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Wing Luke Museum
2000.121.167 Book In English. "Lessons" from Lenin's life that "advance the class struggle." Lenin: The Great Strategist of the Class War A. Losovsky The Trade Union Educational League
2000.121.168 Book Book-like digest containing various articles and stories that were originally published in other magazines (similar to current "Reader's Digest"). In English. Everybody's Digest: Reading Matter That Really Matters 1952 W.J. Smith Publishing
2000.121.169 Book Digest containing various articles and stories originally published elsewhere. One article is "Japanese - Descendants of Gods." In English. Reader's Digest: Articles of Lasting Interest 1933 The Reader's Digest Association
2000.121.170 Book Appears to be a collection of famous quotes. Collection of Famous Words and Writings (Meigen Meikun ? Shu) 1935
2000.121.171 Book Collections of religious devotions. In English. The Upper Room: Daily Devotions for Family and Individual Use (Vol. II) edited by Grover Carlton Emmons 1936 Methodist Episcopal Church
2000.121.172 Book Seattle storekeeper's receipt booklet. Credit/Sales Receipt Booklet 1939
2000.121.173 Book Christian interpretation of the mind, including emotions, will, and habit. In English. An Introduction to the Study of the Mind Walter Scott Athearn 1923 The Westminster Press
2000.121.174 Book Holy Bible: References The American Bible Society (Japan Agency)
2000.121.175 Book Illustrated book of Chinese dishes. 300 Easy-to-Make Family-Style Chinese Dishes (Kantan ni Dekiru Katei ? Ryori Sanbyaku-shu) compiled by Fujin Kurabu ("Ladies Club")
2000.121.176 Book Alphabetical list of people(Japanese Americans living in or near Tacoma) and their addresses. Includes lots of advertisements for local Japan-related companies. Telephone and Address Guide to Japanese People Living In or Near Tacoma 1933
2000.121.177 Book Appears to be a list of prominent Japanese businessmen living in Seattle (originally from Yamanashi Prefecture) and their personal information (addresses, names of family members, etc.). All of these people may belong to a particular association? no title? 1925
2000.121.178 Book Guide to dogs. Includes photos of different breeds. Researching Dogs (Inu no Kenkyu) 1910
2000.121.179 Book Appears to be about the Shinto priest of the Ise Shrine (the home of the "Sun Goddess," or founder of the imperial family) named Takeuchi, and his family. Also his "treasured articles." Includes a few photographs. Treasures of the Takeuchi Family: a Shinto Priest of the Ise Shrine (Koso Kotaijingu Kannnushi Takeuchi-ka Hiho)
2000.121.180 Book Part of a series on science and religion, by a doctor of engineering. Today's Youth: What Should We Do Now? (Gendai no Seinen: Warera Ima Nani o Nasu Beki?) Sato 1927 Industry and Religion Association
2000.121.181 Book Appears to be about classical "Ballad-Drama Music," or lyrics themselves. Collection of Ballad-Drama Music (Gidayu Nihyaku Dan shu)
2000.121.182 Book Novel about Akasui, in feudal Japan. Akasui, the Loyal Retainer: A Long Narrative (Akasui Gishi)
2000.121.183 Book Mini-guide to the Baptist Church, including history, baptism, church discipline. In English. A New Baptist Church Manual 1912 American Baptist Publication Society
2000.121.184 Book Appears to be someone's personal book. Perhaps a diary, but looks like poems and songs are included. Done in fine calligraphy. no title 1907?
2000.121.185 Book A questionnaire in booklet form given to customers to help determine the "tastes and desires" of motorists. In English. Your Car: As You Would Build It General Motors: Customer Resarch Staff 1936 General Motors
2000.121.186 Book In Japanese. Various contributors. Morning Bell (Shogyo?) 1929
2000.121.187 Book In Japanese. A Christian story about "travelling." To God's Country (Kami no Kuni E) 1928
2000.121.188 Book In English. Black and white photographs relating to the Tokyo artist named Tacho. Includes introduction about him. Edokko Studies Frederick Starr 1932
2000.121.189 Book A textbook for elementary school students in Japan learning how to read Japanese. Elementary School Reader Japanese Ministry of Education 1914
2000.121.190 Book Deluxe edition. Mini English dictionary with brief definitions and a pronunciation guide. Webster Dictionary: Self-Pronouncing Webster
2000.121.191 Book A pocket-size textbook for Japanese third graders sudying the Japanese language. Focus is mainly on how to read and write kanji (Chinese characters). A Japanese Reader for Self-Study (3rd Grade Level) 1937
2000.121.192 Book Pocket-size textbook for Japanese fourth graders learning the Japanese language. Mostly focuses on reading and writing kanji (Chinese characters). A Japanese Reader for Self-Study (4th Grade Level) 1938
2000.121.193 Book Contains list of hand-written kanji (Chinese characters) with an index in the back. Each page contains the same list three times, written in three different script styles. Appears to be a guide to the different scripts for people interested in calligraphy. no title
2000.121.194 Book Translated from English into Japanese. About Christianity, with chapters devoted to the "prayers" of different people in the Bible (Abraham, Daniel, etc.). Hero of Devotion (Kito no Yusha) E. M. Bounds 1927
2000.121.195 Book In English. Brief history of the church. Includes black and white photos. The First Hundred Years
2000.121.196 Book In English. A daily account of this session, a list of appointments of the mission, committee reports, treasurer's report, etc. Thirty-first Annual Session of the Pacific Japanese Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church Pacific Japanese Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1930
2000.121.197 Book In Japanese. Written by a Doctor of Engineering on how science and religion are related. Science and Religion (Kagaku to Shukyo) Sato 1927
2000.121.198 Book Translated from English into Japanese. Introduction says it is "not a sermon." Rather, this appears to be a booklet containing the "confessions" of a Christian minister. Revelation, Experience, and Service Rev. W. Graham Scroggie 1942
2000.121.199 Book In English. Collection of American evangelist Charles Finney's lectures. Includes a brief story of his life. Lectures to Professing Christians (Abridged) E.E. Shelhamer and Charles G. Finney 1928 Nazarene Publishing House
2000.121.200 Book In English. This is a "brief Bible course for inquiring young people." Includes chapters on the Bible, God, Creation, Man, Satan, Sin, Salvation, Temptations, Judgments, and Rewards. Thinking with God about The Bible, God, Creation, etc. Norman H. Champ 1931 The Bible Institute Colportage Association of Chicago
2000.121.201 Book In English. Meditations on the Christian experience. Includes a chapter on "How to Read Your Bible." Light on Life's Duties F.B. Meyer c 1895 Moody Press
2000.121.202 Book In English. The president of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago explains passages from the Bible. The Living Christ and Other Gospel Messages Will H. Houghton 1936 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.203 Book In English. Christian fiction. Christie's Old Organ (or Home Sweet Home) O.F. Walton The Moody Press
2000.121.204 Book In English. This book "suggests methods of mastering the subject matter of the Word of God, its facts and doctrines." Methods of Bible Study W.H. Griffith Thomas 1926 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.205 Book In English. Collection of ten addresses given by F.B. Meyer on "deeper aspects of Christianity." The Christ-Life for the Self-Life F.B. Meyer c 1897 The Moody Bible Institute
2000.121.206 Book In Japanese. Appears to be the 21st piece in a collection of "literary masterpieces." Is apparently the last volume in a series (?) that is called "Smoke." Smoke (Baien) (Collection of Literary Masterpieces 21) Morita? 1919
2000.121.207 Book In English. An invitation to an "Auto Party" given by the men of the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. Guests are faculty of the Baptist Missionary Training School and Seminary. Car theme is presumably metaphor for a Christian theme. An Auto Party Northern Baptist Theological Society 1928
2000.121.208 Book Translated from English into Japanese. Christian writings by a reverend. The Mystery of the True Vine (Makoto no Budo-ju) Andrew Murray 1929
2000.121.209 Book In English. An "Evangel Booklet." The minister of Kansas City's First Presbyterian Church gives his opinions on evolution. Why I Do Not Believe in the Organic Evolutionary Hypothesis James Edward Congdon 1925 The Bible Institute Colportage Association of America
2000.121.210 Book In English. Text of Talbot's radio messages. Talbot was the pastor of the Church of the Open Door. Discusses John's gospel, chapter by chapter. Jesus Christ: The Eternal Son of God as Seen in John's Gospel Louis T. Talbot
2000.121.211 Book In English. Part of the "Evangel Series." Deals with Christianity and its perspective on war and peace. World Peace: Is It a Reasonable Hope or a Delusion? Charles C. Cook 1924 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.212 Book In English. This book "proves that the Dawn of a New Day is breaking on this chaotic world." Brown details his reasoning and provides evidence that the end of the world is near. What of the Night? Arthur I. Brown 1933 Fundamental Truth Store
2000.121.213 Book In English. A math textbook covering numbers, fractions, decimals, money, ratios, percentages, etc. Possibly geared toward high-school students. Progressive Arithmetic 1860
2000.121.214 Book In Japanese. Appears to be fiction taking place during the samurai era of Japan. The Shadow of Loyal Retainer Sakura of Ancient Japan (Yamato Sakura Gishi No Omokage) Yoshida 1912
2000.121.215 Book In English. A leaflet created by the MDA to solicit financial contributions via mail carriers. Includes an envelope for mailing in the money, and facts about the disease. Don't Let Him Die! Muscular Dystrophy Association
2000.121.216 Book In Japanese. The New Testament of the Bible. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Japanese Revised Version (Shinyaku Seisho) 1928 American Bible Society, Japan Agency
2000.121.217 Book In Japanese. Appears to be a collection of short stories dealing with troubled personal relationships, perhaps all dealing with immigrants. A Sad Story of Immigrant Land: a Family Tragedy (Iminchi Aiwa: Katei Higekihen) Nihisa Tokuwan 1929
2000.121.218 Book In Japanese. Collection of illustrated stories. Pages fold like an accordion, with two different "books" starting at each end. Collection of Prose / Collection of Anecdotes (Koin Aisho Meibun Shu / Bidan Itsuwa Sen) various 1932
2000.121.219 Book In Japanese. Appears to explain the daily lives of Jewish people in the Holy Land. Created by the Research for Religious Studies. Customes and Practices of the Holy Land (Seiji no Fuzoku to Shukan) Oya 1922
2000.121.220 Book In Japanese. Instructions on how to write various kinds of letters, such as New Year's greetings, invitations, announcements, etc. Includes sample letters. Collection of Letters for Ladies (Fujin Tegamibun Zenshu) various 1929
2000.121.221 Book In Japanese. Japanese edition of a handbook created by the D.A.R. Contains introductory information on American history, politics and geography. Manual of the USA for Immigrants and Foreigners (Gasshukoku Benran) Daughters of the American Revolution 1926
2000.121.222 Book In Japanese. Appears to be one man's opinions on Individualism, Democracy, and Socialism. Comments on Today's Three Big Trends of Thought (Gendai Sandai Shicho Hihan) Sasaki 1919
2000.121.223 Book In Japanese. Pictures and information about significant Japanese people of the day, including politicians, military personnel, and cultural figures. Active People and Organizations in Contemporary Japan (Gendai Nihon ni Katsuyaku Suru Jinbutsu to Sono Dantai) 1933
2000.121.224 Book In Japanese. Appears to be a collection of this writer's articles previously published in a newspaper. Topics include: "Discipline and Training," "Simple Living," "Japanese Housewives," "The Spirit of Youth," etc. Seems to be social commentary. Revival of the Spirit (Seishin no Fukko) 1924
2000.121.225 Book In English. The text of Truett's address given at the National Capitol, 1920, in connection with the Annual Session of the Southern Baptist Convention. About "religious liberty." Truett was the paster of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. Baptists and Religious Liberty George W. Truett 1920 Sunday School Board, Southern Baptist Convention
2000.121.226 Book In English. Includes five ways to "test modern views of the Old Testament scriptures." Part of the Evangel Booklet series. Some Tests of Old Testament Criticism W.H. Griffith Thomas 1924 Bible Institute of Colportage Association
2000.121.227 Book In English. Introduction to Christian Science as a system of healing, and as a religion. Lists ways it differes from other Christian doctrine. The Unvarnished Facts About Christian Science William Edward Biederwolf Glad Tidings Publishing Co.
2000.121.228 Book In English. Mini magazine published monthly. Includes articles and poetry with a Christian theme. Main article is "Why Do Christians Suffer?" Christ of the World Messenger: Inspiration 1952 Christ for the World
2000.121.229 Book In English. The text of five radio sermons by M.R. DeHaan, M.D. of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the "true purpose of the first advent of Jesus Christ" (John 3:16). God's Present to Man: The True Purpose of the First Advent of Jesus Christ, John 3:16 M.R. DeHaan
2000.121.230 Book In English. Two booklets in one: "The Christian's H-Bomb" and "What the Bible Teaches about the Holy Spirit." Two Southern Baptists write about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit: The Christian's H-Bomb E.J. Daniels and J.B. Lawrence Christ for the World Publishers
2000.121.231 Book In English. Written by the Minister in the Reformed Episcopal Church and President of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. About the Book of Leviticus, including its purpose, application, and interpretations. Christ in the Sacrificial Offerings: Bible Studies in Leviticus James M. Gray 1924 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.232 Book In English. Contains the "new" catechisms that a commission created and compiled for the Methodist Episcopal Church. Includes brief sections (Q & A) on: the nature of the Christian religion, the Ten Commandments, the Lord's prayer, etc. The Standard Catechism of the Methodist Episcopal Church c 1905 The Methodist Book Concern
2000.121.233 Book In English. Includes chapters explaining the meaning of the "grace" of God, the sinfulness of man, and man's response to God's grace. The Grace of God William McDonald 1960 Walterick Publishers
2000.121.234 Book In English. Five radio addresses delivered by DeHann, Associate Teacher of the Radio Bible Class in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Booklet says this is a "study of a few of the many signs of the Second Coming of Christ as prophesized in Scripture and fulfilled in recent days." The Signs of the Times Richard W. DeHaan The Radio Bible Class
2000.121.235 Book In English. Part of the Keystone Standard Training Course. Offers suggestions on how to teach about the homeland of the Hebrews, the forefathers of Israel, and other Old Testament history. See 2000.121.244 for similar book on New Testament history. Keystone Standard Training Course: Old Testament History (Airplane View) Ira M. Price 1920 The Judson Press
2000.121.236 Book In English. The text of a lecture given by Brown in the Wheaton College Chapel (Wheaton, Illinois). Is about Secret Societies (Freemasonry) and Masonry as a religion. Secret Societies in the Light of the Bible William Leon Brown 1928 National Christian Association
2000.121.237 Book In English. Includes chapters on the importance of prayer, hindrances to prayer, when to pray, etc. Part of the Moody Colportage Library, a series of evangelical books by Christian authors. How to Pray R.A. Torrey 1900 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.238 Book In English. Contains the musical scores and lyrics to 70 Christian hymns. Revival Gems Number Two 1927 Samuel W. Beazley & Son
2000.121.239 Book In English. Covers the origin, history, and "mistakes" of Seventh-Day Adventism, and how it is contrary to Christian gospel. Seventh-Day Adventism Renounced Rev. D.M. Canright 1889 Fleming H. Revell Company
2000.121.240 Book In English. A reverend's essay on archeological discoveries related to the Old Testament. Archeology's Solution of Old Testament Puzzles John Urquhart 1906 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.241 Book In English. A Bible study guide. Appears to be the same book as 2000.121.242, but perhaps a different publication. (no dates) Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15) Dr. C.I. Scofield Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot
2000.121.242 Book In English. A Bible study guide. Appears to be the same book as 2000.121.241, but perhaps a different publication. (no dates) Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15) C.I. Scofield The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.243 Book In English. A collection of addresses given by Moody on the subject of "redeeming grace." Includes three "gospel dialogues." Part of the Moody Colportage Library of Christian books. Sovereign Grace: Its Source, Its Nature and Its Effects D.L. Moody c 1891 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.244 Book In English. Part of the Keystone Standard Training Course. Focus is on New Testament history. See 2000.121.235 for Old Testament history. Keystone Standard Training Course: New Testament History (Airplane View) A.T. Robertson c 1924 The Judson Press
2000.121.245 Book In English. Discusses passages from the Bible. Part of the Moody Colportage Library of Christian books. Meet for the Master's Use: Addresses on the Deeper Christian Life F.B. Meyer c 1898 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.246 Book In English. For young readers. Each chapter focuses on a different youngster in the Bible. Illustrated. Children of the Bible The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.247 Book In English. Part of the Moody Colportage Library of Christian books. Covers what the Bible says about prayer; also, other aspects of prayer, including confession, forgiveness, and faith. Prevailing Prayer: What Hinders it? D.L. Moody c 1913 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.248 Book In English. A collection of four radio sermons on Moses given by M.R. DeHaan in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Backside of the Desert (Exodus 3:1) M.R. DeHaan, M.D. The Radio Bible Class
2000.121.249 Book In English. A handbook published for the Student Department of the International Committee of the YMCA. It contains the principles and methods of deputation work for college students (the forming of groups of Christian men for volunteer evangelistic work in the community). College Deputations for Evangelistic Work Fred M. Hansen c 1921 Association Press
2000.121.250 Book In English. Part of the Moody Colportage Library of Christian evangelical books. On finding guidance from God. The Secret of Guidance: A Companion Volume to "Light on Life's Duties" F.B. Meyer c 1896 The Bible Institute Colportage Association
2000.121.251 Book In Japanese. Writings on Christianity, including "What does Christ's life show us?" and "Dying for Christ and Living for Christ." Not sure about author. The God That Became Human (Ningen ni Natta Kami) 1931 Tomoshibi-sha
2000.121.252 Book In Japanese. Includes many advertisements for Seattle-area Japanese-owned businesses. Appears that 100 well-known (and local?) Japanese each contributed 100 words (characters). Cannot determine subject matter, however. One Hundred People Comment in One Hundred Words (Hyaku Moji - Hyakunin Hyo) 1909
2000.121.253 Book In Japanese. Appears to be a collection of short stories (or essays) dealing with the education of youth. Collection of Short Stories by Seiji Noma (?) (Noma Seiji Tanwa-shu) Seiji Noma? 1932
2000.121.254 Book In Japanese. Short, illustrated blurbs on various "great men," including Lincoln, Socrates, Darwin, and some Japanese people. Appears to be lessons in learning. Great Men Teach This Way (Ijin Wa Kako Oshieru) 1929 Dai Nippon Yubenkai Kodansha
2000.121.255 Book Translated from English to Japanese. Collection of six of Buxton's sermons, including "The Burdens of a Sinner" and "Spreading the Word." Essentials for Revival (Ribaibaru No Yoken) Barclay F. Buxton 1914
2000.121.256 Book In Japanese. Interpretations of the Book of Daniel. The Book of Daniel: Expository Lectures (Danieru-sho No Kenkyu) Kanzo Uchimura 1922
2000.121.257 Book In Japanese. About science and religion; written by a scientist. See collection for similar books with same title. Science and Religion (Kagaku to Shukyo) Part 8 Sadakichi Sato 1928
2000.121.258 Book In Japanese. How prayer should be used in life. The Prayer-Life (Sekai o Ugokasu Chikara) Andrew Murray 1929
2000.121.259 Book In Japanese. About Christianity and the Japanese spirit. The author, who is a scientist, writes how Christianity is important for the Japanese people. Japanese Spirit and Religion (Nihon Seishin to Shukyo) Dr. Sadakichi Sato
2000.121.260 Book In Japanese. About science and religion; written by a scientist. See collection for other books in this series. Science and Religion (Kagaku to Shukyo) Part 20 Dr. Sadakichi Sato 1928
2000.121.261 Book In Japanese. Japanese scientist discusses science and religion. See collection for other books in this series. Science and Religion (Kagaku to Shukyo) Part 3 Dr. Sadayoshi Sato 1928
2000.121.262 Book In Japanese. America Won't Fight Japan? (Amerika Wa Nihon to Tatakawazu) 1933
2000.121.263 Book In Japanese. Appears to be about the study of world geography, including its purpose and how it relates to history. Discourse on the People of Earth? (Chijin-ron?) Uchimura 1894
2000.121.264 (a) & (b) Book In Japanese. Lists common ailments, their causes, and how to treat them. Family Medical Guide (Katei Isho) 1924
2000.121.265 Book In Japanese. Appears to be about parenting as a Christian. Being Called a Parent (Ko no Oyo to Yobarete) 1929
2000.121.266 Book In Japanese. Bible Study guide focusing on the Book of Romans. See 2000.121.268 for Part II. Commentary on the Book of Romans, Part I (Romasho Shakugi) 1922
2000.121.267 Book In Japanese. First part appears to be about one person's personal experience with Christianity. Second half is an appendix / supplement with further writings on "religious faith." The Christ of Experience (Taiken no Kuristuto) 1927
2000.121.268 Book In Japanese. Bible Study guide on the Book of Romans. See 2000.121.266 for Part I. Commentary on the Book of Romans, Part II (Romasho Shakugi) 1923
2000.121.269 Book In Japanese. Guide for women on how to write letters for various occasions. Includes calligraphy guide at the end. Women's Letter-Writing Style Guide (Fujin Shokanbun Han) various 1932
2000.121.270 Book In Japanese. Christian hymn book with musical scores and lyrics. Includes an index in English. Hymns (Sanbika) 1953
2000.121.271 Book In Japanese. Appears to be a novel. Sacred Fire (Seika) Okata 1927
2000.121.272 Book In Japanese. A scientist discusses science and religion. See collection for other books in this series. Science and Religion, Part 14 (Kagaku to Shukyo) Dr. Sadayoshi Sato 1928
2000.121.273 Book In Japanese. A scientist discusses science and religion. See collection for other books in this series. Science and Religion, Part 5 (Kagaku to Shukyo) Dr. Sadayoshi Sato 1927
2000.121.274 Book The New Testament. In English and Japanese - side by side for comparison. The New Testament: Comparing English and Japanese (Eiwa Taisho ... Shinyaku Seisho) The American Bible Society 1924 The American Bible Society, Japan Agency
2000.121.275 Book In Japanese. Illustrated guide to seasonal foods and cooking techniques. Guide to Year-Round Homestyle Cooking (Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu: Katei Ryori Daizenshu)
2000.121.276 Book In Japanese. Focus on study of kanji (Chinese characters) for 5th graders. See other books in the collection that are a part of this series (different grade levels). Japanese Reader: Self-study for 5th Graders (Kokugo Tokuhon Jishusho) 1937
2000.121.277 Book In Japanese. Covers 27 books of the New Testament and the different "gospels" they represent: Gospel of Salvation, Gospel of Service, Gospel of Humanity, etc. Table of contents is in English. God and the Gospel of Divine Love (Kami to Seiai no Fukuin) Toyohiko Kagawa 1930 Fukuin Shokwan
2000.121.278 Book In Japanese. Appears to be a self-help type book about how to have a "successful life." Includes chapters on "Character Readjustment," "Bragging," and "Courage." Importance of Self in Society ? (Shinse Yoroku?) Imai 1904
2000.121.279 Book In Japanese. Collection of illustrated "stories" about real people (?). Seems to be promoting Japanese culture / successes. Stories of Successful Youth (Gendai Seinen Seikosha Monogatari) various 1929
2000.121.280 Book In Japanese. On Christianity. Includes chapters on: "The Japanese Nation and Religion" and "The Japanese View of Life." Eastward Light (Toho no Hikari) Sato 1929
2000.121.281 Book In Japanese. About Christianity and faith-based healing. The Victory of Faith Healing (Shinyu no Shori) Kisanro Nagai 1930
2000.121.282 Book In English. 8 page booklet. Latter-Day Saints view of authority (priesthood) within the Church. Rays of Living Light: Divine Authority Charles W. Penrose Missions of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints in America
2000.121.283 Book In English. A narrative on Christianity taken from Ben E. Rich's "Mr. Durant of Salt Lake City." A Friendly Discussion Upon Religious Subjects Ben E. Rich Missions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of America
2000.121.284 Book In English. The story of Smith and the events that led to the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Prophet Joseph Smith Tells His Own Story Missions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in America
2000.121.285 Book In English. This is the second American edition of an article explaining a British man's reasons for leaving the Church of England and joining the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My Reasons for Joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints R.M. Bryce Thomas 1902
2000.121.286 Book In Japanese. Has stamp of "Japanese Seventh-Day Adventist Mission -- Seattle" on the back. The True God and His Sabbath (Makoto no Kamisama to Sono Saijitsu) 1919
2000.121.287 (a)-(d) Book In Japanese. Four copies of the same bulletin: (a), (b), (c), and (d). All are dated September 23, 1934. Church is located at 901 E. Spruce St. Not sure of city and state. Includes a photo of the church. Weekly Bulletin of the Japanese Baptist Church 1934
2000.121.288 Book Pet Recipes: Pet Milk Cookbook Crumbine, Samuel and James A Tobey 1930 Pet Milk Company
2000.121.289 Book Book Picture book in English and Japanese on the Kanto Earthquake of 1923, Part 3 Earthquake Pictorial Edition 1924 Osaka Mainichi
2000.129.007 Book History and design. Kimono Keiichi Takasawa 1948 Japan Travel Bureau
20003.500.4093 Newspaper 1988-1992 The Hawaii Herald
20003.500.4098 Newspaper 1996-1999 asian focus
2001.015.055 Album Peking Photographs China Feb. 1931
2001.015.056 Book Snapshots of China 1931 The Sentinel
2001.020.002 Book Chinese language Two volume edition of general outline of herbal medicine. Ben Ts'ao Kang Mu Li Shih Chen 1916
2001.021.022 Book Two volume work of herbal recipes and food recipes for good health, advice for problems, taking care of animals and plants. 1000 Secret Recipes for Daily Use Tang Jin Yu 1920 ? Tai Dong Book Store
2001.021.023 Book A love story about the scholar Han Jian lu's brother and a young lady - Tangying. . The title is based on the Chinese analogy of Mandarin ducks who mate for life. Yuan Hu Chow Li Dingqi 1930 ? Guohua Bookstore
2001.021.028 Notebook Notebook with handwritten entries. Notes on financial dealings: "Ya-san borrowed 575 Yuan - he will be back in June 15th 1897" "Huang Ju borrowed 500 Yuan - he will be back here in November 20th 1897" "The ship will arrive here in December 5th , it left October 23. "Three persons coming." January 4th 1902 Jin Feng borrowed 97 Yuan Pay to Gui Liang a bill 20 Yuan. Uncle Beiying borrowed 5 Yuan; 7 Yuan; 40 Yuan. July 24th Borrowed 10 Yuan March 2nd, 1902 Pay us back 74.90 May 5th I am Commissioned to buy things. Borrowed 1.8 Yuan; .4 Yuan, 1.75 Yuan, 3.85 Yuan, total 3.85 Yuan. Zhai Tian September 1936 pay us ack 5 Yuan Borrowed 80 Yuan Liu Weiyu Borrowed 2 Yuan Jin Feng Borrowed 20 Yuan Chuan Zhuo Borrowed 20 Yuan Payback 2 Yuan, Payack 2 Yuan. 1897 ?
2001.026 Book Photographs of members of the families of the area Japanese American Citizens League. In Japanese with some English Photographs of Washington State JACL members 1938 Tacoma Japanese Weekly
2001.036.001 Book Highlights of 50 years of the Young China Morning NewsPaper 50th Anniversary 1910 - 1960 Young China Morning Paper 1960 Young China Morning Paper
2001.036.002 Book Book about Bruce Lee by Jesse Glover his first student in the US. Bruce Lee Jesse Glover 1976
2001.036.003 Book Techniques of martial arts as told by Jesse Glover Bruce Lee's Non-Classical Gung Fu Jesse Glover 1978
2001.046.005.001 Book How to book of Chinese landscape painting. Four string-bound volumes. Gives advice on style, technique, etc. for painting rocks, buildings, scenery, people, boats. Jiezi Yuan hua zhuan chuji Series on Painting Mustard Seed Garden, first volume 1884 Zhang Fu Ji book store
2001.046.005.002 Book Chinese painting text book Lessons on painting flowers and plants close-up. Four string-bound volumes. Jiezi Yuan hua zhuan er ji Series on Painting Mustard Seed Garden, Volume Two 1885 Zhang Fu Ji Book Store
2001.046.005.003 Book Chinese painting textbook on how to paint flower, plants, insects, and animals. One string-bound volume. Jie Zi Yuan hua zhuan san ji Series on Painting Mustard Seed Garden, Volume Three 1886 Zhang Fu JI book store
2001.046.005.004 Book The lyrics of a ballad. It tells the story of a woman who goes to a temple with an image of Zhang Fei, kowtows and asks for blessing. Jin Shan Po Bai Zhang Wang A Woman of Gold Mountain (San Francisco) prays to King Zhang 1926 Yue Kim
2001.046.005.005 Book Ballad about the traditions of marriage, "Containing jokes about (a woman) being sent to the bridal chamber." Two copies. San Gu Mian Men, quan ben Third Daughter Faces the Door, (the entire story) 1900s Dan Zhu Tang
2001.046.005.006 Book The books are a ballad about the traditions of marriage. Liu Gu hui men xin facai, quan ben Sixth Girl Returns to the Door and becomes rich anew, (the entire story) 1900s Dan Zhu Tang
2001.046.005.007 Book Novella with dramatic and adventure aspects--young couple gets married, they both die. The fan presumably falls into someone else's hands and various incidents ensue. Yu Kui Bao Shan Yu Kui's Precious Fan
2001.046.005.008 Book Two of four volumes. It is a tale of a person who meets a deity, and gains supernatural powers with which they help the people. It was published in Guangzhou (Canton) and uses some characters unique to Cantonese. Rhyming verse. Da Han qishu: San he bao jian, quan ben Strange stories of a great hero: The precious triple sword, (the entire story) 1937 Dan Zhu Tang book store
2001.046.005.009 Book Story about a magical sword, 14 volumes. Er xu San He Mingzhu baojian, quan ben The Second Installment of the Bright Pearl Triple Sword, (the entire story)
2001.046.005.010 Book The story is a standard of Chinese literature: A good family suffers unjustly. the children are dispersed, and adopted by other families, the study hard and do well in the examinations and are reunited, the injustice is ammended by the Emperor and the family rehabilitated. Ao Sui Ling Zhi, quan ben Breaking the Lingzhi Mushrooms, (the entire story) 1937 (?) Dan Zho Tang
2001.046.005.011 Book two editions of the same story A: is published by Dan Zhu Tang book store in Guangzhou before 1937. B: is published by Yin Wen Tang book store in 1912. The story is a standard of Chinese literature: A good family suffers unjustly. the children are dispersed, and adopted by other families, the study hard and do well in the examinations and are reunited, the injustice is ammended by the Emperor and the family rehabilitated. Jie xiao tu wei ji, yin jiao quan ? Hua deng ji Story of the flowered lantern.
2001.046.005.012 Book Guo Huai the evil eunuch is brought to justice by the honest official Bao Gong during the Song Dynasty Bao Gong Shen Guo Huai Bao Gong questions Guo Huai
2001.046.005.013 Book Chinese operetta lyrics based on the famous novel Hong Lou Meng or Dream of the Red Chamber, about the wealthy and politically-connected Jia family as it gradually decays. Three volumes. Hong Lou Meng
2001.046.005.014 Book Vol 1, 3, 4 of Chinese Operetta This is the story of the female general Fan Li Hua. and her love affair with her rival general Xue Ding San. Er Qi Li Hua Twice-abandoned Li Hua? 1937 Yi Wen Tong book store
2001.046.005.015 Book Operetta lyrics. Three volumes. This is the story of a young scholar who becomes the number 1 scholar at the final Imperial examinations, marries a princess and becomes a minister. He suffers much treachery but comes out victorious in the end. Bi Yu Dai Green Jade Belt 1937 (?) Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.016 Book Chinese operetta lyrics vol 2,3, 4 This is the story of a pair of young lovers who plan to marry until the man's father is murdered by Imperial treachery. He is finally absloved and they live happily ever after. Rui Ying Ping The Auspicious Screen 1937 Yi Wen Tang book store
2001.046.005.017 Book Ballad or song lyrics in four volumes. It is the story a family with three children. the mother dies and the father remarries a woman who is the epitome of the evil step mother. The children eventually leave and find good fortune. Chao Shang Ying Ge Song of the Soaring Oriole 1937 (?) Dan Gui Tang book store
2001.046.005.018 Book four volumes, only two with covers. Hou xu: Xin Jin Ye Ju Ji Continued: New Story of the Chrysanthemum with Golden Leaves
2001.046.005.019 Book Third volume of this ballad script of a Cantonese opera in which a woman is unjustly forced to become a prostitute, falls in love with a scholar, dies and is reincarnated ans avenges her wrongs and marries the scholar. Zai Shi Cong Liang, Yin Hun Xue Hen In another life, the prositute gets married; a dark spirit gets its revenge
2001.046.005.020 Book How to tell someone's fortune using their appearence. Jian Mao Bian Se The Countenance in the Mirror Changes Yi Wen Tang Bookstore
2001.046.005.021 Book Vol 2. Romance story of gifted scholar and beautiful woman. Ballad lyrics Di Ba Caizi huajian The Eighth Gifted Scholar's Flowery Letters Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.022 Book An old woman sings about loneliness. Lao Nu Fan Jia The Old Woman Gets Remarried Wu Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.023 Book A young widow grieves for her husband. Qing Lan Fu Jian Green Orchid among the Grasses
2001.046.005.024 Book Incomplete - only four pages - the prime ministers daughter must choose her husband by tossing a ball of silk - the one it hits is the man. Xi Peng Da Zhang Xi Peng Claps Bi Jing Chang book store
2001.046.005.025 Book The future husband of a woman engaged dies and she vows to marry no other against the wishes of her family (but thus demonstrating her virtue by remaining faithful to her deceased fiance). She goes to live with her fiances family and during a famine begs for food for her 'mother-in-law' and is rewarded by a sympathetic god. Alternative title: jie nv shou qing: A Chaste Woman Guards Her Purity Qi Mi Yangjia, Po Xianyan Bao Begging for Rice to Feed the Family, a Woman is Rewarded for the Suffering She Has Endured Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.026 Book Part of the romance story of Liang San Boa nd Zhu Ying Tai. Liangs goes to visit Zhu but has to have his houseboy Shi Jiu to ask the way. Shi Jiu Wen Lu Shi Jiu Asks the Way Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.027 Book The career of a spendthrift. Ballad script: Claims to be a "New Dragon Boat Song!" Gui Ma Yuan Shen Cai Rotten Ma was Once Very Talented Bi Jing Tang book Store
2001.046.005.028 Book Bi Rong Zhai Jian Blue-Faced Ceremonial Eunuch? Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.029 Book A young lady misses her suitor and longs for him every hour of the day. Shi Er Shichen Twenty-four Hours De Wan Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.030 Book Xue Gang was the grandson of Xue Ren Gui a famous general in the early Tang Dynasty Xue Gang is arrested for drunkeness and assault. He gets angry and destroys the Imperial Ancestral Temple and escapes. He marries Ji Luan Ying. The Emperor was killed in the temple and Wu Ze Tian takes the throne and Xue Gang is free of charges. Xue gang Da Lan Tai Miao; Ji Luanying Zhao Qin Xue Gang destroys the Imperial Ancestral Temple; Ji Luanying seeks a husband
2001.046.005.031 Book A young woman dreams of having a skill to help her through life. She worked at a factory learning the trade but is laid off. All she could do was sigh. __ si nv zi tan Sighs of a woman silkmaker 1900 Yi Wen Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.032 Book Cantonese operetta about a young scholar named Zhao Hua Long. He was poor and lived with his cousins. One day the saw the body of a beautiful woman in a canal and he takes it home and sings the mourning song to her and waved the cattail leaf fan. Pan Long Bao Shan The Precious Fan from Panlong Dan Gui Tang Book Store
2001.046.005.033 Book 3rd volume of opera script. In this part "Mu Lian Jiu Mu" Mu Lian was a monk and sacrificed himself to save his mother from punishment. Luo Bu Tiao Jing ?? Dan Zhu Book Store
2001.046.005.034 Book Famous Guangdong Opera Scripts Yue dong ming you qu ben Famous Guangdong Opera Scripts Qiu He Qin 1924 Da Xin book Store
2001.046.005.037 Book Black and white photographs of West Lake in Hangzhou, China. (West Lake is one of China's major scenic tourist attractions, even in modern times.) Xi hu feng jing Views of West Lake Vol 1 1917
2001.046.005.038 Book Cantonese opera story lyrics. First two songs are illustrated. Illustrations, book one: a guest's path leads to autumn resentment (ke tu qiu hen); in the evening, mourning autumn delights (ye diao qiu xi) Illustrations, book two: spring comes to an end (chun yi mu); traveling through white clouds (you bai yun) Hui tu zhen hao chang Illustrated lyrics for singing
2001.046.005.039 Book Novel about the founding of the Southern Song Dynasty. Five volumes; 2 copies of volume number 2. (Xiu xiang) Nan Song Fei Long Zhuan (Exquisitely Illustrated) Story of the Flying Dragons of the Southern Song Jin Zhang Book Store
2001.046.005.040 Book American detective story translated into Chinese Jiao tu ku Lairs of the Crafty Rabbit 1923 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.041 Book Chinese character dictionary with entries grouped by pronunciation (probably for purpose of telling apart characters with same/similar pronunciation, given the title). Tong yin zi hui Homophone dictionary Qiam Lin Library
2001.046.005.042 Book Chinese character dictionary with entries grouped by pronunciation. Doesn't provide full definitions, just gives examples of usage. Tong yin zi hui Homophone dictionary
2001.046.005.043 Book Dictionary of Chinese characters with entries grouped by pronunciation. Doesn't provide full definitions, just gives examples of usage. Tong yin zi hui Homophone dictionary
2001.046.005.044 Book Chinese character dictionary with entries grouped by pronunciation. Top margin also provides examples of characters in seal script. Kao zheng tong yin zi hui Verified homophone dictionary Jiang Xue Hai Guang yi book store
2001.046.005.045 Book Atlas of China. Contains color maps of China as whole, maps of rivers and maps of provinces/cities (including province of Xikang, which no longer exists). Also contains wrtite-ups on local geography, commerce, place-name etymology, etc. Also contains large fold-out sheets at back detailing China's mountain ranges, its entire river tributary system, rail system, ports, and foreign legal and territorial claims within China. 1926. Zui xin Zhong hua xing shi yi lan tu Newest Atlas of the Topography of China Hong Mao Xi 1926 Da Dong Book Store
2001.046.005.047 Book Beginner's text book where every sentence begins with a three character title demonstrating an ideal. After each is an explanation. San zi jing bei yao Three-character Classics, a primer
2001.046.005.048 Book Text book teaching social rules and emphasizing hard work Every entry incudes a brief explanation of three- or four-character mottos, emphasizing positive values. San Yuan Ju Jie Explaining the sentences of Successful Provincial Exam Candidates Chen Xiang Ji Book Store
2001.046.005.049 Book In the beginning of the Republic of China the whole country was filled with exultation. Liang Hu Chen is an example of this pride. Possibly a children's book, printed in huge typeface, repetition of "the youth of the nation." Begins with references to western revolutionaries: Napoleon, Washington, and Mme. Roland. Ge ming song Ode to the Revolution Liang Hu Chen 1912 Ju Xian Tang Bookstore
2001.046.005.050 Book Chinese dictionary, organized by radical. Xue sheng zi dian Student's Dictionary 1916 Commercial Press Ltd.
2001.046.005.051 Book Primer on the meritorious acts of emperor Wen, recounted in the first person. Wen Di yin zhi jing wen Classic of Wen Di's (Cultured Emperor's) Secret Good Deeds Wen Di
2001.046.005.052 Book One of three in the WLAN collection dealing with numbers to use for accounting or gambling or fortune telling. Promises to provide the reader with a path to wealth. Tang Fan Piao Tu Zhi Zhang An Illustrated Guide to Tang and Fan Tickets 1920 Zhi Hua Xua Book Store
2001.046.005.053 Book Ancient Poems selected for children. Emphasis seems to be on Tang-era poets (Li Bo, Wang Wei, Du Fu, Meng Haoran, Bo Juyi and others), with some earlier poems included. Er tong gu shi xuan yue Selected Readings in Ancient Poetry for Children 1982 Xin Hua Book Store
2001.046.005.054 Book Forty nine stories of awards for right acts and punishment for bad acts. Stories are unattributed. Xi hu min jian gu shi Folk Stories from West Lake 1978 Xin Hua Book Store
2001.046.005.055 Book There are three stories in this book: "Love and Death"; "Memoir of an Orphan"; and "Working on spec" Ai yu zui Love and Crime Gao Yun Chi 1930 Nan Xing Bookstore
2001.046.005.056 Book How to make caluculations with the abacus, with simple illustrations. Jian ming zhu suan Clear and simple guide to using an abacus
2001.046.005.057 Book Black and white illustrations of Chinese architectural embellishments: window frames, decorative panels, etc. Zhongguo jianzhu zhuangjie tu'an Designs of Achitectural Decoration of China Nan Shan Book Store
2001.046.005.058 Book Martial arts story of Ying Niang who takes up her father's cause and uses subterfuge to sneak into the palace and assasinate the emperor in Qing dynasty China. Ying Niang fu chou ji Annals of Ying Niang's Revenge Duo Fu Zhu Ren 1912 JIn Xia Ge Zhu
2001.046.005.059 Book The story of the gifted painter Wen Zhengming and his marriage to three beautiful young ladies. (Is possibly a historical fiction about great Ming dynasty painter Wen Zhengming, who was known as one of the four great talents of his age.) Wen Zhengmin yan yi (xia ce) The Tale of Wen Zhengming (vol. 2) Ling Yan Giao Zi, ed. JIng Shi library
2001.046.005.060 Book In the Ming Dynasty at the period of Zheng De, there were four famous gifted young scholars in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The most famous was Tang Bai Hu. He was gifted in calligraphy and painting. He married Qiu Xiang whom he had met in a temple. She smiled at his attentions three times. (Title is a pun on San Guo Yan Yi, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the most famous novels of Chinese literature. Subtitle inside: San xiao yin yuan: Three smiles, destined for marriage.) San xiao yan yi The Tale of Three Smiles Wang Lang JIn Xiu Ge Zhu
2001.046.005.061 Book The story of the concubine Yang Guifei, the beautiful lover of the Tang emperor Xuanzong. One of the great romantic tragedies in Chinese literature. During the An Lushan Rebellion, the besotted emperor flees with Yang; but his guards dislike her and the influence she holds over the emperor, and refuse to carry her to safety. They insist that she be executed en route. Gui fei yan yi Romance of Concubine Yang Guifei Jing Zhi JIng Zhi Library
2001.046.005.062 Book Very famous story and play about a woman who is secretly a white snake spirit in a woman's body. Bai She Zhuan (qian hou ji) Story of the White Snake (parts one and two) Chen Xian Jing Bookstore
2001.046.005.063 Book Collection of classic maxims in eight chapters, instructing the reader on how to: be fair minded; cultivate one's moral character; study well; have a happy family; work well; get along with other people; be engaged in political affairs; manage state affairs. Contains explanatory notes on each maxim. Gu jin ge yan da quan Big Collection of Modern and Ancient Maxims Lu Jing Yi Men Yuan Bookstore
2001.046.005.064 Book Originally published in 1763, this is a collection of 300 Tang Dynasty poems, encompassing works by some of the most celebrated poets of the era. Various styles are represented. This collection is still a staple for students studying Tang poetry. Tang Shi San Bai Shou 300 Tang Dynasty Poems Hong Tang Tui Shi, ed. Commercial Press
2001.046.005.065 Book Su Dongpo (also known as Su Shi) (1037 - 1101) was a Song Dynasty poet known for his calligraphy and his poetry in the style of "Ci" and "Ge" and "Fu". The poems included here of of the genre "fu," which is a lengthy, expository prose. Fu often shows off the writer's ability to capture a sublime scene in great verbal detail (as well as shows off the writer's vocabulary.) Characters are in negative-space calligraphy rather than woodblock printed; were perhaps copied from a stele engraving rubbing or something similar? Dongting Chun Se Fu (A Fu on Spring Colors at Dongting Lake) Zhongshan Song Lao Fu (A Fu on Evergreen Wine at Zhongshan) Su Dong Po (Su Shi) 1915 Commercial Press
2001.046.005.066 Book Originally published in 1181 Critique of calligraphy divided into three categories. The Standard Script Analyzied by Sheng xi ming collected by Wang Yun wu Sheng xi ming 1935
2001.046.005.067 Book Ling Tai is an ancient library in China. Remnant Sources of the Ling Tai Story Cheng Shi ju (Cheng She-jen) 1934
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