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Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.3762 DVD Focuses on Northwest painters Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, Margaret Tomkins, Guy Anderson, George Tsutakawa, Paul Horiuchi, and Helmi Juvonen. Editing together statements from artists, patrons, members of the arts community with historic footage and rare photographs, this documentary examines regional characteristics of Northwest art, particularly that of the Puget Sound area from the 1930's to the 1970's as an account of the evolution of the artists and their environment. Northwest Visionaries Levine, Kenneth Mark (producer, director) 2006 Iris Film and Video
2003.500.3763 Tape, Video Bainbridge Island residents Gina Corpuz, Doreen Rapada, Angela Berry, and others talk about the history of the Filipino-American community on the island. Illustrated with many historical photographs. Island Roots Ostrander, Lucy (producer, director) 2007 Islandwood
2003.500.3764 Tape, Video 10 art videos from 8 Korean artists 2006 CGV Video Art Festival 2006
2003.500.3765 Tape, Video In Thai [Thai DVD]
2003.500.3766 Tape, Video In Thai [Thai DVD] Live Show
2003.500.3767 Tape, Video isc A: Units & lessons: Unit 1: The world of the 1400's, setting the stage ; Unit 2: African presence in colonial Mexico ; Unit 3: Documenting the third root, making culture visible through photographs ; Unit 4: Maroon communities & slave resistance in North America ; Unit 5: The music and dance of Veracruz and Costa Chica ; Unit 6: Carnaval in Yanga ; Unit 7: Exploring racial identity through poetry ; Unit 8: Elizabeth Catlett: Everyday heroes -- Disc B: Teaching and learning tools -- Disc C: Exhibition overviews & festivals: The African Presence in Mexico: From Yanga to the present (13 min.) ; Who are we now? Roots, resistance, and recognition (4 min., 20 sec.) ; Music and dance festivals (1 min., 58 sec.) The African Presence in Mexico: From the Yanga to the Present Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum 2006 Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum
2003.500.3768 Tape, cassette Lao folklore music, Cambodian musicians, Chinese songs, Vietnamese modern music, Vietnamese traditional music, Filipino music, Korean music, Japanese Girls Day music Music/Songs from Asia
2003.500.3769 Tape, cassette A Nine hour radio boradcast of the event of the century and companion booklet. "Three Days in January": The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy 1993 Hawaiian National Broadcast Corporation
2003.500.377 Famouse Temple in Beiging Yonghe Gong Administration Office of Yonghe Gong, 1995 Bejing: China Picture- Story Book Publishing House
2003.500.3770 Disk, Compact Pop/jazz music sung by Phyllis Chang Forgiveness Chang, Phyllis 1998 Phyllis Chang
2003.500.3771 Disk, Compact "Colette Merklen and Wang Weiping created a New Music where the west goes and meets Asia. Next to the European piano of Colette Merklen, Wang Weiping improvise a Chinese music with the lute Pipa. Those two instruments are getting on together wonderfully." - from booklet Cathay Merklen, Colette, and Wang Weiping 2001 Media 3000
2003.500.3772 Disk, Compact Contains music from Wind's contemporary collections, Chinese new age music, Traditional Chinese (instrumental) music, Chinese health music, Chinese religious music, and Ethnic music 1999 Best of Wind: Music, Man and Nature 1999 Wind Records
2003.500.3773 Disk, Compact Hong-mei Yu uses the erhu to play solo music pieces that come from many parts of China. String Glamour: Erhu Yu, Hong-mei 1998 Wing Records
2003.500.3774 Disk, Compact Seattle Nikkei Horizons Ukulele Band performs music with special guests Yumi Griffin and Daniel Kashima. Seattle Nikkei Horizons Ukulele Band 2005 Seattle Nikkei Horizons
2003.500.3775 Disk, Compact Japanese American musicians and singers became famous in their internment camps. This CD contains music sung by these musicians 50 years after the internment. Music to Remember: A Tribute to Japanese American Musicians and Singers of the 40's 1997 Lisa Joe
2003.500.3776 Disk, Compact A compliation of songs by Portland Taiko. Big Bang Portland Taiko 2003 Portland Taiko
2003.500.3777 Disk, Compact A Deems Tsutakawa concert in the Japan America Theatre in L.A. L.A. Live Tsutakawa, Deems 2002 J-Town of Seattle
2003.500.3778 Disk, Compact Anthony Brown plays a style of Japanese American Jazz. Family Brown, Anthony 1996 Asian Improv Records
2003.500.3779 Disk, Compact Featuring traditional Japanese folk songs, classical instrumentals, and live ensemble performances. Sakura: A Musical Celebration of the Cherry Blossoms 2003 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
2003.500.378 Book Tales from the Water Margin, Volume 2: China's famous classic of the Song dynasty Lin Chong's Revenge: A Story from the Chinese Classic Novel, Water Margin Shi, Nai'an 1989 Water Margin Press
2003.500.3780 Disk, Compact In Korean Patti Kim Encore Hit Song Vol. 1 Shinsegye Sound Ind. Co., LTD
2003.500.3781 Disk, Compact In Korean and English Korean Traditional Music Vol. IV (Sango Collection No. 1) 1987 Yejeon Media
2003.500.3782 Disk, Compact In Korean and English Korean Traditional Music Vol. V (Sango Collection No. 2) 1987 Yejeon Media
2003.500.3783 Disk, Compact In Korean and English Korean Traditional Music Vol. VI (Sango Collection No. 3) 1987 Yejeon Media
2003.500.3784 Disk, Compact In Korean and English Korean Traditional Music 2 1994 Seoul Records, Inc.
2003.500.3785 Disk, Compact In Korean and English Korean Traditional Music 6 1994 Seoul Records, Inc.
2003.500.3786 Disk, Compact In Korean and English Korean Traditional Music 7 1994 Seoul Records, Inc.
2003.500.3787 Disk, Compact In Korean [Korean Music] Volume 8 1987 Oasis LTD
2003.500.3788 Disk, Compact In Korean [Korean Music] King Records, LTD.
2003.500.3789 Disk, Compact In Korean Yangheeeun 1990 King Records, LTD.
2003.500.379 Book Chinese Etiquette: A Matter of Course Tan, Raelene 1992 Landmark Books PTE LTD
2003.500.3790 Disk, Compact In Korean [Korean female singer] Jigu Records
2003.500.3791 Disk, Compact Jazz ensembles Big Bands Behind Barbed Wire Asian American Jazz Orchestra 1998 Asian Improv Records
2003.500.3792 Disk, Compact Monk's Moods: Music of Thelonious Monk with Special Guest Steve Lacy Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra 2000 Keeper Records/EMusic
2003.500.3793 Disk, Compact Far East Suite Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra 1999 Asian Improv Records
2003.500.3794 Disk, Compact Music Through the Dark Kravanh, Daran 2000 Daran Kravanh
2003.500.3795 Disk, Compact Sngath Sngath Keep Quiet Keo, Nath 2004 Lady Bug Studio
2003.500.3796 Disk, Compact Using archival photographs, graphics and video footage, as well as oral histories, music, poetry and case files from the National Archives, this interactive multimedia website brings alive the Chinese Exclusion Act era, a period in American history which spanned from 1882-1943. Living Widows and Paper Sons: The Chinese Exclusion Era of the American Immigrant Experience Lew, Jennie F. (producer, director) 1999 Convivial Design
2003.500.3797 Disk, Compact Based on the collections of the Museum of Chinese in the Americas, "Transitions: The Changing Profile of New York Chinatown" brings to life a neighborhood that has become home to immigrants from around the world - from its Native American village origins, to the emergence of its Jewish and Italian neighborhoods, to its active present-day Chinese community. Transitions: The Changing Profile of New York Chinatown 2001 Museum of Chinese in the Americas
2003.500.3798 Disk, Compact The CD ROM offers an introduction to Korean art of the Choson dynasty, including historical background, maps of Korea, a glossary, art lesson plans and resource information. Sun, Moon, Mountains, Rocks: An Introduction to Korean Art of the Choson Dynasty 1997 Museum Associates of the L.A. County Museum of Art
2003.500.3799 Disk, Compact Photo CD of Republic of Korea during different seasons of the year and showing different landscapes and people of that land. Korea: Land and People 1997 Korean Overseas Information Service
2003.500.380 Book Five Women Who Loved Love Saikaku, Ihara 1961 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.3800 Disk, Compact Video CD of Republic of Korea showing a tour of Seoul and other areas. Korea: Land and People 1997 Korean Overseas Information Service
2003.500.3801 Disk, Compact Presents illustrations and animations related to Korean folk customs, cultural heritage, sports and leisure, shopping, scenery, and visiting Korea. Touch the Spirit: Korea 1995 Korea National Tourism Organization
2003.500.3802 Disk, Compact The 100 Years of Modern Korean Literature 2000 Seoul National Unveristy
2003.500.3803 Book Korean Folk Tales: Imps, Ghosts, and Faries 1913; 1963 Charles E Tuttle
2003.500.3804 Book Color illustrations of Japan couples with Japanese poems. Illustrations for 1925 are of an exotic, romantic, stereotypical nature Little Pictures of Japan Miller, Olive Beauppe, ed., Katharine Sturges,Illustrator 1925 Book House for Children
2003.500.3805 Disk, Compact Video Presentation Smithsonian Affiliations 2002 Smithsonian Institution
2003.500.3806 Disk, Compact In 1841, Barnum's American Museum opened its doors and became the "most visited place in America" for more than twenty-five years. This Web site invites visitors to learn about the collection of exhibitions housed inside that focused on science and knowledge. In addition, read about the tragic events that took place when in 1865 it was destroyed in one of the most spectacular fires in New York's history. The Lost Museum 2000 American Social History Productions, Inc.
2003.500.3807 Disk, Compact A collection of text, photos, and multimedia resources that present the life of Fidel Valdez Ramos and his presidency. "Democracy Works!" The Presidency of Fidel Valdez Ramos 1997 Distributed Processing Systems, Inc.
2003.500.3808 Tape, Video An investigation of attitudes towards Sikhs in the United States following the events of September 11, 2001 and an exploration of the religion, culture and history of Sikhs in America. Mistaken Identity: Sikhs in America 2002 WLWD 2000
2003.500.3809 Tape, Video Adopted reveals the grit rather than the glamour of transracial adoption. First-time director Barb Lee goes deep into the intimate lives of two well-meaning families and shows us the subtle challenges they face. The results are riveting, unpredictable and telling Adopted Lee, Barb (director) 2008 Point Made Films
2003.500.381 Book An Introduction to Asian Music Purcell, William L. 1966 The Asian Soceity
2003.500.3810 Tape, Video In 2005, the MAVIN Foundation, the nation's largest mixed race organization, sponsored the Generation MIX National Awareness Tour to raise awareness of America's multiracial baby boom. Chasing Daybreak follows the five Generation MIX crew members as they travel 10,000 miles across the country in a 26-foot R.V. and spark discussions on race, mixed race and diversity. As the crew meets with hundreds of people from U.S. Senator Barack Obama to Bubba the tow truck driver, they share their hopes, fears and aspirations for the future of race in America. Chasing Daybreak: A Film about Mixed Race in America Leroy, Justin (director, editor); Matt Kelley (producer) 2006 MAVIN Foundation
2003.500.3811 Tape, Video Three hundred years since the landscape of the world has been drastically rewritten. Origin: Spirits of the Past Sugiyama, Keiichi (director) 2007 Gonzo
2003.500.3812 Tape, Video Beacon Hill Boys 1985 The Wing Luke Asian Museum
2003.500.3813 Tape, Video Fruitfly Mendoza, H.P. 2009 Center for Asian American Media
2003.500.3814 Tape, Video Stories from WW2, Vietname, Iraq, etc. Voices from the Frontlines Voices
2003.500.3815 Tape, Video Emiko Yamada is a teenage girl growing up in Seattle's "Nihonmachi" (Japantown). For a "Nisei" (The child of immigrants from Japan) it is clear that there are certain parts of town and certain establishments were you are not allowed to go. The Yamadas own a small grocery store where "Emi" works and dreams of someday going to College and becoming a teacher. The Yamadas are proud of their "American" life and their contribution to their new country Within the Silence Living Voices/The Wing Luke Museum
2003.500.3816 Tape, Video Contains Port Blakely: Memories of a Mill Town (12 minutes) and The Red Pines: Japanese-Americans on Bainbridge Island (11 minutes) Cultural History Series Ostander, Lucy (producer, director) 2003 Islandwood
2003.500.3817 Disk, Compact When artifacts from Japanese families sent to internment camps during World War II are uncovered during renovations at a Seattle hotel, a man embarks on a quest that leads to memories of growing up Chinese in a city rife with anti-Japanese sentiment. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Ford, Jamie; read by Feodor Chin 2009 Random House
2003.500.3818 Book The Truth in Rented Rooms Woon, Koon 1998 Kaya
2003.500.3819 Book "The Burden of Sanity" and other poems Woon, Koon 2004 Chrysanthemum Publications
2003.500.382 Book Chinese Art Tregear, Mary 1980 Thames and Hudson Inc.
2003.500.3820 Journal Fall/Winter 2008, Issue #7 Echoes Echoes
2003.500.3821 Magazine Spring 2001 Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
2003.500.3822 Book Book of poems by Joseph Musso I Was Never Cool Musso, Jr., Joseph 2006 Goldfish Press
2003.500.3823 Book Book of poems by Betty Irene Priebe Porch Shadows Priebe, Betty Irene 2006 Goldfish Press
2003.500.3824 Book About the Cantonese Opera Amateurs in Vancouver. In English and Chinese. Cantonese Opera Wah, Chau Pik, ed. 2009 Cantonese Opera Amateurs in Vancouver
2003.500.3825 Journal Autumn 1986 Chinese Literature Chinese Literature
2003.500.3826 Book Traditional Comic Tales Shouchen, Zhang and others; Gladys Yang, trans. 1983 Panda Books
2003.500.3827 Book Contemporary Chinese Short Stories 1983 Panda Books
2003.500.3828 Book Qin Shihuang: Terracotta Warriors and Horses Capon, Edmund 1982 International Cultural Corp. of Australia
2003.500.3829 Book In French De LA Grece a LA Chine Grousset, Rene 1948
2003.500.383 Book State and Society In Eighteenth-Century China: The Ch'ing Empire in Its Glory Feuerwerker, Albert 1976 Center for Chinese Studies U of M
2003.500.3830 Book Free renderings of selections from the works of Chuang-tzu, taken from various translations. The Way of Chuang Tzu Merton, Thomas 1965 New Directions
2003.500.3831 Book The I Ching or Book of Changes Wilhelm, Richard, trans. 1970 Princeton University Press
2003.500.3832 Book Hindu Temples Nou, Jean-Louis 1982 Vilo Inc.
2003.500.3833 Magazine Vol. 6, No. 2, Winter 1984 Hilton Horizon Hilton of Hong Kong Ltd.
2003.500.3834 Book Bridge to Asia: The Greeks in the Eastern Mediterranean Miller, Helen Hill 1967 Charles Scribner's Sons
2003.500.3835 Book Asian Pacific Short Stories Cultural and Social Centre for the Asian and Pacific Region 1974 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.3836 Book Collecting Japanese Antiques Seton, Alistair 2004 Tuttle Publishing
2003.500.3837 Book Richer by Asia Taylor, Edmond 1966 Time Incorporated
2003.500.3838 Book The Koreans and Their Culture Osgood, Cornelius 1951 The Ronald Press Company
2003.500.3839 Book The Koreans and Their Culture Osgood, Cornelius 1968 Charles E. Tuttle Company
2003.500.384 Book Introduces the history, geography, economy, government, culture, and people of Bangladesh and Pakistan emphasizing the differences between them. Pakistan and Bangladesh Lengyel, Emil 1975 Franklin Watts, Inc.
2003.500.3840 Book The story of a young Korean girl, her family, and their life in Seoul, Korea. Chi-hoon: A Korean Girl McMahon, Patricia 1993 Boyds Mills Press, Inc.
2003.500.3841 Book Far-reaching Fragrance: Photographs of Korea O'Brien, Michael 1981 Dragon's Eye Graphics
2003.500.3842 Booklet Indonesian Art van Weeren-Griek, Hans The Royal Indies Institute
2003.500.3843 Book India: The Landscape, the Monuments and the People Hurlimann, Martin 1928 D.B. Taraporevala Sons and Co.
2003.500.3844 Book The Gardens of Japan Harada, Jiro 1928 Albert and Charles Boni Inc.
2003.500.3845 Book National Parks Nikko
2003.500.3846 Book The Art of Japan: Masterworks in the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco Kakudo, Yoshiko 1991 Chronicle Books
2003.500.3847 Book Beyond the Tanabata Bridge: Traditional Japanese Textiles Rathbun, William Jay, ed. 1994 Thames and Hudson
2003.500.3848 Book Kosode: 16th-19th Century Textiles from the Nomura Collection Stinchecum, Amanda Mayer 1984 Kodansha International
2003.500.3849 Book Mister Moon Man Goes to Japan: A Children's Story Jones, Edward L. 2001 Edward L. Jones
2003.500.385 Book Author Ann-ping Chin interviewed children in 1979 and 1984 and created this book, which provides the richest understanding we have yet had of childhood experience in contemporary China - schooling, family life, and play. Children of China: Voices from Recent Years Chin, Ann-ping 1988 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.3850 Book The intolerance of a small boy's classmates is overcome when a strange talent of the boy wins for him the admiration of the community. Crow Boy Yashima, Taro 1965 Scholastic Inc.
2003.500.3851 Book In 1901, a twelve-year-old Japanese boy is shanghaied and serves as cabin boy aboard the bark Sindia, dealing with homesickness and hardships on the long and exciting journey from Kobe, Japan, to Ocean City, New Jersey. Takashi's Voyage: The Wreck of the Sindia Hathaway, Lucinda 1995 Down the Shore Publishing
2003.500.3852 Book Paper Folding for Beginners Murray, William D. and Francis J. Rigney 1960 Dover Publications, Inc.
2003.500.3853 Book Origami Classroom II Nakano, Dokuotei 2002 Showa Grimm Co., Ltd
2003.500.3854 Book Unhappy with her own ethnic group, Mona Chang, a Chinese-American, decides to become a Jew. After all, if one has to live as a minority, choose the best. A witty look at ethnicity, multiculturalism and the melting pot. Mona in the Promised Land Jen, Gish 1996 Alfred A. Knopf
2003.500.3855 Book Raised on a commune by a granola-munching ex-hippie mother, fifteen-year-old Moonbeam realizes that nothing is normal in his life and so sets out to change things. The Eclipse of Moonbeam Dawson Okimoto, Jean Davies 1997 Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.
2003.500.3856 Book Examines the customs, traditions, foods and lore associated with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! Kung-Hsi Fa-Ts'ai! Demi 1997 Crown Publishers
2003.500.3857 Book Ming Miao tells her kittens about the antics of one of their ancestors, Sagwa of China, that produced the unusual markings they have had for thousands of years. The Chinese Siamese Cat Tan, Amy 1994 Macmillan Publishing Company
2003.500.3858 Book The story of a young girl's escape from North Korea, based on the life of the authors' mother. My Freedom Trip: A Child's Escape from North Korea Park, Frances 1998 Boyds Mills Press, Inc.
2003.500.3859 Book A good-hearted woodcutter finds a heavenly wife in this retelling of a Korean folk tale. In the Moonlight Mist: A Korean Tale San Souci, Daniel 1999 Boyds Mills Press, Inc.
2003.500.386 Book Three Friends in North America for Deng Zuo Lie Qiu Zhong Wei Li Jia Huolisted as Being Dumbledore's Poem Calligraphy Exhibition Live in Macau 2010
2003.500.3860 Book Da Trang is despaired because his wife is so frivolous and runs away from their long marriage to follow the Dragon King. After his death, Da Trang turns into a tiny sand crab and carries sand to fill the Eastern Sea hoping to retrieve his wife. In English and Vietnamese. Su tich con Da Trang, The Legend of the Tiny Sea Crab 2003 Kim Dong Publishing House
2003.500.3861 Book The oldest tohunga in the village directs the building of a mighty war canoe. The Fish of Our Fathers Bacon, R.L. 1986 Child's Play Ltd
2003.500.3862 Book A Thousand Splendid Suns is a breathtaking story set against the volatile events of Afghanistan's last thirty years-from the Soviet invasion to the reign of the Taliban to post-Taliban rebuilding-that puts the violence, fear, hope and faith of this country in intimate, human terms. It is a tale of two generations of characters brought jarringly together by the tragic sweep of war, where personal lives-the struggle to survive, raise a family, find happiness-are inextricable from the history playing out around them. A Thousand Splendid Suns Hosseini, Khaled 2007 Penguin
2003.500.3863 Book The Shogun Age Exhibition: From the Tokugawa Art Museum, Japan Tokugawa, Yoshinobu 1983 The Shogun Age Exhibition Executive Committee
2003.500.3864 Book Giftwraps by Artists: Kimono, Japanese Designs Raven, Arlene 1986 Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers
2003.500.3865 Book Kanban: The Art of Japanese Shop Sign Levy, Dana 1983 Chronicle Books
2003.500.3866 Book Japanese Bamboo Baskets Kudo, Kazuyoshi 1980 Kodansha International
2003.500.3867 Book Japanese Costume: History and Tradition Kennedy, Alan 1990 Editions Adam Biro
2003.500.3869 book Vera ing's autobiography Dim Sum: The Seattle ABC (American Born Chinese) Dream Ing, Vera 2010 International Examiner Press
2003.500.387 Book A souvenir of the Tangtze Gorges illustrated with fifty-seven photographic studies The Yangtze Gorges in Pictures and Prose Le Palud, A.M. Kelly & Walsh Limited
2003.500.3870 Book Linking Our Lives: Chinese American Women of Los Angeles 1992 Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
2003.500.3871 Book Duty and Honor: A Tribute to Chinese American World War II Veterans of Southern California Lee, Marjorie, ed. 1998 Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
2003.500.3872 Book Volume 1: History Volume 2: Archaeology Wong Ho Leun: An American Chinatown 1987 The Great Basin Foundation
2003.500.3873 CD Pacific Moon Stroutsos, Gary 2001 Paras Recordings
2003.500.3874 Book Daisy, an unhappy hen in China, floats down the river in a basket and has an adventure. Daisy Comes Home Brett, Jan 2002 Penguin Books
2003.500.3875 Book Confessions of a Mask Mishima, Yukio 1958 New Directions Publishing Corporation
2003.500.3876 Book Then There Were None Noyes, Martha H. 2003 Bess Press
2003.500.3877 Book A sweeping memoir about a foreign family's five generations as outsiders in Japan. Yokohama Yankee: My Family's Five Generations as Outsiders in Japan Helm, Leslie 2013 Chin Music Press
2003.500.3878 Book Handbook: National Museum of Korea 2012 National Museum of Korea
2003.500.388 Book A protrayal of the geographical and human diversity of China. Journey Into China 1982 The National Geographic Society
2003.500.389 Book Red Earth: Revolution in a Sichuan Village Endicott, Stephen 1991 New Amsterdam
2003.500.3892 Book
2003.500.3898 Book
2003.500.390 Book Daughter of Confucius: A Personal History Wong, Su-Ling,Earl Herbert Cressy 1952 Farrar, Strajs and Young
2003.500.3903 Book Sterling Lung who "grew up in the back of his parents' laundry dreaming of being an American, while speaking Chinese to his mother, English to his friends, and very little to the father he seemed always to disappoint" is now a graduate of Swarthmore and the Culinary Institute of America, involved in "an arm's length-affair with a Jewish-American princess." The Barbarians Are Coming: A Novel Louie, David Wong 2000 Penguin Books
2003.500.3905 Book
2003.500.3909 Book The story of a troubled family living in San Francisco's Chinatown. Bone Ng, Fae Myenne 1994 HarperCollins
2003.500.3910 Book Under Western Eyes: Personal Essays from Asian America Hongo, Garrett, ed. 1995 Doubleday
2003.500.3911 Book Mystery in Little Tokyo Bonham, Frank 1966 E.P. Dutton and Co.
2003.500.3912 Tape, Video Frank De Lima Live at the Polynesian Palace De Lima, Frank (producer) 1994 Pocholinga Productions
2003.500.3913 Tape, Video Profiles the brush painter, Raymond Hu, who was born with Down syndrome. Shows how Raymond transforms photographs of animals into paintings. Includes interviews with Raymond, his family, and his art teacher. Raymond discusses the challenges of coping with Down syndrome, and his experience as one of the first full-inclusion students in his school. Raymond's Portrait Young, Donald (producer, director) 1997 Distributed by NAATA Distribution
2003.500.3914 Book Japanese schoolgirl fashions and subcultures have sprung up, burned out, mutated, and evolved into a pop culture phenomenon gone global from Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girls" to Gothic Lolita-fueled manga and the deadly schoolgirl in Kill Bill. It's no wonder that international fashion designers look to the streets of Tokyo for fresh inspiration. This playful and thoroughly researched handbook examines the key styles and subcultures past and present: sailor-suited gangsters, Pippi Longstockings risen from the dead, girls in blackface, teens sporting giant hamster costumes, and more. Each fashion profile is packed with photos and illustrations, history, ideal boyfriends, and must-have items. Also included are a gatefold evolutionary fashion chart, resources, and makeup tips. At last, an in-depth guide to what the girls are wearing and why on earth they're wearing it. Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook Macias, Patrick and Izumi Evers 2007 Chronicle Books
2003.500.3915 Book Set in contemporary San Francisco and in a Chinese village where Peking Man is unearthed, "The Bonesetter's Daughter" is an excavation of the human spirit: the past, its deepest wounds, its most profound hopes. This is the story of LuLing Young, who searches for the name of her mother, the daughter of the famous Bonesetter from the Mouth of the Mountain. The story conjures the pain of broken dreams, the power of myths, and the strength of love that enables us to recover in memory what we have lost in grief. The Bonesetter's Daughter Tan, Amy 2001 Ballantine Books
2003.500.3916 Book M. Butterfly Hwang, David Henry 1989 Penguin Books
2003.500.3917 Book Li Ch'ing-chao: Complete Poems Rexroth, Kenneth and Ling Chung, trans. 1979 New Directions Publishing Corporation
2003.500.3918 Book Essential Tibetan Buddhism Thurman, Robert A.F. 1997 Castle Books
2003.500.3919 Book Buddhist Astrology: Chart Interpretation from a Buddhist Perspective Shaneman, Jhampa, and Jan V. Angel 2003 Llewellyn Publications
2003.500.3920 Book Questions to a Zen Master Deshimaru, Taisen; Nancy Amphoux, trans. 1985 E.P. Dutton
2003.500.3921 Book Zen Inklings: Some Stories, Fables, Parables, Sermons, and Prints, with Notes and Commentaries Richie, Donald 1982 Weatherhill
2003.500.3922 Book A tale of growing up Japanese-American in Hawaii. The narrator is Lovey Nariyoshi, a girl from a poor family who dreams of becoming white. In the course of everyday events, she describes a society where she can find no reflection of her own culture, a state of affairs which gives her an inferiority complex. A look at the reality behind the hype of multiculturalism. Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers Yamanaka, Lois-Ann 1996 Farrar Straus Giroux
2003.500.3923 Book The Legends and Myths of Hawai'i: The Fables and Folk-Lore of a Strange People Kalakaua, David 1990 Mutual Publishing
2003.500.3924 Book And the View from the Shore: Literary Traditions of Hawai'i Sumida, Stephen H. 1991 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3925 Book Filipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans: A Pictorial Essay , 1763-circa 1963 Cordova, Fred 1983 Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
2003.500.3926 Book Leaving Deep Water: The Lives of Asian American Women at the Crossroads of Two Cultures Chow, Claire S. 1998 Penguin
2003.500.3927 Book Written by Herself Conway, Jill Ker, ed. 1992 Random House
2003.500.3928 Book Profiles minority executives at three different firms who encountered and conquered barriers throughout their careers. It then contrasts their successes at the same companies with the experiences of white executives who reached upper management, and with white and minority middle managers coming to grips with stalled careers Breaking Through: The Making of Minority Executives in Corporate America Thomas, David A. and John J. Gabarro 1999 Havard Business School Press
2003.500.3929 Book Dealing with Diversity: Ensuring Success for Every Student 1996 Harvard Educational Review
2003.500.3930 Book Japanese Pilgrimage Statler, Oliver 1983 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2003.500.3931 Book Whispered Silences presents memories and images of the American detention camps to which 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry, two-thirds of them U.S. citizens, were sent during World War II. Whispered Silences: Japanese Americans and World War II Okihiro, Gary Y. 1996 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3932 Book Legends from Camp: Poems Inada, Lawson Fusao 1993 Coffee House Press
2003.500.3933 Book After her mother's suicide when she is twelve years old, Yuki spends years living with her distant father and his resentful new wife, cut off from her mother's family, and relying on her own inner strength to cope with the tragedy. Shizuko's Daughter Mori, Kyoko 1993 Henry Holt and Company
2003.500.3934 Book Talking to High Monks in the Snow: An Asian American Odyssey Minatoya, Lydia Yuri 1992 HarperCollins
2003.500.3935 Book Rice as Self: Japanese Identities through Time Ohnuki-Tierney, Emiko 1993 Princeton University Press
2003.500.3936 Book Japanese American Women: Three Generations, 1890-1990 Nakano, Mei 1990 Mina Press Publishing
2003.500.3937 Book The Old Pine Tree and Other Noh Plays Ueda, Makoto, trans. 1962 University of Nebraska Press
2003.500.3938 Book They Call Me Moses Masaoka: An American Saga Masaoka, Mike and Bill Hosokawa 1987 William Morrow and Company, Inc.
2003.500.3939 Book Japanese American Ethnicity: The Persistence of Community Fugita, Stephen S. and David J. O'Brien 1991 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3940 Book Traces the history of Japanese Americans, discusses the prejudice and repressive measures directed against them during World War II, looks at the lives of ten statesmen, scientists, and authors, and includes three literary selections. Japanese American Journey: The Story of a People 1985 The Japanese American Curriculum Project, Inc.
2003.500.3941 Book Japanese Women: Constraint and Fulfillment Lebra, Takie Sugiyama 1985 University of Hawaii Press
2003.500.3942 Book Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese American Family Uchida, Yoshiko 1996 University of Washington Press
2003.500.3943 Book A biography of the Japanese emperor reveals a powerful man who successfully cultivated an image of a reluctant king while manipulating important events behind the scenes for five decades. Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan Bix, Herbert P. 2000 HarperCollins
2003.500.3944 Book Generations and Identity: The Japanese American Kitano, Harry H.L. 1993 Ginn Press
2003.500.3945 Book Japan and the Pursuit of a New American Identity: Work and Education in a Multicultural Age Feinberg, Walter 1993 Routledge
2003.500.3946 Book A Half Step Behind: Japanese Women of the '80s Condon, Jane 1985 Dodd, Mead and Company
2003.500.3947 Book Wear It Proudly Tsuchida, Wiliam Shinji 1947 University of California Press
2003.500.3948 Book Illustrated Atlas of Today's World 1962 Rand McNally
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