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1900.5372 Article This & That Ng, Assunta September 12, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.5373 Article Lloyd Hara announces early retirement Kuo, Fidelius September 12, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.5374 Article 10 Asian American candidates head into the primaries Honour, Tracy September 12, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.5375 Article 'They Painted from Their Hearts' Yong, Byron Au Sept 22 - Oct 4 International Examiner
1900.5376 Article Children's Museum brings Asian culture alive for kids Yip, Carol Sept 21 - Oct 4 International Examiner
1900.5377 Article In his syndicated column, Henry McLemore reported that he had been sent numerous songs that indicated readers' antipathy to the "Japs, Wops and the Hun" and then gave a sample of one of the songs submitted to him. McLemore, Henry Jan. 15, 1942
1900.5378 Article An article and picture shows a Japanese Canadian student at the University of British Columbia turning in his uniform after all Japanese Canadians were dropped from the C.O.T.C officer training program. Uniform Goes Back Jan. 9, 1942 The Ubyssey
1900.5379 Article The Municipal Board of Public Works in Seattle OK'd the use of aliens in public projects after it was learned that their labors were needed after it had previously disallowed the use of German, Italian and Japanese aliens from such work. Enemy Aliens To Be Hired On City Projects Jan. 15, 1942
1900.538 Views Expounded on Both Sides on Open Housing 10/26/1963 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5380 Article The Red Cross Committee of the Japanese American Citizens League made a contribution of $756.63 to the Red Cross War Fund as part of their patriotic duty. Japanese Group Aids Red Cross Jan. 15, 1942
1900.5381 Article A proprietor of a restaurant in New York was upset because he found out that the paper hats for the New Year's party held at his establishment had been made in Japan. Their Evening Fun Ruined By 'Japan-Made' Paper Hats Harrison, Dale Jan. 24, 1942
1900.5382 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggested that Japanese American men who were eligible should join the armed forces and the remainder of the people should be removed from their homes and sent somehwere to be placed under armed guards. Japanese Problem Sutherland, Charles Jan. 26, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5383 Article The national board of the Japanese American Citizens League opposed the reopening of the Japanese language schools as they could cause suspicion and misunderstanding and the pupils might be subject to violence. U.S.-Japanese Schools Likely To Stay Closed Jan. 27, 1942
1900.5384 Article Enemy aliens were told to reregister at the post office basement and to bring three pictures of themselves, one of which will be put on their identification card. Aliens to be Registered in P.O. Basement Jan. 27, 1942
1900.5385 Article California was planning to survey Japanese farms to see if any aliens are operating farms in the state. California Plans Alien Farm Check Jan. 24, 1942
1900.5386 Article The banner representing the Mikado (Emperor) of Japan was removed from his stall in the choir of St. George's chapel as his names was stricken from the Knights of the Garter. Mikado Deprived Of British Honors Jan. 24, 1942
1900.5387 Article A grand jury was to be reconvened in the trial of four Japanese American men accused of subversive activity. Reconvened Jury To Study Jap Cases Jan. 27, 1942
1900.5388 Article Auburn workers at the Northern Pacific Railway roundhouse and shops protested the employment of Japanese alien employees and said they would quit their jobs unless the aliens were laid off. Railroaders May Quit Over Japs Jan. 28, 1942
1900.5389 Article Samuel W. King, delegate to Congress from Hawaii, defended the Japanese population of Hawaii and said they were patriotic and loyal, although members of the House military committee, where he testified, seemed skeptical. Jan. 25, 1942
1900.539 Council Pares Five Key Points From Proposed Housing Ordinance 10/26/1963 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5390 Article Four Japanese Americans were to face grand jury charges of subversive activity since their arrest by the FBI. Jury To Hear Case Against Four Japanese Jan. 25, 1942
1900.5391 Article Arrangements were being made to register Japanese aliens on Bainbridge and Vashon Islands without having them come in to Seattle because there were already travel restrictions on them, including riding on the ferries. Aliens To Be Regitered On Islands Jan. 25, 1942
1900.5392 Article A Hollywood movie studio 20th Century Fox wanted some Japanese extras for its movie "Secret Agent of Japan" and had to go through the FBI and Navy Intelligencer to get them. Jan. 25, 1942
1900.5393 Article A Seattle newspaper conducted a man-on-the-street type interview to ask what should be done to the Japanese population in their midst, and various answers from putting them into concentrtion camps to allowing them to remain free were reported. Kick Out Japs or Keep 'Em Working? Seattleites Argue Jan. 29, 1942
1900.5394 Article A federal grand jury was informed by the FBI that two Japanese American businessmen, Edward Y. Osawa and Charles T. Takahashi, were in the process of shipping fuel tanks to Japan, and had done so previously, but there was now a ban on such activity. Also indicted were attorneys Kenji Ito and Thomas Masuda for failing to register as agents of Japan. Oil Tanks Sold by Japs Could Have Fueled 12,800 Bombers
1900.5395 Article Senator Bone (D-Washington) said there would be a meeting of Pacific Coast senators to discuss the problems of the Japanese in their midst and to see what steps should be taken to ensure the safety of the population from air raids and fifth column activity. Senator to Consider Coast Jap Problem Jan. 29, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5396 Article White employees at the Northern Pacific Railway staged a sitdown strike in Seattle to protest the appearance of a dozen Japanese alien workers, after which the Japanese were sent home and the white workers returned to work. A similar situation occurred in Auburn, WA where white workers said there would be a strike unless three Japanese workers were dismissed. Aliens Sent Home In N.P. Dispute
1900.5397 Article An indictment was returned by a federal grand jury accusing Charles T. Takahashi and Edward Y. Osawa of conpsiring to send fuel tanks to Japan, although there was a ban on such activity, and sending it through China to get around the ban. Also indicted were attorneys Kenji Ito and Thomas Masuda who failed to register as agents of Japan. Indictments Reveal Plot To Aid Japan
1900.5398 Article Martin Dies, U.S. representative from Texas, began an inquiry into possible Japanese fifth column activity on the West Coast. Especially cited were the Japanese language schools whose books showed patriotic feelings for Japan. Jan. 29, 1942
1900.5399 Article A Japanese alien turned himself in to the immigration office to say that he had entered the U.S. illegally. Held in detention temporrily, he wrote a letter to another Japanese in which he said "to tell the truth," which made the immigration officials think that the addressee may also be illegal, but it turned out he was a U.S. citizen. 1942
1900.540 A Visit to San Juan 11/9/1889 West Shore
1900.5400 Article U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle urged Americans to remember that enemy aliens are mostly loyal to the U.S. and to stop the attacks that were occurring on the West Coast on Japanese and occasionally some Chinese who were mistaken for Japanese. 1942
1900.5401 Article Life magazine showed how to distinguish Japanese from Chinese after receiving reports that some Chinese had been victimized for being mistaken for Japanese. In pictures and in an article, Life indicated some of the purported differences in appearance by showing a picture of a Chinese and a Japanese and their differences in facial structure. How To Tell Japs From The Chinese Dec. 22, 1941 Life Magazine
1900.5402 Article A judge refused the request by an attorney for Edward Y. Osawa and Charles T. Takahashi, both of hom have been indicted by a grand jury of conspiring to send war material to Japan, to reduce their bail from $25,000 to $5,000. They had pleased "Not guilty" earlier in the trial. Two Japs Plead Not Guilty; Bond Reductions Refused 1942
1900.5403 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Inelligencer said that he agreed with Rep. Ford of California who suggested that all Japanese on the West Coast should be placed in concentration camps. He gave as his reason the Japanese colony in Davao in the Philippines who he said supported Hirohito rather than the land of their residence. Balancio, Mariano L. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5404 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer gave his opinion on the Japanese in America. (Letter is incomplete.) Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5405 Article Specified areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco were made off limits to axis alien enemies. Attorney General Francis Biddle made the announcement and said the aliens would have to move from those areas. Japs Banned From Vital Areas Jan. 24, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5406 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggested that enemy aliens be placed in concentration camps because this is war and those aliens can't be trusted. Keaton, J.P. 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5407 Article Dmitri S. Zhirov, a letter writer to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, refuted the claims of a previous writer, Mildred Young, on the Nisei problem by pointing out that Nisei are Americans, and his association with them proved the falsehoods of Young's claims. Japanese Problem Zhirov, Dmitri S. 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5408 Article With the public now resigned to the war, there was now a feeling of vengeance and an increase in patriotism and enlistment in the armed forces, while the Japanese populace was told to stay off the streets because of possible physical attacks. Dec. 15, 1942
1900.5409 Article In Hawaii and the Philippines, there were reports of fifth column activity. In Hawaii aliens suspected of having pro-Japan sympathies were arrested; and in the Philippines, Japanese colonists in Davao were said to have surfaced in assisting Japan in its invasion of the Philippines. On the mainland United States, a member of a veterans organization affukuated with Japan committed suicide after being arrested. Enemies Within Dec. 29, 1941
1900.541 Voters to Determine Fate of Modified Housing Law Willix, Douglas 10/26/1963 Seattle Times
1900.5410 Article A letter writer to the University of British Columbia's newspaper The Ubyssey asked a hypothetical question as to whether the Japanese in the province would defend the country in case of an invasion from Japan or would they join forces with the invaders from Japan. Jan. 24, 1942 University of British Columbia
1900.5411 Article Speakers of the Japanese language were in short supply in the United States what with the war with Japan. Only a few universities offer instruction, and so the country is playing catch up to get more people knowledgeable about the enemy's language. Japanese Americans are available--many having learned the language at Japanese language schools--but the military is somewhat hesitant to use them because of the reputation of the schools as being fonts of Japanese culture. The Weapon of Language: Japanese Are Better Equipped for Linguistic Role of War Jan. 5, 1942
1900.5412 Article A letter writer to the Ubyssey, the newspaper at the University of British Columbia in Canada, urged the removal of Japanese in British Columbia and said it would be in the bests interests of the Japanese and the people of the province because it would provide safety for both peoples involved. Jan. 26, 1942
1900.5413 Article All axis aliens over 14 will have to carry identification cards with their picture and fingerprint on it. Jan. 26, 1942
1900.5414 Article Japanese students at the University of British Columbia were still participating in military training and would continue to do so, according to university president Klinck and Colonel Shrum. Japanese Continue Training Jan. 14, 1942 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
1900.5415 Article Columnist Jack Ferry of Canada gave his response to other articles written by Andy Snaddon and Leslie Bewley which defended the Japanese population of Brtish Columbia whereas Ferry's column expressed taking precautions and being safe rather sorry. More Than One Man's Opinion Ferry, Jack Jan. 8, 1942
1900.5416 Article The federal government is trying to learn from the experience of Hawaii about what to do with the West Coast Japanese in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. They don't want the coast to be vulnerable as Hawaii was. Safety First Feb. 9, 1942
1900.5417 Photograph Pictures of a fishing fleet in British Columbia near Vancouver and the confiscation by the government. Netted Feb. 2, 1942
1900.5418 Article U.S. Representative Leland Ford proposed sending all Japanese on the West Coast to concentration camps as a sacrifice of their loyalty to the U.S. Seattle Japanese, however, objected to the idea because they would become wards of the government; and Jimmy Sakamoto, publisher of the Japanese American Courier, stated that evacuation will destroy all that the Japanese had built up. Solon Calls Internment Sacrifice To U.S. Cause Jan. 31, 1942
1900.5419 Article Congressman Lea, Democrat of California, held in a conference in his office in which he and other U.S. representatives recommended that Japanese aliens and those with dual citizenship be removed from the West Coast and that they be given assistance from the government. Remove Japs, Congressmen Of Coast Say Jan. 31, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.542 Walkouts, Not Sit - Ins, Feature of Long Hearing Coughlin, Dan 10/26/1963 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5420 Article Attorneys Thomas Masuda and Kenji Ito pleaded innocent of charges of being agents of Japan in U.S. Disctrict Court without first registering with the State Department. Masuda's attorney asked for a reduction in bail, which was denied. Ito And Matsuda (sic) Plead Innocent Jan. 31, 1942
1900.5421 Picture Photographs of Japanese in Seattle during the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. One photo along with a short blurb shows people tabulating the donations for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's "Buy a Boeing Bomber" campaign; another shows the Defense Council Headquarters where Japanese can buy defense stamps, get information, and get involved in Red Cross work; the third photo is of a third generation Japanese American selling an item from his grocery store, where sales from Japaneese-owned grocery stores is down. 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5422 Picture Photo of a Japanese American woman pointing to a picture of her brother now serving in the United States Army indicating that he is an American and that the furniture store he operated is still being operated by an American. Jan. 31, 1942
1900.5423 Article A Japanese hotel clerk was threatened when two Filipinos, angry at the clerk for his tone of voice when he said they had been drinking, tried to hit him and knife him, but were apprehended by the police when another employee called the officers. Filipino Swings; Japanese Ducks; 2nd Filipino Hit Feb. 1, 1942
1900.5424 Article Two local Japanese American attorneys, Kenji Ito and Thomas Masuda, pleaded not guilty in District Court of being unregistered agents of an enemy government. Earlier two Japanese American businessmen, Charles T. Takahashi and Edward Y. Osawa, also pleaded not guilty in connection with this same case. A request to lower Masuda's bail was denied by the judge. 2 Japs Enter Innocent Plea To U.S. Charge Feb. 1, 1942
1900.5425 Article Enemy aliens of Japanese, German and Italian nationality of 14 years and older were to be reregistered on orders from the Justice Dept. They were to go to the post office to register. Enemy Aliens To Line Up For Registration Feb. 1, 1942
1900.5426 Article Sixty-nine areas of California were to be "off limits" to enemy aliens, and an additional 17 more were to be added, according to the U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle. Aliens would not be allowed to live in those areas. 69 More California Areas Banned To Aliens Feb.1, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5427 Article Two Japanese American businessmen Charles T. Takahashi and Edward Y. Osawa pleaded not guilty in court after being charged with attempting to send gasoline storage tanks to Japan. Two Japanese Here In "Not Guilty Plea" Jan. 31, 1942
1900.5428 Article The Japanese American Citizens League announced the closing of Japanese language schools in Tacoma and Fife and Firwood in the Puyallup Valley. Masato Yamasaki, a principal, was interned after the beginning of hostilities. 3 Jap Language Schools Close Feb. 1, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5429 Article Five hundred enemy aliens were registered by the U. S. Post Office after orders from Washington DC asked that this be done. There were an estimated 6,200 enemy aliens in the area. 500 Aliens Ask Registry Cards Feb. 2, 1942
1900.543 Was Korean Column Racial Slur or Good Reporting? Brazier, Dan 10/29/1978 Seattle Times
1900.5432 Article In his syndicated column, writer Drew Pearson reported some people were upset about the permissive attitude of the alien enemy review boards that were scrutinizing certain aliens. He claimed some of the board members were friends of the aliens, or concerned with civil liberties, or unconcerned about fifth column and spy activity. Washington Merry Go Round Pearson, Drew Feb. 2, 1942
1900.5433 Document A letter writer, Violet M. Johnson, criticizes previous letter writers to the Seattle P-I who condemn all Japanese because of the Pearl Harbor bombing, and asks for understanding and justice. Japanese Problem Johnson, Violet M. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5434 Article A Japanese man is shot and killed on the main street in the town of Gonzales, CA; two men were seen running from the scebe, Japanese Man Killed in Street January 31, 194 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5435 Article The Seattle Times shows samples of letters to the editor which indicate some agree with syndicated columnist Henry McLemore's advuce that persons of Japanese ancestry should be treated harshly, while others argue for just and fair treatment. What to do with Japs in Western States Stirs the Bouquest and Brickbat Wielders Feb. 3, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5436 Article Thomas Masuda, who is currently incarcerated for being considered a foreign agent who did not register with the secretary of state, acted as an interpreter for a Japanese alien who had been brought before the court as an illegal alien who failed to register as an alien. Masuda Acts as Interpreter
1900.5437 Article Californians were eager to have enemy aliens removed from heir midst because they could be potential saboteurs and that the government didn't seem to be working fast enough after registration of all enemy aliens was taking place prior to removal. Wartime Removal Hits All Coast Aliens, Good or Bad Feb. 3, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5438 Article Japanese, German and Italian aliens were being reregistered at the U.S. Post Office and to get a certificate of identification. Hundreds Of Enemy Aliens Reregistered
1900.5439 Article Senator Mon C. Wallgren announced that enemy aliens had all been removed from critical defense areas in Wahington state. Plans Complete to Remove Aliens Here
1900.544 Chinatown Parade Tonight 8/8/1963 Beacon Hill News
1900.5441 article Column by syndicated columnist Henry McLemore demanding that Japanese on the West Coast be removed for the safety of California from possible sabotage. West Doesn't Like Playing Squat Tag With the Japs McLemore, Henry Feb. 5, 1942
1900.5442 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggested moving Japanese on the West Coast to factory areas in case bombers from Japan came because they wouldn't probably bomb their own; and those who wanted to be safe were urged to moved to areas of Japanese concentration for the same reason. In addition, a request was made to a Mary Matsuyama to call the Post Intelligencer to establish that she is a Japanese Americsan. Japanese Problem Mitchell, George F. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5443 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said evacuation of the Japanese on the West Coast was a bad idea because they were necessary for growing the produce needed for the people, and besides, they could be identified easily and thus watched for any untoward action. M.W.P. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5444 Article Bremerton Post No. 149 of the American Legion drafted a resolution asking for the removal of all Japanese on the West Coast because of the difficulty of separating the loyal from the disloyal and because fifth column activity allegedly occurred at Pearl Harbor. In a related matter, the Tacoma Post No. 2 of the American Legion commended the congressmen for their support of the FBI's rounding up enemy aliens. Removal of All Japanese Asked
1900.5445 Article Bill Hosokawa, wrote an article published in the Philippines News Letter asking that there be no violence between Japanese in Filipinos on the West Coast and that Japanese Americans should not be made scapegoats for the actions of fascist Japan. He had heard of Filipino attacks on Japanese and reminded them that they were all in this together and the goal was to defeat the Axis powers. Japanese, Filipino on Same Boat, Explains Hosokawa in Letter Hosokawa, Bill Philippines News Letter
1900.5446 Article Bill Hosokawa, secretary of the Japanese American Citizens League, asked cartoonist Ham Fisher to include a Japanese American in the Joe Palooka cartoon attesting to the loyalty of Japanese Americans and to remind Americans that Japanese Americans were serving in the U.S. Army. Nisei Loyal, Joe Palooka Salutes Memebers in Army Seattle Times
1900.5447 Article An article in one of the Seattle newspapers reported that Japanese nationals in British Columbia were removed from their home and sent to a lumber camp in Ontario. B.C. Ousts Japs
1900.5448 Article An article in the Seattle newspaper reported that 15 Japanese aliens on Bainbridge Island were arrested after FBI agents found items that enemy aliens were forbidden to possess. FBI Holds 15 Japs, Seizes Arms After Bainbridge Search
1900.5449 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says to read the book "Volcanic Isle" by W. Fleisher to those who advocate putting West Coast Japanese in concentration camps and to let the F.B.I. handle matter of security because interning Japanese here could bring reprisals to American P.O.W.s. Kennedy, Elizabeth Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.545 International Centennial Festival 1952: August 6,7,8,9 1952
1900.5450 Article Attorney General Francis Biddle announced that enemy aliens would be prohibited from being in areas where dams in Washington and Oregon were located and that they had to observe a curfew that restricted them to their homes or places of employment. Enemy Aliens Barredin 31 N.W. Areas
1900.5451 Article Attorney Geneal Francis Biddle announced that the coastal areas of Calfironia would be off limits to enemy aliens and that they would have to observe the curfew hours. California Coast Strip Declared Restricted Area
1900.5452 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that there can be no dual allegiance for a loyal American, and he said he knew of a Japanese alien who sent his son back to Japan to be educated. He suggested all Japanese be sent back to Japan after the war ended. Todd, Harvey M.
1900.5453 Article BYPU canceled its trip to the Snoqualmie Ski Bowl due to wartime conditions. BYPU Cancels Trip to Snoqualmie Bowl
1900.5454 Article U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle announced areas from which enemy aliens were to stay clear, primarily dams and power plants, and the observance of a curfew that applied to all enemy aliens. Areas Taboo To Japanese
1900.5455 Article The first group of Canadians of Japanese descent left British Columbia for Ontario, Canada to work in the lumber camps there. First Group of B.C. Japanese Leaves for Ontario Camps Feb. 5, 1942
1900.5456 Article The president of the board of directors of the YWCA issued a letter to all members of the organization in which she asked for tolerance and understanding of the Japanese in their midst and prefaced her letter with two paragraphs from U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle's letter requesting no vigilantism or persecution of aliens and the foreign-born. Pleas Issued for Minority
1900.5457 Article Fuyo-kai and the Japanese Students' Club, two organizations for students of Japanese ancestry on the University of Washington campus, cut back on its social activities due to the war. Campus Clubs To Cut Down Socials
1900.5458 Article Thomas Clark, alien coordinator for the Western Defense Command, announced that farm colonies would be established for enemy aliens who were evacuated from vital defense areas in California. Farm Colonies to be Set Up for Japanese Feb. 5, 1942
1900.5459 Article Bremerton Post No. 149 of the American Legion urged removal of all Japanese on the West Coast saying that their presence jeopardized the security of the area and that fifth column activity in Hawaii contributed to the disaster at Pear Harbor. Another Legion post, Edward B. Rhodes Post No. 2 in Tacoma, praised the local congressmen and senators for their cooperation with the FBI and other local authorities in the roundup of enemy aliens. Legion All for Removal
1900.546 International Festival: August 9,10,11 1951
1900.5460 Article The Sumitomo Bank of Seattle asked for liquidation of its assets in a superior court request through its attorneys H.B. Jones and W.L. Grill. Liquadating of Funds Granted
1900.5461 Article Yutaka "Toke" Semba, a former University of Washington student from Tacoma and officer of the Japanese Students' Club, was reported to be stationed in California as a member of the field artillery.; another Tacoma resident, Chet Butsuda, was reported to be in Utah after passing the Civil Service exam as an airplane mechanic's learner. Semba Stationed Somewhere in Calif. Feb. 5, 1942
1900.5462 Article The Tacoma Japanese American Citizens League announced that it would assist Japanese aliens in the registration procedure. Tacoma JACL to Aid Issei Feb. 5, 1942
1900.5463 Article Fifteen Japanese aliens on Bainbridge Island were arrested for possessing contraband that was forbidden under the national espionage act. They were sent to the Immigration Detention Station in Seattle for further processing. FBI Puts on Island Heat
1900.5464 Article Japanese farmers operate 1,172 farms in Los Angeles County, accounting for 25,000 acres of the county's 40,000 acres of available farmland, according to a survey conducted recently. L.A. Japanese Have 1172 Farms Feb. 6, 1942
1900.5465 Article A store owner called police in Watertown, N.Y. saying that a "suspicious Japanese" was in his store. After police arrested him it was learned that he was a Filipino who worked as a houseboy for a brigadier general. Filipino Mistaken as "Suspicious Japanese" Feb. 6, 1942
1900.5466 Article FBI agents and Vallejo, CA police arrested nine Japanese aliens in the vicinity of the Mare Island Navy Yard who operate a laundry or cafe or possessed contraband in the belief that fifth column activity was being engaged in or the potential was there. FBI Continues Blitzkried Raids, Seizes Nine Japanese Aliens Feb. 6, 1942
1900.5467 Article Only nine questions will be asked on the new Selective Service form, which formerly asked for a lot more information. Nine Questions in New Registration
1900.5468 Article Japanese American women who married an alien prior to 1931 and thus lost her U.S. citizenship had to apply for an alien Certificate of Identification.. Status of Women Married to Aliens
1900.5469 Article A Japanese man in San Francisco tried to commit suicide by the Japanese ritual way of self-disembowelment after first cutting his wrists after he had first been arrested by the FBI. Man Attempts to Kill Self Feb. 6, 1942 North American Times
1900.547 A Seafaring We Did Go Otto, Sally Sept. 1965 The Employer's Owl
1900.5470 Article An article in Common Ground, published by the Common Council for Amerca Unity, will have an article titled "After Pearl Harbor" written by Mary Oyama, who will tell what happened to the Japanese in Los Angles, and Tooru Kanazawa, who will give the East Coast version in the aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. "After Pearl Harbor" Told
1900.5471 Article The registration deadline for enemy aliens was extended to Sunday, the last day on which to register. Enemy Aliens Have 'Til Sunday Night
1900.5472 Article The planned movement of Japanese to Ontario, Canada lumber camps was delayed, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, until the following Monday. Japanese Trip to Ontario Delayed Feb. 6, 1942
1900.5473 Article Gov. Culbert Olson of California announced that plans were being drawn up to confirm the loyalty of the Nisei (American-born citizens of Japanese descent) in cooperation with the Western Defense Command, Department of Justice and state officials. Loyalty Will Be Given Trial
1900.5474 Article Federal agents were arresting Japanese, German and Italian aliens around the Mare Island Navy Yard in Vallejo, CA in order to prevent any sabotage of the facility. Also the U.S. government was taking steps to crack down on dual nationality Japanese, Germans and Italians in order to prevent sabotage and espionage. FBI Arrests More Aliens
1900.5475 Article Residents of Rising Sun, Indiana were cool to the suggestions that they change the name of their town because the rising sun is the emblem of the Japanese flag, and the U.S is at war with Japan. Rising Sun Citizens Won't Change Name
1900.5476 Article The YM-YWCA organization at the University of Washington planned a mixer to raise $1,000 for the World Student Service fund campaign, which assists foreign students studying in the U.S. financially. Originally intended for European and Chinese students, prisoners of war and refugees, the fund will be extended to American prisoners of war, Philippine students and Japanese internees/
1900.5477 Article FBI agents arrested 20 axis aliens in a sweep around Vallejo, CA, site of the Mare Island Navy Yard. Contraband was found at the homes, and the arrests were made to prevent sabotage. . 20 Axis Aliens Seized in 5th Column Raids Feb. 5, 1942
1900.5478 Article FBI agents arrested fifteen Japanese aliens on Bainbridge Island and seized maps which were contraband that aliens could not possess. The aliens were to face hearing boards to determine where they would be interned. Maps Found in Jap Roundup on Bainbridge
1900.5479 Article Henry McLemore, syndicated columnist, rails against Japanese language schools as inimical to this country and as a source of indoctrination for the emperor of Japan and loyalty to Japan. Excuse, Please; But What's In Those Jap Text-Books? McLemore, Henry
1900.548 Clouds Lift in Tong War 11/10/1928 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5480 Article Japanese families in British Columbia will be allowed to follow their menfolk when they are evacuated from the West Coast. Some of the men have signed up to go to lumber camps in Ontario in Eastern Canada/ B.C. Japanese May Follow Menfolk East Feb. 8, 1942
1900.5481 Article Approximately 1,500 enemy aliens had not registered for certificates of identification, so the deadline was extended two days to accommodate them. The post office was to be open to register them 1,500 Aliens Not Registered Yet Feb. 8, 1942
1900.5482 Article Forty Japanese aliens were sent on their way to internment in Fort Missoula, Montana while their wives and children came to see them off at the immigration station in Seattle. 40 Japanese Taken From Kin, Interned Feb. 2, 1942
1900.5483 Article FBI agents, assisted by King County deputies, arrested two Japanese aliens and one German alien on Vashon Island and held them at the immigration station. All aliens on the island had their homes searched. Japanese, Arms Taken on Vashon Feb. 8, 1942
1900.5484 Article FBI agents descended on Vashon Island and search homes of Japanese aliens after there were reports that the aliens had not turned in firearma and other contraband they were not to possess. Vashon Homes of Japanese Aliens Raided
1900.5485 Article FBI agents swept down the Palos Verdes coastal area to search the farms of Japanese aliens for contraband. Particular attention was paid to the farms overlooking the strategic Santa Catalina Channel. Japanese Farms Near Fort Raided Feb. 8, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5486 Article Nisei (Japanese American) instructors teach American soldiers basic Japanese words and jujitsu at Camp Roberts, California, plus an advertisement for Westinghouse. Army Trainees Learn Jujitsu Feb. 9, 1942 Life Magazine
1900.5487 Article FBI agents made a raid on Vashon Island aliens' homes to search for contraband, and two Japanese and one German were taken into custody and held at the immigration station. Earlier, a group of Japanese aliens was sent to Montana and North Dakota for internment. 25 More Jap Homes Raided on Vashion Isle Feb. 8, 1942
1900.5488 Article Four Japanese aliens were arrested by the FBI in the Bonneville Dam area of Oregon for possessing contraband, such as dynamite, fuses and caps. 4 More Jap Aliens Seized at Bonneville Feb. 1942
1900.5489 Article Eviction orders were being prepared for Japanese, German and Italian aliens living in California by federal officials. Areas such as airports and waterfronts were to be prohibited to aliens living in close proximity to those places, and they were to be evacuated and given assistance as to moving and employment. 10,000 in California To Get Ouster Orders Feb. 8, 1942
1900.549 Patrolmen, detectives & Sheriff's Deputies keep incessant watch in Chinatown. War believed imminent. Five Tongmen Marked For Death Here 11/9/1928 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5490 Article Four Japanese aliens in the Bonneville Dam area were arrested after they were found to have explosives at their homes. They had dynamite equipment, which is listed as contraband by the FBI, and thus were taken into custody In Hood River, Oregon. 4 Japanese Seized Near Dam; Explosives Found Feb. 1942
1900.5491 Article Arizona was making plans for evicting axis nationals in 18 areas of the state. Axis Nationals Ordered From 18 Arizona Areas Feb. 1942
1900.5492 Article An undisclosed number of Japanese aliens living in the vicinity of Fort MacArthur and the Los Angeles Harbor were arrested after a raid by FBI agents suspecting the men of engaging in sabotage activity. Aliens Nabbed In Night Spy Raid Near L.A. Feb. 8, 1942
1900.5493 Article A letter writer signed "Old Rustic" said that it was foolish to revive old farms as a previous writer had suggested because the best farm lands were in the hands of enemy aliens. Land Problem Feb. 11, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5494 Article Employers were asked not to fire enemy alien employees but to file a report of their background to the FBI and local police department and to always pay them by check for record purposes. Firms Asked For Reports On Aliens Feb. 11, 1942
1900.5495 Article 5,048 aliens in Seattle registered at the Seattle post office during the eight days set aside for that purpose. Some 200 of these registrations were being held up because the aliens could not produce evidence that they had registered previously when all aliens were supposed to register. 5,048 Enemy Aliens Sign Up In Seattle Feb. 11, 1942
1900.5496 Article Vital defense areas on the West Coast were to have signs prohibiting enemy aliens from living there, and federal officials were coming to Seattle to have the signs put up. Aliens Will Be Warned To Quit Defense Areas Feb. 13, 1942
1900.5497 Article An FBI sweep of Japanese colonies in the Salinas, California area led to the arrest of a former Tokyo police chief and a friend of the Emperor's brother. Contraband from the towns of Salinas, Monterey, Watsonville, Pacific Grove, Carmel and a "mystery colony" at Chular was found after FBI warrants for search and arrest allowed for the investigations of these towns. Former Tokyo Police Chief Seized By FBI
1900.5498 Article The Pacific Coast congressional committee on enemy aliens and sabotage recommended that all areas on the coast be prohibited to anyone whose loyalty was questionable and that restricted zones be established and only those who have a special license could remain there. Congressmen Ask Coast Jap Removal Feb. 1942
1900.5499 Article The House Committee on Un-American Activities was to recommend that all Japanese on the West Coast be removed 500 miles inland and interned because investigation showed that they had misused American hospitality, and Justice Dept. moves to prohibit Japanese from certain areas had not been successful. Dies Group to Ask Jap Evacuation Feb. 9, 1942
1900.550 My Understanding of How the Tongs Began Ah-Tye, Howard 12/5/1979 East West
1900.5500 Article Two American Legion posts in Washington state voted in favor of the removal of all Japanese aliens living on the West Coast and the internment of them somewhere inland. Legion Posts Favor Removal of Japs Feb. 14, 1942
1900.5501 Article Enemy aliens were leaving from 69 prohibited zones in California, and FBI agents were checking to see if there were any stragglers as the deadline was approaching. California Aliens Leave Taboo Areas Feb. 1942
1900.5502 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer recommended internment for all Japanese because the loyal could not be known from the disloyal and this country had to protect itself. Blake, J.D. Feb. 12, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5503 Article Fifty-six Japanese aliens were arrested in Southern and Northern California, 50 of them in Orange County near Los Angeles and six of them in the San Francisco Bay Area for having contraband or in the case of the Bay Area men, for being reserve officers in the Japanese army. 56 More Japanese Seized in Calif. Feb. 14, 1942
1900.5504 Article Certain areas in Western Washington were to be prohibited to enemy aliens in this state in addition to what had been prohibited previously. Aliens were expected to leave these areas, and government assistance was to be provided as to transportation and employment. Enemy Aliens To Be Barred In New Area Feb. 16, 1942
1900.5505 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that the Japanese on the West Coast should be sent to some inland area where they could produce war material and farm produce to aid in the war effort and would be safe from possible mob violence in a self-sufficient community of their own. Japanese Problem Metcalfe, Vernon Feb. 12, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5506 Article Congressional representatives from the West Coast and the delegate from Alaska recommended to the government that all Japanese be removed from strategic areas on the West Coast. Evacuation of All Japs Urged by Congressmen Feb. 14, 1942
1900.5507 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said the Japanese in the Auburn area are not fully assimilated and race riots could occur, so the best solution was to send them all to inland areas. Japanese Problem G.B., Mrs. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5508 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that despite all outward appearances, Japanese Americans remain tied to the customs and culture of Japan and that one of the pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor had been educated in the United States. Japanese Problem Wilson, R.E.
1900.5509 Article U.S. Assistant U.S. attorney Gerald D. Hile visited the interned Japanese aliens at Fort Missoula and said they were happy and are fed at 30 cents per day, just under the 48 cents per day that the U.S. Army feeds its soldiers. Interned Japs Are Well Fed, Reports Hile Feb. 16, 1942
1900.551 Organized Gangs May Take Refuge in the U.S. Woo, Gilbert 10/19/1977 East/West
1900.5510 Article Westbrook Pegler, syndicated columnist, quoted Walter Lippman as to the danger on the West Coast of Japanese people operating freely and the very possiblity that sabotage could occur at any time. Japanese Menace On West Coast Pegler, Westbrook Feb. 16, 1942
1900.5511 Article FBI agents seized contraband from the homes of Japanese aliens and also arrested several Japanese aliens who were considered dangerous to the security of the United States, Jap Unfiroms Seized in Raid Feb. 17, 1942
1900.5512 Document A photograph showed items that had been confiscated by FBI agents in Sacramento, California that included a Japanese sword, Japanese army uniforms, two aerial bomb casings and a Japanese wrestling banner. Japanese Swords Seized
1900.5513 Article At Broadway High School students of Japanese descent outnumber white students in the study of the German language. More Japanese Than Whites Study German at Broadway Feb. 17, 1942
1900.5514 Article A writer who observed the Japanese army and administrators in China asked if the Japanese in Hawaii were likely to act in the same way and become fifth columnists, or would the American way of life take hold for them here? Hawaii in the Crisis Mackey, Margaret M.
1900.5515 Article George Mihara, 18, whose father was interned as an enemy alien in Missoula, Montana, joined the U.S. Army after being turned down by the Army Air Corps. Mihara Says U.S. Army "Swell" Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5516 Article Floyd Schmoe, national chairman of the American Friends Service Center Committee, was to talk on the problems of Japanese Americans in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor at the Japanese Club of YWCA at the YWCA building. Schmoe to Discuss Japanese Problems Feb. 18, 1942 Norh American Times
1900.5517 Article A Japanese woman whose husband was interned at Missoula, Montana said she was very happy that her son had joined the U.S. Army. Japanese Boy in U.S. Army, Mother Happy Feb. 17, 1942
1900.5518 Article There were demands that all Japanese be removed from the West Coast and not just aliens from restricted zones. As raids were made in the Monterey area in Northern California, Japanese aliens were being moved inland in California, but many were facing hardships because of opposition to their presence, with many being unable to buy or lease property or exorbitant rents being charged to them. More Aliens Leave Zones Feb. 17, 1942
1900.5519 Article Raids were made on the homes of Japanese aliens in the Northern California area, and items such as army and navy uniforms, secret documents and aerial bomb casings were confiscated and the owners arrested. Jap Uniforms Seized by FBI in California Feb. 17, 1942
1900.552 Summary of spreading cime in U.S. and Canada linked to Chinese immigrant criminals. Spreading Crime Links Behind Chinatown Violence Schwartz, Mark 9/29/1977 East West
1900.5520 Article Rumors were circulating that all Japanese aliens and possibly the American-born Nisei will have to leave the Puget Sound area, although no official word had been yet received. No Official Word Yet On New Alien Ousters
1900.5521 Article 3,849 enemy aliens have been arrested and turned over to the Immigation and Naturalization Service of whom a third of them are Japanese. 3,849 Enemy Aliens Arrestes Since War Feb. 1942
1900.5522 Article Raids and arrests of Japanese aliens were made all along the West Coast as evidence of espionage and suspicious activity occurred in Portland, Sacramento area and the Santa Maria Valley in California. New Coast Spy Clues Reported Feb. 18, 1942
1900.5523 Article Editorial in one of the Seattle newspapers suggests immediate action on what to do with the aliens who run the truck farms in view of the fact that the season for planting is at hand, and the public should know what is planned. Evacuation of the Japanese aliens has already been rumored Immediate Decision Needed on Handling of Enemy Aliens Feb. 18, 1942
1900.5524 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer questioned the loyalty of Japanese people in the United States, stating she knew of instances where loyalty and affinity to Japan were openly displayed and that precautions should be made so as not to imperil the safety of the U.S. Japanese problem E.M.G., Mrs. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5525 Article Hearings were to begin on the West Coast to determine what should be done with the Japanese on the Pacific Coast. The hearings were to begin in San Francisco, followed by Portland, then Seattle. U.S. to Begin Jap Probe in S.F. Saturday. Feb.1942
1900.5526 Article A man reported to the navy shore patrol that two Japanese sailors asked where they could buy firearms. "Jap" Sailors Ask to Buy Firearms
1900.5527 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggested that all Japanese be removed from the West Coast timber belt, citing Pearl Harbor as the reason. LaFollette, R.G. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5528 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer defended the Japanese here by stating that America was peopled by "foreigners" and that Japanese have proved to be good citizens and have good qualities that others could emulate such as the way they raise children. Foulkes, S. Louise Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5529 Article Syndicated columnist Henry McLemore visited San Francisco's Japantown and remarked on what he had observed there. Japs Getting Cocky Again, Says Taxicab Driver in S.F. McLemore, Henry Feb. 1942
1900.553 Opinion that the Tongs should purge their bad elements, divorce themselves from their violent past, and have new goals and purposes. The Tong Connections East West
1900.5530 Article Some Japanese Americans walking on Main St. met some youngsters along the way who referred to them as "bad Japs." Main Street
1900.5531 Article With the announcement that enemy aliens would be removed from the Puget Sound area, those affected and their children were asking questions for more information as well as whether there would be exceptions. No Exceptions Expected for Enemy Aliens
1900.5532 Article The American Friends Service Committee sent out a bulletin telling Japanese Americans of the proposed evacuation and for them not to do anything until official words from the government came out. Bulletin American Friends Service Committee Feb. 19, 1942
1900.5533 Article Kilsoo Haan, head of the Slino-Korean People's League, warned of fifth column activity and sabotage by Japanese residents on the Pacific Coast and urged that they be placed in protective custody for the safety and security of the United States. Korean Spy Chief Warns of Japs Chalcraft, E.P. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5534 Article The U.S. House of Representatives appropriated $300,000 for a probe of Japanese activity on the West Coast because of fears of fifth column activity and sabotage. $300,000 O.K'd for Jap Probe 02/18/42
1900.5535 Article More than 200 Japanese aliens in the Santa Maria-Guadalupe area of California were arrested after a raid by the FBI. In the meantime, the U.S. government was preparing to hold hearings in West Coast cities to determine what should be done to the Japanese residents. FBI Jails 200 More Aliens 021/84/2
1900.5536 Article Two American Legion posts in Washington state urged the removal of all Japanese from the West Coast to protect the coast from possible fifth column activity and sabotage. Legion Posts Ask Removal of Japanese
1900.5537 Article The Chinese ambassador to the United States, Hu-Shih, could not answer if the presence of Japanese on the West Coast posed any danger. 02 /22/42
1900.5538 Article Evacuation of Japanese residents in Seattle took place with about half of them already removed and the other half to move soon. Those who were gone were mostly people in business or who met the general public. The Pike Place Market, where Japanese sellers were prominent, were empty of any Japanese merchants. Two photos of the Market accompanied the article. Half of City's Japs Have Gone
1900.5539 Article 1,302 enemy aliens have been interned with the Japanese being the largest group among them. U.S. Orders 1,302 Aliens Interned 05 /02/42
1900.554 Good summary and some history of tong activity in light of the Golden Dragon massacres. Two Faces of a Chinatown Tong Ramirez, Raul 10/23/1977 San Francisco Examiner
1900.5540 Article The remaining half of the Japanese left in Seattle were to be moved out under Exclusion Orders No. 36 and 37 on orders of Lt. General John L. De Witt, commanding general of the Fourth Army and the Western Defense Comman. DeWitt Orders More Japs Evacuated
1900.5541 Article Two new offices of the agricultural division of the Wartime Civil Control Administration were established in Auburn and Sumner to expedite the transfer of Japanese truck and berry farms to experienced American farmers who secured a war board certificate of competency. 2 Truck Farm Offices Open
1900.5542 Article Charles Takahashi and Edward Y. Osawa filed a petition to get their business papers back, which had been seized by government agents. The two were charged with lying about their plans to ship prohibited items to Japan by saying that the items were going to Shanghai. Two Japs File Court Plea
1900.5543 Article Church services provided by Seattle Protestant Churches were to be held at the Puyallup Assembly Center and were to be a regularly held event. Churches Plan Service for Jap Evacuees
1900.5544 Article In the trial of Thomas Masuda, people testified as to what they knew about his activities as an alleged agent of Japan. He was being tried as an agent of Japan without registering with the government. Pair Tell of Compiling War, Power Reports for Japs
1900.5545 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer disproved the claim that Japanese Americans in Hawaii were engaged in sabotage after the bombing of Pearl Harbor when she cited a letter from the Chief of Police of Honolulu who disclaimed any such activity. False Rumors Wlieland, Jacqueline 05/05/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5546 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer responded to a Jacqueline Wieland's letter stating there was no sabotage at Pearl Harbor by Japanese Americans. He claimed she was only interested in the good name of the "Japs" but wasn't concerned about the duplicity by Japan's representatives in Washington, DC or the fact that the welfare of our nation is much more an important issue. Japanese Duplicity Yoakum, C.W. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5547 Article 1,500 Japanese in Seattle were registered at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Seattle Buddhist Temple for eventual evacuation to the Puyallup Assembly Center 1,500 Japanese Register Here
1900.5548 Article A Town Hall discussion was to be held at the Angle Lake Shore Club to discuss "Should the Japanese be Evacuated and Should They be Paid?" Club To Discuss Jap Evacuation
1900.5549 Article At a meeting of the Association of Washington Cities, the group endorsed the procedures of the FBI and Department of Justice in their handling of enemy aliens and other subversive elements. Cities' Group Gives Its Stand on Aliens Cooper, Carl L. 2/20/42
1900.555 Asian Youth Cordova, Dorothy L. Puget Soundings
1900.5550 Article In the midst of Japanese aliens being killed and city officials demanding the internment of all Japanese on the West Coast, members of Congress were preparing to hold hearings on how to protect the coastal areas and to lessen the hardship on Japanese who were to be interned. Violence Marks Alien Crisis on West Coast 02/20/42
1900.5551 Article The Justice Department revealed that the U.S. Army had been given the authority to remove any or all persons of Japanese descent from military areas or at least place restrictions on them, including U.S. citizens. Although the order actually covered all enemy aliens and their descendants, for all practical purposes, it specifically was targeted at persons of Japanese descent and the West Coast area. American-Born Nipponese to be Included in Action 02 /21/06 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5552 Article FBI agents arrested six persons of Japanese descent in Tacoma, but all were released except for one who is an alien. He was kept in custody because of his past associations. Meanwhile, state American Legion posts endorsed the policy of removing all persons of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast. FBI Questions Japs in Tacoma 02 /21/42
1900.5553 Article The U.S. Justice Department was prepared to answer questions raised by enemy aliens in light of the government's decision to remove all Japanese from the West Coast. Answer Bureau for Aliens Opened 02 / /42
1900.5554 Article The Seattle Buddhist Temple was closed on the orders of the foreign funds control division of the Treasury Department because any corporation run by Japanese nationals must now be licensed. The Temple has applied for a license. A sign on the door of the Temple states that no one can enter the building. Buddhist Temple Closed by U.S. 02 / /42
1900.5555 Article An editorial in one of the Seattle daily newspapers supported President Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive order giving the government the right to remove any or all persons of Japanese descent from military areas as a way to ensure safety of the West Coast . Japanese and the public were asked to cooperate fully, and if injustices occurred to those involved to accept them as part of the contribution to the defense of this country. Enemy Aliens 02 / /42
1900.5556 Article The text of President Roosevelt' s authorizing the removal of persons from military areas was published in one of the Seattle daily newspapers. The Secretary of War and the military were to handle the logistics of this removal. Text of Alien Order 02 / /42
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