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Wing Luke Museum
1900.1243 Parade of Heros Timbang, Norma June 5, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1244 Chinese Immigrants Balance Tradition and Change Woon July 17, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1245 To Fight for a More Just Society - A Woman Accepts her Responsibility Hai-Jew Aug 7, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1246 Article A Personal Account of a Community's Response to AIDS Shimabukuro, Robert International Examiner
1900.1247 Article Refugee Women's Alliance (REWA) helps immigrant and refugee women with all kinds of help, including ESL classes, domestic abuse, and housing. Focuses on Asian American women. Agency helps women confront domestic violence, strive for self-sufficiency Akamine, Mary October 16, 199 International Examiner
1900.1248 Commission Finds Widespread Discrimination Against Asian Americans International Examiner
1900.1249 Article Article celebrates the 35th year anniversary of the Filipino Youth Activities (FYA). FYA is a Filipino dance and music ensemble that performers around Seattle, WA. Filipino Youth Activities celebrates 35 year anniversary Abellanosa, Ethelyn C. June 3, 1992 International Examiner
1900.125 Article Just for Kicks Dizon, Kristin 6/5/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.125.001 Contemporary Artists Show A Different Asia Updike, Robin June 1, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.1250 Stories May Unfold of Forgotten Asian Railworkers Stories May Unfold of Forgotten Asian Railworkers Wong July 15, 1992 International Examiner
1900.1251 Social Service Team to Bring Model Program to Cambodia Wong Aug 19, 1992 International Examiner
1900.1252 Korean Community Sponsors Historic Forum Howe, Danny Akiyama Sept. 2, 1992 International Examiner
1900.1253 A Closer Look at San Francisco's Chinatown Wong, Dean March 18, 1992 International Examiner
1900.1254 Translating the Work of Early Japanese Americans Akamine July 17, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1255 Death at Age 104 Marks 'Close of an Era' Kimura April 5, 1989 International Examiner
1900.1256 Motifs in Chinese Art Myths and Rebuses in Chinese Art Bartholomew July 1988 Booklet
1900.1257 Exhibition of Chinese Temple Frescos 1964
1900.1258 Contemporary Chinese Paintings Sotheby's 1980 Booklet
1900.1259 Judge Rules Malabed, Baruso liable in Domingo, Viernes Case Takami January 24, 199 International Examiner
1900.126 Article East Meets South at a Delta Table Nathan, Joan 6/4/2003 New York Times
1900.126.001 Review of "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy. Power of Love, Review of "The God of Small Things" Wilber 6/22/97 Seattle Times
1900.1260 A fund raising effort to place a new headstone over the gravesite of Fillipino author and union activist resulted in several articles in the International Examiner, Ang Katipunan, the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Also included in this packet is the list of contributors to the fund and the invitation and epitaph for the ceremony. Carlos Bulosan Memorial 1984
1900.1261 Stories on Local 37; Feb - March 1986; Oct - Nov. 1984 Alaskero News Newspaper
1900.1262 Fiftieth anniversary of the Alaska Cannery Workers Union Alaskero De Vera 1984 PN
1900.1263 Program for celebration of 50th anniversary in Seattle. ILWU Local 37 Alaska Cannery workers 1934 - 1984, 50 Years 1984 Program
1900.1264 Making Kites 1974 - Year of the Kite March 1974 Sunset Magazine
1900.1265 The Amatuer Scientist Walker
1900.1266 Trial Evokes Memories of Gene and Silme Chew Dec 20, 1989 International Examiner
1900.1267 Tour of the haunts of Asian American writers Literary Bus Tour of Seattle Higashi July 1998 Wordscape
1900.1268 Paintings on postcards Chinese Art: Selections from the National Collections: Paintings, Series A, Part 1 National Palace Museum Postcards
1900.1269 Plaintiff Attorneys Argue Marcos Responsible for Union Murders Takami Dec. 6, 1989 International Examiner
1900.127 Article WWII and the Aleuts Kashima, Tetsuden February 19, 20 Seattle Times
1900.127.001 A Conversation with Bright Sheng Atkins 9/1/95 5/4 Magazine
1900.1270 Marcoses Found Liable for Seattle Cannery Workers Union Murders Takami Dec. 20, 1989 International Examiner
1900.1271 Poverty Sends Filipino Workers Overseas in Search of Better Lives Castilla International Examiner
1900.1272 Domingo, Viernes v. Marcos Trial Set to begin After Seven Year Wait Shimabukuro Oct. 4, 1989 International Examiner
1900.1273 Murder Trial Background: The Murders Created Fear and Anger Takami Dec. 6, 1989 International Examiner
1900.1274 Lessons Learned From Ten Years of Struggle Domingo March 6, 1991 International Examiner
1900.1275 Pamphlet Asian Pacific American and Canadian Craft Exhibition at the Wing Luke Museum May 23-September 8, 1996. This pamphlet contains features on each of the artists and their works. Beyond the Rock Garden: Craft Forms for a New World Tsutakawa, Mayumi 1996 Wing Luke Asian Museum
1900.1276 Asian American Historical Outline 1750-1980 Ogilvie July 1988 Outline
1900.1277 Brief text descriptions, no photographs Costumes of the Minority Peoples of China Fei October 1980 Booklet
1900.1278 Postcards of Miao people Minorities Guizhou China Lau 1989 Postcards
1900.1279 From an exhibit at the San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum Precious Place: Minority Costume and Textiles of Guizhou China Booklet
1900.128 Article WWII internments set Aleuts adrift from their islands Long. Levi J. February 19, 20 Seattle Times
1900.128.001 Asian Art Museums, Exhibits What's Ahead and What's Important for Asian Americans in 1997 1/8/97 International Examiner
1900.1280 Article Author explains how Chinese and Japanese calligraphy differs from Western calligraphy. Words with wings Loero, Diana April 18, 1978 The Christian Science Monitor
1900.1281 Article The soroban (Japanese abacus) is still widely used in Japan because it is fast and cheap. In primary school, children are required to learn to use it for addition and subtraction. In contests, expert users of the soroban beat out the electronic computer. The abacus draws a bead on calculators February 1976 East Is East
1900.1282 Color postcards of folk art The Graphic Art of Chinese Folklore National Museum of History Postcards
1900.1283 Changes Being Considered To JACL 'No-No Boy' Resolution Abe April 18, 1990 International Examiner
1900.1284 Article Review of the book "People's of Washington: Perspectives on Cultural Diversity" ed by Sid White and S.E. Solberg Diverse Stories Present 'Vigorous and Provocative' History Chew, Ron May 2, 1990 International Examiner
1900.1285 Review of film "The Color of Honor" about Nisei military history. Film Unearths Heroism of Nisei in World War II Chew January 6, 1989 International Examiner
1900.1286 Nikei Judo Champ in Olympics Nishwaki August 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1287 Mikami Farm: 'We Worked Hard, We were Like Machines' Suguro December 1989 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1288 Chris Kato and the Seattle Dojo: 'We're Here For the Community' Suguro April 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1289 Kuniko and Marsha Takamura Takamuras Preserve Musical Traditions Suguro April 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.129 Article Chinese Immigrants Making History Winfield, Phyllis August 30, 1990 Seattle Times
1900.1290 Tazue Sasaki taught classical dance odori and shamisen Tazue Sasaki 'As Long as they are Willing, I'll Teach Them' Suguro April 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1291 Ikeda and Company Suguro May 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1292 Mutual Fish: 'Quality and Service' Matsuda May 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1293 Higo Variety Store Suguro May 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1294 Tsutsumoto and State Drug ''We Try to Accommodate Them as Best as Posssible' Yoshimura May 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1295 Osami Namba and his wife Kinue started osami's Barbershop in 1969 Osami's Barbershop Tazuma May 1990 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1296 The No No Boys Sako and Gary Iwamoto Aug 1978 International Examiner
1900.1297 Review of 'Men of the 100th/442nd' by Thelma Chang New Book Reveals 'Human Experience' of Nisei Soldiers Mochizuki, Ken Dec. 1991 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1298 Desciption of soldiers of the 100th battalion of the 442 Regiment 100th Infantrymen Draws Comment From Correspondent April 14, 1945 Minidoka Irrigator
1900.1299 45 Nisei Soldiers From All Centers Killed in Action Sept. 6, 1944 Minidoka Irrigator
1900.130 Article Conference aims to develop mixed-race students' leadership skills Iwasaki, John 4/3/2003 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.130.001 Luck Ngi Musical Club Sam Yee: A Memoir - The Passing of a Well Known and Well Loved Seattle Chinese Pioneer 1/8/97 International Examiner
1900.1300 J. Kanetomi, 442nd Rifleman Saves Company by Bravery Jan. 27, 1945 Minidoka Irrigator
1900.1301 Liberated 442nd member Relates Grim Experiences June 16, 1945 Minidoka Irrigator
1900.1302 50 years Later: No No Boys Still Ask 'Why'? Abellanosa Feb. 12, 1992 Beacon Hill News
1900.1303 Exhibit Offers a Sad Reminder of Wartime Hysteria Iritani, Evelyn Jan. 27, 1992 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1304 5 Killed, 15 Wounded in Southern France Action Nov. 11, 1944 Mindoka Irrigator
1900.1305 Gordon Chang documenting Asian American history at Stanford Recovering the Stories of Interned Students Seawell, Mary Ann March - April Stanford Observer
1900.1306 The Last Inari and Makizushi Stand Hashimoto
1900.1307 Article Several West Coast cities will receive cherry trees as a symbol of friendship between the US and Japan. Seattle will receive 1,000. Japanese Pledge 1,000 Cherry Trees to City Dunshire, Charles December 10, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1309 Pride and Shame: Exhibit and Program 1972 Flyer
1900.131 Article Flap over flag stirs passions Martelle, Scott 4/6/2003 Seattle Times
1900.131.001 Okinawan Music: Here and Now! Alessi 4/1/96 The Pipe
1900.1311 Getting There: Washington's Transportation Heritage 1998 Program
1900.1312 The first Hmong family to buy a permanent stall in the Pike Place market From Hill Tribe to High Stall Rex-Johnson 9/6/98 Seattle Times
1900.1313 "Harvest Son: Planting Roots in American Soil" by David Mas Masumoto Fertile Soil for a Family Tale Morris 9/24/98 Seattle Times
1900.1314 Article Traveling exhibition "Diamonds in the Rough: Japanese Americans in Baseball" Japanese American Baseball was more than a Pastime Greimel 9/20/98 Seattle Times 9/20/98
1900.1315 1998 Regional Taiko Gathering Oct. 1998 Program
1900.1316 Twenty years Later, Vietnam Refugee Meets His Rescuer San Nicolas-Perez February 7 - 13 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1317 Salmon Exhibit Pits Man Vs. Machine Hunt January 30, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1318 Centennial of Chinese Expulsion organized by Bettie Luke Kan Hopefully the Past will be the school for the future Mochizuki January 22, 198 International Examiner
1900.1319 Seattle Hires First Asian Woman Officer Chew, Ron October 16, 198 International Examiner
1900.132 Article Who exactly is Asian American? Sailer, Steve 7/11/2002
1900.132.001 Stereotypes Jackie Chan and the Ch**ks Kim, Justin A. 4/1/96 The Pipe
1900.1321 Seattle's Chinese Expulsion Dunn February 4, 198 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1322 Recession Fueled the Anti- Chinese Riots Carter February 4, 198 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1323 'Education' March Recalls Chinese Expulsion of 1886 Guillen February 9, 198 Seattle Times
1900.1324 School board decides to give diplomas to Japanese American students before they are evacuated. Minutes of Fife School Board Meeting March 24, 1942 Xerox copy
1900.1325 Korean Harvest Moon Festival Burke museum September 26, 1 Flyers
1900.1326 Finding Family Stories Japanese American National Museum 1998
1900.1327 Article Chong Wa Association Chinese School Keeping China's Culture Alive in Seattle Strachan, Margaret Pitcairn May 8, 1949 Seattle Times
1900.1328 Pamphlet For Asian Men Thinking About Coming Out 1998 Flyer
1900.1329 Fundraising for the Northwest Asian American Theatre Save Me a Seat.. Northwest Asian American Theatre 1998 Brochure
1900.133 Article English professor becomes accidental TV star Roseth, Bob 3/13/2003 University Week
1900.133.001 Article Review of the Wing Luke Museum exhibit "Out of Focus - Media Stereotypes of Asian Pacfic Americans." Chinamen and Dragon Ladies Explored Beltran, Marie April 1996 The Pipe
1900.1330 Flipzoids Northwest Asian American Theatre 1998 Brochure
1900.1331 I'm No Pug, I'm Korean Lee June 1997 Asianfocus
1900.1332 comments on Stan Yogi's criticism of Page Smith's take on the Japanese American Internment Historian Criticized for Internment Interpretation Mainichi
1900.1333 Asian American Studies Group inTurmoil Over a Rescinded Book Award Monaghan July 10, 1998 Chronicle of Higher Education
1900.1334 Brief descriptions of Dan Woo and Wing Luke and several others who have Seattle places named after them. The Stories Behind the Names Ricks, Ingrid July 13 - 19, 1 Downtown Source
1900.1335 The God of Fried Things Jindal, Julie July 9, 1998 Seattle Weekly
1900.1336 Filipino American Walking Tour 1998 Flyer
1900.1337 Copy of CD of songs from the movie "Amerika" Two of a Kind 1995 CD
1900.134 Article Annoucement about the Chinese New Year celebrations in the Chinatown/International District Happy New Year, Chinese style, to be celebrated here January 30, 197 The Seattle Times
1900.134.001 Article About Kin On Health Care Center and it's move to a second building in Rainier Valley. Includes statistics on the aging Asian American community in the United States. Kin On: A Profile on Caring for the Aging Community's Needs Yanagawa, Masatoshi Dec 18, 1996-Ja International Examiner
1900.1341 Jackie Chan Kicks Butt Corsello August 1996 GQ
1900.1343 Dec/Jan. 1995; Vol. 3, No. 1; April/May 1996, Feb. March 1996; Oct./ Nov. 1995; April/May 1995; Feb/March 1995; June/July 1995; Summer 1994; Vol. 2, No. 3; Aug/Sept. 1995; Aug/Sept. 1996; Winter 1994; June/July 1996; Apr/May 1997; April/May 1999; June/July 1999; June/July 2001 A Magazine Magazine
1900.1344 Planting Seeds with Alan Lau Au Yong 1998 Exhibition Resource
1900.1345 Environment and Removal: Japanese - American Internment in the Rocky Mountain Region 1942 - 1945 Ely July 1998 Thesis
1900.1348 Vol. 5, 1990; Bulletin of the Shanghai Museum Journal
1900.1349 No. 96. Idemitsu Museum of Arts Bulletin Journal
1900.135.001 Dance Minh Tran: Choreographer on the Move Rumler 4/22/96 Northwest Asian Weekley
1900.1350 Auction catalogue from Singapore The Path to Enlightenment: Buddhist Art through the Ages Spink Singapore 1997 Catalogue
1900.1355 Proud Oriental Auctions National Liberal Club 1996 Magazine
1900.1356 Sotheby's: Japanese Works of Art 1996 Magazine
1900.136 Newspaper Minidoka Irrigator 1942-1943 WRA
1900.136.001 Composers Interview with Haruko Nishimura Omori 4/22/96 Northwest Asian Weekley
1900.1362 Environment and Removal: Japanese American Internment in the Rocky Mountain Region Ely 1998 Thesis
1900.1363 Japan in Washington State Japan America Society of the State of Washington 1992 Booklet
1900.1364 A Collection of Chinese Proverbs Foster, trans. 1916 Booklet
1900.1365 Pamphlet Pamphlet - Info about the Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest, including history of, current activities, goals, current officers, and contact info. Agreement - Between the Society and the Wing Luke Museum where the Society will be housed in the Museum. Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest 1983 Chinese Historical Society of the Pacific Northwest
1900.1366 Young Honor Old: Unique Ceremony Held in Chinese Community Norton Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1367 Pastoral Scenes on Strategic Quemoy Deceiving Cunningham
1900.1368 Article Unoffical tolerance and police corruption kep the Wah Mee club alive for years. When the club finally died, it was at the hands of three men who left twelve dead bodies on the floor, and one man to tell the truth. Now, fifteen years after the most brutal massacre in Seattle history, one of the killers is asking for a new trial. Ghosts of the Wah Mee Matthews, Todd September 8, 19 The Seattle Scroll
1900.1369 Agency Helps Asian Immigrants Get a Handle on Life in the U.S. De Leon Oct. 23, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.137 Document Copper River Packing Company Labor Contract 1917
1900.137.001 Russian, Mexicano, Chicano, Filipino communities to be Showcases at 1997 Festival Ragland 4/1/97 Northwest Folklife News
1900.1370 In Synk Pak November 1998 Koream Journal
1900.1371 Celebrating Community: Korean American Professionals Society Song November 1998 Koream Journal
1900.1372 Booklet Booklet about the Pacific Science Center exhibit, China: 7,000 Years of Discovery (March 1-August 31, 1984, Seattle, WA). WLM Community sponsor. Contains an article by Shawn Wong on Chinese American history ("Long Time Gum Sahn" page 21). China: 7,000 Years of Discovery 1984 Pacific Science Center
1900.1373 Asian Art in the Seattle Art Museum Seattle Art Museum
1900.1375 Smithsonian War background studies Origin of the Far Eastern Civilizations: A Brief Handbook Bishop 1942 Booklet
1900.1376 Booklet Describes the evolution of Thai dress, for men and women, from around the 6th century to the present day. Thai Fashion Through the Ages Lapcharoen, Supajee, ed. March, 1979 Office of Public Relations Attache, The Royal Thai Embassy
1900.1377 China Between Revolutions: Photographs by Sydney Gamble 1917 - 1927 1989 Program
1900.1379 3 different articles on Larry Chinn: "Larry Chinn of Seattle" by Milly Mullarky " A kitemaker's handmade creatiions" by Ron Chew "The Soaring Hobby of Mr. Chinn" by Patty Meeko Larry Chinn: Kite Maker 1980 - 83 Articles
1900.138 Article Union Station being considered to house Seattle's City Hall Yellow light for rail station plan Dunn, Ashley Jan. 24, 1985 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.138.001 Portland Taiko Getting On 'Ki' Maves, Jr. 8/8/96 the Oregonian
1900.1380 Shanghai Library 1936 Booklet
1900.1381 Views of the Summer Palace: Peking Booklet
1900.1384 Visiting Xinjiang Brochure
1900.1385 An Organic Sense of Fun Farr, Sheila September 24, 1 Seattle Times
1900.1386 Passion for the Past Rose, Cynthia October 11, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1387 Hooking Up With History Rose, Cynthia October 12, 199 Seattle Times
1900.1388 What Shall I Read on Japan: an Introductory Guide Kublin, Hyman 1957 Booklet
1900.1389 Article Japanese American community leader Genji Mihara oversees the planting 1,000 cherry trees along Lake Washington Blvd, a symbol of friendship between the US and Japan. Cherry Trees for Seattle: Japanese Leader Awaits Dedication Tewkesbury, Don May 4, 1976 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.139 Newsletter A look at life in Camp Harmony. Includes drawings of the Camp and articles on what happend during that time. Camp Harmony Newsletter Souvenir Edition August 14, 1942 Camp Harmony
1900.139.001 Russel Baba, Jazz A Weave of Sax, Taiko and Fue Pai 5/15/96 International Examiner
1900.1390 Western views of Japan Seeing Japan Root 1993 Booklet
1900.1391 Selections From Famous Ancient Chinese Paintings 1957 China News Press
1900.1392 Cultural Relics Unearthed in China Foreign language Press 1975 Postcards
1900.1393 Article Hiroki Sugihara to talk about his father, a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania, who saved some 6,000 Jews when he gave them visa despite instructions not to. One man's stand against Holocaust Eng, Lily October 8, 1997 The Seattle Times
1900.1394 Article The author argues in favor of reparations to descendents of African American slaves. Sorry Isn't Good Enough White, Jack E June 30, 1997 Time Incorporated
1900.1395 Seattle Hires its First Asian Woman Officer Chew October 16, 198 International Examiner
1900.1396 Exorcising the Evil Spirits of History Mochizuki October 16, 198 International Examiner
1900.1397 Multi-racial children in King County and how they identify themselves. What are you? Bock, Paula November 15, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1398 Periodical Seattle Arts Seattle Arts Commission Sept - Nov, 199 Seattle Arts Commission
1900.1399 Fall 1996; The Raven Chronicles Magazine
1900.140 Articles Bruce Lee Material
1900.140.001 Asian American Theater Play Focuses on Why We Leave and Why We Stay Murao, Mari 6/4/96 International Examiner
1900.1400 'You Have to Create the Right Place' McNelis, Megan April 6 - 12, 1 Downtown Source
1900.1401 Proclamations from various levels of US govenment on the 50th anniversary of the liberatin of the Philippines in WWII and an extensive biography of the Medal of Honor recipient, Jose Calugas. 50th Anniversray of the Liberation of the Philippines 1995 Program
1900.1402 The Grand Kabuki Theatre of Japan 1990 Program
1900.1403 Standing Together De Leon June 12, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1404 A History and Description of the Bainbridge Island Filipino American Community Hall 1994 Booklet
1900.1406 Filipino American National Historical Society 1998 Brochure
1900.1407 Book on the Rape of Nanking brings awareness to Asian American community Parent's Nightmare, Children's Quest Dao, James May 16, 1998 New York Times
1900.1408 Review of Takohachi Restaurant All-American Japanese Meals Hahn June 11, 1998 Seattle Weekly
1900.1409 There's a Symbol Problem to Leaving the Gang Life Ho, Vanessa June 15, 1998 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.141 Document Plans for Kong Yick Building
1900.141.001 Taiko Running the Taiko Trail Lau 6/4/96 International Examiner
1900.1410 Spirit of the Tiger: Folk Art of Korea Burke Museum 1979 Booklet
1900.1411 Korea's History: Origins, Tradition, Modernization Korean Overseas Information Service 1988 Booklet
1900.1412 Booklet A booklet about the culture of Korea, which includes a map of Korea, Korean clothing, and Korean food. The booklet seems to belong in a Curriculum Box. Things Korean Chang, Roberta 1975 University of Hawaii
1900.1413 The Cannery Murders Stamets August 4 - 10, The Weekly
1900.1414 Remembering Chris Mensalvas who died on April 11 of smoke inhalation from a fire. Summarizes his work in the Filipino labor unions. Chris Mensalvas: Daring to Dream Viernes, Gene May 1978 International Examiner
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