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Wing Luke Museum
1900.423 Boy Scouts try to build membership among minority communities, highlighting Troop 286 of the Chief Seattle Council's Thunderbird District Lighting the Fire Ramirez, Marc 9/25/1997 Seattle Times
1900.4230 Article Many Americans of Middle Eastern descent are encountering the prejudice felt by Japanese 60 years ago. Japanese Americans know how it feels to be 'the enemy' Davila, Florangela
1900.4231 Article This is no time to cry 'Uncle' Susan Nielsen 9/30/01 Oregonian
1900.4233 Article Internment, as seen by a boy and grandmother Sheila Farr 12/16/01 Seattle Times
1900.4234 Article A guardhouse near the visitors' center at Bonneville Dam reminds the writer of WWII national defense efforts, including internment of people of Japanese descent and relates this to post-9/11 security measures. Homeland defense recalls WWII efforts Roesler, Richard 10/7/01 The (Spokane) Spokesman-Review
1900.4235 Article Solution to combat racial bigotry: Stop dwelling on it Michelle Malkin 5/4/01
1900.4236 Article Another Lesson From World War II Internment Garrow, David J. 9/23/01 New York Times
1900.4237 Article War on Terrorism Stirs Memory of Internment William Glaberson 9/24/01 New York Times
1900.4238 Article Memories of baseball game between the Tule Lake All-Stars and the Klamath Falls Pelicans. Tule Lake Revisited Kashiwagi, Hiroshi 5/5/01 North American Post
1900.4239 Article Yasui Discussion Planned 5/24/01
1900.424 Class Schedule for Fall 1997 for Chinese Dance, Ballroom Dance and Ballet HengDa Dance Academy HengDa Dance Academy 1997 HengDa Dance Academy
1900.4240 Article Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Site dedicated a new interpretive kiosk that tells the history of the former federal honor camp. Hirabayashi Attends Kiosk Unveiling Ceremony Mainichi, Hokubei 9/1/01
1900.4241 Article Nisei '42 Grads Receive Diplomas Belatedly Ed Suguro 4/01
1900.4242 Article 99 years after Japanese American Takuji Yamashita was refused admission to the Washington state Bar Association because of his race, the state Supreme Court granted him that honor posthumously. Japanese 1902 law grad finally honored Murtaugh, Elizabeth March 4, 2001
1900.4243 Article Graduates finally get 1942 diplomas 2/18/01
1900.4244 Article Medals of Honor for men who proved their patriotism McGann, Chris 3/26/01 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4245 Article True to Their Values, to Their School, to Their Friendship Sherry Stripling 5/3/02 Seattle Times
1900.4246 Article The oldest graduate of the UW class of 2001, Yuki Sato lived through WWII ias an internee, raised a son by herself after her husband died and took 19 years to complete the requirements for her graduation summa cum laude. At 82, Yuki Sato will get her degree Schubert, Ruth 6/9/01 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4247 Article Brief biography off Norman Mineta on his nomination for Secretary of Transportation of George W. Bush. Norman Y. Mineta Gets his Wish for Secretary of Transportation Under Bush Matsuzawa, Mick 1/6/01
1900.4248 Article Brief biography of architect, Minoru Yamasak, his most important buildings and a few details about obtaining the World Trade Center project. Also notes some of the honors awarded during his lifetime. World Trade Center was Designed by Seattle Nisei Litz, John 9/15/01
1900.4249 Article Summary of a Japanese Canadian Internment Camp Tour that includes personal memories related by some of the tour participants. Our neighbors to the North: The Japanese Canadian Internment Experience Iiyama, Chizu 1/27/01
1900.425 Asian Counciling Service Helps Immigrants Adjust to A New Life Slind - Flor 11/20/1979 The Journal American
1900.4250 Article Article based on the book by Yuriko Nagata, Unwanted Aliens: Japanese Internment in Australia. The Aussie Nikkei Evacuees Suffered the Most Honda, Harry 8/19/01
1900.4251 booklet This folder contains Part 2 of an article on the Mukai Farm. Discusses Kuni Mukai's design of the traditional Japanese garden. A Historic Treasure: The Mukai Farm and Garden Matthews, Mary 5/19/01 North American Post
1900.4252 Article Relates WWII internment with post 9/11 profiling. Summariezes the essays in the book by Erica Harth Last Witnesses: Reflections on the Wartime Internment of Japanese Americans. Internment Today Asakawa, Gil 11/10/01
1900.4253 Article Culling the 'UO' in Yosuke MatsUOka Steve Duin 12/2/01 The Sunday Oregonian
1900.4254 Article An address given on Sept. 13, 1978 for the 70th Anniversary of Seatlle' s St. Peter's Episcopal Parish. Discusses his internment The legacy of the Isseis Kitagawa, Joseph M. July 1, 1998 North American Post
1900.4255 Article Our living history: The Ono farm Yee, Daniel 07/2001
1900.4256 Article Supreme Court will grant posthumous bar membership to a Japanese victim of racism Foster, Heath 2/5/01 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4257 Article Japanese Americans wonder what future holds Kawada, Eijiro 04/05/02 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4258 Article 60th anniversary ceremony of the first Japanese Americans sent to the incarceration camps to be held on Saturday, March 30 Moriwaki, Clarence 03/16/02 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4259 Article To ensure that it never happens again, New marker honors those forced from their homes Nguyen, Nhien 03/16/02 International Examiner
1900.426 Carnation's Small Population is Now One - Tenth Hmong Goldstein 11/20/1979 The Journal American
1900.4260 Article Bainbridge Island vows to 'never forget' Associated Press 04/12/02 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4261 Article National Japanese American Student Relocation Council Chairman dies at 96 12/01/01
1900.4262 Article Author writes to the Editor regarding any information concerning a small cemetery in McMurray (Skagit County) belonging to a group of Japanese loggers who worked there in the early 1900s. (Letter to the Editor) Xaver. Andrea 04/13/02 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4263 Article Press release from the National Park Service announcing the process to develop the plan for the Momument . Asks for participation of the public. Also includes the article: Close to Eden in Idaho, the Minidoka Internment National Monument by Neil H. King and Frederick F. York. Minidoka Internment National Monument Development Plan 03/09/02 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4264 Article Let it not happen again, Remembering Internment 04/06/02 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4265 Article 33rd Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage to Manzanar National Historic Site to Honor Heart Mountain, WY and Rohwer, AK camps 03/30/02
1900.4266 Article Re-enactment of the internment in Watsonville, CA that include a production called Liberty Lost...Lessons in Loyalty. Californians re-enact Japanese internment Kong, Deborah 04/27/02 The Oregonian
1900.4267 Article The same story but appearing in a different publication as 1900.4257. Japanese culture disappearing in Tacoma Kawada, Eijiro 03/05/02
1900.4268 Article Discusses the Watsonville, CA re-enactment of the Japanese internment and presentation called Libery Lost... Lessons in Loyalty. Reliving WWII Internment Kong, Deborah 04/27/02
1900.4269 Article Bainbridge Island marker a bitter reminder 03/28/02
1900.427 Developing Indochinese Self - Reliance Wang 1/6/1982 International Examiner
1900.4270 Article Hisako Saito, a Japanese American poet who spanned the cultures, dies Hill, Gail Kinsey 03/30/02 The Oregonian
1900.4271 Article The moments that make us 12/18/01
1900.4272 Article 1902 UW Law School grad, excluded as Japanese, to enter Washington State bar posthumously. Racist wrong to be recognized Cook, Rebecca 02/24/01
1900.4273 Article Takuji Yamashita paved the way 03/16/01 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4274 Article The last of California's all-Chinese settlements slumbers on the Sacramento River delta, just two hours from San Francisco in Locke, CA. Includes another article about a developer wanting to tear down the settlement and build improvements. 2 additional articles are included but don't relate to the APIA history. A Frontier Chinatown Krich, John November 9, 199 The New York Times
1900.4275 Article After 9/11, Citizens and immigrants alike have been held without being charged or given trial. Legal fights over liberties after Sept. 11 land in court Liptak, Adam August 6, 2001 The New York Times
1900.4276 Article 60th anniversary of Guadalcanal marks the war's first U.S. offensive Fog of time shrouds one of World War II's most significant dates Montgomery, Rick 08/07/02
1900.4277 Article A look at average scores by race and ethnicity The Associated Press 07/27/02
1900.4278 Article Six decades after graduating from Fife High School, Yuki Shiogi and five other members of the Class of 1942 will receive their high school diplomas. She's waited 60 years for her diploma - now she'll get it Naito, Jon 06/02/02 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4279 Article National Parks Service Seeks Community Input For Minidoka Internment National Monument Development 07/06/02
1900.428 Filipinos in Washington - Part I Koslosky June 1976 International Examiner
1900.4280 Article Japanese American Fishing Village Monument to be Dedicated 06/29/02 North American Post
1900.4282 Article Sad chapter from 1940s revisited 04/09/02
1900.4283 Article The author argues the US government and citizens need to protext the rights of those detained since 9/11. Liberties protect the patriots, too Ivins, Molly August 11, 2002
1900.4284 Article Sen. Daniel Inouye keynote speaker at May 5 Civil Liberties Celebration 04/27/02
1900.4285 Article Muslims speak out against raids and "reverse terrorism" against Muslim Americans after 9/11. Government treatment of Muslims amounts to persecution, some say Kahn, Joseph March 27, 2002
1900.4286 Article Greetings from Brazil Omori, Chizu 01/01/02
1900.4287 Article Italian POWs based in Seattle were attacked by black soliders whose living conditions were better than theirs. One Italian was killed and 43 soliders court-martialed. Includes interview with last surviving court martialed black solider. Last survivor of 1944 riot recalls racial tensions at base 03/18/02
1900.4288 Article Article in relation to an exhibt at the Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery titled Gaman: Pacific Northwest Japanese American Artists. Includes a summary of JA art development post-WWII Journey to Democracy, Learning from the Japanese-American Experience Matsudaira, Ken 02/02/02 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4289 Article A list of 122 things that JAs understand and use for humor.are Haha! Who says We JAs aren't funny! Or is that my mother calling? Matsuzawa, Mick 01/01/02 Northwest Nikkei
1900.429 The Filipino Warbrides San Diego Nov. 1979 International Examiner
1900.4290 Article University preparing for Japanese internment camp project Rousseau, Caryn 12/02/01 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4291 Article Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center exhibit opens at the Portland Assembley Center. The article highlights Molly Kageyama Maeda, who got married at the Portland Assembly Center before being sent to Minidoka. Exhibit opens door on WWII camp Hill, Richard L. February 19, 20 The Oregonian
1900.4292 Article A pan-Asian culture is knit from small separate groups Betsy Hammond 02/19/02 The Oregonian
1900.4293 Article Renovation lights up dark time in history Boxall, Bettina 01/27/02
1900.4294 Article Oregon's Asian Americans flourish Angie Chuang 05/29/01 The Oregonion
1900.4295 Article The mirage of reparations 09/08/01
1900.4296 Article Integration; a class-based thing Cook, Rebecca 12/04/01
1900.4297 Article Worshipping diversity at University of Michigan Chapman, Steve 04/10/01
1900.430 The First Filipino Marriages Laranang Nov. 1979 International Examiner
1900.4300 Article Chinese American group sees threats to rights Angie Chuang 08/02/01 The Oregonian
1900.4301 Article Sears Tower construction director dies at 84 04/09/02
1900.4302 Article Review starts in 1945 5/26/02
1900.4303 Article Article on Watsonville, CA re-enactment of Japanese internment and presentation of Liberty Lost...Lessons in Loyalty. Artist Ikemoto''s paintings are part of the program. Sixty years later, Japanese Americans re-create World War II internment experience. Kong, Deborah 5/4/02
1900.4305 Article Ontario, OR had 134 people of Japanese descent at the beginning of WWII and 1,000 at its end. Led by Mayor Elmo Smith they were welcomed into the community. TOWN OPENED DOORS FOR WAR'S OUTCASTS Davila, Florangela 2/17/02 The Seattle Times
1900.4306 Article Effort for national monument to Japanese camps supported 2/8/02
1900.4308 Article Medal of Honor for "Unforgotten" Heroes Sakura, Christina 4/17/01 International Examiner
1900.4309 Article Written in sorrow: Thoughts of the interned children Rebekah Denn 1/9/02 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.431 Hmong: Who They Are and Why They Are Here Hibbard 2/8/1981 The Spokesman
1900.4310 Article The struggle for the soul of Seattle's International District Florangela Davila 10/15/00 The Seattle Times
1900.4311 Article Internment camps could be next Yasui, Homer 10/10/01
1900.4312 Article Japanese Americans support Muslims Chuang, Angie 9/14/01
1900.4315 Article Discusses the racist fears that surfaced after 9/11 but compares the legal protections now to those available to Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor. An Arab American Internment? Muller, Eric L October 4, 2001
1900.4316 Article One American's thanks to the city of Portland Dozono, Loen 12/11/01
1900.4319 Article The Japanese American Citizens League convened a forum to reach out to Muslim and Arab Americans in a forum focused on what they have in common sinc 9/11. Bias victims meet with sympathetic audience Oppel, Shelby October 15, 200 Oregonian
1900.432 Indochinese Struggling To Cross Cultural Chasam 11/16/1980 Seattle Times
1900.4320 Article A former internee but a patriot forever: A Japanese American hopes his experience will help Arab Americans and others. Mendelsohn, Aline 10/17/01 The Oregonian
1900.4321 Article Japanese-American veterans of internment camps speak out against harassment of Arab-Americans Sherman, Mark 10/6/01
1900.4322 Article Arab Americans complain of airlines' treatment Cohen, Sharon September 26, 2
1900.4327 Article This is part 2 of a series on Minidoka life by Mary Ann Harral (as told to Edith Lanstrom) . She was the daughter of the Assistant Director of the camp, Bob Davidson. We do not hold Part 1. Minidoka Interlude: Part II Harral, Mary Ann Davidson 6/17/00
1900.4328 Article Natural born survivor Spencer Heinz 8/11/00
1900.4329 Article Clinton announces plan to save sites of WWII internment camps Hartman, Carl 11/10/00 The Oregonian
1900.433 KGO - TV Special on Indochinese Refugees in the Tenderloin 8/13/1980 East/West
1900.4330 Article The Fred Korematsu Story: an American story Yayoi Lena Winfrey 6/16/00 NW Asian Weekly
1900.4331 Article Japantown: WWII's internment transforms area once bustling with traditions into section now devoid of Japanese culture Yee, Daniel 9/20/00 Columbian
1900.4332 Article Talks put face to story of Japanese Americans Chuang, Angie 11/25/00 The Oregonian
1900.4333 Article Summary of Tule Lake Pilgrimmage 2000 iincluding information regarding the photos and memoirs of R. H. Ross, the official Tule Lake photographer. Mention is made of the Tule Lake Preservation Fund. Preserving history: traveling back to Tule Lake to remember the past Omori, Chizu 8/1/00 International Examiner
1900.4334 Article JAKWV to Dedicate Memorial in Korea 4/20/00
1900.4335 Article Healing the wounds of war Chuang, Angie 12/8/00 The Oregonian
1900.4336 Article Beaverton Veterans Memorial
1900.4337 Article A gentle warrior Norm Maves, Jr. 5/28/00 The Sunday Oregonian
1900.4338 Article US moves to right WWII discrimination against Japanese American soldiers 6/6/00 Yuuyake Shimbun
1900.4339 Article Nation honors Asian American vets Jacqueline Newmyer 6/22/00 The Oregonian
1900.434 Language Barriers Are Overcome in Gym Classes 11/16/1980 Seattle Times
1900.4340 Article In its final stage of production, "Uncommon Courage: Patriotism and Civil Liberties" to tell lon-awaited story of the Nisei and the MIS A Story of Courage 04/15/00
1900.4341 Article Snap up military records while they're still here Lenzen, Connie 03/23/00
1900.4342 Article Defense Language Institue (DLI) 04/08/00
1900.4343 Article Announcment of Harry Fukuhard's selection as honorary co-chair to veteran's tribute event at the JACL National Convention. Summarizes his service in military intellegence during and after World War II. Harry Fukuhara: War Hero and Survivor Serves as Honorary Co-Chair to Veteran's Tribute Event Minami, Roger 05/08/00
1900.4344 Article List and explanation of notable events of World War II Chronology of the War 12/07/99
1900.4345 Article WWII Monument to be dedicated Friday Spencer, Hal 05/27/99
1900.4346 Article Asian American heroes get added validation Martin Kasindorf 05/12/00 USA Today
1900.4347 Article Vice President Gore Proposes $4.8 Million Initiative to Preserve WWII-Era Internment Camps 02/17/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4348 Article Unveiling of memorial to the 885 Nisei soldiers who died in World War II, served in WWII but died during Korean War as well as 31 of their Caucasian officers who died. AJA WWII Monument Alliance Unveils Monument Nakagawa, Martha 03/02/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4349 Article VP Gore proposes money to preserve several internment sites. This comes at the time of publication of the National Parks Service's report entitle: Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Internment Camp Sites. Gore seeks to preserve WWII internment camps 02/14/00
1900.435 Legal Assistance for Asians Sept. 1976 International Examiner
1900.4350 Article Los Angeles WWII Memorial Unveiled 03/04/00
1900.4351 Article Preservation of WWII Internment camps budgeted 02/10/00
1900.4352 Article Influential JA Researcher: Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga William Hohri 01/01/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4353 Article Asians still an 'alien presence in America,' policy report says K. Connie Kang 03/02/00 Los Angeles Times
1900.4354 Article Symbol 08/06/99 The Oregonian
1900.4355 Article Construction to Begin on National Memorial to Patriotism 12/18/99
1900.4356 Article Details of the main exhibit in the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles titled Common Ground: The Heart of Community. Los Angeles museum recounts painful history Williams, Dara Akiko 11/24/99
1900.4357 Article Includes a story of visit to an internment camp pleading with the inmates not to lose faith in American democracy. Memorial Will Honor Japanese-Americans Clines, Francis X. 10/21/99 The New York Times
1900.4358 Article Stealing my right to be entirely human Laura Yuen 09/05/99 The Oregonian
1900.4359 Article Cherry trees planted to heal community's war wounds 05/26/99
1900.436 Melting Pot: Schools Help Indochinese Over Hurdle Angelos 11/16/1980 Seattle Times
1900.4360 Article Final Update: Go For Broke Monument, Los Angeles 08/01/99 Yuuyake Shimbun
1900.4361 Article Exhibit hails Nikkei women Sean Nelson 08/02/99 The Asian Reporter
1900.4362 Article Scott Oki, a retire Microsoft millionaire, started Social Venture Partners with Paul Brainerd, to encourage donations to worthy causes, mainly involving children and education. Philanthropy gets a lift from Microsoft money Andersen, Peggy October 7, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.4363 Article A visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil by a Japanese American. Discovering My Nikkei Roots, South American Style Kawaguchi, Gary 09/30/99
1900.4364 Article Group warns against prosecuting scientist William C. Rempel 08/13/99 Los Angeles Times
1900.4365 Article Capital Ground Broken for 'Memorial to Patriotism' 11/04/99
1900.4366 Article Japanese Americans break ground for a monument to their loyalty Puzzanghera, Jim 10/23/99 The Oregonian
1900.4367 Article Japanese Americans from all over America gather for WWII Memorial's groundbreaking ceremony A Long-Awaited Day 11/30/99
1900.4368 Article Remembrance, Honor, Main Themes at WWII Memorial Dedication Gaudette, Karen 06/04/99 North American Post
1900.4369 Article $2.3 Million Will Meet August Goal for Japanese American Monument in D.C. 06/03/99
1900.437 Missions in the Wilderness Buerge 12/25/1985 The Weekly
1900.4370 Article Clinton Signs $15 Billion Bill Allocating $4.3 Million in Redress Payments for JLA former WWII Internees Pacific Citizen Staff 06/10/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4371 Article Rabbit in the Moon Vivi Siswoyo 05/27/99 North American Post
1900.4372 Article Asian-American Affairs: Oriental Taro O'Sullivan 06/07/99
1900.4373 Article Dedication of the "Go for Broke" Monument to honor the WWII heroics of Nisei soldiers. "Go for Broke" Monument to be a Bridge between Generations Tateyama, Nui 06/24/99 North American Post
1900.4374 Article Take Time to Look Back to the Past: Opening Ceremony of the Eastside Japanese American History Project Yasuko Sakamoto 05/06/99 North American Post
1900.4375 Article National memorial will honor those who served in WWII 05/01/99
1900.4376 Article Oregon Nisei Veterans Honored, Seattle Veterans Included 10/01/04 The Yuuyake Shimbun
1900.4377 Article America's Concentration Camps: Exhibition on WWII Incarceration of JAs Featured at California Historical Society 03/24/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4378 Article The adaptation of "King Lear" to feudal Japan is an extraordinary masterpiece. Kurosawa's masterpiece Shawn Levy December 1, 200 The Oregonian
1900.4379 Article Medal of Honor, 56 Years Later Tizon, Alex 05/28/00 The Seattle Times
1900.438 The New Americans: Living Like a Refugee de Barros 1/21/1981 The Weekly
1900.4380 Article Timeline describing six decades of presidential apologies for Executive Order 9066 Six decades of Presidential Apologies
1900.4381 Article Bill to Name Courthouse in Seattle After Pfc. Nakamura Passes the House 10/21/00 North American Post
1900.4382 Article President Clinton Signs Bill for Nakamura Courthouse 11/18/00
1900.4383 Article The High Ground on Memorial Day 06/03/00
1900.4384 Article The city council introduces a resolution to name the Federal Courthouse after William Kenzo Nakamura, a member of the 442 Regimental Combat Team and a Seattle resident. Honor William Nakamura's heroism September 1, 20 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4385 Article Grand Finale Tribute Celebrates Valor of WWII Asian American Vets 09/16/00
1900.4386 Article Community Unites in Support of 'Nakamura Courthouse' 09/09/00
1900.4387 Article James K. Okubo of Bellingham Wins Congressional Medal of Honor 07/08/00
1900.4388 Article Salute to Kazuo Otani, Medal of Honor Nishimura, Hiro 06/24/00
1900.4389 Article The Japanese Vet who will be honored Han, Chong-Suk 06/28/00 Asian American Journal: International Examiner
1900.439 Refugees Learn New Culture Here Angelos 11/16/1980 Seattle Times
1900.4390 Article 21 Asian-American vets to get Medal of Honor Associated Press 05/14/00 The Seattle Times
1900.4391 Article Italy to Dedicate Monument in Honor of Nisei Soldiers Nakagawa, Martha 04/20/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4392 Article Vets get highest military award 05/20/00 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4393 Article Sen. Patty Murray Releases Statement on Congressional Medal of Honor Awards 07/01/00
1900.4394 Article Clinton awards Medals of Honor to Asian-American war heroes Deb Riechmann 06/22/00
1900.4395 Article Former Directory of the Office of Redress Administration replies to the charges of the inspector general that he had committed sexual harassment, contract irregularities, visa fraud and cost overruns on contracts in a program in Russia that featured American law enforcement officials train foreign governments in justice management. Injustice In Justice Bratt, Robert K. 09/28/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4396 Article Hopes rise for preservation of Topaz internment camp Associated Press 11/28/00
1900.4397 Article Reprinted historic front page from August 7, 1945. Making History: American Science Opens New Epoch - Atomic Power Unleashed on Japan (reprinted historic page from August 7, 1945.) 08/06/00 The Oregonian
1900.4398 Article Reprinted historic front page from December 8, 1941. Making History: Japanese Bomb Honolulu, Declare War on United States and Britain (reprinted historic page from December 8, 1941.) 12/06/00 The Oregonian
1900.4399 Article 'Beyond Barbed Wire' to Have Encore National PBS Airing 05/11/00
1900.440 Refugees May Get New Lands to Till
1900.4400 Article 'Conscience' film tells of resistance 11/10/00
1900.4401 Article Rabbit in the Moon Wins Emmy Award Tracy Uba 09/21/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4402 Article 'Legacies of Internment' Film Series Explores Japanese American Experience 05/04/00
1900.4403 Article Diamonds in the Rough Comes to JANM 05/18/00
1900.4404 Article New film helps draft resisters search for place in WWII history Jones, Bart 06/09/00 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4406 Article Artist-poet Makuuchi dies 6/5/00
1900.4407 Article Invisible Again Niiya, Brian 5/11/00
1900.4408 Article Mentions a 1998 publication, "Furusato, Tacoma-Pierce County Japanese" compiled by the Nikkeijinkai Tacoma Japanese Community Service. Includes memories of author's rememberances of college during WWII. The Postmaster Marutani, Bill 5/18/00
1900.4409 Article Sumary of Kelly Yamada's long involvement with JACL in Seattle and California. Kelly Yamada Chin, Ryan 9/1-7/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.441 Refugees Offered Land to Farm Paynter 3/11/1982 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4410 Article Softball, Hard Truths (The Oregonian Junior Book Group) Sarah Allen 10/14/00 The Oregonian
1900.4411 Article Telling Tidbits to the Japanese American Story Honda, Harry 4/7-13/00 Pacific Citizen
1900.4412 Article Bitter Sugar: Early Asian Immigration to America Chong-suk Han 5/16/00 International Examiner
1900.4413 Article Changing Fortunes Chong-suk Han 6/6/00 International Examiner
1900.4414 Article After the War: Remembering Saigon 6/7-20/00 International Examiner
1900.4415 Article Campaigning with color Timothy Egan 7/11/00 The Oregonian
1900.4416 Article Retired Senator Hatfield's recalls his war experiences and his journey into Hiroshima as one of the first Americans to survey the damage. The profound affect it had on his future Hatfield recalls Hiroshima: Experience molds attitudes of future governor and senator Cain, Brad 5/21/99 The Columbian
1900.4417 Article U.S.-Japan link has circled the bases Gergen, Joe 3/28/00 The Oregonian
1900.4418 Article Exhibit at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Portland, OR of photographs taken by Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel. The exhibit is called "The Heart Mountain Story." WWII internees look back at past Turnquist, Kristi 2/20/00 The Oregonian
1900.4419 Article Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga to Keynote Gila River Reunion 5/11/00
1900.442 Seattle's Asian Immigrants Kim Puget Soundings
1900.4420 Article Summary of a trip by past Nisei baseball players to the Japan Hall of Fame and Museum. Diamonds in the Rough Nakagawa, Kerry Yo 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4421 Article The Courier Leagues--Jimmie Sakamoto's Legacy Hosokawa, Bill 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4422 Article Asian Men Can Jump! Sam Cacas 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4423 Article Good list of outstanding Japanese American women athletes from the 1920s through the 1990. The feats of about 40 women are documented. The Girlz Got Game!! Nakagawa, Martha 12/99 Pacific Citizen
1900.4424 Article An Overview of Sport in the Japanese American Community Niiya, Brian 12/99 Pacific Citizen
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