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Wing Luke Museum
1900.5008 Letter Letter to the editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer decries the opposition to the appointment of Clarence Arai to the Seattle Public Library board. Race Prejudice Hawkins, Lucille 1937 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5009 Letter Personal hand-written letter from Seattle Mayor John Dore thanking Clarence Arai, Seattle Public Library board member, for the flowers he sent on the occasion of Mayor Dore's father's death. Dore, Mayor John 4/29/1938
1900.501 Internees Are Called Victims of Injustice Sperry 2/24/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5010 Photo Photo of men lining up to register for Selective Service at a fire station in Seattle. Photo noted the different racial extractions of the men. Future American Defenders Report to Uncle Sam Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5011 Article Article and pictures show Nisei life and how western the second-generation Japanese are. The Nisei 1940s Life
1900.5012 Article Professor Henry Tatsumi of the University of Washington demonstrated a Japanese typewriter that he was using to complete his manuscript for his Oirental Studies students. Japanese Typewriter Mastered by Professor Marty Abrahamson 1940s The Daily (Univ. of WA)
1900.5013 Article Plans were being made by the Japanese Students Club to hold a picnic at Five Mile Lake. Japanese Group Schedule Picnic 1940s The Daily (Univ. of WA)
1900.5014 Article Letters to the editor regarding racism towards Japanese-Americans and citizenship For Tolerance; Japanese Americans E. Louise Irwin and S. Sawamura 1940s Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5015 Article The University of Washington Daily featured Japanese Americans and their career opportunities in a series on the University and the careers students pursued. Professor Henry Tatsumi was interviewed on his opinions on Nisei and their career goals. Minorities Can Help Stop Discrimination Roger Bye 1940s The Daily (Univ. of WA)
1900.5016 Article Faculty advisers were set to interview University of Washington delegates to the eighth annual America-Japan Student Conference to be held at the University in the summer. Conference Advisers to Meet Today 1940s The Daily (Univ. of WA)
1900.5017 Article Plans were being made to hold the eighth annual Ameica-Japan Student Conference at the University of Washington. Fifty or 60 students from Japan were to meet with about 100 students from American colleges and universities to discuss matters of mutual concern. U.S.-Japan Group In Eighth Meeting Here This Summer 1940s The Daily (Univ. of WA)
1900.5018 Article A final decision was to be made to choose the American delegates to the America-Japan Student Conference to be held at the University of Washington. Conferees Await Nod 1940s The Daily (Univ. of WA)
1900.5019 Article A conference between students from Japan studying in the U.S. and American students was set for this summer at the University of Washington.. Japan-America Meet Definitely Scheduled Here, Says Ronning 1940s The Daily
1900.502 It All Came Back...Where We Stayed, Which Stall Bailey, Gil 2/24/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5020 Article An editorial told of a conference between students from the U.S. and Japan that were to meet at the University of Washington to discuss currrent issues between the two countries. Firm Hands 1940s
1900.5021 Photo Photo of a group of Japanese American near the punch table at the installtion of Japanese American Citizens League officers at the New Washington Hotel. Where East Is Now West
1900.5022 Article Article about the installation of Japanese American Citizens League officers in the Seattle area and the loyalty shown to the United States. Japanese-Americans Pledge U.S. Loyalty
1900.5023 Article Article about a conference of Japanese American college and university students to be held at the University of Washington to exchange ideas and to promote friendship among the students of the various schools. Nipponese Meet Here Tomorrow
1900.5024 Photo Photo of two Japanese American women in Japanese kimonos displaying a dance step for Potlatch Queen Shirley Gail Fleetwood. The two were advertising a Japanese dance festival which was to be held on Main St. between 5th and 6th Avenues as part of the Potlatch Festival. Dancers Compare Notes
1900.5025 Article Photo and article about a Shinto wedding held in Seattle uniting Takeshi Kubota and Kiyo Kaneko. Pair Wed Amid Oriental Pageantry
1900.5026 Article Article about a conference of the Nortwest District Conference of the Japanese American Citizens League held in Seattle at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the political leaders who attended or sent messages to it. Japan-America League Meets
1900.5027 Article Japanese-Americans donate a large truckload of metal to contribute to a week-long aluminum drive. Japanese Help Aluminum Drive
1900.5028 Article Editor, James Y. Sakamoto, speaks to the Junior Chamber of Commerce regarding the loyalty of Japanese-Americans if the U.S. ever went to war with Japan. U.S. Japanese Loyal, Asserts Seattle Editor 1940s
1900.5029 Article Article contrasts how Japanese government modified plans to detain Americans as "hostages" to how Japanese in America behave and are treated . Whatever Tokyo Does, They Are Good Americans 1940s
1900.503 Gordon Hirabayashi was imprisoned during World War II when he refused the obey curfew requirements and later refused to answer the questionnaire given to all draft-eligible Japanese. Unlike the no-no boys he sent the entire survey back with no answers. It's Been 30 Years of Recovery Mano, Mark Dec. 1978 International Examiner
1900.5030 Article JACL organizes Japan Day celebration featuring folk dances, songs, juggling as well as a contest to name a Nisei Queen. Japanese Citizens Plan Outing 1940s
1900.5031 Article An editorial remarked on how both the Chinese and Japanese communities iin friendly competition had met their Defense Chest quotas. Splendid Example 10/31/1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5032 Article Newly crowned Nisei Queen, Sakiko Shiga, worries that her father, Henry J. Shiga, may not be able to sail back home to the U.S. from Japan due to rising tension between the two countries. Nisei's Queen Worries Over Father's Plight 1940s
1900.5033 Article Talented soprano, Mariko Mukai, is awarded a scholarship from the Juilliard Foundation in New York. Seattle Soprano Wins Scholarship 1940s
1900.5034 Article Author mentions how race still plays a factor in determining who's "American", no matter how many generations one's family has lived here. "What is it, to be an American?" Don Pugnetti 1940s Seattle Star
1900.5035 Article Japanese American, May Kumasaka, is appointed assistant laboratory technician at King County Tuberculosis Hospital. Japanese Girl Named to Tuberculosis Post 1940s Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5036 Article Missionaries, students, and business people, mostly Japanese American, return home on a voyage organized at the last minute. Many state their opinions on the war and what they had observed in Japan. Most returned due to frozen bank accounts. Refugee Ship from Nippon Arrives in B.C. Doug Welch 1940s Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5037 Article Article discusses brief history of immigration and citizenship of Japanese in America and addresses the concern of where loyalties would stand if there were a war. West Coast Japanese Jim Marshall 1940s
1900.5038 Article The new, permanent Wing Luke Museum exhibit will cover 10 groups: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, other Southeast Asians, South Asians and Pacific Islanders. New permanent Asian Pacific American exhibit to open next year Suguro, Ed August 1992 Northwest Nikkei/North American Post
1900.5039 article Goodbye, Holly Park Brown, Charles E. October 21, 199 Seattle Times
1900.504 Japanese American Memorial Approved 3/8/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5040 Article Wing Luke Asian Museum receives Metropolitan Life Foundation's "Multicultural Initiatives" grant. Money from grant will be used by WLAM to expand the permanent exhibit that highlights the heritage and artifacts of Asian immigrants to the US. Wing Luke Asian Museum gets $13,000 Met Life grant Kuo, Fidelius December 14, 19 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.5042 article Asian American soldiers faced the enemy and prejudice Ho, Vanessa November 12, 19 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5043 article Important to know it did happen Moy, Kimberly July 25, 1991 The Seattle Times
1900.5044 article Examines how the newspapers in each internment camp reflected the struggle for cultural identity felt by the internees. Reflections of cultural identities in conflict Luther, Catherine A. July 1, 2003 Journalism History
1900.5045 article See notes for text. Wing Luke: the man behind the museum Stripling, Sherry February 25, 20 The Seattle Times
1900.5046 article American wife of Chinese chemical engineer reclaims lost citizenship in Saginaw court August 18, 1946 The Saginaw News
1900.5047 Article Interview with two youths from the Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club. One directs the head, and one the tail. Royal Tan and Prosper Van Bock, Paula February 6, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.5048 article This article is a print-out from the online version of The Seattle Times. Flowers, food, folklore usher in Year of Rooster Ko, Michael February 7, 200 Seattle Times
1900.5049 Article America's Concentration Camps Hedgepeth, William May 28, 1968 Look
1900.505 Min Yasui on Redress: "I'm Still Fighting Mad Yet" Griswold, Lew 8/3/1983 International Examiner
1900.5050 article Identity Crisis Giudici, Carey C. December 2000 Seattle
1900.5051 article Memorial caravan to camp harmony Reed, Wendy November 29, 19 South District Journal
1900.5052 Article Article about suspected subversive activity in the United States by pro-Japan organizations and the Japanese government. Pearson, Drew December 5, 194
1900.5053 Article Article about the loyalty of the Japanese residents of Hawaii and what the Island is doing to keep order in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack. December 8, 194
1900.5054 Article Article with photos about the reaction of the Japanese community to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and their comments. War News Shocks Them Williams, Forrest December 8, 194 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5055 Article Article about restrictions on travel placed on persons of Japanese ancestry in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. War Orders Stop Japanese Travel
1900.5056 Article Article about Seattle children trying to visit the Japanese consul's children at the latter's home on Queen Anne Hill, but being rebuffed by the FBI and police, although one child appeared to have gotten through. Ironic Drama Marks Gift To Consul's Son December 8, 194
1900.5057 Article Article disclosing the number of aliens in the United States with 50,853 alien Japanese in the continental U.S. and 40,000 more in Hawaii. U.S. Has 50,853 Alien Japanese
1900.5058 Photo Photo of a group of men being recalled from leave and boarding a bus after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Summoned
1900.5059 Article Article about the Japanese Baptist Home in Seattle receiving a threatening phone call in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Other Japanese businesses were vandalized, while some citizens offered their services, some of them expressing a wish to intern the Japanese. Japanese Baptist Home Guarded
1900.506 Reverend Edward Iwamoto: "We Evacuated On Our Own" Woo Dec. 1978 International Examiner
1900.5060 Article Article about Seattle Mayor Earl Millikin's appeal to the people of Seattle to be tolerant and understanding of the Japanese in the city and that he felt they were loyal to this country. Millikin Urges Tolerance December 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5061 Article Article about the Japanese consulate in Seattle not answering any callers or visitors in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing Japan Consul Here Not In to Callers December 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5062 Article Article about comments made by William Hosokawa in regard to the Pearl Harbor bombing and the reaction of the Japanese community in Seattle and his opinion on what Japan is planning to do. Japanese Here Thunderstruck by Air Attack December 1941
1900.5063 Article Article about James Y. Sakamoto and his statement that Americans of Japanese ancestry are loyal to the U.S. and will help to uncover any potential saboteurs among pro-Japanese members of he community. American-born Japanese Loyal, Editor Asserts
1900.5064 Article Article about the arrest and detention of Japanese aliens in Seattle and elsewhere across the nation in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Many Japanese Interned Here December 1941
1900.5065 Article Article about a warning received by a Seattle radio station claiming to blow up the station if it wasn't careful about what it aired. Radio Station Gets Warning
1900.5066 Photo Photo of an American soldier guarding Japanese and another of the Japanese taken into custody when they arrived from Terminal Island, California to the dock at San Pedro, California. F.B.I. Acts at San Pedro, Calif.
1900.5067 Article Article about Japanese aliens being arrested in the United States and Hawaii and being turned over to immigration officials. 736 Japanese Arrested in U.S. and Hawaii Dec. 8, 1941
1900.5068 Article Article about the Treasury Department's freezing Japanese assets of Japanese nationals and also of reports that some vandalism was committed on Japanese businesses.
1900.5069 Article Article about security measures being taken along the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Los Angeles aqueduct and San Pedro Harbor.
1900.507 Three Japanese Americans Challenge Evacuation Order 2/2/1983 International Examiner
1900.5070 Article Article about the Japanese community being confined to their homes and that in San Francisco their section was roped off. In Chinatown there was elation over the United States entering the war.
1900.5071 Article Article about Japanese in California driving across bridges being stopped amd searched for explosives. Japanese Searched Dec. 8, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5072 Article Article about the airlines barring people of Japanese descent from boarding American airlines or any transport planes. Japs Barred From Air Line Flights
1900.5073 Article Photo of stalls at the Pike Place Market being empty because the Japanese workers who ordinarily staff these tables are missing in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack. Japanese Growers "Late to Work"
1900.5074 Article Article about Chinese people in Seattle to wear buttons that say "Chinese" to distinguish them from Japanese in case of mistaken identity Lapel Buttons Will Identify Chinese Here
1900.5075 Article Article about Seattle Mayor Earl Millikin's warning to the public to stay away from military establishments and any fires to lessen the possiblity of hysteria and to treat the Japanese residents of the city tolerably. Mayor Warns Citizens to Remain Calm
1900.5076 Article Article about the continuation of the Seattle Japanese School in spite of hostilities between the United States and Japan. Classes Held At Japanese School Here
1900.5077 Article Article about how clergymen from the Seattle area call for tolerance and understanding of the Japanese Americans living here and support for the war effort. Seattle Church Leaders Support U.S. War Effort
1900.5078 Article Article about funds in Japan's financial institutions in Seattle being frozen because of Japan's bombing Pearl Harbor. The Treasury Department prohibited Japanese nationals from withdrawing any money from firms like Yokohama Specie Bank and Sumitomo Bank of Seattle. Seattle Bank Funds "Frozen"
1900.5079 Article Editorial in a Seattle newspaper requesting people to accept the inconveniences and to cooperate in making things run smoothly. As for Japanese Americans, people were asked to not be hostile toward them. First Duty of a Citizen: Mind Your Own Business Dec. 9, 1941
1900.508 Three Men Who Resisted the Internment 1/23/1985 International Examiner
1900.5080 Article Article about the principal at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School in Seattle pleading for tolerance among her students, especially since the school is composed about three-fourths Japanese students, in the aftermath of the U.S.'s entry into World War II. Racial Harmony Welded By Resourceful Teacher
1900.5081 Article Article about the King County school superintendent asking for fair play in the treatment of Japanese American students as a result of the U.S.'s entry into World War II. Fair Play Asked For Japanese
1900.5082 Article Article about the Seattle Council of Churches and Christian Education asking that there be no discrimination or unfairness on the Japanese in the area due to this country's entry into World War II. Church Council Asks Fairness To Japanese
1900.5083 Article Article about leaders in the Japanese community pledging their loyalty to the United States and comments they made in regard to the war situation. Japanese Leaders Here Pledge Loyalty
1900.5084 Article Article about the closing of the Japanese Language School in Seattle in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Japan Language School Classes Here Called Off
1900.5085 article Seems to be two incomplete articles about Senator Inouye's visit to Vanouver, WA Vancouver students charm senator with song and questions Baker, Dean May 4, 2002
1900.5086 Article Article about the Council of Churches asking for fair treatment of the Japanese in the area in the face of the Pearl Harbor bombing and at the same time, reminding Japanese to be calm, loyal and law-abiding. Council of Churches Asks Fairness to Jap Residents
1900.5087 Article Article about the Pike Place Market and the Japanese still working there after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Many of the Japanese are aliens and have their stalls in the names of their children, who are U.S. citizens. Japanese Still Deal in Pike Place Market
1900.5088 Article Article concerning the Seattle Japanese Language School's closure in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Nippon School Here Is Closed
1900.5089 Article Article on the correction of the ban on Japanese riding school buses at Medina School as a result of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Ban on Jspanese in Busses is Corrected
1900.509 Photo exhibit of a pilgrimage to Tule Lake taken by 60 people to recall adn reflect on the World War II relocation camp for people of Japanese ancestry. Tule Lake Exhibit: "Images From the Pilgrimage" Robinson, Mari 12/15/1982 International Examiner
1900.5090 Article Article on Japanese American youth from a Seattle Buddhist Church organization being stranded in Portland, Oregon and having difficulty returning because of the ban on Japanese aliens being denied access to common carriers, despite the fact that these people are American citizens. 40 Youths Stranded
1900.5091 Article Article about the difficulty and hardship faced by Seattle produce markets because of a U.S. Treasury Dept. order prohibiting financial transactions with Japanese aliens in purchasing fruits and vegetables from them. Since 80 percent of the fresh vegetables in the Pacific Northwest are produced by Japanese farmers, many of them aliens ineligible for citizenship, Seattle produce distributors were meeting and seeking advice on how to handle the problem. Produce Market Here Hit by Treasury Ban Niendorff, Fred Seattle Post-Intelligencerr
1900.5092 Article Article and photograph of Japanese Americans getting copies of their birth certificates at the Public Safety Building in Seattle in order to continue to work in the city. Japanese Get Legal Papers Dec. 10, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5093 Article Letter to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from Dyke Miyagawa, president of the Educational Society of the Japanese Cannery Workers, Seattle, who pledged his and his organization's support to the United States in its war efforts. For Victory Miyagawa, Dyke Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5094 Article Article about the letter Dyke Miyagawa, president of the Educational Society of the Japanese Canner Workers, wrote to Mayor Millikin of Seattle pledging his and the organization's support in the country's war effort. Japanese Here Scores Attack Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5095 Article Article about a jury trial in Cleveland, Ohio in which it was intimated that crab canned in Japan resulted in ptomaine poisoning. Japanese Crabs Figure in Suit Dec. 10, 1941
1900.5096 Article Article about a piece of iron being found on the railroad tracks in Eatonville, WA and whether they could have been placed by Japanese workers living there. Anti-Japanese Acts Feared
1900.5097 Article Article about Methodist ministers urging public understanding and tolerance of the Japanese in this area. Minitsters Urge Tolerance
1900.5098 Article Article about goods Made in Japan being removed at the S.S. Kresge Stores or destroyed at a roofing company in Traverse City, Michigan because of the war with Japan. Made in Japan Good Destroyed Dec. 10, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5099 Article Editorial by the staff of the Sattle Post-Intelligencer telling of the problems faced by the Japanese community and asking for tolerance and understanding of their plight. Our Japanese Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.510 Proposal detailing the recommendations that the 48th Legislative session of the WA State Legislature compensate any Japanese American state employee who was terminated or forced to resign following Pearl Harbor. An Issue Ignored For Nearly 40 Years: we must remedy a wrong done to certain State employees Kinoshita, Cherry 12/15/1982 International Examiner
1900.5100 Article Article about alien Japanese farmers withholding their produce because of U.S Treasury restrictions on their entering the markets and dealing in financial transactions. U.S. Trasury licenses were being issued to them to allow them to market their produce. Seattle Post-Intelligencer Niendorff, Fred Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5101 Article Article about how the Japanese Chamber of Commerce is coordinating defense drives in the Japanese community by preparing gift packages for servicemen and buying defense bonds. Japanese Here Aiding Defense
1900.5102 Article Article with photograph of Japanese cherry trees that were cut down in Washington, D.C. due to the war with Japan. Jap Cherry Trees Felled at Capital Dec. 11, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5103 Article Article about Japanese being arrested for violating the curfew order by being outside during restrictions. Six Arrested Over Blackout
1900.5104 Article Article about how Japanese aliens are in a quandary because of a U.S. Treasuring ruling that they are not to be paid , and with many of them operating hotels and rooming houses, that leaves them high and dry. Jap Landlords Face Problem
1900.5105 Article Editorial written by James Y. Sakamoto, publisher of the Japanese American Courier, exhorting the Nisei to remain loyal and do their bit in the defense of the United States. Word to the Nisei Sakamoto, James Y. Japanese American Courier
1900.5106 Article Article about an American living in Chile who damaged a Japanese-run store and assaulted two of the clerks working in the store. One Man "Riot" Jailed Dec. 11, 1941
1900.5107 Photograph Photograph of students at Bailey Gatzert school watching a student demonstrating what to do in case of the school being bombed. Safety Position Shown Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5108 Article Article about how Eatonville tried to defuse an incident when a piece of iron was found on the railroad track, and the Japanese workers at the lumber were suspected. Eatonville Acts To Keep Peace With Japanese Dec. 11, 1941
1900.5109 Article Article about the Cleveland Comic Opera's canceling "The Mikado," which takes place in Japan, due to present circumstances. Ko-Ko Won't Sing, "Mikado" Is Canceled Dec. 11, 1941
1900.511 Goodbye Dragon, Welcome Serpent 1962 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5110 Article Article about a man whose initials are J.A.P. dropping the "A" to just J.P. on his watch, tie clasp and belt buckle. J.A.P. Now J.P.
1900.5111 Article Article about how Japanese aliens who work as domestic employees for clubs and private homes are not being paid because of a freeze by the United States Treasury Department on not allowing transfer of money or assets to aliens of Japanese descent. This does not apply to German of Italian aliens. Japanese-Born Can't Get Pay
1900.5112 Article Article about a Japanese national who prayed daily on the eastside of the 12th Avenue Bridge, hoping for better relations between the United States and Japan Aged Japanese Prayed in Vain; Son Now Held
1900.5113 Article Article about sxi Japanese workers at a hatchery who locked themselves in because of fears of violence in Clinton, MO after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. 6 U.S. Japanese Fear Violence, Lock Selves In Dec. 11, 1941
1900.5114 Article The author recalls the brothels in the International District during the Great Depression. Doing battle with a Seattle 'madam' Tazuma, Yukio August 27, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5115 Article Article about Seattle's board of public works firing all aliens who are working on city construction work be they Japanese, German or Italian. Alien Discharges Ordered by Board
1900.5116 Article On Ron Chew receiving the Western Museums Association's Director's Chair Award and the Ford Foundation's Leadership for a Changing World Award. He was also inducted into the UW's Department of Communitcation's hall of fame. It's a week to remember for Wing Luke museum's chief Iwasaki, John October 11, 200 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5117 Article Article about the need for tolerance on Japanese residents in the Seattle area as a result of the Pearl Harbor bombing as requested by the Urban League. Tolerance Appeal Made for Japanese
1900.5118 Article Interview with Ron Chew. Includes his history, the history of the Wing Luke Asian Museum, and the purchase of the Kong Yick buildings. Museum exec an insider to history Davila, Florangela October 11, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.5119 Article Within the Kong Yick buildings are the stories of thousands of new immigrants. Chinatown's heart to house new museum Daza, Rosario January 19, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.512 Gung Hay Fat Choyn 4677 1/28/1979 Seattle Times
1900.5120 article the dwindling Nisei members of the U.S. Army's Military Intelligence Service recall memories of the interrogations of Japanese prisoners in World War II and vote to disband the MIS Northwest Association. Nisei Recall War Duty Lacitis, Erik December 9, 200 Seattle Times
1900.5121 Article The origins and symbolism of the Chinese lion dance. Focuses on three Lion Dance teams from Seattle: Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club, International Lion Dance Team, and Seattle's Kung Fu Club. Enter the lions: Traditional Chinese dance brings luck and prosperity Cruz, Jason September 14-20 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.5122 article A "Day of Remembrance" at the Puyallup Fairgrounds, the former Camp Harmony, was held by the Japanese American Citizens League for the Nikkei incarcerated during World War II. This time, it was a 'harmonious' trek to Puyallup Suzuki, Sharon December 8, 197 Pacific Citizen
1900.5125 Booklet An info booklet for the photo exhibit "Executive Order 9066" that was displayed at the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Includes excerpts from "The Japanese in California" and words from Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, Tom C. Clark. Most of the photos were taken by Dorothea Lange for the War Relocation Authority. A few are from local Seattle newspapers and from photocgrapher Ansel Adams. Executive Order 9066: The Internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans 1985 Wing Luke Asian Museum
1900.5126 article photo fragments from the fourth annual N.W. Nisei Basketball Tournament. Men's and women's winners featured. Fourth Annual N.W. Nisei Basketball Tournament Northwest Times
1900.5127 article how Falun Dafa can heal and increase longevity through exercise and meditation. Falun Dafa, the Wisdom of Ancient China Yang, Jingduan MD Summer - Fall 2 Forbearance: A Reader on Falun Gong and the Crisis in China
1900.5128 article article talks about the three principles (truth, compassion, and forbearance) and five exercises of Falun Gong. What is Falun Gong? O'Neill, Liam Summer - Fall 2 Forbearance: A Reader on Falun Gong and the Crisis in China
1900.5129 article China persecutes ordinary people and forces them into prison and detention centers for the crime of practicing Falun Gong. China's Darkest Hour Mengsheng, Gu Summer - Fall 2 Forbearance: A reader on Falun Gong and the Crisis in China
1900.513 Laotian Days Celebrates Handicrafts and Culture Look, Jeannie 7/1/1981 East/West
1900.5130 article Since July 1999 the Chinese government has detained and harrassed Falun Gong practitioners. Article raises awareness about persecution and how U.S. citizens can help. The Crackdown Against Falun Gong in China August 1, 2000 The Falun Dafa Reader
1900.5131 article An Angel Island Immigration Center Foundation project uncovers how chinese immigrants faced discrimination at Angel Island, the West Coast immigration center near San Francisco, California due to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Archaeological finds and memoirs are included in project. Grim Past of the Ellis Island of the West Kong, Deborah May 5, 2002 Seattle Times
1900.5132 article college paper from Davis Ja's GIS 410 class on how Asian Americans are portrayed in Children's Literature Ai-Lee in Wonderland Nihei, Judith June 9, 1974
1900.5133 Article Article about how six Filipinos attacked a Japanese American man who was walking home, the beating resulting from Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and the Philippines. Six Men Pummel Japanese Here
1900.5134 Article Article about the U.S. Treasury allowing Japanese nationals to make financial transactions after the government froze their accounts, but now the Treasury is loosening the rules because of difficulties the Japanese nationals have in marketing their produce. Treasury Eases Restrictions on Jap Nationals
1900.5135 Article Article about withdrawals from the University of Washington but the Japanese students have not withdrawn in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. U. Withdrawals Since Start of War Total 15
1900.5136 Article Article about how the members of the Japanese Students' Club at the University of Washington pledged their support to the U.S. in a resolution. Japanese Students Ready to Aid U.S.
1900.5137 Article Article about the need for tolerance at a Seattle public high school, Roosevelt, despite the fact that there were few Japanese students there.
1900.5138 Article Article about how the prohibition against any financial dealing with Japanese aliens was making a shortage of fresh vegetables available to the general public because the aliens weren't able to sell their produce. Officials Seeking to Avert Shortage of Vegetables Here Niendorff, Fred Seattle Post-Inelligencer
1900.5139 Article Article about how arrangements were made to purchase produce grown by alien Japanese so that there won't be a shortage of vegetables in this area due to government restrictions on making financial transactions with Japanese aliens. Vegetables in Supply Here
1900.514 May Happiness Be Yours in the New Year Tsutakawa 1/28/1979 Seattle Times
1900.5140 Article Clarence Arai, a graduate of the University of Washington and an officer in the U.S. Army whose commission had expired, asked for reinstatement of his commission so he could serve the country. Arai Asks Post in U.S. Army
1900.5141 Article Four persons of Japanese ancestry who left their lights on during the curfew and refused to turn them off were charged with disorderly conduct. Lights on; four Japanese fined
1900.5142 Article Food stamps presented by alien Japanese are not honored because of the Treasury Department's restrictions on finanacial transactions between Japanese aliens and U.S. citizens. Banks Refuse to Honor Jap's Food Stamps 12/12/1941
1900.5143 Article Editorial asking for fair treatment of persons of Japanese ancestry. Japanese Residents
1900.5144 Article An organization is formed by Japanese Americans to assist in defense work and cooperate with agencies working in the war effort. Seattle Japanese Form Group Dec. 12. 1941
1900.5145 Article Discusses the exhibition "Strength and Diversity: Japanese American Women 1885-1990" With roots of strength Adams, Wanda A. July 29, 1991 The Honolulu Advertiser
1900.5146 Article Chinese-American conference in Port Townsend denotes 50th anniversary of the repeal of the Exclusion Acts of 1885 Chinese-Americans share hard times Rice, Randi F. September 12, 1 Peninsula Daily News
1900.5147 article Hard times in Chinatown Boardman, Bob Fall 1998 Peninsula Magazine
1900.5148 article Almost a century after snubbing Takuji Yamashita, the state's legal establishment is taking steps to honor the first Japanese graduate of the UW law school A civil action Goldsmith, Steven December 2000 Columns
1900.5149 article Term of endearment Blake, Judith July 18, 1986 The Seattle Times
1900.515 The Mien People of Laos Celebrate Lunar New Year Wong, Leland 2/11/1981 East/West
1900.5150 article Bruce Lee Wong, Dean May 5-May 18, 1 International Examiner
1900.5151 article Lee's real contrubution--20 years later Wong, Shawn May 5-May 18, 1 International Examiner
1900.5152 Article The Federal Reserve Bank reminded tenants living in apartments, rooming houses, hotels and homes operated by Japanese aliens not to make payment to them because it would violate restrctions imposed by the Treasury Department. Rent to Japanese Aliens Banned
1900.5153 Article A Japanese alien woman committed suicide in Los Angeles by strangling herself in jail with silk stockings after being arrested on suspicion of espionage. Alien Japanese Ends Life in Jail Dec. 13, 1941
1900.5154 Article Two Asian youths were arrested after taking pictures at a Seattle pier, and people called the police because they were suspicious. 2 Youths Arrested for Photos Dec. 13, 1954
1900.5155 Article The Seattle Retail Florists Association announced that they will buy flowers only from American citizens because of federal regulations barring purchases from Japanese aliens. Florists Here Ban Japanese Products
1900.5156 Article Buttons with the word "China" on it and colored red, white and blue are distributed to Chinese to help distinguish them from Japanese and to show their loyalty to the war effort. You Can Tell Chinese By Button He Wears
1900.5157 Article Article mentions what Japanese people, especially the enemy, look like.
1900.5158 Article A Japanese alien committed suicide because he was ashamed of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. "Honorable" Death for Son of Japan
1900.5159 Article Brief article about a Japanese Americann reporter's grief or his friend's death.
1900.516 New Year Fete Lifts a Glum Chinatown Sherman 2/27/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5160 Article The Japanese American Citizens' League formed an emergency defense committee to show their loyalty by deeds, not words. Japanese-Americans Aid in Defense Plans
1900.5161 Article Article about how in Hawaii Japanese were always referred to as Japanese; but with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, they're now referred to as "Japs."
1900.5162 Article Article on how the Federal Reserve Bank made changes in its previous policy of not allowing Japanese aliens to be paid for their produce, but the law was changed. U.S. Modifies Regulation of Japanese Here Niendorff, Fred Dec. 12. 1941 Seattle Post-Intellgiencer
1900.5163 Article Article about a donated lantern that the city of Yokohama donated to Seattle and located in Seward Park that symbolized the friendship of the peoples of both ountries but which now is torn asunder. Japan's Actions Now Mock Words on Inscription Here
1900.5164 Article Ads in Japanese newspapers in Hawaii must be in English , according to the Army in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack. Jap "Ads" Must Be in English, Honolulu Told
1900.5165 Photo Picture of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt shown with leaders of Tacoma's Japanese community in discussing problems of the American-born Nisei. In the accompanying article, she asks tolerance for the Nisei. Americans All Dec. 14, 1941
1900.5166 Article Five policemen in the city of Tacoma have vowed not to shave until Japan is completely defeated in the war. Police Won't Shave Until Japs Beaten Dec. 14, 2005
1900.5167 Article The Japanese population of the city of Seattle at the time of the Pearl Harbor bombing was 6,975, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 6,975 Japanese Located in City
1900.5168 Article The secretary of the Y.W.C.A Mrs. Arthur E. Wade commended Seattle Mayor Earl Millikin for his plea of tolerance in differentiating between the local Japanese and the militarists in Japan. Y.W. Aid Lauds Tolerance Plea
1900.5169 Article Filipinos in the Seattle area are urged not to create any disturbances or demonstrations as a result of hostilities between Japan and the Philippines. Filipinos Here Urged to be Tolerant
1900.517 Start Chinese New Year with a Bang Iritani 1/28/1979 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5170 Article Aliens in the Seattle area will have hearings to determine whether they should be detained or released. Japanese, German and Italian aliens are involved. Aliens Here to Have Hearings
1900.5171 Article The Seattle Japanese American Citizens League organized a Japanese Emergency Defense Council to assist in defense work and show loyalty to this country. Seattle Japanese Aid U.S. Defense
1900.5172 Article Article with photo about Clarke H. Kawakami, correspondent with Japan's Domei news agency who denounced Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and resigned his position. Denounces Japan Dec. 15, 1941
1900.5173 Article Question arose as to whether a Japanese alien man could receive a real estate broker's license afer the Pearl Harbor bombing when these aliens were not to deal in any business transactions. Opinion on Alien License Requested
1900.5174 Article A bacteriologist in Hawaii reported that German Stuka planes and German and Japanese American pilots born and raised in Hawaii were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Stukas, German Pilots Reported in Hawaii Raid Dec. 15, 1941
1900.5175 Article Editorial in one of the Seattle newspapers concerning the monument and cherry trees that had been donated to Seattle at Seward Park and the importance of not vandalizing them as had happened in Washington, D.C. in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Let Naught Befall Americans' Trees of Goodwill Dec. 16, 1941
1900.5176 Article Curbs that restricted Japanese aliens from financial and business transactions were lifted for those who came to this country before June 1940 by the Tresury Department in an announcement by the Federal Reserve Bank. Most Curbs On Japs Removed
1900.5177 Article Stores in the Seattle area removed Made In Japan goods due to the United States entering World War II and the unpopularity of goods made by the Axis countries. Made-In-Japan Goods Junked
1900.5178 Article An editorial in the Great Northern Daily News, a bilingual publication in the Seattle Japanese community, declares the position Japanese Americans find themselves in and what they should do in the current situation. Nisei Stand Great Northern Daily News
1900.5179 Article Persons of Japanese were allowed to board the Black Ball Line as long as they could produce an attested copy of their birth certificates. American-born Japanese
1900.518 Vietnamese Here Hail New Year with Tet Festival Hessburg, John 2/6/1983 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5180 Article A new steamship Japan Mail was changed to China Mail in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. "Japan" Taken Out of Liner's Name Dec. 16, 1941
1900.5181 Article The Treasury Department announced that restrictions imposed on Japanese nationals were being relaxed and that the aliens could engage in financial tansactions and could reopen businesses if they were in this country before June 17, 1940. U.S. Relaxes Curbs on Jap Transactions
1900.5182 Article Names of suspicious persons who obtained birth certificates were sent to the FBI after it was learned that someone obtained the birth certificate of a Japanese man without his permission or knowledge. Japs Rush For Birth Papers
1900.5183 Article Produce prices rose due to many Filipinos refusing to work for Japanese farmers because of Japan's invasion of the Philippines and thus crops haven't been harvested. Jap-Filipino War Ups Produce Prices Dec. 16,1941
1900.5184 Article Two-thirds of all Japanese in Washington state were in King County, and the three Pacific Coast states of Washington, Oregon and California held 88.5 percent of all the Japanese in the U.S. Two-Thirds of State Japs in King County
1900.5185 Article Robert O'Brien, assistant dean of the college of arts and sciences, spoke with members of the Japanese Students' Club in discussing problems they are facing as a result of the war with Japan. Japanese Students' Club Discusses War Problems
1900.5186 Article The operetta "The Mikado" was performed in Washington, DC after plans were first made to cancel it due to the war with Japan. Some of the lines were changed to reflect current conditions. "The Mikado" (Revised) Gets Warm Welcome Dec. 16, 1941
1900.5187 Article Seattle stores were not selling goods made in Japan because they either had very few of them in the first place, or what they had, they removed. Made-in-Japan Goods Not Sold
1900.5188 Article Japanese Americans in Seattle formed a civilian defense organization under the leadership of James Y. Sakamoto Young Japanese Organizing for Civilian Defense Dec. 17, 1941
1900.5189 Article A Chinese youth in Denver wore a jacket that identified him as Chinese in order not to be mistaken for Japanese in case people took out their anger at Japanese. Chinese Youth Careful Dec. 17, 1941
1900.519 After Many Years Short, E. T. 2/19/1935 Tacoma Times
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