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Wing Luke Museum
1900.7258 Article Danny Woo International District Community Garden 2000 2000
1900.7259 Article Wyoming Remembers Hosokawa, Bill
1900.7260 Article Samples of Success Stories Hosokawa, Bill 1986 Pacific Citizen
1900.7261 Article Names in the news March 20 Asian Week
1900.7262 Article A Tribute to a Homegrown Hero Pitzer, Pat January 1992 Spirit of Aloha
1900.7263 Article Local Filipinos honored during Filipino American History Month Abellanosa, Ethelyn C. Oct. 1992
1900.7264 Article Seattle's Asian Women March 9, 1985 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.7265 Article Asian American women newscasters Rekdall, Cynthia April 4, 1984 The Internatinal Examiner
1900.7266 Article The Melting Pot Owen, John January/Februar Puget Sound Journey AAA Washington
1900.7267 Article Catherine Shen takes helm of Area Newspaper Rosario, Carina A. Del 12.21.94-1.3.95 International Examiner
1900.7268 Article Nakauye honored Jan. 1993 NW Nikkei
1900.7269 Article APIHHEP Benefit Reading December 21, 19
1900.7270 Article PST Stages festival for 10 new plays Johnson, Wayne Sunday, August The Seattle Times
1900.7271 Article Author stops in Seattle January 1993 Northwest Nikkei
1900.7272 Article Nikkei Serves Seniors Citizens Shaw, Kay Jan. 1993 NW Nikkei
1900.7273 Article Community leader rose above disability Suguro, Ed Jan. 1993 NW Nikkei
1900.7274 Article On Philippine Independence Cordova, Fred June 1993 International Examiner
1900.7275 Article The dumbing-down of nation's art museums Leo, John Tuesday, May 8, The Seattle Times
1900.7276 Article A.C.? Her name is Petersen Dirzhud-Rashid, Rajkhet May 1993 Northwest Ethnic News
1900.7277 Article A Dragon from the Lost Garden Lau, Alan Chong March 3, 1993 International Examiner
1900.7278 Article New multicultural history can help us get along Mochizuki, Ken July 1993 NW Nikkei
1900.7279 Article A/A soul, vision and identity Shimabukuro, Bob Wednesday, July International Examiner
1900.728 Article History of Japanese Americans in bowling. It took years for Japanese Americans and other minorities to be included into the American Bowling Congress. Bowling Tournaments - A National JACL Pastime Honda, Harry K. December 1999 Pacific Citizen
1900.7280 Article 'Delveloping self-esteem in the midst of obstacles made me strong' Jung, Saya November 18, 19 International Examiner
1900.7281 Article A Thousand Words:Stuck in the Frisco airport Inada, Lawson Fusao International Examiner
1900.7282 Article Extending the boundaries of theater Yong, Byron Au 4.21.93
1900.7283 Article Breaking Records - and gender and racial sterotypes Maeda, Sharon April 21, 1993
1900.7284 Article Kim fills spiritual needs of homelss women Jung, Saya April 21 - May International Examiner
1900.7285 Article Seattle Asian American TV Reporters March 27, 1993 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7286 Article Nippon Maru - The Hospitality's Mutal Page, Don Sat. June 23, 1 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7287 Article "Please choose one" looks at tough choices multiracial kids face Kuo, Fidelius Mar. 27, 1993 NW Asian Weekly
1900.7288 Article Mix of American and Samoan culture like forming culture all its own Tausilli, Mereanne Sep 16, 1992 The International Examiner
1900.7289 Article Art the head of her class Schneider, Dawn Dec 2, 1992 University Herald
1900.729 Periodical Premier issue The New Asian Standard August 1991 IAMBIC
1900.7290 Article The world's most expensive dinner Stanley, Lee & Pita october 1992 NW Nikkei
1900.7291 Article What money will buy, what money will not Polo January 24, 200 The Asian Reporter
1900.7292 Article First Asian American hired as UW provost December 31, 20 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7293 Article Asian Americans Take a Baby Step into Politics Karnow, Stanley Dec 7-13, 1992 The Washington Post National Weekly Edition
1900.7294 Article Hmong look to tradition art form to learn about U.S. Life Forliti, Amy December 20 '05 The Asian Reporter
1900.7295 Article Former Nikkei Queen finds success after the reign Nishi, Jill
1900.7296 Article More than 600 attend Open Reception October 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.7297 Article Gerard Tsutakawa to build memorial sculpture Oct. 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.7298 Article Biographies Oct 1992
1900.7299 Article 'Liberty and justice for all': Japanese Americans were the real losers in World War II Iritani, Evelyn February 18, 19 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.730 Article Article on the film, "Tour the American West". The video documents the US Department of Agriculture/Forest Service's Heritage Tour for Americans of Chinese ancestry, which focused on the Pacific Northwest. Organized with the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Includes details of the stops made around the Pacific Northwest. On a Chinese-American heritage tour of the West Ament, Deloris Tarzan Oct. 6, 1997 The Seattle Times
1900.7300 Article Archive and dream Johnson, Dave and Bridges, Josephine March 7, 2006 The Asian Reporter
1900.7301 Article Patti Warashina: Overtly politcla and slyly satirical Loftus, David March 1-14, 200 International Examiner
1900.7302 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum plans move to historical building August 16, 2005 The Asian Reporter
1900.7304 Article EWU profesor tellsthe story of Southeast Asia's Hmong Gerheim, Earl Tues., May 10, The Spokesman-Review Spokane Chronicle
1900.7305 Article Break Through: building human rights culture Breakthrough
1900.7306 Article Symposium on Asian-Pacific Peoples at the Aype, Sept 12-13 2009 Chinese in Northwest America Research Committee
1900.7307 Article The Chin Gee Hee Building and Old Chinatown Masuoka, Matt
1900.7308 Article Relatively Speaking: An examination of the theoretical foundations of discipline and domain classification as a solution for the organization as a solution for the organization of domain knowledge Sheppard, Heather Jean
1900.7309 Article Tsien Hsue-Shen (Qian Xuesen) My Distinguished Mentor Mark, Richard Muin March 1, 2010
1900.731 The Chinese in the Black Hills Fielder 1972 Booklet
1900.7310 Article Garment worker was one of the last of Seattle's 'sewing ladies' Chansanchai, Arthima Saturday, June Settle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7311 Article Cambodian community builds pride Ramirez, Marc February 27, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.7312 Article Exploiting tragedy: how tsunami relief aid is used in economic and military power plays Thorne, Alison April-May 2005 Freedom Socialist
1900.7313 Article 'Don't be exclusive' Hayashi, Sumi February 6, 198 International Examiner
1900.7314 Article JACL plays tribute to the Issei: a dwindling resource' Fujii, Ann February 6, 198 The International Examiner
1900.7315 Article Centuries in Space: Princes Kaguya to Moon Satellite Kaguya
1900.7316 Article Rites of Passage Darini, Bruna February/March A. Magazine
1900.7317 Article Chicago Removes Asians from setaside Coffee, Melanie June 5-une 11, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7318 Article Professors daughter crowned queen Li, Caroline June 5-June 11, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7319 Article AAA gets top job at Langston Hughes Vu, Carol N. June 5-June 11, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.732 Pamphlet Pamphlet includes oral histories of immigrants to Washington state and maps of where they came from. In celebration of Washington's centennial, a flyer announces a traveling exhibition on the Peoples of Washington. Peoples of Washington, Celebrating Cultural Diversity: A Guide to Ethnic Washington 1988 The Evergreen State College
1900.7320 Article Diplomacy, one friendhsip at a time Greene, Richard Ian June 5-June 11, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7321 Article Hmong teachers being schooled in Hmong culture Xiong, Chao June 5-June 11, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7322 Article Historic APA Summit unites, empowers Vu, Carol N. June 5-June 11, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.73224 Booklet NorthWest South Asian Buiness Directory 2002-03 For the South Asian community IndiaHQ Solutions, Inc.
1900.7323 Article Issues facing Asian American women in politics 'hit you in the face' Lowenberg, Cathy Kobayashi Nov 1993 Northwest Nikkei
1900.7325 Booklet Gives names and address of Asian related stores and restaurants Chinese Community Directory 1971
1900.7326 Booklet Exhibit of China China: 7,000 Years of Discovery March 1 - Augus Sasquatch Publishing, Inc.
1900.7327 Booklet Program of VillageTheatre Making Tracks Mar 2002 VilliageTheatre
1900.7328 Booklet Populations of Asians around United States The Asian Population: 2000 February 2002 U.S. Department of Commerce Exconomics and Statistics Adminstration
1900.7329 Booklet Guidebook of Japan Your Guide to Japan Japan National Tourist Organization
1900.7330 Booklet Program for Historic Seattle Historic Seattle: Educate Advocate Preserve 2006 Historic Seattle Preservation Foundation
1900.7331 Booklet Talks about the progress of the Kin On mission Celebrating 20 Years of a Caring Community: Kin On Report Fall 2005 Kin On Community Health Care
1900.7332 Booklet Covers Pacific Islander voices, includes issues and stories from native peoples of Hawai'i and New Zealand, a looks at current Asian cinema from to Manila, Hong Kong and Tokyo, some refreshing new flow of memoirs from women in China (usually written in exile), new looks at photography and art and the diversity of poetry from across the nation and around the globe Pacific Readers: an Asian Pacific North American Review of Book Fall 1999 International Examiner
1900.7333 Booklet Talks about UW careers and alumnis Career Transitions Workshop UW Alumni Association
1900.7334 Booklet Grant awards to places around Seattle South Downtown Foundation 2004: Five-Year Report 2004 South Downtown Foundation
1900.7335 Booklet Descriptions of places in Seattle Destination heritage: Historic Places Around King County 4Culture
1900.7336 Booklet A world religion whose purpose is to unite all the races and peoples in one universal Cause and one common Faith The Baha'i Faith - An Introduction
1900.7337 Booklet A project that sought to encourage traditional arts presentation and documentation in the Northwest Asian Festivals of Washington State: Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival
1900.7338 Booklet Program for the fifth annual Asian Pacific American Voice Awards Asian Pacific Ameican Community Voice Awards May 24, 1995 International Examiner
1900.7339 Booklet Asian Americans talking about their racial experiences IMAGE February 2002 Oranizatoin of Chinese Americans, Inc.
1900.734 Move by students to reinstate Connie So. Reflecting On Ethnic Studies Lin Nov. 18, 1997 International Examiner
1900.7340 Article Pike Place Market at 100 "By Various Writers" Summer 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.7341 Article Education Policy Analysis Archives Dorn, Sheran (editor) January 31, 200 University of South Florida
1900.7342 Article Historic WWII Unites will reunite Vinh, Tan September 15, 2 The Seattle Times
1900.7343 Article Summit shows APA political power as thousands gather at Tacoma Dome Nguyen, Nhien June 2 - 15, 20 International Examiner
1900.7344 Article How to react to FEAR: Stories of rape and recovery Wu, Sian June 2 - 15, 20 International Examiner
1900.7345 Article 10th Anniversary Celebration and Golden Circle Awards Saturday, Jan. Organization of CHinese Americans - Greater Seattle Chapter
1900.7346 Article Californians of Japanese Chinese Filipino Ancestry June 1965
1900.7347 Article Hidden in Plain View: An Overview of the needs of Asian American Students in Public School System The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families
1900.7348 Article A Dream Denied
1900.735 Three Year Appointment for So From UW Hsu Nov. 18, 1997 International Examiner
1900.7350 Article Internment debate lingers Davila, Florangela September 6, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.7351 Article A Brown Paper on Education
1900.7352 Article Action Plan Tong, Wilson
1900.7353 Article Southeast Asian American Statisticsal Profile 2004
1900.7354 Article The American Community Pacific Islanders: 2004 May 2007 US Department of Commerce
1900.7355 Article 19-year-old man charged in shooting of SE Asian youths Sept. 22 - Oct. International Examiner
1900.7356 Article Man wins $88 million racial bias suit Sept. 21 - Oct. Internatoinal Examiner
1900.7357 Article The Votes Are In: Kip Tokuda wins state legislative bid, Paull Shin loses Congrssianal try Rosario, Carina A. Del Septe. 21 - Oct International Examiner
1900.7358 Article Man gets life in prison in beating death of Cambodian man September 21 - The International Examiner
1900.7359 Article Jocelyn's Family: A Journey Moody, Fred October 15, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.736 Audit of Violence Against Asian Pacific Americans, 1993 National Asian American Legal Consortium April 1994 Report
1900.7360 Article The Virtual Museum, Imperfect But Promising Davis, Douglas Sunday, Septemb The New York Times
1900.7361 Article Asian Hall of Fame to debut tomorrow Iwasaki, John Thursday, Septe Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7362 Article The Future of Children: Children of Immigrant Families The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
1900.7363 Article Asian American gang related articles
1900.7364 Article Fruits of their Labor: The Crate Labels of Japanese Americans in Agriculture 2001 Naioinal Japanese American Historical Society
1900.7365 Article How sports, including baseball, helped to normalize life in a Japanese American internment camp in California. Includes a brief background on events leading up to the internment. Sport and Community in California's Japanese American "Yamato Colony," 1930-1945* Regalado, Samuel O. Summer 1992 Journal of Sport History
1900.7366 Article Pacific Picks 100 people of influence July 9, 1995 The Seattle Times
1900.7367 Article Butterfly Ship on Puget - Intelligencer Page, Don Wed. Jun 20, 19 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7368 Article Asian Theater and Wing Luke Museum to share new building in January Dec/Jan 87 NW Ethnic News
1900.7369 Article Supreme Sacrifice 10.3.86 Pacific Citizen
1900.737 Oai Banh, Chinese Vietnamese immigrant Gift of Citizenship is Lesson in Friendship Long Nov. 3, 1997 Seattle Times
1900.7370 Article Wakako Yamaguchi's: 'The Memento' set for East West Players Premiere Jan 24, 1986 Pacific Citizen
1900.7371 Article Benefit held for Keiro Project Wednesday, Apri The International Examiner
1900.7372 Article Tau Ship Day For Uncle Sam Page, Don May 30, 1976 Seattle PI
1900.7373 Article 2 articles (a two-day series) on the Asian art fakes sold by Thesaurus Fine Arts: "Buyer beware: All is not as advertised at this dealer of fine Asian antiquities" by Duff Wilson, Sheila Farr and Brian Joseph "Eminent exonomist tied to fake antiques" by Duff Wilson The Art of Deception Part I and II Wilson, Duff January 27, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.7374 Article Guns Salute Naval Ships from Japan Evans, Walter June 5, 1976 Seattle P-I
1900.7375 Article TOP achievers of 1995: the best of Puget Sound January 1, 1996 The Seattle Times
1900.7376 Article A world that was Geternter, Carey Quan April 9, 1995 Seattle P-I
1900.7377 Article 'Silk Screen' Series Enters Thirds Season 10.24.86 Pacific Citizen
1900.7378 Article Arts Etc. Blauvelt, Wm March 6, 1985 The International Examiner
1900.7379 Article Far East in the Northwest August, 1987 East is East
1900.738 Linh Thach, Cambodian immigrant and crime-prevention coordinator in Holly Park for the Seattle Police Deportment. Community Leader Linh Thach: A Story of Rags to Riches Tas, Carla Oct. 24, 1997 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7380 Article Couples Wedding was custom made Paynter, Susan Nov 17, 1993 Seattle P-I
1900.7381 Article Touching our past Gelernter, Carey Quan Oct 23, 1994 The Seattle Times
1900.7382 Article Muslim converts try to dispel myths Tu, Janet Nov 21, 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.7383 Article Chinatown International District Map and Statistics April 17, 1994 The Seattle Times
1900.7384 Article New Film Tells Story of Estelle Ishigo 9.8.89 Pacigic Citizen
1900.7385 Article Ichihara's dedication to Nisei vets recognized Nov 27, 1980 Beacon Hill News/South District Journal
1900.7386 Article Arts Etc. Blauvelt, Wm Wednesday, Augu The International Examiner
1900.7387 Article A Cut Above Dorpat, Paul June 17, 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.7388 Article Immigrants urged to exercise rights Davila, Florangella Nov 21, 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.7389 Article Mga Karaniwang Tao: Filipino Military Research Project
1900.739 Article The Locke family visited their ancestral village of Jilong, on Governor Gary Locke's international trade visit to various parts of Asia. Family members, well wishers, and many members of the press greeted them. Locke Gets a Hero's Welcome in Visit to Ancestral Home Ng, Assunta Oct. 24, 1997 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7390 Article National Pacific Islander Educator Network 2007 National Pacific Educator Network
1900.7391 Article A race over money: Cooley vs. Hara Sweeney, Michael Oct 22, 1979 Seattle P-I
1900.7392 Article 'See, we finally have our own theatre' Mochizuki, Ken
1900.7393 Article 'In a way, it is unusual for a Nisei grandma to be an activist Batayola, Maria 8.7.85 International Examiner
1900.7394 Article Refugee fights for wife, life Simon, Jim April 19, 1995 The Seattle Times
1900.7395 Article The wages of fear Kwong, Peter April 26, 1994 VOICE
1900.7396 Article Two articles that talk about the Wing Luke Asian Museum's exhibit "Asian wedding traditions unveilted" by Jean Lepley Seatlte Chinese Post 7.8.89 "Wedding traditions celebrated at Wing Luke" Asia Today 7.6 - 12.89 Asian wedding traditions
1900.7397 Article Picture & brief summary of the Wing Luke Asian Museum's New Years Exhibit
1900.7398 Article Bull Session Shimabukuro, Bob Feb 2 International Examiner
1900.7399 Article The basement diaries Archbold, Mike Friday, Novembe The News Tribute
1900.740 Cooking Columnist Will Be Remembered for Her Love of Food London, Melissa Oct, 31, 1997 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7400 Article Internment camp replica part of exhibit Feb 14, 1992 Seattle P-I
1900.7401 Article See notes for full text. Car Talk Ramirez, Marc June 19, 2005 The Seattle Times
1900.7402 Article Uwajimaya: 80 Years Ramirex, Marc and Gaudette, Karen Oct 8, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.7403 Article 2 obituaries on Steven N. Arai Steven N. Arai AIA, AICP January 12, 200 AIA Seattle, Historic Seattle
1900.7404 Article Money Issues Rise Up from Dozono's Past Griffin, Anna Friday, March 2 The Oregonian
1900.7405 Article Keefe, Patrick Radden
1900.7406 Article Teaching honor through his story Giroux, Wendy Feb 19, 2001 Seattle County
1900.7407 Article Getting Asian-Americans Into the Picture Boxer, Sarah
1900.7408 Article Fighting prejudice on two fronts Woodward, Steve November 7, 200 The Sunday Oreganian
1900.7409 Article Shops Bid Historic Area Goodbye Wong, Brad Friday, October Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.741 Asians Organize to Combat Allegations of Wrongdoing Wu, Frank October 31, 199 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7410 Article Journey of Faith Story of Julian Chun Suph Paark and His family Park, Arthur K.J. Fall 2002 Korean Culture
1900.7411 Article Asian American Artists: Cross-Cultural Voices Nov/Dec 1998 US-Korea Review
1900.7412 Article Student Travels to Freedom Veazie, Peter Nov 7, 1980
1900.7413 Article Everday Racism: discrimination in schools and workplaces Chou, Rosalind and Feagin, Joe 2008 Parodigm Books
1900.7414 Article Free Chol Soo Lee 1979 Committe to Pree Shol Soo Lee
1900.7415 Article 'Enough with the Targeting' Tu, Janet Sept 22, 2002 The Seattle Times
1900.7416 Article Best of the Nikkei Community Survey Dec 1993 Northwest Nikkei
1900.7417 Article I'm Japanese; diverse leadership is important Dozono, Sho Oregonian
1900.7418 Article Dozono's restaurant owes rent, back taxes Dworian, Andy Oregonian
1900.7419 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum features New Year exhibit Blazina, Ian Jan 24, 2006 Asian Reporter
1900.742 Article A look at the Wing Luke Asian Museum exhibit "Renewal of America: Voices of Recent Asian Pacific Immigrants." Focuses on what is in the exhibit, including the topics it covers, the oral histories and pictures it includes, and why this exhibit is important now. Exhibit offers up-close look at tumultuous experience of emigrating London, Melissa October 11-17, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.7420 Article Letters: Internment "regrettable' events Williams, Muriel M. Feb 23, 1992 Seattle P-I
1900.7421 Article The Filipino Labor Movement in the Pacific Northwest Yamamoto, Nancy March 10, 1983 Nancy Yamamoto
1900.7422 Article 2 pictures on on the pavilion in Hing Hay Park: "Hing Hay Pavilion being built" April 27, 1975 "Pavilion dedicated at park" June 21, 1975 Hing Hay Pavilion The Seattle Times
1900.7423 Article Portland's racism reflected in shameful ordeal Maushard, Lawrence May 11, 2008 Sunday Oregonian
1900.7424 Article 1,200 Japanese Pledge Loyalty
1900.7425 Article The Gentle Story of Chin Slu Yan, Pioneer Lynch, Frank Seattle Scene
1900.7426 Article The Wing takes new flight Tabora-Ruberts, Toni May 3, 2010 Asian Reporter
1900.7427 Article A Life of Misery In Land of Beauty Vasudev, Aruna Jan 9, 1968 Pacific Stars & Stripes
1900.7428 Article Words at times get in Dozono's way Griffin, Anna Oregonian
1900.7429 Article Showcasing our Asian communities March 9, 1980 The Seattle Times
1900.743 Museum in mainland China 30th Anniversary of the Overseas Chinese Musem 1989 Program
1900.7430 Article Profile of a Chinese family association Wang, Connie Nov 4, 1981 International Examiner
1900.7431 Article 66 years later, university rights a great wrong Walsh, Edward Oregonian
1900.7432 Article Sex trafficking: the evil behind the forced smiles Kristof, Nicholas D. 2009 The Seattle Times
1900.7433 Article My understanding of how the tongs began Ah-Tye, Howard Dec 5, 1979 East/West
1900.7434 Article Painful memories still vivid Iniguez, Mariano Summer 1992 Urban Messenger
1900.7435 Article Heart of Chinatown to house new museum Daza, Rosario Jan 19, 2005 The Seattle Times
1900.7436 Article Wing Luke Museum believe YouthCAN
1900.7437 Article Thesis on Seattle's first Chinese Americans in Politics. Includes articles on Gary Locke and Wing Luke. Seattle's First: Chinese Americans in Politcs Lee, Adam March 4, 2002
1900.7438 Article Crescent Moon marks start of Ramadan Tu, Janet Nov 16, 2001 The Seattle Times
1900.7439 Article Special significance to history Bloomekatz, Ari Sundaym Septemb The Seattle Times
1900.7440 Article Images of internment Dorpat, Paul May 24, 1992 Pacific
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