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Wing Luke Museum
1900.2340 Article Contains summaries from the Japanese American Curriculum Project publication, Japanese American Journey. This is a compilation of Japanese American history, biographies and short stories designed for sudents in grades 5-8. The Untold Story' of Japanese Americans Mochizuki, Ken March 19, 1986 International Examiner
1900.2341 Her show: Born too Soon?It's Never Too Late; Growing up Nisei in Early Washington- Also contains program, an article from the Asian Counseling & Referral Service by David Takami and an article by Joe Frisino, "Storyteller gives joy to audience with memories". The Story of her Life Gelernte, Carey Quan May 26, 1987 Seattle Times
1900.2343 Jim and Aiko Mizuki and their business on Mercer Island - closed for construction of I-90 Finally it?s the End of the Road Duncan November 26, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2344 Article The block on Sixth Avenue and King Street in the Chinatown/International District was full of Japanese businesses during the 1920s. In 1989, the block is now occupied by Uwajimaya and a hotel. Hotel Row Dorpat, Paul May 7, 1989 The Seattle Times
1900.2346 Article Karen Gail Chinn Wong wants to open an Asian Cultural Center in the Chinatown/International District, while Ruby Chow wants to open a Chinese Cultural Center. The community has clashed over which should be built. Asian groups clash on cultural centers Iritani, Evelyn July 5, 1988 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2347 Article About the changes within the Chinatown/International District, including becoming more diverse in Asian ethnicities and whether the District can become business/resident/tourist area. A celebration of ethnic diversity Iritani, Evelyn July 4, 1988 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2348 Article Discovering the Historical Legacies of Asian American pioneers in eastern Washington Sumida, Stephen H. May 21, 1986 International Examiner
1900.2349 Article Housing in the Chinatown/International District proves difficult Housing aid caught in vicious cycle Schwartz, Susan February 10, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.235 Article Governor Gary Locke and his wife Mona Lee Locke throw a huge Inaugural Ball. At the Inaugural Ball, 'It's Still Like a Dream' Zimmerman, Rachel January 16, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2351 Article Focuses on the Chinatown/International District's steps on improving it's ailing neighborhood. International District stirs after 'nap' Schwartz, Susan February 8, 197 The Seattle Times
1900.2352 Rebuilding a Neighborhood Chin January 1979 International Examiner
1900.2353 Yakima Japanese American Directory 1999 copy
1900.2354 p. 1 Owners Yoshi Suzuki and George and Maly Tamura Popular Import store will close next month Goon November 19, 19 International Examiner
1900.2355 A Japanese physician killed in the battle of Attu was a pacifist who was educated at Pacific Union College, Medical Dept. He kept a diary which was found with his body and had been preserved by a Seattle boat dealer, Jerry Oaksmith. Japanese casualty on Attu was a pacifist who loved America Patty, Stanton H. April 26, 1981 Seattle Times
1900.2356 Tama Tokuda: Another life as a Short Story Writer Fujii, Ann January 9, 1984 International Examiner
1900.2358 Asian Americans Find it's time to flex their political muscle Iritani July 6, 1988 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2359 End of the WardsCove employment discrimination suite first filed in 1974. Cannery Bias Case Ending Pryne December 28, 20 Seattle Times
1900.236 Seattle Asian American Film Festival Guide 10/2/97
1900.2360 Article McDonald's is considering putting a franchise in the Chinatown/International District. However, many residents and local community Members disapprove. Proposed McDonald's spurs neighborhood identity debate Le, Phuong March 21, 2000 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2361 A thoughtful document by a Caucasian teacher at Tule Lake who presents many aspects of the lives of the internees. Also includes an announment of the retirement of the teacher, Mabel Downs, who wrote the paper. A Japanese Colony Through a Teacher's Eyes: A seven weeks study of race Relations at Tule Lake Re-location Center. Downs, Mabel 1942 War Relocation Authority (WRA) Paper
1900.2362 copy of the state's Alien land law Washington State Alien Land law 1921 copy
1900.2363 Printed by the Japan Society of Seattle. Japanese Exclusion Issue 1924 pamphlet
1900.2364 Compiled by John Litz from the microfilmed records at the Puget Sound Regional Archives. Japanese Deaths Reported to King County, Washington Health Department 1889-1907 Litz 2000
1900.2365 Interview with Ron Chew of the Wing Luke Asian Museum . Includes an October 2001 profile from Seattle (the magazine). Interview with Ron Chew Lee, Jean February 25, 20 Interview
1900.2366 Music educator Marcus Tsutakawa, son of artist George Tsutakawa. Passing the Baton Jacobson, Lynn April 2000 Metropolitan Living
1900.2367 Shelved by Changing Times Davila December 18, 20 Seattle Union Record
1900.2368 Tongs: Brotherhood of Support Changes with Times McGann February 5, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2369 Takuji Yamashita admitted to the Washington State bar 100 years after beign denied due to his race. It's Important to Right this Wrong Foster, Heath February 5, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.237 Book review Wayfarer: New Fiction by Korean Women Fulton 8/8/97 Seattle Times
1900.2370 Ruth j. Abram director of the East Side tenement museum promotes social change and justice How Historic Sites Can Matter in the Here and Now Klein, Julia M. December 10, 20 New York Times
1900.2371 Japanese Americans know how it feels to be 'the enemy' Davila, Florangela September 2001 Seattle Times
1900.2372 John Cao, King's Oriental Food Rice Noodles The Art of Noodles Dudley, Brier October 31, 200 Seattle Times
1900.2373 Viet Adoptees share their stories Clarridge October 7, 2001 Seattle Times
1900.2374 Sikhs spread the Word: We're Peaceful Le, Phuong Cat October 29, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2375 Article The Seattle Office of Housing is interested in issuing a $10 million in low-interest loans to 18 buildings in Chinatown/International District. Low-interest renovation loans possible Wong, Brad 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.2376 Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics Asian American Experience in the United States: A Brief Chronological History 498-1997 LEAP 1997 Copy
1900.2377 Pamela Woon Seattle Miss Chinatown and Miss Chinatown USA Amazing Grace Gillmer July/August 200 Metroploitan Living
1900.2378 Articles on the racial taunting leading to the stabing death of Chris Kinison by Minh Duc Hong in Ocean Shores Washington Ocean shores killing articles 2001 MISCELLANEOUS
1900.2379 Article Carina del Rosario's reflections on viewing the Wing Luke Asian Museum exhibit, "If Tired Hands Could Talk" If Tired Hands Could Talk Del Rosario, Carina A. June 2001 South Downtown Exchange
1900.238 Review of Obachine with photo of racial poster at the restaurant McPuck's Hahn, Sumi 4/16/97 Seattle Weekly
1900.2380 Uwajimaya's Treasures Mulady July 9, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2381 Article Article on the development of housing in the Chinatown/International District with a focus on Uwajimaya Village. Time for a new I.D.? Leff, Marni July 9, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2382 Very short article and picture of Wing Luke, one of 150 images celebrating Seattle's sesquicentennial. Postcards From Seattle's Past July 3, 2001 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2383 Our Unfulfilled Obligation to one Another Chew, Ron November 18, 19 International Examiner
1900.2384 The lowdown on the new bobbleheads Bonkers over Bobbles O'Neil July 24, 2001 Seattle Times
1900.2385 The World Famous Great Pharmacologist Li Shizhen
1900.2386 Article About the Drachen Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about kites and their history in cultures all over the world. The Foundation was started by Ali Fujino and Scott Skinner. Getting A Lift Seven, Richard October 7, 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.2387 Treasured Lives Bock May 6, 2001 Seattle Times, Pacific Magazine
1900.2389 Voyage of Hope, Legacy of Sorrow Ho April 24, 2001 Seattle Times
1900.239 Ken Mochizuki Local Author Tells Stories About Japanese Heroes Choe 7/1/97 Asiafocus
1900.2390 Poll: Many Don't trust People of Chinese decent Kang, K. Connie Los Angeles Times
1900.2391 Seattle Woman Displays Artifacts of Former Nihonmachi Suguro September 17, 2 Rafu Shimpo
1900.2392 Plans Formed to Renovate quake-damaged buildings Le January 10, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2393 Noji Flight Sets New Meet Mark Jackson Spring 1984 Washington State Score
1900.2396 King County and the Pacific: A Cultural Resource Guide 1989 Booklet
1900.2399 Manjiro's arrival on May 7th, 1843 on board a whaling ship in Fairhaven Massachusetts. However, 3 Japanese sailors had landed off Cape Flattery in December 1833. See Pacific Citizen July 21-28, 1989. Asian pacific Heritage month gains momentum Honda, Harry May 3, 1991 Harry Fujita
1900.240 Article The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. Includes details about what happens during the Festival (ceremony, food). Taoist blessing of the 1995 Dragon Cup Race on Lake Washington Mar, Rosalind July 1, 1995 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.2400 State of Washington Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs Community Resource Directory 1995 CAPAA 1995 Booklet
1900.241 Makers of Revolution: Asian American Jazz Bartlett 4/1/96 The Pipe
1900.2416 Johnson Collection Johnson 1991 Panama Hotel Photos
1900.242 Dim Sum - the Gem of Chinese Food Ng 4/2/83 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2425 An act relating to the rights and disabilities of aliens with respect to lands, providing for forfeitures in certain cases, prescribing penalties, and repealing sections 135 & 136 Pierce's Code, etc. The "Alien Land Law of 1921." Washington State Law: Session Laws 1921, Capt.50, H.B. 79 Sharon Aburano
1900.2426 An act to restrict the ownership of real estate in the territories to American Citizens, etc. A law prohibiting aliens from acquiring real estate. United States Law: 49th Congress, Sess. II, Chapt. 340, 1885-1887, Vol. 24 Sharon Aburano
1900.2427 Headline only, from a Seattle newspaper. "Jap Bill Gets Setback" Headline from The Seattle Star August 25, 1919 Seattle Public Library
1900.2428 Headline only, from a Seattle newspaper. "Frame Anti-Jap Ordinance" headline from The Seattle Star August 26, 1919 Seattle Public Library
1900.2429 Headline and article from a Seattle newspaper. "The women of Seattle are asked to join with the Anti-Japanese league in contesting the extension of Japanese holdings on the Coast." "Women to Join Anti-Jap Fight" article from The Seattle Star August 27, 1919 Seattle Public Library
1900.243 Article History of Chinatown/International District's Nihonmachi (Japantown). Includes history of the Nippon Kan Theatre (Nikkon Kan), a place which was the center of Japanese culture and arts, and which is now abandoned. The rise and fall of Japantown Schwartz, Susan February 8, 197 The Seattle Times
1900.2430 Description of the California Alien Land Law, from "The Experiences of Japanese Americans in the US" by JACL ? In 1973 ? California Alien Land Law (Webb Act) 1913 Harry Fujita
1900.2431 Vol. 7 #47 of "Seattle Mail and Herald." About complaints of "Japanese boys" being permitted in public schools that are already too crowded with children of American citizens. "Japanese and the Public Schools" from the newspaper "Seattle Mail and Herald" October 1, 1904 Sharon Aburano / Seattle Public Library
1900.2432 Sub-headline: "Journalist Chosen By Trustee." Journalist Erastus Brainerd selected as executive director of Anti-Japanese League formed to carry on an active campaign against Japanese penetration in the NW. "Brainerd Will Manage Anti-Jap Society" from The Seattle Star newspaper August 27, 1919 Sharon Aburano / Seattle Public Library
1900.2433 Appears to be a cover page of a program. States: "1907-1977 70th Anniversary of Japanese Congregational Church, Seattle, Washington" 70th Anniversary of Japanese Congregational Church 1977 Ryo Tsai
1900.2434 Passport and photo of Yasuhei Takekawa of Nagano-ken. Originally immigrated to US in 1908. Arrived back in Seattle, WA May 14, 1920 with new bride Kaneji Takekawa. In Japanese and English. Japanese Passport with Photo May 14, 1920 Beth Takekawa
1900.2435 Photo of four. Property of Betsuin Archives, the Nakagawa Collection. Family Portrait Sadie Yamasaki / Betsuin Archives
1900.2436 Photo of Fukuoka Kenjin Club. George S. Suetsugu, 919-13th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122. 1927. Photo of Fukuoka Kenjin Club 1927 Shig Ishikawa
1900.2437 Four photos Photos and Explanations of the SS President Jackson c. 1918 Museum of History and Industry
1900.2438 Covers the beginnings of the Christian movement among Japanese in the US. Excerpt from the 70th Anniversary of the Japanese Congregational Church booklet Ryo Tsai
1900.2439 Photo #1: August 15, 1932. First Bon Odori in front of the 10th and Main St. temple. Photo #2: 1932. Pre-war Obon Festival. Photo #3: Mr. Nomaguchi, Obon Festival man advertising refreshments. Three photos of Obon Festival in Seattle 1932 and 1952 Sadie Yamasaki / Betsuin Archives
1900.244 The Story of the Bush Hotel Chin 2/1/79 Public Authority Journal
1900.2440 Photo of Mitsuyuki Yanagita, the winner of the contest held in both English and Japanese. In White River. Photo of the NWYBL 8th Annual Oratorical Winner March 4, 1939 Betty Komura
1900.2441 Six photos: parade, celebration, moving the church altar from old church to new church. Six Photos from Betsuin Archives dated 1933 1933 Sadie Yamasaki / Betsuin Archives
1900.2442 Five photos: University of Washington Fuyokai (Women's Club). 1930, 1937, 1939, c. 1940. Five photos: University of Washington Japanese Students Club (for men). C. 1938, 1928, 1929, 1937. One photo: Sunday school rally by all Christian churches to count Eleven Photos of Japanese Groups see below Ryo Tsai
1900.2443 Photo of Hiroshima Kenjinkai March 22, 1936 Miyake
1900.2444 Photo of Junior Yamaguchi-ken Club, 1940 January 7, 1940 Amy Kobayashi
1900.2445 Photocopy of 1936 photo of members of the Young Matron's Club Photo of Young Matron's Club, Seattle March 5, 1936 Tama Fukuda
1900.2446 Photocopies of three photos: 1) Japanese Student Club (1935) (UW?), 2) In front of Maryknoll and (1935) 3) Boy Scout Troop (1938?) Three Group Photos see below Miyake
1900.2447 Two photocopies of two photos: 1) Bellevue Japanese Seinenkai (1927) and 2) Furuya Co. Workers, Sunday School, Japanese class of First Methodist Church located at 5th and Marion St., Seattle; class of 1934 Two Group Photos see below Cano Numoto
1900.2448 Three photocopies of three photos: 1) Salvation Army in front of Oriental Trading Co. 2) Fujin Home and 3) Japanese Baptist Church children Group Photos Herbert Amano
1900.2449 Four tables of statistics. Three from the US Bureau of the Census, and one from "Seattle Japanese Occupational Census of 1935." Subjects are: 1) Japanese Origin Population in the US and Pacific Coast States, 1880 - 1940, and 1980. 2) Japanese Origin Pop Summary Statistics on Japanese Origin Population in Washington and Seattle, Before 1940 see below Ryo Tsai
1900.245 The Story of the Bush Hotel (Part II) Chin 3/1/79 Public Authority Journal
1900.2450 Photocopy of photo of Seattle Buddhist Church, dedicated in 1908 Photo of Seattle Budhhist Temple 1908 Shig Ishikawa / Betsuin Archives
1900.2451 Photocopy of photo of Seatlle Progressive Citizens League Entertainment, Feb. 22-23, 1930. Photo by Ochi Studios. Group Photo of Seattle Progressive Citizens League 1930 Fukuda
1900.2452 A reunion celebration of UW Pre-WWII Japanese American Women Alumnae held on August 2 and 3, 1988. Booklet cover and letter from organizers (?). Reunion Booklet Cover and Letter 1988 Masako Marsha Inouye
1900.2453 State of WA Dept of Ed Adult Education Certificate of Merit given to Mrs. Nami Nakagawa for completing 21 periods of work in English. May 9, 1935. Adult Education Certificate of Merit 1935 Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2454 Photocopy of a photo of grammar school graduates of Central School located at 7th and Madison in Seattle, WA. Student Graduation Photo 1930 Nobu Shimizu
1900.2455 Thee photocopies of three photos: 1) March 29, 1936 Graduation class of 28th Japanese Language School 2) Student Crossing Guards for Japanese Language School 3) October 18, 1925 Graduating class. Three Japanese Language School Photos see below Japanese Language School
1900.2456 Photocopies of photos, including: Kugo Gakko, 1929; Japanese Language School 1913; Japanese Language School's New Year visit to consulate, 1911; Japanese Language School students' visiting Imperial ship Aso, 1908, etc. Collection of School Group Photos see below Ryo Tsai
1900.2457 Photocopy of a group photo of Patrol Boys. Sgt. Kimball of the Seattle Police Dept. is at center. Photo of Patrol Boys (and Girls?) 1937 Frank and Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2458 Receipt for enrollment fee and lab fee. Received by Haruko Suzuki. Penmanship and math schoolwork also attached. Receipts for Class Enrollment at Broadway High Evening School 1925 Yoshiko Tokita Tsuji
1900.2459 Pamphlet outlines the history and curriculum of the school. Includes map. Japanese Language School pamphlet 1991 Seattle Japanese Language School
1900.246 Open Housing Goes to Voters Coughlin, Dan 10/26/63 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2460 Two photocopies of two photos: 1) Mrs. Kurose and Mrs. Fuji Kato, teachers of Japanese Language School 2) Mr. & Mrs. Nakagawa, principal (Mr.) of Japanese Language School before the war. Two Photos of Japanese Language School Staff Aki Kurose
1900.2461 Two photocopies of two photos: 1) Bailey Gazert English Class, c. 1920 and 2) Japanese Language School graduation, 1940 (White River?) Two School Group Photos see below Jeff Hanada
1900.2462 Photocopy of a photo. Before the current Japanese Language School. Photo of First Japanese Language School Students (?) c. 1910 Gene Okamura
1900.2463 Show also included acrobats and ballad singing. Tickets, Program, and Poster for a Magic Show at Nippon Kan Theater 9th year of Tai Jan Johnson
1900.2464 Nippon Kan Program featuring the Mimasukai Dance Troop c. pre-war Ryo Tsai
1900.2465 Four photocopies of four photos: 1) Yakima baseball team 2) Japanese training ship in Puget Sound (?) 3) Parade float 4) Parade float saying "Japanese 1st envoy to US 1860." Four Pre-War Photos pre-war Harry Fujita
1900.2466 Mr. Teshirogi's 60th birthday party. Seattle friends wear traditional clothing with signs identifying various occupations. Photo of 60th Birthday Celebration 1930 Sharon Aurano
1900.2467 Photocopy of photo. Includes some war nurses who later served as midwives. Group Photo of Veterans of Russian-Japanese War at 25th Reunion 1930 Sharon Aburano
1900.2468 Photocopy of photo of Nisei swing band c. 1940-41. Newspaper articles from 1941. Photo and Newspaper Articles about "Mikado of Swing" see below SBC Archives
1900.2469 Four photocopies of photos: 1) Potlatch Parade, Japanese community entry 2) Salvation Army Fresh Air Camp June 14, 1925 3) Yamaguchi-ken Picnic c. 1908 4) Gathering at Maneki Gardens Restaurant Four Community Photos see below Gene Okamura
1900.247 Article About the shady history of CID. Includes history of Ed Burke and Tomio Moriguchi, and the housing and development of CID. The International District King, Harriet August 1977 View Northwest
1900.2470 Map of Japanese Population, Seattle: 1920 1920 UW Manuscripts
1900.2471 List of maps of Seattle from this time period that can be found at Seattle Public Library. Also, photocopies of maps noting Japanese lodgings, etc. Maps of Seattle from 1855-1891 1855 - 1891 Seattle Public Library / Tsai Ryo
1900.2472 Information on the Reliance Hospital, a private Japanese hospital established in 1913. Reliance Hospital Information Seattle Public Library / Tsai Ryo
1900.2473 List of "subversive" organizations designated by the attorney general of the USA, under Executive Orders 9835 - 10450. At least 19 of these are Japanese. List of Subversive Organizations Seattle Public Library / Tsai Ryo
1900.2474 Photocopies of three Booster Score Cards. Vancouver Asahis vs. Western Giants. Includes advertisements of Japanese businesses. Booster Score Card 1941 Beth Takekawa
1900.2475 Two copies of one photo. Four women: Margaret Nomura Yamaguchi, Eunice Nakamura, Kiku Shiraishi Tatsumi, Hanae Matsuda. Each year (around July 27) the community had a "Japan Day" at Playland (130th and Aurora?) with skating and dancing, etc. Photo of Four Women, Japan Day at Playland 1937 Sharon Aburano
1900.2476 Photocopy of a ticket stub. Japan Day Playland Ticket Stub July 27, 1941 Frank Yamasaki
1900.2477 Photocopy of boys' basketball team photo. Collins playfield. Basketball Group Photo 1937 Virginia Boyd / Akio Yanagihara
1900.2478 Electronic Interurban Railway ran between Seattle and Tacoma, ceased operation in 1928. Mochi Pounding at Yasamura residence, photo taken 1916. Photos of Electric Interurban Railway and Mochi Pounding see below Koji Norikane
1900.2479 Labeled "Garfield's Perfect Play" 1933 Championship game vs. Lincoln Photo of Harry Yanagimachi on Garflied High Football team 1933 Margaret Yanagimachi
1900.248 Article Seattle's Chinatown used to be on Washington Street. This article gives a history on when it was built and when it fell. The rise and fall of Old Chinatown Chin, Doug September 1976 International Examiner
1900.2480 1) Group photo of women in Tea Ceremony Club celebrating 350 years 2) Group photo of Kendo Club taken at Nisei Veterans Hall Two Group Photos: Tea Ceremony and Kendo Miyake
1900.2481 Photocopy of photo of three adults and one child picnicking at picnic table by car. Mr. Bill Nimbu and Mr. & Mrs. Amano. Photo of Family Picnic October 5, 1921 Herbert Amano
1900.2482 Team was Class A Courier League, record 24 - 0. Background informatioin given by Beth Takekawa, as told by her father Dutch Takekawa. Photo and information on Langendorf basketball team 1939 Miyake
1900.2483 Includes the following teams: Taiyo, Wapato Nippon, Nippon Giant, Waseda, and Fife. Group Photo of Baseball Teams Miyake
1900.2484 Giants/Taiyo. Japanese teams from Japan? Group Photo of Baseball Team 1935 Miyake
1900.2485 Photocopies of football section of 1939 Garfield High School (Seattle) yearbook called "Arrow." Also, photo of team and newspaper photo featuring player Shiro Kashino. Information on Garfield High School Football Team 1939 Shiro & Louise Kashino
1900.2486 Photocopies of photos; some are X'd out. Baseball Action Photos and Photo of Mikado Swing Band Kats Iwamura
1900.2487 Five photocopies of photos: 1) Seattle Progressive Citizens' League Entertainment Group 1930 2) Community Gathering at Christmas? 190? 3) Event at Nipponkan Theater 190? 4) UW Japanese Students' Club Entertainment at Nipponkan Theater 1230? 5) Seattle P Group Photos Related to Entertainment see below Tama Fukuda
1900.2488 Photocopies of two photos: 1) Bellevue Seinenkai Girls Basketball Team Photo, 1930, with list of names 2) Furuya Co. workers and families picnic at Crystal Springs, Bainbridge Island, 1929. Two Photos: Belleve Girls Basketball and Furuya Co. Picnic see below Cano Numoto
1900.2489 Photocopy of group photo of people in costume for a performance. Lotus Entertainment performance/stage at basement of Seattle Buddhist Church, 1020 Main Street. Photo of Lotus Entertainment Performers c. 1921 Betsuin Archives / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.249 Article contains stories of Japanese American farmers and farm life before and after World War II. These stories are excerpts from a vido-tape project funded by the Washington Commission for the Humanties entier Bara-Bara/Scatterd. Bara Bara (Scattered) Hatch, Walter August 1979 International Examiner
1900.2490 Photos of Hashidate-Yu Bath in the basement of the Panama Hotel at 6th and Main St. Six Photos of Hashidate-Yu Bath 1991 Sally Yamasaki
1900.2491 Two photocopies of photos: 1) Ginsei Club Entertainment, 1931 (composed of Kibei members 2) Ginsei Club baseball team, 1930 Photos of Ginsei Club: Entertainers and Baseball Team see below Seattle Buddhist Temple / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2492 Photocopy of a photo of sumo tournament participants. Held in Tacoma, WA. Photo of Young Buddhist Association Sumo Tournament Feb. 8 -9, 1930 Seattle Buddhist Temple / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2493 Three photocopies of three photos: 1) Group photo on the deck of the Hei An Maru, Dec. 20, 1932 2) Hiroshima Kenjin-kai picnic, 1925 3) Seattle ? Brothers / Union sponsored wives club / Entertainment ceremony, Feb. 28, 1937 Three Community Photos see below Betsuin Archives / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2494 Two photocopies of photos 1) Isseis on a log at Miller Beach 2) Woman next to child standing on a chair Two Portraits Betsuin Archives / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2495 Photocopy of a photo. After tournament celebration dinner at the Gyokkoken. Courier League (basketball teams) championship. (Japanese Baptist Church teams) Photo of Celebration Dinner for Courier League Basketball Teams 1930 Shigeko Uno
1900.2496 Photocopy of photo of Taiyo baseball team at Garfield High School field. Photo of Taiyo Baseball Team 1927 Shig Ishikawa
1900.2497 Photocopy of three photos. Undo-Kai. Osawa. Three Photos of Undo Kai 1900 Ryo Tsai
1900.2498 Article Twin Korean American Adoptees Chasing the Sun: An Orphan' s Journey Home Courtnay Peifer Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2498.001 Photocopy of a portrait of Mr. Kawaguchi smiling with his catch. Mr. Kametaro Kawaguchi with a Salmon pre-war Sakiko Shimizu
1900.2499 Thesis Bettie Luke's Masters Thesis on her brother Wing Chong Luke and his influence in Northwest politics. Wing Chong Luke: A Chinese American Change Agent and Pioneer in Northwest Politics 1925 - 1965. Luke, Bettie Sing 2002
1900.2499.001 Photocopy of photo of the team. Competed in the Courier League in Seattle, as well as in the Buddhist Churches in Portland, Tacoma, White River, and Fife. Photo of Lotus Troys Buddhist Church Basketball Team 1938 Nobu Shimizu
1900.250 Seattle's Second School Dorpat, Paul 6/14/92 Seattle Times
1900.2500 Map Two photocopies of maps of downtown Portland OR in 1940 and the names of Japanese American businesses. 1940 Portland Japantown
1900.2500.001 Photocopy of photo. Club tournament held in Vancouver BC. Photo of Seattle Nippon Tennis Club and Vancouver BC Team August 11, 1940 Nobu Shimizu
1900.2501 Photocopies of seven photos. A truck float with "Top of the World" and "Kent Lettuce" signs. Seven Photos of the White River Packing Company Parade Float June 1934 Jeff Hanada
1900.2502 Photocopy of a photo; appears to be back of a postcard. Delegation of Japanese-American men from Seattle organized to go on tour of Japan. Couple in center is Consul-General and his wife. Delegation led by Tom (Takeo) Matsuoka, to left of Consul-General' Group Photo of Taiyo Kangakudan 1940 Tom Matsuoka
1900.2503 Photocopy of a photo. Mr. Kita's welcome party, in Maneki Garden ? Photo of Mr. Kita's Welcome Party pre-war Yuki Miyake
1900.2504 Photocopy of photo. NWYBL = Northwest Young Buddhist League. Tacoma Troys were the champs. All players identified by name. Photo of NWYBL Basketball Champions: Tacoma 1938 Yuki Miyake
1900.2505 Advertisements that appeared in the program. Photocopy of Part of a Nippon Kan Program Yuki Miyake
1900.2506 Three groups of photocopies: 1) People posing in Volunteer Park, c. 1925 2) Picnic activities 1925 3) Women on deck of Hikawa Maru NYK Tokyo, c. 1934 Photos of Outdoor Activities see below Betsuin Archives / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2507 Photocopies of three outdoor picnic scenes. Three Photos at a Picnic pre-war Betsuin Archives / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2508 Photocopy of a photo. Taken in Seattle. Photo of Fukushima Ken Club Picnic pre-war Sharon Aburano
1900.2509 Photocopies and descriptions of nearly 60 photos in the Nippon Kan Heritage Assoc. photo exhibit. Cover the late 19th century and 20th century to WWII. Also includes list of books for the study of English (early 1900s). Two Packets of Photos from the Nippon Kan Heritage Association Exhibit, 1986 Ryo Tsai
1900.251 Chin Han Tells Traditions of the Chinese New Year Han 2/1/53 International Community News
1900.2510 Not photocopied in full -- only Washington State section. Published by the Japanese American News, Inc. of San Francisco. The Japanese American Directory 1941 1941 Jan Johnson (Panama Hotel)
1900.2511 P. 131, chapter on Minority Racial Groups has a section on the Japanese, 1890-1940. Includes map and chart. Foreign-Born Populations in Seattle
1900.2512 Photocopy of portrait of Hoshi family. Vashon. Also, text of postcard written to J.M. Armano of Seattle. Family Photo and Postcard 1915 Herbert Amano
1900.2513 Two photocopies: 1) Collins Playfield nursery school? 2) Notable Issei pioneers of Seattle standing in front of the Hotel Astor Two Community Group Photos Gene Okamura
1900.2514 Photocopy of photo of children on bikes. 11th and Alder St. Photo of Children on Bikes May 1926 Beth Takekawa
1900.2515 Five photocopies: 1) violin lesson 2) Family of six 3) Sitting man with omiyage 4) Man in white leaning 5) Little girl with big skirt Five Family Portraits Miyake
1900.2516 Photocopy of a family portrait. Portrait of the Kinomoto Family pre-war Aki Korose
1900.2517 Photocopy of photo of children. At Rainier and Weller. Photo of Children Standing with Baby Carriage Betsuin Archives / Sadie Yamasaki
1900.2518 Photocopy. Tom Takeo Matsuoka and Kazue Hirotaka. Group photo of wedding couple and family members. Photo of First Bellevue Nisei Wedding November 1926 Beth Takekawa
1900.2519 Seattle P-I newsarticle. The Sakuma family's strawberry farm. This folder contains two articles with the same content but different titles, both from the P.I. and with the same date. Different editions? Family Farm Built on Work, Loyalty Lyke, M. L July 13, 2002 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.252 Several articles about the massacre and its effects on the ID, details of the murderers and of some of their victims. Massacre in Chinatown Gambling CLub 2/1/83 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2520 Seattle Times newsarticle. A short bibliography of Umeko Okimoto, a Japanese American who died at the age of 94. Umeko Okimoto had Talent for Finding Beauty Walden March 14, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.2521 Collection of theories, research, and applications on HIV prevention between homosexual Asian-American and Pacific Islander American men. HIV Prevention Among Asian and Pacific Islander American Men Who Have Sex with Men International Society for AIDS Education 1998 Guilford Press
1900.2522 Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirts that promote negative stereotypes about Chinese Americans. Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirts Protest Campaign Abercrombie Campaign April 2002 Abercrombie and Fitch
1900.2523 Seattle Times newsarticle. Boot production in the Pacific Northwest is done by two companies in Oregon, one in Tacoma, and two in Seattle. A company in Seattle is called Buffalo Shoe Manufactering. 5 N.W. Firms Make Toughest Work Boots In Old-Time Way Fish January 7, 1954 Seattle Times
1900.2524 Article. A sweatshop located in Tafuna, American Samoa was uncovered after workers complained to church workers of the inhumane conditions in the sweatshop. Feds Uncover American Samoa Sweatshop Adamski March 24, 2001 Honolulu Star-Bulletin
1900.2525 Article. Chinese women garment workers gathered at a conference at the Chinese Information Center to discuss the problems of discrimination and the poor working conditions. Chinese Garment Workers Gather to Discuss Working Conditions U November 1976 International Examiner
1900.2526 News article. The union United Garment Workers rejected a contract proposal causing the contract with Pacific Northwest Apparel Manufacturers Association to extend until June 8. Garment Workers Reject Bergsman May 30, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.2527 News article. The union United Garment Workers were given a new offer three-year offer after twice rejecting contract offers. Garment Workers Get New Offer U June 7, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.2528 News article. The United Garment Workers accepted a three-year proposal from apparel manufacturers. Local Garment Workers OK Apparel Firms' 3-Year Pact Bergsman June 15, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.2529 News article. A strike against nine clothing manufacturers In Seattle has been put off for awhile. Strike Put Off - for Awhile Seattle Times
1900.253 Exploration of Associations in Seattle and their relationship to the murders. Chinatown After Feb. 19 Tragedy 3/5/83 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.2530 News article. The United Garment Workers and the Pacific Northwest Apparel Manufacturers Association will resume negotiations. Talks Set on Pact for Garment Union U May 17, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.2531 News article. A tentative pact was reached with the Pacific Northwest Apparel Manufacturers Association, and a strike was averted. Tentative Pact for Garment Workers Bergsman May 22, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.2532 News article. The first Seattle garment workers strike was averted after a tentative pact was reached. Garment Strike is Averted U May 23, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.2533 News article. The United Garment Workes union have rejected a contract proposal from Pacific Northwest Apparel Manufacturers Association and authorized a strike. Garment Workers Give OK for Area Strike Bergsman May 11, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.2534 Article Farwest Garment, Inc. is in a heatlhy financial condition despite its recent filing for bankruptcy. Legal Maneuver Cited in Firm's Bankruptcy September 4, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2535 Article Farwest Garment, Inc., a skiwear company has filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Looms Over Skiwear Firm Ramsey, Bruce September 1, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2536 Article The Seattle firm Farwest Garments, Inc. will market garments under its own label. Seattle Firm Carving Name in Style May 28, 1970 The Seattle Times
1900.2537 Article Farwest Garments, Inc. has a new large plant and office building under construction. The company sells sports clothes nation wide. Garment Firm to Have New Plant October 9, 1955 The Seattle Times
1900.2538 In celebration of Chinese New Year, the Seattle Chinese Community Service Organization held its Man of the Year reception. A Chinese Celebration February 6, 197 Seattle Times
1900.2539 Article Local co-op REI has developed into a big business. They closed their local manufacturing company, Thaw, and have outsourced fleece manufacturing to Mexico. REI Globalization: Local Retailer Deals with Realities of a Big Business Nelson, Robert T. May 14, 2000 The Seattle Times
1900.254 There Was Another Ship, Back in 1896 Foster 4/18/79 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2540 Article REI's decision to move its garment making business from Seattle to Mexico has angered its own Seattle-based coporative members. Over half of the employees losing their jobs are Asian Americans. Closing Clothes Plant Angers REI Members Mulady, Kathy May 10, 2000 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2541 Article Mr. Roffe, whose firm produces Roffe Skiwear and Demetre Ski Sweaters, died of cancer at the age of 85. Sam Roffe, Maker of Skiwear, Breeder of Thoroughbreds Angelos, Constantine November 22, 19 Seattle Times
1900.2542 Article Sam Roffe, chairman of Roffe, Inc. has spent 32 years making stretch pants, and is still actively involved in the company. A Season of Uncertainty - At 79, Sam Roffe is Still the King of Stretch Pants Updike, Robin July 17, 1988 The Seattle Times
1900.2543 Article REI has bought the lease to the Seattle factory of Sunset Sportswear Inc. REI Expanding to Local Factory Ramsey, Bruce September 21, 1 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.2544 Article Black Manufacturing started in Seattle in 1902 to make durable outdoor clothing. The company has continued to grow until the writing of this article (sometime in the 1980's). Black Manufacturing Warren, James R.
1900.2545 Article George G. Black, founder and president of Black Manufacturing Company died from an illness of several months. G.G. Black, Seattle Manufacturer, Dies February 8, 192 Seattle Times
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