
1900.4575 Article Details the fund raising efforts for the Memorial that were authroized by Public Law 102-502. The Go For Broke National Veterans Association helped get this bill passed. Japanese American Memorial Construction begins in Fall 3/5/99
1900.4576 Article Obituary of Hoichi 'Bob' Kubo, a Japanese American Hawaiian who served during World War II. He won the Distinguished Service Cross during the Pacific War. Hoichi 'Bob' Kubo, 78, highest decorated Nisei of the WWII Pacific War Feb 20-Mar 5, 1 Pacific Citizen
1900.4577 Article Description of the political and practical problems in designing and getting approval for the design of the Memorial to be built in Washington, DC. A task at hand - building the monument Hosokawa, Bill 8/20/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4578 Article Special section informs the public of NJAMF's progress and is an appeal for financial support, including list of contributors to date. The National Jaanese American Memorial Foundation (Pacific Citizen special supplement) 8/20/98 Pacific Citizen
1900.4579 Article Letter to the editor dealing with the poeple who did not answer the loyalty questions, resisted the draft and challenged internment via the law. Another look at 'Reconciliation' Holvri, William 2/20/97 Pacific Citizen
1900.458 Article Explanation of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, with a focus on Section 8 and Section 312 in relation to the Chinatown/International District. It shows that the District isn't getting the housing rehabilitation that it needs. Federal housing programs explored Sugimura, Diane September 1976 International Examiner
1900.4580 Article Army ponders Medal of Honor upgrades for 104 AA WWII veterans Caroline Aoyagi 11/19/98
1900.4581 Article Justice Black and Ambassador McCloy Marutani, Bill 6/4/98
1900.4582 Article A memorials and waterfall garden honors the Japanese Americans held in internment camps during WWII. S.F. State honors internees from World War II St. John, Kelly 4/20/02 San Francisco Chronicle
1900.4583 Article Includes a picture of the Honor Roll in front of the garden created by Fujitaro Kubota. Archaeological Excavation at Minidoka Gains Recognition for the Site National Park Service Columbia Cascade Support Office 8/28/02
1900.4584 Article Announces a project to document the history of the two Arkansas Delta internment camps. Project to document life in Arkansas camps Nelson, Melissa 9/21/02
1900.4585 Article U.s Rep. Jay Inslee urges colleagues to support his Memorial Bill to remember the first group of Japanese Americans sent to internment camps . Bainbridge Island Memorial One Step Closer to Reality 9/21/02
1900.4586 Article Government says releasing the names of hundreds of detainees in the terrorism investigation could help al--Qaida. Civil liberties groups argue that secret arrests and insufficient legal representation is undemocratic and violates the detainees' civil liberties. Government says releasing names of detainees would harm security Salant, Jonathan D. November 19, 20
1900.4587 Article Kdenny Yasuhara died at age 76 and is remembered for his quest for justice. Advocate for Japanese-American reparations dies 11/16/02
1900.4588 Article Some people question the US government's registration of Arab men post 9/11. They point out that women and Saudis are not asked to register, and compare the registration to the registration of Japanese and Japanese Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Registration of foreigners broadens to 18 countries Larabee, Mark November 24, 20 The Oregonian
1900.4589 Article World War II memorial to be dedicated in 2004
1900.459 Forgotten Contractor Left Imprint - in Sidewalks Hyde 8/27/1978 Seattle Times
1900.4590 Article Military funerals are increasing as World War II vets fade away Stacy, Mitch 11/11/02
1900.4591 Article Art review and description of the "Beyond the Rock Garden" exhibit at the Wing Luke Asian Museum. 'New World' crafts Kangas, Matthew June 20, 1996 The Seattle Times
1900.4592 Article Graffiti-marred Gila River Camp monument restored Allman, Joe 04/17/97
1900.4593 Article Gift thanks county library for war relief Rubenstein, Sura 01/26/98 The Oregonian
1900.4595 Article Records the seventh draft of the words to be included on each panel of the momument in Washington, DC. Presenting the D.C. monument panel descriptions Sato, Bob 01/23/98 North American Post
1900.4596 Article Kahuku evacuees eligible to get redress Beekman, Allan 05/01/97 Pacific Citizen
1900.4597 Article Freedom medal winner realizes its true meaning Chao, Julie 01/14/98
1900.4598 Article in Portland, OR Japan Town, or Nihonmachi, was the heart of the JA community. AThe Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center was dedicated there as a resource center for the JA community. Japanese American center keeps legacy alive Maves, Norm Jr. 11/17/97 The Oregonian
1900.4599 Article Review of: Years of Infamy: the Untold Story of America's Concentration Camps by Michi Weglyn. Re-published by Univ. Wash. Press from original 1976 publication. Year of Infamy: U.W. Press publication still unmatched Omori, Chizu 11/16/96 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.460 Article A look at the Chinese noodle and fortune cookie factory, Tsue Chong, which is located in the Chinatown/International District. Health, Wealth and Happiness: Chinese noodles and cookies promise it all Yow, Ann E. October 19, 198 The Seattle Times
1900.4600 Article Examines the changes in the Nikkei communition as they move out of their traditional communities and into the larger larger community. Nikkei are becoming few and far between Suguro, Ed 11/96 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4601 Article Making Asian American History Dudley, Paul 11/19/96
1900.4602 Article Fundraising Kicks Off for National Japanese American Monument Ritts, Lisa Charlie 11/18/97 International Examiner
1900.4603 Article After Silence, Italians Recall the Internment James Brooke 08/11/97 The New York Times
1900.4604 Article Latin- American Japanese held during WWII seek apology Tobar, Hector 08/27/96 The Los Angeles Times
1900.4605 Article Campaign seeks to award redress to Latin American Nikkei. Article incomplete Nikkei continue to fight for redress 09/96 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4606 Article Tomio Moriguchi, chairman and chief of Uwajimaya, and his siblings are beginning to think about retirement and their goals for the family business, with was founded in 1928 by their father. Handing down the business Kokmen, Layla August 5, 1996 The Seattle Times
1900.4607 Article Announcement that the ORA will close August 10, 1998 and all persons who are eligible for redress payment should submit their claims promptly. The Office of Redress Administration 12/96
1900.4608 Article Justice is Served: How Community Involvement Made a Difference Wang, Jim Captain 02/03/96 Northwest Asian Weekly
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