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1900.5740 Article Two American Legion posts in Washington state urged the removal of all Japanese and other enemy aliens farther inland from the West Coast than had been announced previously. Vets Want Japs Farther Inland 03 /00/42
1900.5741 Article David Ishii, nearing 7, is peparing to make another change in his life now that evacuation orders have beeb promulgated. David grew up in Swedish Hopital and also lived on Vashon Island at a home of a relative of one of the Swedish Hospital nurses. A picture shows him playing Bingo with his sister Harriet. David Doesn' Talk About Going; He's Used to Change 03 /16/42
1900.5742 Article Thirteeen enemy aliens in Tacoma, including 12 Japanese and 1 Italian, were arrested by the FBI after it was learned that the Japanese were members of pro-Japan organizations. They and the one Italian who was taken into protective custody were sent to the immigration detention center in Seattle. Thirteen Tacoma Aliens Nabbed 03/15/42
1900.5743 Article A letter writer to publisher William Randolph Hearst suggested that Japanese evacuees be used to grow guayule rubber for defense work, with penalties for those who don't meet the quota. Schwarzkopf, John R. 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5744 Article A Chinese boy made sure that he was not mistaken for an enemy alien. In addition to wearing a China button, he had the word Chna spelled on his jacket with large heads of brass rivets. 03/16/42 Seattle Times
1900.5745 Article A Time magazine article stated that Japanese on the West Coast were to be prohibited from the coastal areas but that they could live inland and not be forced to move. Nevertheless, there were to be "reception centers" in the Owens Valley in California and on the Colorado River along the California-Arizona border. Enemies Keep Out 03 /16/42 Time magazine
1900.5746 Article A letter to the editor of the University of Washington Daily expressed the feelings of two Japanese American women who were to be evacuated. They set the facts straight and expressed hope for the future. Nakata, Chiyo; Inouye, Tamako 03 /17/42 University of Washington Daily
1900.5747 Article A column in he Seattle Post-Intelligencer told of the problems with the vacating of Japanese farms and the difficulties in getting others to take them over. Food production is an essential part of the war effort, and methods were being sought to keep production continuous. U.S. Speeds Program for Jap Removal Niendorff, Fred 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5748 Article A work camp to help Japanese berry farmers on Vashon Island was being organized by the American Friends Service Committee and the YMCA to have students work on the farms during spring vacation. Students Work In Vashon Camp To Aid Japanese 03/00/42
1900.5749 Article Additional sites that were to be off limits to enemy aliens and japanese Americans were announced by the Western Defense Command. The list included tunnels, bridges and radio stations in addition to several military areas in the state. More Areas Announced In Barred Zones 03/00/42
1900.575 Oryx Press, Mansell/London, 1980. Chapters on Chinese Language material, Japanese Language material and Southeast Asian: Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillipines, Brunei and Papua New Gui Cataloging and Classification of Non - Western Material Aman, ed. 1980 Cataloging and Classification of Non - Western Mat
1900.5750 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said it was un-American to discriminate against the Japanese in their midst because it punished the whole group and did not single out the individual who should be charged. Japanese Problem Hales, Anona 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5751 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer criticized a woman writer for saying that Japanese children should no be given the rights of citizenship just for being born in this country. He pointed out that she also was merely born in this country and that afforded her American citizenship. Citizenship Wilson, Bob 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5752 Article Additional states were added to the list of states deemed military areas, and they included Idaho, Montana, Utah and Nevada. The Western Defense Command under Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt designated prohibited zones such as military installations, air field, dams, utility plants, etc. within these states which enemy aliens are barred from entering. Four More State Designated by DeWitt. 03/17/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5753 Article Appearing before the Seattle City Concil, E. Fujtiomi appealed for a renewal of his city business license, which was granted. Japanese Gets City License 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5754 Article An article in a Seattle newspaper urged the Japanese to be evacuated to dispose of their property as soon as possible, and for others to take over the farms that were being left behind so there won't be a vegetable shortage. Evacuee Properties 03 /17/42
1900.5755 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that she knew of the Japanese language schools here and that they kept the Japanese here Japanese in thought and at heart. Japanese Problem Stanley, Alice 03 /18/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5756 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer enclosed a letter she saw that expressed the feelings of a Japanese American girl in Kent who said she tries to get along and be a good American citizen. The P-I published her letter. Japanese Problem J.M.F., Mrs. 03/18/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5757 Article Five Japanese aliens were arrested in the Tacoma area because they were members of a Japanese secret society. 5 Japs Arrested In Tacoma Area 03 /18/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5758 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Inelligencer suggested that Japanese farmers in the Puyallup Valley from Orting to Fife be allowed to remain there and harvest this season's crops with guards, and if after that removal is deemed necessary, then it could be done without much hardship or difficulty. Japanese in Valley Ball, Henry 03/19/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5759 Article Volunteer evacuees from Los Angeles were preparing to head for Manzanar in the Owens Valley to help set up the camp, and Lt. Gen. John DeWitt urged others in Military Area No. 1 to also volunteer to go there since total evacuation was inevitable, and those who take advantage of the opportunity would find their lot easier. Evacuation Of Japs To Start In Coming Week 03/19/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencere
1900.576 Employment, Wages and Welfare Foreign Language Press Nov. 1982 China Facts and Figures
1900.5760 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that there shouldn't be any sentimentality toward the enemy aliens of Japanese, German and Italian descent and that there was too much hush hush about the evacuation program. Against Sentimentality Cornelius, Don 03 /19/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5761 Article An executive order signed by President Franklin Roosevelt established the War Relocation Authority which will help the Japanese evacuees in their relocation problems and try to find employment for them in assisting the war effort. The director will be Milton Eisenhower. Alien Work Corps Formed 03/19/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5762 Article Farmers of Japanese ancestry must coninue to raise their crops and not sabotage the war effort by refusing to plant crops, harvest them and contribute to the food supply..Charles M. Ross of the Wartime Farm Adjustment Program was on a tour of the farms when he arrived here for an inspection to verify compliance with the government program. Jap Farmers Warned Crops Must Be Grown Niendorff, Fred 03/19/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5763 Article A letter to the editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said that if he were an American living in Japan, he would have been detained in some place, so he felt it justified doing the same to the Japanese in this country, who he said did not improve the standard of living of this country Yoakum, C.W. 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5764 Article James Y. Sakamoto, a Japanese Americn community leader, was awaiting word from the government to a request of allowing the Japanese communities in Western Washington to move to Eastern Washington to establish a model community. Japs Await O.K. On Settlement 03 /20/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5765 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said the Japanese in this area did things like having their own separate language school, and this and other things caused suspicion and thus they brought the mistrust of their neighbors on themselves. Japanese Problem Turner, R.D. 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5766 Document A headline from one of the local newspapers states "State D.A.R. Approves Enemy Alien Ouster." State D.A.R. Approves Enemy Alien Ouster 03 /00/42
1900.5767 Article A 21 year old Japanese Canadian was arrested in Vancouver B.C. after he was seen riding a horse through the University District and watching a radio station being built. Jap "Spotter" Held in B.C. 03/22/42 Seattle Times
1900.5768 Article A U.S. senator from Tennessee proposed that Japanese Americans should be denied the privileges of citizenship because "a Jap's a Jap." Japs? 'Get Tough'---Solon 03/22/42 Seattle Times
1900.5769 Article Japanese aliens left for internment at Fort Missoula, Mont. from the King Street Station. Friends and relatives were there to see the 150 men leave. Japanese Leave for Internment 03 /20/42
1900.577 Medical and Health Networks Foreign Language Press Nov. 1982 China Facts and Figures
1900.5770 Article A previous letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer criticized the Buddhist religion and Japanese language schools, and this person's response was that freedom of religion was part of the Constitution. Also, other groups have language schools as well. And Japanese are easily identifiable whereas a German or Italian up to mischief would not be, so shouldn't they be interned as well? Taki, William 03 /21/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5771 Article Japanese Americans in the Seattle area were to take an oath of allgiance to the U.S. to be administered by the Japanese American Citizens League, and identification cards were to be given to those who participated. Japanese Here To Take Oath 03 /22/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5772` Article The Puget Sound Chapter of the American Association of Social Workers called for a single agency to handle the intenment of Japanese on the West Coast and asked that there be no wholesale evacuation but one based individually and on its merits. Single Agency To Evacuate Aliens Urged
1900.5773 Article The governor of Colorado, Ralph Carr, asked for federal intervention after Japanese aliens and their children were settling in Colorado, and the American Legion was expressing concern over this settlement. Carr Asks U.S. To Aid Aliens; Violence Feared 03 /20/42
1900.5774. Article A Japanese Canadian was arrested in Rossland, British Columbia after it was found that sketches of industrial activity of the Warfield-Tadanac region were found in his possession. Young Japanese Arrested in B.C. 03/20/42
1900.5775 Article Four Japanese, including three who were membersof a front organizatin for the Black Dragon Society and one who was charged with gambling, were arested by the FBI in raids in the San Francisco Bay Area. Japs Jailed in S.F. As Aides of 'Black Dragon' 03 /21/42
1900.5776 Article A Japanese man was arrested in Trail, British Columbia after it was found that maps of industrial areas wre found in his car. He was on his way to Alberta to attend college, although he was not supposed to have a car. 'Mounties' Arrest Jap Alien as a Spy 03/20/42
1900.5777 Article People in Britih Columbia were warned not to buy cars or trucks from Japanese who are preparing for evacuation because the Japanese are forbidden to sell them but are to turn them in to the British Columbia Security Commission. B.C. Clamps Down on Jap Auto Sales 03/20/42 Seattle Times
1900.5778 Document A photocopy of a photo that appeared in a local newspaper showed Japanese in the Los Angeles area preparing to board buses for Owens Valley where the first of the Japanes alien reception centers was being built. Exodus of L.A. Japanese Begins 03/22/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5779 Article Evacuation of Japanese from the Los Angeles area began with the vanguard of a group of people who were leaving to help set up the Manzanar camp. Buses and a streamlined truck were taking the people to that place. Jap Ouster in Southern Calif. Starts 03/20/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.578 The Armed Forces Foreign Language Press Nov. 1982 China Facts and Figures
1900.5780 Article Japanese who were to pay their county taxes before they evacuate were surprised to learn that the treasurer's revenue deputy was being sent out to serve warrants for the collection and that the taxpayers were to pay the warrant fee despite having paid or preparing to pay the taxes at the county office. Taxes Proving A Headache To Japanese 03/00/42
1900.5781 Document An American Friends Service Committee (Quaker) bulletin refers to the pending evacuation of the Japanese and what the organization is doing to assist them. American Friends Service Committee Bulletin Barnett, Arthur G. 03/19/42 American Friends Service Committee
1900.5782 Article A representative from the Friends (Quaker) organization told of the problems that evacuation has brought and will continue to bring by citing the example of the removal of the Japanese people from Terminal Island with no provisions made for housing or employing them. Friends And The Japanese Problem On The West Coast Rhoads, Esther 03 /00/42
1900.5783 Article Two Japanese families on Vancouver Island were found to have hoarded sugar with one having 192 lbs. over the limit and another 94 lbs. over the limit. Since they were to be evacuated anyway, they were not going to be prosecuted.. Sugar Hoards Found In B.C. Jap Homes 03 /22/42 Seattle Times
1900.5784 Article The Army announced that there would be a total evacuation of the Japanese on Bainbridge Island, and they will be sent to a reception center in the Owens Valley in California. If anyone wanted to voluntarily evacuate to a place of their own choosing, they could do so if they received approval before the end of March 29. Japs Must Quit Bainbridge. Army Orders Evacuation With Week. 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5785 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer criticized the soft approach expressed by some letter writers and instead urged that support be given to the military authorities who were best equipped to handle the Japanese problem. Japanese Problem Vaughn, Charles 03 /00/42 Settle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5786 Article Over three hundred Japanese Americans registered with the Japanese American Citizens League, took an oath of allegiance to the U.S., had their picture taken and were fingerprinted and will be issued registration cards as an indication of their loyalty to this country. Seattle Japanese Take Oath of U.S. Allegiance Rue, Walter 03 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5787 Article The vanguard of many more thousands of people who will be incarcerated at Manzanar arrived there to help set up the canp. Vanguard of Group Arrives at Center 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5788 Article Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt made a visit to the Manzanar camp that was being prepared to accept a total of 10,000 Japanese . Shops were being set up, and wage scales were being set for the new arrivals. 10,000 Will Move Into New Camp 03/23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5789 Document A copy of a photograph that appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed a group of Japanese Americans taking an oath of allegiance to the United States being administered by Clarence Arai. A Pledge of Loyalty to the United States 03 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.579 Growth of Textile and Other Light Industries Foreign Language Press Nov. 1982 China Facts and Figures
1900.5790 Document A photocopy of a photograph that appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed people arriving at the Manzanar camp in the Owens Valley. They were in the vanguard of thousands more who were to come. First Japanese Arrive at Evacuee Camp 03 /00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5791 Article A group called the Hood River Traffic Association formed a committee toassist the farmers of the Hood River Valley in selling their properties and making sure that they were not taken advantage of when selling their items. Group to Protect Jap Properties 03 /23/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5792 Article Aprroximately 800 persons of Japanese descent arrived at the Manzanar internment camp in California in either a motor caravan of cars or from a train and were processed and given blankets, comforters and casing to use in a mattress. 800 Japs Move Into Arid Valley 03 /24/42 Seattle Post-intelligencer
1900.5793 Document A map showed where the first group of Japanese to be evacuated were living, on Bainbridge Island; the Japanese lived close to the Bremerton Navy Yard. Where Order Hits 03 /00/42
1900.5794 Article Japanese in the Los Angeles area left either by train or in a motor caravan to go to to the Manzanar internment camp in the Owens Valley which was to be a reception center for them. Evacuation Of Calif. Japs Now Under Way 03 /24/42
1900.5795 Article An editorial in one of the Seattle papers said that the Japanese in the area should be removed because it was too difficult to determine the loyal from the disloyal and that evacuation would be a good preventive to pre-empt any dangers. The Japanese Must Move 03 /24/42
1900.5796 Article Bainbridge Island's Japanese residents expressed various feelings on the evacuation that was to take place shortly and the uncertainty of the future that awaited them. A photo showed Sonokichi Sakai showing his daughter Kazuko what they had to give up. Bainbridge Japs Prepare to Leave Fitchett, Carlton 03/24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5797 Document Two photocopies showed a woman holding her defense bonds in front of a Buddhist altar, and the other photo of Rev. Kihachi Hirakawa, a Baptist minister, standing in front of his church he built. $700 In Defense Bonds Will Accompany Owner 03/24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5798 Document Three Bainbridge Island high school students of Japanese descent talked to their principal R.G. Dannis about their credits in anticipation of graduating from another high school when evacuation takes place. Students Hope They Will Be Allowed To Graduate 03 /24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5799 Article The War Relocation was preparing land on an American Indian reservation along the Colorado River at Parker, Arizona to house Japanese evacuated from the West Coast as an internment camp that would be self-contained and self-supporting. Officials Plan to Place Japs on Indian Land 03/24/42
1900.580 Religion Foreign Language Press Nov. 1982 China Facts and Figures
1900.5800 Article A curfew was established by the Army for all enemy aliens and persons of Japanese ancestry in Military Area No. 1 that reqired these people to be at their residences between 8 pm and 6am, and travel was limited to within 5 miles of their residences. Meanwhile, some people in the Japanese community were trying to establish a colony near Moses Lake in the Columbia Basin. Army Orders Alien Curfew 03 /24/42
1900.5801 Article A strict curfew was established for all enemy aliens and Japanese Americans living in Military Area No. 1. Those affected were to be in their homes from 8 pm to 6 pm. Another proclamation was being prepared to include other areas in Western states as well. 8 P.M - 6 A.M. Deadline Set by DeWitt 03 /24/42
1900.5802 Document A photocopy of a picture of Johnny Nakata showed him at his place of work in the meat and grocery business and said that he was looking for someone to take over his interest when he was gone. Business as Usual--Until Army Moves Him 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5803 Article Six Japanese aliens, including a woman, were arrested by the FBI because they were members of a potentially dangerous organization. Their homes were searched but no contraband was found. Six Japanese Arrested Here 03/00/42
1900.5804 Article Japanese on Bainbridge Island were making plans to evacuate as the Army barred any outside Japanese from entering the Island. Pictures showed them working, but they were mostly just waiting to see what happened next. Bainbridge Japanese Keep Working , Face Bill Collectors 03/24/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5805 Article There were reports that Idaho would be a site for a reception center for West Coast Japanese in an area between Caldwell and New Plymouth, although other sites were also being considered. The governor of Idaho Chase Clark was oposed to any influx of Japanese into his state. Idaho May Open Center For Coast Japs 03/00/42
1900.5806 Article A man wrote a piece for The Progressive in which he said that he had been helped when he was down and out and searching for a job, and he applied at a restaurant where he lied about his experience as a cook but was helped and befriended by a Japanese head cook who taught him everything because he really didn't know how to cook. "Sato" Meyer, Ernest L. The Progressive
1900.5807 Article A Japanese American from Nebraska is doing his bit with the United States Army Air Force by flying in a bomber and using a .50 caliber machine gun over Axis-held territory in Europe during World War II. Ben Kuroki of the USAAF 02/18/43 Pacific Citizen
1900.5808 Document A photocopy of a picture that appeared in the local papers showed Tatsumi Miyajima checking his rocking chair as he prepared to drive his car to the Manzanar internment camp. Bound for Owens Valley 03/24/42
1900.5809 Document A photocopy of a picture that appeared in the local paper showed Roy Torazo Hikida being turned back at the Bainbridge ferry dock because a new rule prohibited any Japanese from entering the island. Soldiers Stop Japanese Visitor 03/24/42
1900.581 Filipino Bodies: From the Phillippines to the United States and Around the World San Juan, Jr. 1997 From Exile to Diaspora
1900.5810 Article Registration of Japanese in Tacoma indicated that evacuation was imminent for all of Puget Sound, although other areas had not received notice as yet, except for Bainbridge Island. There the people had already received orders, but the salvagting of their strawberry crop was deemed a major problem New U.S. Order Hints Speedy Evacuation of Japs on Puget Sound 03/25/42
1900.5811 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer stated that Japanese American farmers should not be evacuated because they were necessary for the production of vegetables, and so they should be allowed to remain and kept under guard by military authorities. The aliens, however, should be removed. Vegetable Problem Petersen, Maurcie G. 03/25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5812 Document A soldier posted notices on Bainbridge Island in a photo which instructed the Japanese residents of the island on what the procedures were regarding the evacuation. Slpecial Instructions 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5813 Document Army officers distributed copies of Civilian Exclusion Order No. 1 to all Japanese residents of Bainbridge Island in a photo in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Exclusion Copies Handed Out 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligence
1900.5814 Document A photograph of a map showing the prohibited and restricted areas of the West Coast that affected persons of Japanese ancestry was distributed by the Associated Press. Manzanar camp shown on the map was where the Bainbridge Island Japanese were to go. Army Watching Japs on Brinbridge Island 03/25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5815 Document Japanese farmers on Bainbridge Island met with C.W. Neely of R.D. Bodle Company, a frozen fruit dealer, in a photo showing them in discussion over the disposition of their crops since they were to be evacuated soon. Plans Discussed for Saving Crops 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5816 Article In an article that included pictures, people of Japanese ancestry revealed their opinions on the curfew that had been imposed on them and the effects it would have on their lives. Japs Accept Army Order with Bewilderment and Obedience Stewart, Anne 03/25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5817 Article The Army kep a close watch over Bainbridge Island's Japanese as the day for evacuation was nearing. Meanwhile, James Sakamoto awaited word on his proposalto the federal government to have the area's Japanese move to the Columbia Basin near Moses Lake. Army Keeps Vigil on Japs at Brainbridge Bermann, R.B. 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5818 Document A copy of a photo in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed army troops guarding the ferry slip at Winslow on Bainbridge Island to ensure that no Japanese either left or entered the Island in preparation for the upcoming evacuation of all Japanese from Bainbridge Island. Troops Guard Island 03/25/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5819 Article The Army forbade any more voluntary evacuation of Japanese on the West Coast and announced that from now there will be evacuation under Army superivison. Also, the curfew was to be stringently endorced. In the meantime, James Sakamoto remained hopeful that the federal government would allow the Japanese to move to the Columbia Basin to establish a self-sustaining colony of evacuees. Army Will Halt Travel By Japs 03/26/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.582 Filipinos in the United States 1997 Internet
1900.5820 Article Regisration of Bainbridge Island Japanese was handled by civilian workers as the Army looked on in preparation for the evacuation of all these people from the Island. Registration for Japs on Bainbridge Bermann, R.B. 03/26/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5821 Document A copy of a photo showed Masaru Shbayama being in the presence of an armed sentry . The Army was there to prepare for the evacuation of the Bainbridge Japanese. A Symbol of Safety; Protection---Not Persecution 03/26/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5822 Article Kenji Ito, Seattle Japanese American attorney, stood trial on charges that he was an agent for Japan without registering with the government. In one of the days of the trial, it was stated that he sent a lawyer to attend meetings and speeches pertaining to Japan and report the findings back to him. Jap Attorney Got Meeting Data, U.S. Says 03 /27/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5823 Article Thirty-four Japanese aliens were arrested in Bakersfield and Visalia, CA in raids performed by the FBI, and radios and other contraband were seized. FBI Arrests 34 More Calif. Japs 03 /26/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5824 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said people shouldn't feel sorry for the Japanese being evacuated from Bainbridge Island when she herself had to leave her home, husband and son in Alaska after they were told to leave, and she knew of other Americans who had to leave their homes in Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Other Evacuees J.F.G., Mrs. 03/27/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5825 Article A curfew for aliens of Japanese, German and Italian descent as well as Japanese Americans was put into effect, and these people had to be in their place of residence between 8 pm and 6 am and could not travel beyond 5 miles. Those who work a night shift would not be exempted. Curfew Begins Tonight for Enemy Aliens 03 /27/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5826 Article The curfew was observed by Japanese businesses along Main and Jackson Streets as the lights went out and doors locked in order for people to meet the deadline of 8 pm. Curfew Goes Into Effect for Aliens Williams, Forrest 03/29/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5827 Article A Japaneese American businessman, Kenji Iki, was arrested by local authorities for failure to declare his $500,000 of Japanese bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank as required by law. Leading Jap Business Man Under Arrest 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5828 Article The Japan Society of Seattle disbanded because of the war and had made moves to do so even before being assailed by Miller Freeman at the Tolan Hearings. Japan Society Disbanded 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5829 Article A witness testified in Kenji Ito's trial that Ito had said Japan's invasion of China was merely a cooperative move to get along with the Chinese people. Ito was on trial for allegedly being an agent of Japan without registering as one. Witness Tells of Speech by Ito 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.583 Presented to National Democratic Convention on June 24, 1924 Memorial of the Philippine Independence Mission Zwick 8/4/1996 Anti - Imperialism in the U.S.
1900.5830 Article Two Universiy of British Columbia students left the University under procedures of the Dominion government's evacuation policy, but they have the opportunity to take their final exams at another Canadian university centre if they so request. Japanese Students Evacuated 03/06/42 UBC Odyssey
1900.5831 Article In an editorial in the UBC Odyssey, the author commended the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for its vigilance in watching over the security of the province, but it criticized the way the apprehension of a Japanese Canadian student was handled in the press without adequate investigation and thus adding to the jittery feeling over the presence of Japanese Canadians. Jap Jitters 03/27/42 UBC Odyssey
1900.5832 Article A Japanese American letter writer to Time magazine said he felt it was his duty to evacuate from the West Coast so that the Army could concentrate on more important matters and that if a bomb or anything else untoward happened, they would not be scapegoated by enraged white citizens. Nisei's Duty Itami, David Akira 03/16/42 Time
1900.5833 Article A Japanese Canadian student, Saburo Takahashi, was released after being arrested in Trail, B.C. for what was thought to be a map of the Trail Smelter as he was being driven toward Edmonton, Alberta. The map was merely directions to the home of a friend from the university. Japanese Student Freed; No Grounds 03/27/42 UBC Odyssey
1900.5834 Article A letter writer to Time magazine said there was no move by people in California to expel the Japanese population but that the idea was being fueld by racists, Congressmen, and white farmers and marketers. The writer said he/she was not alone in this feeling that there should be no evacuation or martial law. Baum, Terry L. 03/16/42 Time
1900.5835 Article A curfew for enemy aliens and all persons of Japanese ancestry was put into effect in late March, and the FBI warned that it would be strictly enforced. All affected people were to be in their homes between the hours of 8 pm and 6am. Enemy Alien Curfew Now In Effect Here Bermann. R.B. 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5836 Article Kenji Ito went on trial in Seattle for acting as an agent for Japan without registering as one. There was testimony pro and con about activities when he gave speeches in the Far East as well as his relationship with the Japanese Consulate. Ito Speech in Manila Drew Tokyo Ire, Says Defense 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5837 Article The curfew for Japanese aliens and Japanese Americans took effect with these people having to stay home between 8 pm and 6 am; and during daylight hours, every Japanese had to be at work, home or traveling between home and work. Also contraband such as firearms, shortwave radios, explosives, cameras, etc. had to be turned in. In addition, no one could leave the West Coast but had to wait for later orders. New Curb on Jap-Americans 03/00/42 Seatte Post-intelligencer
1900.5838 Article The Japan Society of Seattle was dissolved due to the war and the organization's funds were invested in defense bond.s Japan Society Here Dissolved 03/00/42
1900.5839 Article Preparations were being made to develop the Puyallup Fairgrounds as an assembly center to accept Japanese who were to be evacuated from the West Coast. Already the Santa Anita racetracks were being converted to an assembly center in California. Meanwhile, Bainbridge Island Japanese were preparing for their evacuation to a reception center in Manzanar, California. Puyallup Fair Grounds To Be Used For Japs R.B. Bermann 03/00/42
1900.584 Address at the New England Women's Suffrage Association, May 29, 1902, From Jim Zwick's Anti - Imperialism in the U.S., 1898 - 1935. Women of the Philippines Lopez June 7, 1902 Anti - Imperialism in the U.S.
1900.5840 Article A Japanese woman was found hanged in her room at the Meadows Sanitorium. Coroners ruled the death a suicide. Japanese Patient Hangs Self in Room 03/00/42
1900.5841 Article The I.S.S. Committee of the War Aid Council offered their services to assist Japanese Canadians enrolled at the University of British Columbia to allow them to finish their studies at the University or to help them get relocated at another university to finsh their final exams. I.S.S. Aids In Jap Evacuation 03/13/42
1900.5842 Document A copy of a photo in a Seattle newspaper showed children helping Mr. S. Furuta pack his goods as he prepared to leave Bainbridge Island Island Japanese Make Ready to Leave Under Evacuation Order 030/04/2
1900.5843 Article The city of Seattle announced that there would be no refunds on shop licenses to Japanese preparing to be evacuated. Also they would have to pay a closing out sale license when they dispose of their inventories. No Refunds for Japs, Says City 03/00/42
1900.5844 Article Japanese residents of Bainbridge Island left the island on a ferry to Seattle, then boarded a train for Owens Valley in California to an evacuation there. The army assisted in the evacuation, and pictures showed the movement of the people. Evacuation Scenes; Sad Farwells; Japs Leave Island 03/30/42 Seattle Times
1900.5845 Article Residents of Japanese ancestry prepared to leave Bainbridge Island today, March 30, 1942 as all arrangements had been made to have the army evacuate them. They were to take a ferry to Seattle, then board a train for Manzanar. Japs to Quit Bainbridge Homes Today Bermann, R.B. 03/30/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5846 Article The army announced that certain classes of aliens of German and Italian descent were exempted from any evacuation, and a handful of Japanese aliens were also included if they were in places such as hospitals or institutions; but otherwise, all Japanese were to be confined in their residences and await orders for evaucation. Army to Exempt Certain Aliens 03/00/42 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5847 Article The second order for evacuation involved the Los Angeles harbor area where there are about 3,000 Japanese residents. They will be moved to the Santa Anita racetrack during a three day period. In another announcement, the Wartime Civil Control Administration and the War Relocation Authority said that $21, the minimum wage for an American soldier, would be the maximum wage for a Japanese/Japanese American internee at an internment camp. Army to Oust Japs in L.A. Harbor Area 03/29/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5848 Document A photo in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer showed Japanese/Japanese Americans from Bainbridge Island being escorted by soldiers to a waiting train on their way to an evacuation reception center in Manzanar, California. Bainbridge Japs Leave in First N.W. Evacuation 03/31/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5849 Article Japanese/Japanese American residents of Bainbridge Island were removed from the island and sent by ferry to Seattle where they boarded a train for Manzanar, California. Photos accompanying the article showed a caravan of army trucks and a mother with her three children waiting at the ferry dock. Japanese on Bainbridge Removed Without a Hitch 03/31/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.585 Printed in the New York Times, May 18, 1919, From Jim Zwick's Anti - Imperialism in the U.S., 1898 - 1935. What the Filipinos Ask Kalaw May 18, 1919 Anti - Imperialism in the U.S.
1900.5850 Article Japanese/Japanese Americans were reminded of the deadline to turn in contraband articles. Deadline Today on Contraband 03/00/42
1900.5851 Document A photocopy of a picture that appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer shows the Nakamura family in an army truck being evacuated from Bainbridge Island with a soldier with a bayonet sitting with them. It's Their Big Moving Day 03/31/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5852 Article Bainbridge Island's Japanese residents got rid of their personal property by selling them to the public and vegetables were left growing until they could be harvested by others as the Japanese residents of the island prepared to leave. 'Auction' Draws Many 03/00/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5853 Document Copies of two photographs that appeared in a Seattle newspaper showed a Japanese American woman carrying her luggage to the outside of her house and another showed soldiers guarding the Eagle Harbor ferry dock from where the Japanese on Bainbridge Island were removed from the island. Sad Farewells While Troops Stand By 03/31/42
1900.5854 Article A census of Japanese students at the University of Washington was to take place with the eventual goal of having them transferred to colleges in the East. A conference held earlier in California at the University of California had various university representatives meet with the Western Defense Command. Evacuees Head For Eastern Schools Joel Ream 03/31/42
1900.5855 Article The maximum wage for evacuated Japanese in the camps was set at $21 a month, which is the minimum pay for an American soldier, according to the Wartime Civil Control Administration. Questions had arisen by evacuees and others as to what the top wage would be for evacuees working on public camp projects. $21 a Month Maximum Pay for Evacuees 03/00/42
1900.5856 Article A Japanese businessman's bail was set at $50,000 for failure to declare $500,000 of Japanese securities to the Federal Reserve Bank. Kenji Iki, a California-born Japanese, was the manager and chief representative of United Ocean Transport Co. who held these securities. Bail of $50,000 Set for Jap Business Man 03/00/42
1900.5857 Article American Friends (Quakers) were busy helping Japanese residents on the West Coast who were faced with imminent evacuation. In Los Angeles, where nearby Terminal Island was evacuated , Friends helped the evacuees find housing; and in Seattle, a news bulletin informed the people of assistance, while in San Francisco Friends worked with the Japanese American Citizens League. AFSC Problems On The West Coast 03/00/42
1900.5858 Document A questionnaire pertaining to possibly transferring to another college was passed out at Eagleson Hall on the University of Washington campus to Japanese American students facing evacuation. Information Concerning College Students Facing Evacuation 03/00/42
1900.5859 Article An article in the Christian Century reported on the evacuation of Japanese and said it was the result of anti-Japanese feeling and was not necessary or constitutional but the "die was cast" and urged the churches to help in alleviating the suffering. Our Japanse Refugees Fisher, Galen M. 04/01/42 The Christian Century
1900.586 Configuring the Filipino Diaspora in the United States San Juan, Jr. 1994 Diaspora 3:2
1900.5860 Document In a bulletin from the local American Friends Service Committee, the letter said it knew of the assembly center and final reception center for the Japanese evacuees but that the Tolan Committee reported that resettlement so that the evacuees could live a normal life was the ultimate goal , so the future was not all that bleak. Bulletin No, 4 American Friends Service Committee 04/08/42
1900.5861 Article Two hundred and twenty-five Japanese from Bainbridge Island were removed by the army in the first evacuation of civilians in Pacific Northwest history. 225 To Make New Homes In California Fitchett, Carlton 03/31/42
1900.5862 Article The cash box of the Japanese Students Club at the University of Washington was rifled and $220 in currency was taken. Jap Students' Cash Box Looted 04/01/42
1900.5863 Article The army announced that the Longacres rack track will be an assembly center for evacuated Japanese in Western Washington along with the Puyallup Fair site, which is currently under construction. Army To Use Longacres As Camp For Japs 04/00/42
1900.5864 Article Evacuation of Japanese residents of Southern California were taking place as plans were being made for the total evaucation of persons of Japanese ancestry along the Pacific Coast. Assembly centers were being prepared to accept the evacuees. Calif. Japanese Removl Begins 04/00/42
1900.5865 Article New workers were being added to the work force constructing the assembly center for Japanese evacuees on the Puyallup Fairgrounds where there were expected to be 8,000 residents. Big Force Working On Assembly Center 04/00/42
1900.5866 Article The federal case of Kenji Ito, Seattle attorney accused of acting as an agent of Japan without so registering, went to the jury for a decision after attorneys on both sides made their closing arguments. Ito Appeals for Acquittal; Federal Jury Ponders Case 04/00/42
1900.5867 Article The U.S. government, through its spokesman C.J.Opperman, encouraged all Japanese to continue the production of produce until they are evacuated. They were told not to sell farm equipment, fertlizier or property because of the importance of food production. 04/00/42
1900.5868 Article Students of Japanese ancestry at the University of Washington were registering before evacuation with the idea that they would be able to continue their educations elsewhere in the Midwest or East. Jap Students At U. Register 04/02/42
1900.5869 Article Saburo Takahashi, a former mechanical engineering student at the University of British Columbia, was not carrying detailed maps of vital defense industries when he was arrested in Trail, B.C. on his way to Edmonton, Alberta to attend a university there, it was revealed by a spokesman for the British Columbia Security Commission. Investigation Proves B.C. Japanese Not 'Saboteur'; Police Drops Case 04/04/42
1900.587 Searching for the Heart of America: Reintroducing Carlos Bulosan San Juan, Jr. Spring, 1993 FFP Bulletin
1900.5870 Article About 250 alien students at the University of Washington registered at the school in a census to determine a possible transfer to other schools outside the area. Japanese American students were also included in the census. 250 Aliens Registered 04/00/42
1900.5871 Article Some Japanese American students at the University of Washington were able to transfer to schools in the Midwest before the voluntary evacuation period was halted. Others still on campus registered with the University in hopes of transferring to other colleges. Jap Students At U. Transfer To Inland Schools 04/00/42
1900.5872 Article Kenji Ito, a Japanese American attorney in Seattle, was acquitted by an all-white jury in a case in which he was charged with being an agent of the Japanese government without registering as such. Ito Is Acquitted By Federal Jury 04/00/42
1900.5873 Article Syndicated columnist Henry McLemore suggested, tongue in cheek, that Santa Anita Racetrack, where Japanese and Japanese Americans were temporarily housed, be reopened so that the residents could play the horses and thus raise funds for the war effort. Let Japs Bet on the Ponies--With No Races on the Square 04/00/42
1900.5874 Article Nearly a third of the farms operated by Japanese on the West Coast have been turned over to new owners, according to the Farm Security Administration. 04/00/42
1900.5875 Article Japanese American college students will be eligible to receive funds from the World Student Service Fund, which was originally set up to help European and Chinese student relief but was changed to include Japanese American students who were faced with evacuation. WSSF Aid May Provide Schooling for Evacuees 04/00/42
1900.5876 Article Kenji Ito, Seattle attorney, was acquitted of failing to register with the State Department as an agent of Japan in a trial before a federal jury. Jap Attorney Acquitted By Federal Jury 04/00/42
1900.5877 Article Life magazine featured the movement to and arrival at the Manzanar internment camp in the Owens Valley of California. The first internees arrived by car and showed them settling down at the camp. Coast Japs Are Interned In Mountain Camp 04/06/42 Time, Inc.
1900.5878 Document Two photographs showed where an assembly center was being built at the Western Washington Fairgrounds at Puyallup where persons of Japanese descent were to be housed in a temporary evacuation center. Where Nipponese Will Await Traveling Orders 04/00/42
1900.5879 Article The Longacres race track was chosen the second evacuation reception center for evacuated Japanese, it was announced by Gen. John L. DeWitt of the Western Defense Command. (It never was used after all.) Longacres To House Evacuees 04/00/42
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1900.5901 Article A Japanese native, Kekichi Nakamura, who served in the U.S. Navy for 32 years, received a military funeral service at Portsmouth, VA. Japanese Vet Is Laid to Rest 04/07/42 Seattle Times
1900.5902 Article A house where three Japanese families lived caught fire but all the resident were safe. The fire resulted from a overheated stove in the flat of Mr. and Mrs. Takeshi Okawa House of Japanese Hit By Blaze 04/00/42
1900.5903 Article Only about a third of the farms to be left by the Japanese in the King County region have been taken over by others as the Farm Security Administration kept up its efforts to register those who were interested in taking over the farms. Operators For Jap Farms Lag 04/00/42
1900.5904 Article A new "city" was being constructed at Puyallup on the grounds of the Western Washington Fairgrounds to house some 8,000 persons of Japanese ancestry who were to be evacuated shortly. Spectators were amazed at the speed of the construction. Puyallup Assembly Center For Japanese Rises Rapidly 04/00/42
1900.5905 Article A student at the University of Nevada, Roland Bowers, is shown in a picture of a headstone of supposedly the first Japanese immigrant to the United States. William Takahashi arrived in the 1867. First Jap In U.S.A. 04/00/42
1900.5906 Article Approximately 2,500 Japanese from the Long Beach and San Pedro areas were settled at the Santa Anita racetracks, which were set up as a temporary reception center before they are sent to permanent camps in the interior. 2,500 Evacuees Now At Santa Anita Race Turf 04/06/42
1900.5907 Article 150 Japanese from the West Coast consisting of 25 families arrived at Keetley, Utah to begin farming at the 4,000 acre Fisher ranch. Evacuees Reach 4,000 Acre Utah Ranch Site 04/06/42
1900.5908 Article Japanese evacuees from the San Francisco area were preparing to leave for Manzanar camp as they made last minute arrangements to dispose of their goods or have them stored. First Group Of San Francisco Japanese Leaving Tonight For Manzanar Center 04/06/42
1900.5909 Article The Golden Hop Yard near Toppenish, WA was among four sites chosen to be an assembly center for Japanese evacuees by the Wartime Civil Control Administration. Three others were located in California Toppenish Golden Hop Yard, Assembly Center 04/00/42
1900.591 Articles on Asian American Experience, Chinese American Family, Japanese American Family, Filipino American Family. The Ethnic American Family Moore, III, ed 1978/01/01 Journal of the Society of Ethnic and Special Study
1900.5910 Article The general public was asked to curtail their service for movers and storage because these services were needed for Japanese who were soon to be evacuated from the West Coast. Local Movers Ready To Aid Army In Evacuation 04/00/42
1900.5911 Article The British Columbia Security Commission assured Japanese Canadians that their welfare would be protected and the government will provide for them when their husband and father are sent to work camps. Welfare of B.C. Evacuee Family Will Be Portected Assures Gov't. Commission 04/00/42
1900.5912 Article Bond for Kenji Iki, a Japanese businessman, was lowered from $50,000 to $25,000. Iki was being held for not declaring $515,000 in Japanese bonds and $15,000 in U.S. currency as required by law. Kenji Iki Wins Lower Bail 04/07/42
1900.5913 Article Two Japanese residents of Boring, Oregon were arrested for violating the curfew in effect for persons of Japanese ancestry. 2 Japs Arrested 04/07/42 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5914 Article Although 50,000 acres of 200,000 acres being left behind by Japanese farmers have been transferred to new operators, there was still need for more farmers to take over the vacant farm acreage, according to the Farm Security Administration. More White Farmers Needed Says Hewes 04/00/42
1900.5915 Document The American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) issued a bulletin to the Japanese community commenting on its efforts on behalf of Japanese Americans and of its offer to help resettle and normalize conditions for them. Bulletin No. 4 American Friends Service Committee 04/08/42
1900.5916 Document A Japanese translation of Bulletin No. 4, which the American Friends Service Committee issued to announce that they would help evacuated Japanese and assist in their resettlement so they could lead a normal life. Bulletin No. 4 (In Japanese) American Friends Service Committee 04/08/42 American Friends Service Committee
1900.5917 Article A second group of Japanese Canadians was scheduled to leave Vancouver, B.C. for Schreiber, Ontario to work on road camps. A wire received from the group at Schreiber indicated things were satisfactory and the townspeople were friendly. 2nd Group Of B.C. Nisei Leaving For Schreiber, Ontario 04/00/42
1900.5918 Article A Japanese American from Bainbridge Island wrote back to tell everyone that their group arrived safely at the Manzanar camp and were settling down in their new living quarters. Bainbridge Islanders, First Evacuee Families 04/00/42
1900.5919 Article The State Personnel Board of California dismissed some 350 to 400 Japanese American employees, and some of them will be charge with falsifying their job applications by holding dual citizenship or having attended Japanese language schools. Calif. State Payroll Cleared Of All Nisei 04/00/42
1900.5920 Article The state bar association of Nevada protested any plans to allow Japanese American students from California to attend the University of Nevada at Reno saying if the students were dangerous in California, they would be dangerous in Nevada. Nevada Bar Against Cal. Nisei Entering State 04/00/42
1900.5921 Article Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt sent a reassuring letter to James Sakamoto of the Japanese American Citizens League telling him of the government's plan to make evacuation decent and comfortable and to safeguard the evacuees from violence. Mrs. F.R. Sends Evacuees Cheer 04/00/42
1900.5922 Article State and fedeal officials were meeting in Salt Lake City to discuss the ramifications of the evacuation of Japanese from the West Coast. Meanwhile, in Washington state the U.S. Employment Service was sending "flying squadrons" to communities to help Japanese with disposal of their property or the leasing of it and to provide public assistance if needed. 9-State Group Discusses Japs 04/07/42
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