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Wing Luke Museum
1900.4609 Article Children who relocated to Japan during WWII and children of 'voluntary evacuees' are requested to assemble relevant documents More may be eligible for redress under new rulings 04/96
1900.461 Pamphlet Changes along Jackson Street over a ten year period. Highlights of the Jackson Street Community Council's Year 1954-1955 1955 Jackson Street Community Council
1900.4610 Article Text of resolution by WA State Represnetative Kip Tokuda to recognize the effects and accomplisment of JA affected by Executive Order 9066. A Moment of Remembrance 03/04/97
1900.4611 Article Interview with the author of the book Snow Falling on Cedars. Local author's best-seller will become a movie Omori, Chizu 02/18/97 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4612 Article Inheritance law in Japan has changed since World War II and now is based more on individual rights rather than family rights. Here is how inheritance law evolved in Japan Takaesu, Toshimitsu 05/18/98 North American Post
1900.4613 Article The U.S, government has agree to pay hundreds of Japanese internees from Latin America. WWII Internees React to Settlement 06/26/98
1900.4614 Article Pike Place to feature a piece of Nikkei history McClelland, Kamilla Kuroda 04/24/98
1900.4615 Article Redress for perople of Japanese ancestry, mostly from Peru, who were brought to the U.S. and held during World War II. U.S. will compensate more war internees Tom, Dara Akiko 06/13/98
1900.4616 Article Three Portland Businessmen, Melvin Mark, Bill Roberts and Bill Naito are to be honored at the Portland Progress coordinate Heart of Portland Award for lifting Portland from decay to livable city via the Downtown Plan. Hearts of Portland 06/12/98
1900.4617 Article 27 families, returning from internment, lived in the Japanese Language School in the International District - some for months and some up to eight years. Some of those who lived there returned to recal their lives. Sponsored by the Densho project. Japanese Americans visit school that housed them after internment 10/30/97
1900.4618 Article Letters to the editor regarding comments made on the internment by Richard Estrada Crimes against Japanese Americans cannot be rationalized 09/29/96 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4619 Article Fred Korematsu speaks to law students in Seattle From welder to civil rights defender Taniguchi, Sandee 06/96 Northwest Nikkei
1900.462 The Housing Alliance Has Always Been a Grasroots Organization Chew 7/4/1984 International Examiner
1900.4620 Article Returning to Canada Ibuki, Norm 06/96 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4621 Article The Civil Liberties Act of 1988 set aside money to educate and document the events surrounding the evacuation. Deciding how to spend this money is ongoing. What to do with $5 million Steve Uyeno June 1996 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4622 Article Review of artist Shimomura's exhibit : Roger Shimomura: Paintings. Artist explores how his two worlds collide Robin Updike 06/16/96 The Seattle Times
1900.4623 Article Re-naming a street uin Portland, Oregon is roposed as a memorial for community leader, Bill Naito. City picks Front Ave. as memorial to Naito Stewart, Bill 06/21/96 The Oregonian
1900.4624 Article Reivew of the book An Alien Place, by Carol Van Valkenburg. The story of the Issei in camp Hosokawa, Bill June 20, 1996
1900.4625 Article A fear for success Page, Clarence 03/03/97 The Chicago Tribune
1900.4626 Article An extensive summary of Japanese metallurgy, metals crafts and techniques from the Bronze Age to 1900. Metal Mitsukuni, Yoshida
1900.4627 Article Psychology of the Mask
1900.4628 Article The "Mask" entry from an Encyclopedia Britannica. Mask 1966 Encyclopedia Britannica
1900.4629 Article Chapter from the book "Maskmaking" by Carole Sivin. Includes information about Noh (Japanese theater that includes masks), Chinese opera, Korean theater, and Bali performances. The History of Masks Sivin, Carole 1986 Davis Publications
1900.463 Jackson Street Community Council March 1954 International Center News
1900.4630 Article The Balinese people of Indonesia have rituals, sculptures, and masks to banish away witches and demons. Balinese rituals appease demons of an unseen world Mydans, Shelley Smithsonian Institution
1900.4631 article Calon Arang - Case 5 and last case
1900.4632 article Brief description of a mask of Okame and explains her place in Japanese folklore. Okame (The Goddess of Mirth)
1900.4633 Article Brief history of masks, how they're made, and it's uses in different cultures. Includes a look at the masks of the Peking Opera. About Masks in General Orientations
1900.4634 Article Exhibit/curriculum box text about masks. Items listed seem to tie with the Wing Luke Museum. Masks Wing Luke Asian Museum
1900.4635 Article Photocopied pages from the book Bali by Star Black, Hans Hoefer, Willard A Hanna, and Werner Hahn (1983). The pages are about Bali Theatre, specifically about the elements of the theatre. Bali Black, Star APA Productions
1900.4636 article The 50th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 is recognized as well as the exhibit at the Wing Luke museum commerating this time in U.S. history. An Anniversay of shame for the U.S. Cassidy, Susan L. February 22, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.4637 Article How members of the community view the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Executive Order 9066" Opening of 9066 exhibit Lepley, Jean February 22, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.4638 Article Announcing the creation of the Wing Luke Museum's newest exhibit "Executive Order 9066." The reporter includes the importance of having this exhibit in the community "9066" exhibit plans to get the word out Takami, David December 4, 199
1900.4639 Article Reporter gives own views of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Executive Order 9066" Still learning after all these years Shimabukuro, Bob January 8, 1992
1900.464 Jackson Street Community Council, Dec. 1954 International Center News
1900.4640 Article The creation of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Executive Order 9066." Includes the building of an interment camp barrack. '9066' exhibit: A collaboration of volunteers Taniguchi, Sandee February 1992 Northwest Nikkei/North American Post
1900.4641 Article About the WLM exhibit, Executive Order 9066 Record-setting exhibit closes Aug. 30 Yoshida, Tanya August 1992 Northwest Nikkei/North American Post
1900.4642 Article Reporter reflects on the impact of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "Executive Order 9066." E.O. 9066 departs, but memories remain Takami, David September 2, 19
1900.4643 article Memories of the evacuation from five people. Issei, Nisei and Sansei remember 1942 Mochizuki, Ken February 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4644 article Summarizes the actions of the men who said "no" to two questions on the loyalty statement required of all Japanese Americans. Explains the rift this caused in the Japanese American community that exists even today and pleads for tolerance between the two groups and redirection of anger towards Executive Order 9066 instead of toward each other. Executive Order 9066 lives on for Japanese Americans Cassidy, Susan L. July 10, 1993 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.4645 article ORA DeDe Greene announced decisions in 4 areas: payments & funding, Unknown or historical records & outreach, Effects of the Ishida case, and Japanese Peruvians. ORA announces lastest decisions, actions on Redress issues November 16, 19
1900.4646 article The Alien Internment Camp, Crystal City, Texas was one of the sites for internment of Europeans during World War II. Why is nation silent about European internees during WWII? Jones, Tricia November 20, 20 Columbian
1900.4647 article The Bill of Rights Memorial in Portland, OR is a powerful reminder of the failure of our constitutional umbrella in times of civil stree. A tribute etched in stone Landauer, Robert May 19, 1996 Sunday Oregonian
1900.4648 article Second edition of the report and recommendations of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians. UW & CLPEF reissue Personal Justice Denied October 1996 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4649 article Japanese Latin Americans fight for redress compensation Nakayama, Takeshi February 1997 Northwest Nikkei
1900.465 Newsletter Copy of Jackson Street Community Council newsletter Vol 4 no. 7 Biography of Elmer Ogawa in the text excerpted from Pacific Citizen by Ute Hirano Jackson Street Community Council,, 5/1/1959 Jackson Street Community Council Newsletter
1900.466 Article The closing of Japanese American run cafes in the Chinatown/International District is increasing. Japanese cafes: "a dying thing" Woo, Vicki July 1978 International Examiner
1900.4660 article Review of book Years of Infamy, the Untold Story of America's Concentration Camps by Michi Weglyn. The article marks the re-publication of the book first published in 1976. Local publisher reprints landmark internment study Omori, Chizu December 1996 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4661 article Justice Murphy and JLA 'redress' Yamanishi, Herb September 19, 1
1900.4662 article 10 years after the decision Uyeno, Steve July 1996 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4663 article 50 years ago Septermber 14,
1900.4664 Article Thoughts regarding the continued perception of Japanese Americans as different. Proposes recognition of the people who helped the internees including: Walt * Mildred Woodward, Rev. Emery Andres, Ada Mahon, Arthur Barneet and Albert D. Bonus. 'They' still don't get it - but some did Mochizuki, Ken January 1997 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4665 article Korean War Veterans seek verification of KIAs/MIAs January 1997 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4666 article Bob Murase is a landscape architect with gardens all over the Northwest. He has designed the Gardens of Remembrance in Seattle, WA and the Japanese American Hsitorical Plaza in Portland, OR Bob Murase Uyeno, Steve March 1996 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4667 article Tule Lake, CA 1942-1946 Fukei, Budd March 1996 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4668 article Will there be a nee for Nikkei organizations? Members of the community reflect on the positive things a JA community accomplishes and the realization that Sansei are out-marrying, and moving away. Concern for the future Mochizuki, Ken January 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4669 article Announces ORA closure process, the addition of two new categories based on the Ishida case and the revision of its unlocated internees list. U.S. pays 79,895 redress claimants, adds two categories April 19 - May Pacific Citizen
1900.467 Marty, A Filipino American Chew Puget Soundings
1900.4670 Article Book of Kimono, The Yamanaka, Norio
1900.4671 Article Make Your Own Japanese Clothes Marshall, John
1900.4672 Article Japanese Straw Sandals and Grass Rain Capes Ruyak, Jacqueline
1900.4673 Article Miscellaneous articles on traditional Korean clothing. KOREAN CLOTHING/ COSTUME
1900.468 North Coast Importing: "The Fact That I Have Done My Research Is The Reason I Have Survived" Hayashi 12/15/1982 International Examiner
1900.469 Pamphlet Possible changes and effects of the I5 freeway in the Chinatown/International District Notes on Tollway 1954
1900.470 Article the Old Main Street School annex survives as an official city landmark. Now and Then: Seattle's Second School Dorpat, Paul June 14, 1002 The Seattle Times
1900.4700 article Federal Commission on Fine Arts approved the design of the Japanese American memorial in Washington, D.C. Washington D.C. Design Receives Approval October 3, 1997
1900.4701 article Article with directions to the 10 WWII Japanese internmet camps. Directions contained in a book by Frank and Joanne Iritani. Publishing details provided. Ten Visits
1900.4702 article List additional categories of people eligible for redress. This includes mostly children born under various circumstances. This article is incomplete. Thousands More Eligible for Redress Luna, Deni Yamauchi 12/16/95 NW Asian Weekly
1900.4703 article Schuler's wrote the screenplay In Time of War and veterans from WWII read the script to check for accuracy. Nisei defend liberty they did not possess Iwasaki, John PI
1900.4704 article Five public workships are being held by the National Park Service to decide how to protect the Minidoka site and educate the public about what happened. Seattlee phographer Momhara has formed Friends of Minidoka to record stories from Niseis who were internned. So it won't happy again to anyone else So it won't happen again to anyone else' Iwasaki, John 11/15/02 PI
1900.4705 article Public wants historical balance at Minidoka Monument Mayer, Robert November 14, 20 Times-News Online
1900.4706 article Public meetings scheduled on Japanese American Internment Camp Monumnet Tamura, Anna 10/26/02
1900.4707 article After earlier rejection JAs evacuated from the Iwilei area of Honolulu are elibible for redress. Honolulu evacuees eligible for redress June 6, 1995
1900.4708 article Summary of the payments to various classes of citizens as redress for World War II evacuation and internment. ORA meets with JACL for redress update October 19, 199
1900.4709 article A National Salute to Japanese American veterans was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Nikkei vets from WWII, Korea, Vietname honored Honda, Harry K. November 17-30, Pacific Citizen
1900.471 Article Article on the community discussing plans on refurbishing the area around Jackson Street in the Chinatown/International District Operation Crossroads: Jackson St. Group Sifts Area Issues Feb. 25, 1955 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4710 article Roots Kawaguchi, Gary November 1995 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4711 article Local landmarks stir up memories of yesteryear Kawaguchi, Gary December 1995 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4712 article Ribert Murase's sculpture at Coillins Circle in Portland, OR was somewhat controversial but his passion to transplant Japanese ideas of land and space planning into a Western context has led to powerful design in Portland and Seattl.e The Power of the graceful contrast Gragg, Randy July 6, 1997 The Oregonian
1900.4713 Article Richard White gives a new perspective on history. In this article he lists the 10 events that shaped the Pacific Northwest. New history for a new millenium Bock, Paula January 21, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.4714 Article Letter to the Editor laments the recent lay-offs of three Wing Luke Museum staff members. A Little Bit of the Museum's Heart and Soul is Walking Out the Door Lau, Alan August 6, 2002 International Examiner
1900.4715 article The World Still Needs Min Yasui Asakawa, Gil November 1, 200 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4716 article In connection with an exhibit at the Portland Art museum depicting the artistry of the the Meiji era, the Nikkei Legacy Center produced an exhibit of the Meiji-era's most important export: immigrants. The exhibit is called From Meiji to the New Millennium: Japanese Americans in Oregon. When Meiji came to Portland Chuang, Angie September 1, 20 The Oregonian
1900.4717 article All in Japanese From Hiroshima to Hope August 10, 2002 North American Post
1900.4718 article A showing of the video, "Uncommon Courage: Patriotism and Civil Liberties" at the Denver Buddhist Temple was followed by a panel of MIS veterans recounting their experiences during WWII and the occupation. History MIS-ing in action Asakawa, Gil August 3, 2002 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4719 article Commeration of the 60th anniversary of the open of Topaz internment camp. Includes a list of all relocation camps and their peak population. Hundreds reflect on Topaz internment August 17, 2002
1900.472 Letter Dec. 19, 1955 letter - A survery to conduct what is needed along Jackson Street. Jan. 19, 1956 letter - An announcement for a meeting to determine whether or not Operation Crossroads should continue Operation Crossroads Letters Hayasaka, Philip Dec. 1955-Jan. Operation Crossroads
1900.4720 article It's a sad place'... Internees, descendants visit Minidoka camp site Sandmann, Jennifer August 10, 2002 Times-News
1900.4721 article World War II hero delivers stirring George C. Marshall lecture in Vancouver, Washington Inouye ignites patriotism Baker, Dean 05/04/2002
1900.4722 Article Senator Daniel Inouye gives a speech at a school in Vancouver. His speech focused on Japanese American soldiers during World War II and the importance of duty and honor in serving one's country. Duty, honor themes carry Inouye Brettmann, Allan 2002 The Oregonian
1900.4723 article Inouye will give Marshall Lecture Gregory, Roger Oregonian
1900.4724 article Faith Leaders: Muslims' civil liberties in peril Oppel, Shelby September 29, 2 Oregonian
1900.4725 article Americans of Japanese descent have decreased because of low birth rates, just a a trickle of immigration and an aging population. Japanese American population shrinks in California, nationwide Pritchard, Justin June 21, 2001 Oregonian
1900.4726 article An American Muslim extends hand of friendship September 11, 2
1900.4727 article Summary by the Administrator for Redress, Office of Redress Administration, as to what redress was available to which internees and the various requirements and deadlines connected with redress. ORA urges those still elibible to apply before April 10 Greene, DeDe March 27, 1998
1900.4728 article 20 years after Seattle's groundbreaking memorial: "The Facts are Secure" Ritts, Lisa Charlie February 18-Mar International Examiner
1900.4729 article Railroad workers deemed eligible for redress March 6, 1998
1900.473 Report January 27 - Going over the survey that was taken at Town Meeting on Jan. 13, 1955, which looked at personal values, race, community of the Jackson Street community. February 24 - Going over the survey that was taken at Town Meeting on Jan. 14, 1955, which looked at the Jackson Street community in comparison to Seattle and at the neighborhood as a whole; also includes the minutes of the Operation Crossroads' meeting March 10 - Analysis of the Report of Vital Statistics Committee, which discusses boundaries, race, and schooling March 24 - Analysis of Vital Statistics Report, which looked at household income, neighborhood, and employment April 7 - Looking at rent and housing Operation Crossroads: Summary of Buzz Sessions Jan-Apr 1955 Operation Crossroads
1900.4730 article In these times: Japanese American railroad and mine workers receive redress Omori, Chizu March 18-March International Examiner
1900.4731 article Lowering ethnic horizons Marutani, Bill September 17, 1
1900.4732 article A group of Nisei were trained at the Armored Training Center, Fort Knox, KY to be part of a special Nisei tank battalion . A little known story in WWII history: The Tankers Kono, Yeije (Gene) November 19, 19
1900.4733 article Compares treatment of WWII Japanese who were not citizens and had to be treated in accordance with international law and Japanese American citizens had no such protections. Never again Hosokawa, Bill September 5, 19
1900.4734 article Details the efforts that lead to President Ford's signing of the Presidential revocation of Executive Order 9066. Born in Seattle: Japanese American Redress - Part IV Shimabukuro, Robert Sadamu Oct. 21 - Nov. International Examiner
1900.4735 article The beginnings of the redress efforts and the Appeal for Action that was sent to Japanese American groups. Born in Seattle: Japanese American Redress - Part III Shimabukuro, Robert Sadamu Oct. 7 - Oct. 2 International Examiner
1900.4736 article Possible passage of a bill to direct the National Park Service to study whether the Eagledale Ferry Dock, site of first Japanese Americans removed to internment camps, should be included in their system. Uncertainty clouds bill on WWII Bainbridge internment camp Daly, Matthew November 19, 20
1900.4737 article Most attending a public meeting on the Momument said balance in presentation was important. Veterans say Americans' viewpoint should be evident at monument Associated Press December 3, 200
1900.4738 article Bill authorizing the Interior Dept. to study whether the Eagledale ferry site, where the first Japanese Americans were taken and sent to internment camps, should come under the designation of the NPS. Senate approaves study of site where Japanese-Americans held Daly, Matthew December 17, 20
1900.4739 article The same article as found in 1900.4751 with a by-line by Melissa Nelson. Project to document JA WWII life at Rohwer and Jerome Camps Associated Press December 17, 20 Pacific Citizen
1900.474 Report Boundaries: Population by Sex and Race, Education and Income. Statistics of the population in the Jackson Street area. Operation Crossroads: Preliminary Report of Vitial Statistics Committee, Part I March 1955 Operation Crossroads
1900.4740 article List of counties in the U.S. with 1,000 or more people of the Japanese race. Census III Honda, Harry K. October 3, 2002
1900.4741 article Pearl Harbor survivors remember fateful day Wright, Sarah Anne Seattle Times
1900.4742 article Bill passed by U.S. Congress to direct the Interio r Department to study whether the former Eagledale ferry site should come under the designation of the NPS> Bainbridge internment site OK'd for study Daly, Matthew November 21, 20
1900.4743 article Rep. Howard Coble, R-N.C. suggested that Japanese Americans were interned during WWII for their own protected. Rep. Mike Honda and Re. David Wu responded that the comments were offensive. Asian Americans in Congress upset by colleague's remarks Hook, Janet February 7, 200 Los Angeles Times - Washignton Post
1900.4744 article A Memorial Day Har, Janie February 17, 20 Oregonian
1900.4745 article Alumni Report - 2002 Broadway High School Alumni Foundation-Association July 2002 Broadway Whims
1900.4746 article Rep. Patsy Mink, first Asian-American congresswoman, dies Staton, Ron October 8, 2002 Asian Reporter
1900.4747 article The National Park Service is searching for original buildings to restore Manzanar and tell the story of the Japanese internment camp there. Restoring a legacy Boxall, Bettina December 15, 20 Los Angeles Times - Washington Post
1900.4748 article National Park Service holds Minidoka Internement National Monument Public Meeting at Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center Sakurai, Saren December 2002
1900.4749 article Instructions to all persons of Japanese ancestry O'Sullivan, Taro December 3, 200
1900.475 Report Population by Sex and Age, Occupation and Employment, and Status of Dwelling Units. Statistics on population of the Jackson Street area. Operation Crossroads: Preliminary Report of Vitial Statistics Committee, Part II March 1955 Operation Crossroads
1900.4750 article Halvsie Portraits: Anna Tamura Sakurai, Saren December 2002
1900.4751 article $3 Mil. Project to Document Life in Arkansas Internment Camps Nelson, Melissa October 19, 200
1900.4752 article The Coram Nobis Cases Kawakami, Rodney October 18-31, Pacific Citizen
1900.4753 article The Anti-Chinese Agitation and Riots Bagley, Clarence
1900.4754 article First hand account of the Seattle Anti Chinese expulsion by a member of the Home Guard George Kinnear. Anti-Chinese Riots Kinnear, Geo. February 8, 191
1900.4755 Article The Anti-Chinese Riots in Seattle Ziontz, Lenore Spring 1981 Pacific NW Forum, Eastern Washington University
1900.4756 article Asian Influence? Bush, James June/July Law & Politics
1900.4757 article New School Mudede, Charles March 11, 2004 The Stranger
1900.4758 article He's One of Us Fukei, Budd February 1996 Northwest Nikkei
1900.4759 article The Trilogy: Part Twp Marutani, Bill July 4, 2002 Pacific Citizen
1900.476 Article Harvey Lau, 7th grader at Asa Mercer Junior High School, submits an article on ways to improve the Chinatown/International District. Excerpt from the School's student magazine. In English, Chinese, and Tagalog. Our Chinatown Lau, Harvey July 1976 International Examiner
1900.4760 article Commeration of the 60th anniversary of the opening of Topaz internment camp and a dedication of a new memorial marker designed by Ted Nagata. Hundred Attend Topaz Monument Dedication September 19, 2 Pacific Citizen
1900.4761 article The Battle of Midway stopped the expansion to the east and an end to Japanese offensive action. U.S. Victory at Midway Didn't Deter E.O. 9066 Generals Honda, Harry K. July 4, 2002
1900.4762 article Reunion of about 350 people who resided in Thomas, WA and whose forced evacuation in World War II led to the demise of the community. The reunion was the 50 year reunion of the Auburn High School class of 1945 but included anyone who lived near Thomas before World War II. Memories August 28, 1995 The Columbian
1900.4763 article Tooru Joe Kanazawa, Author-Veteran of Famed WWII Unit, Dies at 95 October 19, 200
1900.4764 article Reunion of World War II Japanese American vets who trained at Camp Shelby in Missisippi. Japanese-America vets reunite at camp Harrist, Ron June 18, 1995 The Sunday Oregonian
1900.4765 article Personal story of an American soldier, born in Seattle and raised in Hiroshima, who later returned as a member of the U.S. Army's MIS . One Veteran's Story Times, Nichi Bei October 19, 200
1900.4766 article New exhibit explores rich past of area Japanese Americans Maeshiro, Ken June 1995 International Examiner
1900.4767 article Dr. Ben T. Uyeno, founder of Keiro Nursing Home dead at 83. Dr. Ben T. Uyeno, Helped Found Seattle's Keiro, Dead at 83 October 19, 200
1900.4768 article Article on Seattle Screenwriter M.C. Schule's screenplay: In Time of War . Also mentions Wing Luke's exhibit: Camp Harmony D-4-44. Staged Screenplay Reading Will Tell the Nisei Vets' Story Schuler, M.C. November 2, 200
1900.4769 article Nikkei Concerns announces that their assisted living facility, Nikkei Manor, is expected to be completed in 1996. Nikkei Manor Uyeno, Steve May 1995 NW Nikkei
1900.477 Article A picture of Bailey Gatzert Elementary School students enjoying the festivities of the Nationalist China Independence Day in the Chinatown International District Popping good time October 10, 197 The Seattle Times
1900.4770 article Writer tours the battlefields in the Livorno, Pisa and Gothic areas where the 442nd fought. Sentimental Journey to Italy Mitsui, Sam Nisei Veterans Newsletter
1900.4771 article Memorial program at the 522nd Field Artillery reunion discussed the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. Tracing the Jewish-Nisei Connection Honda, Harry K. June 16-July 6, Pacific Citizen
1900.4772 article The Trilogy: Part One Marutani, Bill June 30, 2002 Pacific Citizen
1900.4773 article Clipping describes film made in 1951 about Japanese American soldiers from the 42nd regiment in WWII, known for their motto, "Go for Broke." "Go for Broke" January 29, 199
1900.4774 article This publication is the Amnesty International USA Campaign booklet. Human Rights Violations in the Philippines Amnesty International USA Amnesty International USA
1900.4775 article Columnist wonders what the Japanese people thought of Nisei who served in the shin-chu-gun, occupation forces, in Japan following World War II. Nisei No Shin-chu-gun Marutani, Bill Pacific Citizen
1900.4776 article Place of Infamy Streshinsky, Shirley November/Decemb Preservation
1900.4777 article No Need to Rush Zhu, Liping Autumn 1999 Montana: the Magazine of Western History
1900.4778 article The Trilogy: Kiss of Death Marutani, Bill August 19, 2002 Pacific Citizen
1900.4779 article Prime Minister Mulroney announces the settlement for the internment during WWII, apologizes for the treatment and details the compensation package. Japanese Canadians Win Apology to "Cleanse Past' Walker, William September 23, 1 Toronto Star
1900.478 Recycling the International District Chin 1970 Puget Soundings
1900.4780 Article Articles on Chinese festivals and celebrations
1900.4781 Article Articles on Hawaiians in the continental US and Canada. Typed manuscript on William Naukana Hawaii's Forgotten Hawaiians Hawaiian Colony Found in Canada by Mary Cooke Dream that came true by Bea Hamilton on Paul Roland Hawaii's Forgotten Hawaiians Altonn, Helen
1900.4782 Article Articles on Confucius/ Confucianism
1900.4783 Article The Seattle JACL honored Clarence T. Arai at a dinner to celebrate his appointment to the Seattle Library Board.. Pillars of the Japanese community were represented at the banquet. Arai Honored at Seattle Banquet of JACL League 04/37 Pacific Citizen
1900.4784 Article Mayor of Seattle John F. Dore appointed Clarence Arai to the position of trustee of the Seattle Library Board. His appointment requires city council approval. A photograph from the Seattle Times was featured. Appointed 04/02/37 Seattle Times
1900.4785 Article Mayor John Dore of Seattle appointed a member of the Japanese community which had heretofore been underrepresented in political life to a municipal office. Dore appointed Clarence Arai who was active in the Japanese community to the Seattle Library Board. Dore Appoints Arai 04/02/37 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4786 Article Mayor of Seattle John F. Dore's nominee to the Seattle Public Library board Clarence Arai was referred to the efficiency committee of the Seattle City Council for investigation. There were two reports indidating opposition to this appointment. Dore Appointee Hit 1937 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4787 Article Mayor John Dore said he would fight to keep the nomination of Clarence Arai to the Seattle Library Board after learning of some opposition to this appointment. Dore to Fight For Japanese 1937 Seattle Star
1900.4788 Article Editorial in response to the appointment of Clarence Arai to the board of trustees of the Seattle Public Library Race Prejudice Lucille Hawkins 1937 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4789 Article Clarence Arai, Japanese American attorney, announced his candidacy for state representative from the 37th District as a Republican Clarence Arai Enters GOP Rep. Race 07/23/34 New World
1900.479 Article A look at the elite Chinese merchants in the Chinatown/International District in the mid to late 1880s. Re-evaluting history: The real role of the Chinese merchant elite Chin, Doug October 1977 International Examiner
1900.4790 Article PTA Rates Candidates on School Stand 1934
1900.4791 Article Elected - Chuck Carroll Named President by Young GOP 1935
1900.4792 Newsletter Pake News
1900.4793 Article Articles on Chinese and Asian building architecture.
1900.4794 Article Article on the techniques of making baskets and basket care and repair Care and Feeding of Baskets
1900.4795 Article The Techniques of Basketry Harvey, Virginia
1900.4796 Article Articles on Asian bells Bells
1900.4797 Article Excerpts from the book on Hmong culture and clothing, textiles Grandmother's Path, Grandfather's Way Vang, Lue 1990
1900.4798 Article Article on Miao clothing, costume
1900.4799 Article Articles on Chinese clothing, costume
1900.480 Report A report on the impact of the I5 freeway in the Chinatown International District. Includes maps of where the freeway would go. Report on Portion of Seattle Freeway from Dearborn St. to Yesler Way Sept. 1954 Jackson Street Community Council
1900.4800 Article A 37th District Republican rally was to be held at Washington Hall in Seattle with candidate Clarence Arai in charge. 37th Republicans Will Hold Rally 1935
1900.4801 Article Clarence Arai, a Japanese American attorney and the first of his race to run for public office, was elected second vice president of the Young Republican League of King County. Arai Voted Young Republican Officer 09/19/35 North American Times
1900.4802 Article Seventeen members of the Young Republican League have filed for positions in the state legislature, and among them is Japanese Ameican attorney Clarence Arai. GOP Youth File 08/16/34
1900.4803 Article Seattle Mayor John F. Dore appointed Seattle attorney Clarence Arai to the Seattle Libary Board and Arai's appointment will need the approval of the Seattle City Council.. Arai Appointed by Mayor J. Dore to Library Post 1937
1900.4804 Article The Great Northern Daily News (Taihoku Nippo) congratulated Clarence Arai on his appointment as a member of the Seattle Library Board and mentioned all the public service in which he was involved. Congratulations! - Arai Appointed Library Trustee by Mayor John Dore 04/04/37 Great Northern Daily News
1900.4805 Article An opinion columm in the Seattle Times written by associate editor lames A Wood commented on the opposition to Clarence Arai's nomination to the Seattle Library Boards and stated that it was all due to prejudice and that his nomination should be based on its merits. No Place for Prejudice James A. Wood 04/07/37 Seattle Times
1900.4806 Article Mayor John F. Dore of Seattle sent the nomination of Clarence Arai, a Seattle attorney, to the Seattle City Council for approval as a member of the Seattle Library Board. Arai is Appointed to Library Board 04/03/37 Courier
1900.4807 Article Cassie Chinn, left, and May Ching prepare the "Women and Violence" exhibit, which opens tomorrow at the Wing Luke Asian Art Museum in Seattle. The exhibit, which runs through Sept. 4, focuses on the vulnerability and resilience of Asian-Pacific American women. Women and Violence exhibit part of the New Dialogues Initiative at the Wing Luke Asian Museum SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER Exhibit looks at violence against Asian women Wednesday, April 20, 2005 By ATHIMA CHANSANCHAI SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER As part of a new exhibition at the Wing Luke Asian Museum, empty jars will line the small gallery. Underneath each jar will be questions, including: "Have you ever known someone who is a victim of domestic violence?" and a pile of rocks. Visitors who answer yes are encouraged to put a rock in the jar. Organizers expect many full jars by the end of the five-month exhibition, "Women and Violence." Focusing on both the vulnerability and resilience of Asian-Pacific American women, it opens with a reception tomorrow and runs through Sept. 4. Videos and slide shows will accompany panels that take visitors through the terrain that leads to women becoming punching bags and commerce as the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Visitors will see how women are enslaved by war and how economic and workplace inequalities swing the pendulum of power toward abusers. Another room holds resources for becoming a survivor. Mannequins in the center of the room show outfits matching the most common exotic sexualized stereotypes that cling to Asian women in the United States: the Dragon Lady/Sexy China Doll, the Geisha, the Mail-Order Bride and the Hula Girl. All the outfits were ordered on eBay, said exhibit planner May Ching. The Mail-Order Bride features a white sundress briefly sold at Wal-Mart with "Return to Sender" and several World War II stamps on it. "You're confronted with the issues and how it manifests in society," said George Quibuyen, one of the exhibition coordinators. "It's not so much about the nature of victimhood. It's not a space to throw it back in their face." In the decade since a pregnant Susana Remerata was gunned down by her abusive husband in the King County courthouse, advocates of Asian immigrant women have come forward as empowered survivors trying to prevent further tragedy. "The community has a role to prevent it. The more education we do, the better. Domestic violence is still a taboo issue in the community, even though we've been doing this for 10 years," said Emma Catague, the program manager in community organizing for the Asian & Pacific Islander Women & Family Safety Center, which is one of the exhibit's two community partners. The other is the Seattle chapter of the Gabriela Network, an organization of U.S.-based Filipinas who focus on organizing, educating, networking and advocating around the trafficking of Filipinas through the "mail-order bride" industry, prostitution and forced labor migration. Catague, a survivor of domestic violence 30 years ago, added, "One of the reasons I want to speak up is to help others get out of their situation." "Violence on women is a serious crime and does not discriminate. This issue cuts across all lines of ethnicity, nationality, language, culture, economics, sexual orientation, physical ability, education level, and religion, and affects women from all walks of life," said Joann Natalia Aquino, Wing Luke's spokeswoman. "We hope that women affected by violence will know that there's a community out there they can turn to for support, assistance, resources and shelter. We want them to know that they are not alone." According to the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 205 people were killed from 1997 to 2001 in the state in domestic violence-related homicides. Current or former boyfriends or husbands did most of the killing of women. Washington police departments responded to 51,550 domestic-violence calls in 2000, including homicides, rapes, assaults, robberies and arsons. "Asian immigrant women suffer at a greater risk," said Lan Phan, executive director of the Safety Center. "Asian culture is so focused on family. There's nobody you can talk to, there are language issues, lower socio-economic status and immigration status." All visitors need to do to understand the spirit of the exhibition is to look up at one of the quotes that will scroll on the gallery's walls. This by poet activist Audre Lorde: "I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood." OPENING AND RECEPTION AT THE WING LUKE At 5:30 p.m. tomorrow, Wing Luke Asian Museum members and the public are invited to an exhibition opening and reception to commemorate the unveiling of the "Women and Violence" exhibit. The event is free. Light refreshments will be served. The Wing Luke Asian Museum is at 407 Seventh Ave. S. in Seattle's International District. To RSVP, call Joann Natalia Aquino, public relations manager, at or 206-623- 5124, Ext. 106. The Wing Luke Asian Museum is also asking for old cell phones as part of the HopeLine program, a national program by Verizon Wireless to recycle cell phone. It benefits victims of domestic violence. A cell phone drop-off box will be available at the museum. Donors can also deposit used wireless handsets, which will be refurbished, recycled and/or sold, with all proceeds going to non-profit groups that help victims of domestic violence. P-I reporter Athima Chansanchai can be reached at 206-448-8041 or ? 1998-2005 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Shedding Light on Exploitation Chansanchai, Athima April 20, 2005 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4808 Article Ron Chew and his sons, Cian, 9, left, and Kino, 7, huddle as they hear noises from an old window shutter blowing outside one of the Kong Yick buildings yesterday. The building, constructed in 1910, was once a hotel for single men. The Wing Luke Asian Museum, where Chew works, plans to renovate it and turn it into a community showcase. Old Chinatown attracts new money Developer, museum step in to renovate four historic buildings Tuesday, April 26, 2005 By VANESSA HO SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER At Wholesome Vegetasia, a ground-floor restaurant in Seattle's Chinatown, bamboo plants and green tea provide urban serenity. But on the floor right above it, rows of ruined windows scream urban decay. At the Mon Hei Chinese bakery, it's the same thing: The downstairs bustles with customers buying pastries and coconut buns, while the upstairs sags with dark, vacant floors. "You walk up King Street at night and it's dreary. There's no lights above. There's no hustle and bustle," said Bob Santos, a longtime International District activist. Like many historic neighborhoods, Seattle's Chinatown has long suffered from blight and a split personality. Ground-level restaurants and shops attract chowhounds and curio seekers, but the skeletons of long-defunct hotels hover directly overhead. It's a phenomenon that dates back three decades. But for the first time in years, a private developer is planning to invest heavily in the neighborhood, with massive renovations planned for three decrepit buildings. The developer, James Koh, hopes to start construction next month. Also, the Wing Luke Asian Museum is moving into one of the 1910 Kong Yick buildings, with plans to turn the now-semi-vacant space into a sparkling community showcase. The changes are a welcome relief, if not entirely embraced. Many in the International District are adopting a wait-and-see attitude about the plans. "If nothing else, having (buildings) open will make a difference," said Sue Taoka, executive director of the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority. "We just hope it's the right kind of development making a difference in the neighborhood." Others see the changes as just a start. Chinatown is a nationally registered historic district of just 12 blocks, but five of them are marred with at least one vacant, or semi-vacant, building. "It's been a persistent problem for our neighborhood," said Tom Im, a neighborhood planner with Inter*Im, a community development association in the area. But after awhile, the shuttered buildings -- and the graffiti and drug dealing that bloom around them -- become "ingrained in people's psyches," he said. In 2003, Koh bought three buildings in the heart of Chinatown: # The 1911 Milwaukee Hotel, which is empty upstairs. Koh wants to turn this into 113 market-rate apartment units. # The old Hong Kong restaurant building and Mar Hotel upstairs. Both sections are vacant. Koh wants to make this into commercial space with six top-floor apartments. # The 1910 Alps Hotel, where $300 a month at the dilapidated front desk buys guests cramped quarters with no bathroom. Koh wants to convert this into 117 market-rate units. "I want to see if we can make the place better, I guess," said Koh, who owns other properties around Seattle. Like other hotels in the area, Koh's buildings once housed hundreds of Asian cannery and railroad workers in the early 20th century. But after 20 people died in the downtown Ozark Hotel fire in 1970, the city enacted strict fire codes for single-room occupancy hotels. Many owners couldn't afford the changes, and shuttered their buildings. As the properties decayed, city officials and community developers tried to sway owners to fix them up. But most Chinatown owners have refused. "We cannot afford," said Tony Wong, president of the Hip Sing Association, a social club that owns a four-story building on Fourth Avenue South. The lower floors hum with businesses and clicking mah-jongg tiles, but the upper floors are tattered and dark. It would cost about $2.9 million to make the building livable, he said. Other owners are elderly and unwilling to sell, go into debt or endure reams of paperwork for any of the government-funded loans available to help them. They also can't tear down the buildings, because the historic district that governs the neighborhood won't allow it. Also, because immigrants often pooled money to build or buy buildings in the past, many properties still have multiple owners, making decisions difficult to orchestrate. Curtis Dong, whose 75-year-old father co-owns the defunct 1908 Eclipse Hotel on South Weller Street, has talked to his cousins about reopening the building as a vibrant place to live and work. But his father -- and his father's elderly siblings who also own the building -- aren't interested. It's too much money and work, they say. "We're talking about a really old generation," Dong said. "To them, they think, 'If we rehabilitate it, we'll never see the benefits.' They're from old school." Over the years, the city has dangled carrots for property owners, to no avail. The Department of Housing announced a $10 million low-interest loan program four years ago, aimed mostly at vacant or earthquake-damaged buildings in the International District and Pioneer Square. So far, the only loan made was $7 million to the Cadillac Hotel in Pioneer Square. The city's Office of Economic Development is now setting up a new $10 million loan pool to help projects in Southeast Seattle, the Central Area and the International District -- areas that haven't attracted much development. It's also looking into tax credits for developers in low-income areas. They'll be a tough sell in Chinatown. "What we're finding is the owners in the International District aren't enthusiastic about getting into a highly regulated fund source," said Bill Rumpf, the city's deputy housing director. Housing officials estimate there are between 500 and 600 empty single-room occupancy units in the International District. For them, that's potential for hundreds of units of new housing, which the neighborhood badly needs. "There's some hope," Taoka said. "As the next generation starts to take over the responsibility of these properties, they don't want to have on their conscience that they're slum landlords, or be the reason why the neighborhood is not thriving." She just hopes none of the buildings collapse before then. P-I reporter Vanessa Ho can be reached at 206-448-8003 or ? 1998-2005 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Old Chinatown Attracts New Money Ho, Vanessa April 26, 2005 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.4809 Article The Seattle City Council effiiciency committee endoresed Seattlre attorney Clarence Arai's nomination to the Seattle Library Board despite some objections from a lsmall minority. Arai Indorsed By Committee 04/09/2009 Seattle Times
1900.481 Article Leary writes about how San Francisco's Chinatown is in need of immprovement. Includes history of the area, and notes how there's not enough communication with the non-English speaking Chinese Americans and the Chinese American youths. San Francisco's Chinatown Leary, Mary Ellen March 1970 Atlantic Monthly Press
1900.4810 Article After receiving some protests over the proposed appointment of Clarence Arai to the post of Seattle Public Library trustee, two people came out in favor of his selection--James Y. Sakamoto, editor of the Japanese American Courier, and Miss Leone Knight. Arai Indorsed for Place on Library Board 04/37 Seattle Times
1900.4811 Article Clarence Arai, Seattle attorney, became the first person of Japanese ancestry named to a public office when he was appointed Seattle Public Library trustee. Arai Assured of Post After Public Hearing 04/10/37 Seattle Times
1900.4812 Article The efficiency committee of the Seattle City Council took up the nomination of Clarlence Arai, local Japanese American attorney, to the Seattle Library Board after receiving two letters of opposition to his nomination. Arai's Name Goes Before Committee 04/37 Seattle Times
1900.4813 Article Clarence Arai, a Japanese American attorney, was confirmed by the Seattle City Council as a member of the Seattle Library Board. Arai Appointed 04/37
1900.4814 Article Clalrence Arlai, a Japanese American attorney, was confirmed by the Seattle City Council as a new member of the Seattle Public Library Board. Arai Confirmed by City Council 04/37
1900.4815 Article List of elected and appointed officials for the City of Seattle 1937 City of Seattle (List of Officials) 1937 1937
1900.4816 Article An editorial in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer noted the historic event of having a Japanese American named to the Seattle Library Board of trustees and exprssed hope that this would be the beginning of Japanese Americans a in public life. Seattle's Clarence Arai 1937 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.4817 Article Four Japanese American Republicans attending a JACL national convention here in Seattle showed their support for Alf Landon for president of the U.S. Nisei Republicans Meet 09/06/36
1900.4818 Article Plans were being made to have a Republican state convention in Tacoma with the goal of having young people help prepare the platform. Convention of Young Republicans Called to Draft 1936 Platform 08/03/35 Grays Harbor Washingtonian
1900.4819 Article A political ad for Clarence Arai, who was running for representative for the 37th District as a Republican appeared in print,. Vote for Clarence Arai 1937
1900.482 Article How Chinese Americans have assisted in the development of Seattle through their businesses. Majority of Chinese businesses occupy Washington and Main Streets between Second and Sixth Avenues. Seattle Chinese Kay, Lew G. December 1909 The Coast
1900.4820 Article An editorisal callled for new leadership and for new blood and younger people to be involved in the state Republican Party. Young Republicans 1935 Grays Harbor Washingtonian
1900.4821 Article A retired logger Sweney Smith willed his entire fortune of $23,000 to Japanese American childrlen Ruby Kumasaka and Hisashi Kumasaka. White Pioneer Wills $23,000 to Japanese 1930s
1900.4822 Article Seattle Mayor John Dore demanded the resignation of three trustrees of the library board and one civil service commisioner, but Clarence Arai, the newest libary trustee, was not among the members being sasked to resign. Dore Demands 3 Library Heads Quit Carl L. Cooper 06/16/37 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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