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1900.5190 Article Defense bonds and stamps sales were brisk in Seattle with the items almost all sold out in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Seattle Nearly "Sold Out" on Defense Bonds Dec. 18, 1941
1900.5191 Article Alien Japanese and Germans who were held at the immigration station in Seattle were transferred out, some to Missoula, Montana and others to an undisclosed camp. There were about 50 to 60 persons involved. Aliens Taken To Internment Dec. 19, 1941
1900.5192 Cartoon Editorial cartoon showing a man in Japan sitting at his desk lamenting being stuck with God Bless America pennants he can't export because of America's embargo on Japanese goods. Pearson
1900.5193 Article Two men and a woman were making the rounds of asking for licensing fees from Japanese hotel and rooming house operators in a bogus scheme to make money. Japanese Victimized by Bogus Collectors
1900.5194 Article A mortuary in San Francisco had a sign outside its establishment saying "We'd rather do business with 100 Japanese than one American." They Want Jap Business Dec. 18, 1941
1900.5195 Article Letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer pleading for tolerance and understanding among all peoples in this fight for unity and democracy. Americans All Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5196 Article Army privates of Japanese ancestry are teaching the Japanese language to about 100 officers and enlisted men. American Soldiers Learning Japanese Dec. 18, 1941
1900.5197 Article Wearing buttons identifying themselves as Chinese (or Koreans) helps these people avoid unpleasant situations that might arise out of being mistaken for Japanese. No Camera, No Jap, Explains Keye Luke Dec. 18, 1941
1900.5198 Article A satiric piece by a writer who envisions how Emperor Hirohito would notify his ancestors about the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
1900.5199 Article Two Japanese aliens, Tamaza Tanikawa, 60, and Karaki Kozumi, 41, were arrested for concealing $12,000 which should have been declared to the government. 2 Japs Accused of Hiding Funds Dec. 18, 1941
1900.520 Alien Americans
1900.5200 Article A reporter stated that things in Hollywood were about as quiet as the cash register at a sukiyaki joint.
1900.5201 Article A mob gathered at a store operated by a Chinese man who displayed a flag of the Chinese air force but was mistaken for a flag of Japan. Mob Mistakes New China Flag for Jap's Dec. 19, 1941
1900.5202 Article A writer suggested some song titles for Tin Pan Alley that reflected the war effort.
1900.5203 Article State Attorney General Smith Troy announced that Japanese aliens were entitled to unemployment compensation since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. State May Continue Relief to Japanese Dec. 18, 1941
1900.5204 Article A barber in Bay Shore, New York, Joseph Scanbura, had a sign in his barber shop, "Free shaves for Japs. Not responsible for accidents." Free Shaves for Japs Dec. 18, 1941
1900.5205 Article The Roger Williams Club of the University Baptist Church baked cookies for the Japanese Children's Home. Activities Slated for Williams Club
1900.5206 Photo A photo shows an X over the name of Mikado, Michigan, which wants to change its name to Roosevelt. Down with the Mikado! Dec. 20, 1941
1900.5207 Article Letter to the editor from a woman who warned of fifh column activity and proposed sending the alien Japanese back to their home country accompanied by their children or letting the children remain here to be interned. Japanese in U.S. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5208 Article Four prominent Japanese Americans were arrested and held in the King County Jail after being arrested by federal agents in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. U.S. Aids Jail 4 Japanese Leaders Here Dec. 21, 1941
1900.5209 Article A store owner in Ogden, Utah sold his made in Japan goods at a discount and donated the proceeds to the Red Cross as a way to get back at Japan and at the same time help the Red Cross. Sale of Jap Goods for Red Cross Gives Tokyo Kick in Rear Dec. 22, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.521 The Anti-Chinese Convention of the State of California
1900.5210 Article Ten Japanese Americans said they would be willing to work on the movie "Burma Road" and have their salaries used to buy defense bonds or used for any other war aid agencies. Parsons, Louella Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5211 Article Six men were named to the enemy alien board to hold hearings on enemy aliens in the aftermath of the United States' entry in World War II. Enemy Alien Board Named
1900.5212 Article Reports of a Japanese tank on the streets of Beverly Hill, CA threw the residents in a panic and the police investigated, only to find a street sweeping machine moving along the street. "Japs Are Coming!" California Police Got In Action Fast Dec. 20, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5213 Article An Americanism rally was planned at the Seattle Buddhist Church sponsored by the Emergency Defense Council of the Japanese American Citizens League and to be addressed by Seattle's mayor and an official of the American Legion. Japanese Group Will Hold Rally
1900.5214 Cartoon Political cartoon showing a man with an ax chopping down a Japanese cherry tree, saying, "Now, I'll tear up a lot of German music." As Bad As Hitler! Dec. 22, 1941
1900.5215 Cartoon Cartoon showing a horrified woman who has opened a package containing a gift she bought for her husband only to learn that the item was made in Japan. Ma Discovers That The Gift She Bought for Grandpa Was "Made in Japan!"
1900.5216 Photo Picture of a Filipino woman wearing a "Philippines" button to indicate her origins so as not to confuse her with Japanese. Proud of Homeland Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5217 Article The Japanese Boys Club at the University of Washington gave Robert W. O'Brien a national defense bond on the occasion of the birth of his son. O' Brien is the adviser to the club. Japan Boys' Club Gives Baby Bond Dec. 23, 1941
1900.5218 Article Hearings for enemy aliens being detained at the Immigration Station were to begin before Christmas although it was planned to start them after the holidays. Alien Hearings Open Tomorrow
1900.5219 Photo Picture of a Japanese woman selling pastries to another woman at a confectionery in Seattle. Jeune japonaise au comptoir d'une confiserie etablie a Seattle depuis 1890.
1900.522 Part 2 or a six-part series: The folder includes the reprint of the entire series: The International District: History of an Urban, Ethnic Neighborhood in Seattle. The Anti - Chinese Movement Chin, Doug 1/6/1982 International Examiner
1900.5220 Photo Sign in the Eastern Trading Co. store states it is "Owned and Operated by Chinese" in order to separate themselves from Japanese in case they get mistaken since Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Owned and Operated by Chinese
1900.5221 Photo A shoe store has a sign in its window presumably saying that it is a Chinese store in order to differentiate itself from a Japanese store in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.
1900.5222 Photo Picture of two Japanese American employees working at California Bank in Los Angeles. Les Japnoaises sont aussi fort nombreuses en Californie et plusieurs d'entr'elles y sont nees.
1900.5223 Photo Picture shows Japanese American waitresses in uniforms smiling and happily serving their customers at the Cherry Blossom Cafe in Los Angeles. En haut jeunes serveuses resplendissantes de bonne humeur au Cherry Blossom Cafe
1900.5224 Photo Picture shows the inside of the Seattle Buddhist Temple where a priest addresses the parishoners. An American flag hangs on the left side. Ci-contre scene typique dans le temple boudiste de Seattle
1900.5225 Letter Letter to the editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer giving a woman's view on citizenship and why Japanese people can't be assimilated into American society. Nisei Problem Young, Mildred Jan. 17, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5226 Letter Letter writer denounces Axis' and especially Japan's treachery and deceit in diplomacy. Diplomacy Miller, E.B. January 20 (?), Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5227 Letter Letter writer Jacqueline Wieland defends the Nisei (Japanese Americans) and says they are good citizens and are victims of discrimination when they graduate from high school and face the real world. Nisei Problem Wieland, Jacqueline Jan. 20 (?),194 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5228 Letter Letter writer Peter S. Johnson urges the removal of Japanese from the Pacific Coast to some inland location, saying that they are a menace to the area. Would Move Japanese Johnson, Peter S. January 20 (?), Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5229 Letter Letter writer Albert D. Bonus defends Japanese Americans and says they are loyal because they have been cooperating with the authorities, bought defense stamps and bonds and are serving in the American army. Loyal Japanese Bonus, Albert D. January 20 (?), Seattle Post- Intelligencer
1900.523 Atrocities Against Chinese Americans - A Partial List Sumi, Pat Feb. 1971 Reprinted from Gidra
1900.5230 Letter Letter writer Tom Guptill urges a reward for Mr. Moto for his treachery--a yellow double cross For Mr. Moto Guptill, Tom Jan. 20 (?), 19 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5231 Letter Letter write Frank Foster said not to show any leniency to warmongers and to learn from past experience. Against Leniency Foster, Frank January 20 (?), Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5232 Article An alien board of three members from Washington state was to leave Seattle for Missoula, Montana, to hold hearings for Japanese, German and Italian aliens detained there. Alien Board Will Meet in Montana January 18, 194
1900.5233 Letter Letter writer Virginia Scott suggested sending West Coast Japanese inland for the security and safety of the people living here. Would Move Japs Scott, Virginia January 19, 194 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5234 Article Rt. Rev. S. Arthur Huston praised the Japanese women of St. Paul's Mission in the White River Valley for organizining a unit of the American Red Cross. Bishop Huston Lauds Japanese War Work Aid January 1942
1900.5235 Article Employers were urged to hire aliens in non-restricted work in order to keep up war production, according to the Office of Production Management. Many employers were under the mistaken impression that aliens could not be hired or that prejudice kept them from hiring aliens. Restrictions On Aliens Hit January 21, 194
1900.5236 Article The number of Japanese aliens arrested as of January 23, 1942 was 160. Those arrested have been held at the Immigration Station in Seattle, and more than 100 have been sent to a detention center in Missoula, Montana. 160 Japanese Now Held Here Jan. 23, 1942
1900.5237 Article The Japanese American Citizens League raised $4,525 toward the goal of purchasing a bomber. A Japanese Buddhist group in the White River Valley raised an additional $500 in this drive. January 23, 194
1900.5238 Article Walter Williams, chairman of the Washington State Defense Council, said Japanese on the West Coast won't be evacuated after meeting with officials in Washington, DC. Japs Won't Be Evacuated, Says Williams January 22, 194
1900.5239 Article Hideo Katamoto, 17, was arrested on orders of the Coast Guard and U.S. Customs for loitering around the Union Oil dock and Pier 14. Japanese Youth To Be Questioned January 22, 194
1900.524 The Chinese Riots Evans 11/2/1975 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5240 Article 1,300 Japanese from the Seattle area met at the Seattle Buddhist Church to pledge their loyalty to the United States and to hear from officials about the importance of being good Americans. Photo shows the crowd gathered around the U.S. flag. 1,300 Seattle Japanese Pledge Loyalty Dec. 23, 1942
1900.5241 Article A drunken self-styled "Paul Revere" rode his horse throgh a Seattle neighborhood warning of a Japanese aerial attack, but he had disappeared by the time sheriff's deputies arrived. In another case, a drunken man destroyed several windows of a Chinese laundry after he believed that it was owned by Japanese. He was arrested. False Raid Alarm Spread by Tipsy "Paul Revere"
1900.5242 Article The Red Cross Committee of the Japanese American Citizens League donated kits to soldiers hospitalized at Fort Lewis as part of their war effort drive. Dec. 26, 1941
1900.5243 Article Four Japanese American men, prominent in the community, were arrested and held in the county jail after they had a hearing and bail was set. The charge was that they had engaged in subversive activity against the United States. 4 Deny Guilt In Jap Case; High Bond Set MacDonald, Howard E. Dec. 28 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5244 Article In Kansas City customers were afraid to use the elevators in a department store because they thought the elevator operators were Japanese when they weren't. The manager solved the problem by having the employees reveal their race by wearing badges saying, "I'm a loyal Filipino." Labeled Dec. 27, 1941
1900.5245 Article Edwin A. Henderson, a letter writer from Olympia, urged Japanese Americans to report any subversive activity to the F.B.I. as any good citizen should do. Report to the F.B.I. Dec. 27, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5246 Article Enemy aliens were informed to turn in all cameras and radios with short wave bands, including home receiving sets with short wave bands, to the nearest police or sheriff's office or face arrest and forfeiture of these items. The U.S. Department of Justice made this request to all enemy aliens in the Ninth Corps Area. Radio, Camera Ban Placed on Enemy Aliens Dec. 28, 1941
1900.5247 Article A resident of a town near Portland became frightened and fled his home when he saw a soldier who had been guarding a bridge knocking on his door and yelling to turn out his lights during a blackout. The soldier was a Japanese American, and that made the resident think the town had been invaded by the enemy. Friend or Foe? He Didn't Know Dec. 29, 1941
1900.5248 Article About 80 of the 119 Japanese aliens who had been arrested left for Fort Missoula, Montana, and it is believed that practically all of them have now been moved from the immigration station in Seattle. Many Japanese Leave City for Montana Prison
1900.5249 Article Cameras and radios belonging to enemy aliens of Japanese, Italian and German descent were being turned in by the three groups to the Seattle police station or the owners would face severe penalties under federal law. A photo shows Japanese turning in these items. Hundreds of Aliens in Line to Give Up Radios, Cameras
1900.525 District Governor Lions International Urges Quota: Quota Would Unite Families Broken by Exclusion Law Dexter, Walter F. Ajn. 1935 Bulletin on Pacific Coast Council on Oriental Rela
1900.5250 Article Rear Adm. H.E. Yarnell, U.S.N. (ret.) , in a speech delivered to the American Poitical Science Association and the American Soceity for Public Administration, spoke in favor of allowing Asians to immigrate to the U.S. after WWII with the same privileges as European immigrants. U.S. Should Let Asiatics Enter--Yarnell Dec. 29, 1941
1900.5251 Article Japanese aliens of Hood River County in Oregon were told that they would have to turn in any firearms in a new order issued by the Justice Department, according to words received by Senator McNary, Republican of Oregon. Japanese Must Give Up Firearms, Says McNary Dec. 29, 1941
1900.5252 Article A writer for United Press' London bureau, on his way home from a world trip, stopped in Honolulu, Hawaii and reported that Japanese residents there provided assistance to the Pearl Harbor attackers through espionage activity. Arrows Cut in Cane Fields Helped Japs Find Hawaii Targets Carroll, Wallace Dec. 30, 1941
1900.5253 Article A Boeing worker was arrested for appearing suspicious around the Boeing plant when it was learned he had a gun in his briefcase. He claimed the Japanese proprietor of a cafe reported him when he went to eat there and opened his briefcase, which revealed the gun. Arrest Bewilders Boing Worker' Japanese Turned Him In, Youth Declares
1900.5254 Photo Photo shows Japanese turning in their cameras and short wave radios in accordance with government orders. Cameras, Too, Surrendered Here Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5255 Article Cameras and short wave radios were turned in by Japanese aliens and some German and Italian aliens under an order barring them from having such items during wartime and the deadline of December 30, 1941 was approaching. Banned Radios and Cameras Swamp Police Dec. 30, 1941 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5256 Article Smith Troy, Attorney General , announced that Japanese aliens could be paid social security benefits provided they have resided in the continental United States on and ever since June 17, 1940. Japanese Social Security Ruling Dec. 31, 1941
1900.5257 Article Los Angeles' Little Tokyo is the largest Japanese colony in the United States and has become like a ghost town because things have shut down here due to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Little Tokyo Jan.2, 1942
1900.5258 Article An alien enemy board was prepared to hold hearings at the United State Immigration Station on the disposition of alien Japanese, Germans and Italians who were currently being detained. Alien Enemy Board Will Open Hearings Jan. 1, 1942
1900.5259 Article An article in one of the Seattle papers told of a wealthry woman who tried to have her Japanese chauffeur drive through Fort Lawton, although he was stopped by soldiers with bayonets. She had urged him to drive right through because "everybody knows me."
1900.526 Readings for the History of Minority Groups in the U.S. class at SCCC History of Minorty Groups in the United States Binns, Archie Seattle Central Community College
1900.5260 Article Three men and one woman all of Japanese descent, were reported to be photographing an army unit at Spadra in California; but when the law enforcement officers arrived, they were gone. Japs Photograph Army Unit; Escape January 2, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5261 Article Fourteen Japanese turned in their short wave radios to the police as was required by federal law in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing. More Japanese Give Up Radios
1900.5262 Article Pictures of Japanese warships were among items turned in when it was ordered for Axis aliens to turn in cameras and short wave radios. The Japanese man who turned in the pictures thought they might be of use in national defense. Picture of Jap Ships Given U.S. Jan. 1, 1942
1900.5263 Article Enemy aliens were ordered to turn in all firearms to the police following a previous order to give up their shortwave radios and cameras. Also travel restrictions were imposed limiting the distance enemy aliens could travel. Aliens Here Will Turn In All Firearms
1900.5264 Article Shots were fired at the home of a Japanese family in Salt Lake County in Utah while the father was away but the mother and five children were at home. The Noji Tsutsui family were not injured. Six Japanese Escape Shots Fired at Home Jan. 3, 1942
1900.5265 Article Japanese swords were among the items turned in by enemy aliens to the police department after an order was issued that all shortwave radios, cameras, firearms, weapons and implements of war had to be surrendered. A photo shows a law enforcement individual and Tom Uyeno inspecting one of the swords. Ancient Weapons Given Up By Seattle's Alien Japanese Jan. 4, 1942
1900.5266 Article A caller to the police department asked a foolish question that may have been the ultimate in unbelievability. He asked if an enemy alien had to turn in any shortwave radio, gun and camera if he's an American citizen. Question Aliens To The Situation
1900.5267 Article One hundred and eighty-two enemy aliens have been arrested in the state since the entry of the United States in World War II. 182 Enemy Aliens Arrested in State
1900.5268 Article Enemy aliens were to be issued travel permits if they have to leave their municipal area. Also they were to be issued permits for possessing cameras if they had to have them for their livelihood. Aliens May Get Travel Permits
1900.5269 Article President Franklin Roosevelt urged private employers not to discharge enemy alien and foreign-born employees when they were needed in the war effort. He proposed a "sane" policy that employers should follow in treating aliens and the foreign-bon fairly. 'Sane' Alien Labor Policy Urged Jan. 3, 1942
1900.527 History of Tacoma
1900.5270 Article Ceremonial Japanese swords as well as shortwave radios, cameras and firearms were being turned in by Japanese aliens after a ruling was made that the swords had be to surrendered. A photo showed Jack Ogami turning in his family's ceremonial swords. Japs Must Give In Swords, Act Sharp About It Jan. 4, 1942
1900.5271 Article Alderman H.D. Wilson warned that there would be riots unless the Japanese on the West Coast of Canada are not removed. He was en route to Ottawa to recommend that Japanees males 18 and over be removed from the coastal areas and that he would recommend to the city council that all Japanese be removed east of the Rockies to prevent any fifth column activity. Riots Feared In B.C. if Japs Stay on Coast Jan. 6, 1942
1900.5272 Article A flower shop operated by a Japanese person displays a photograph of his son who is in the United States Army. Jan. 5, 1942
1900.5273 Article The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reprinted an editorial from the Vashon News-Record which praised the P-I for its fair and even-handed treatment of the Japanese in the area. Justice for Nisei Jan. 6, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5274 Article A letter writer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer criticized the suggestion of an Admiral Yarnell (ret.) for advocating the change in anti-Asian immigration laws and allow Asians and specifically Japanese to immigrate to this country on the same basis as Europeans. Yarnell and Japanese Snively, Frank Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5275 Article Owner of a Japanese restaurant in New York City lamented the lack of customers and the reluctance of friends to patronize his establishment after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the closure of his restaurant for a while by the police. Japanese Backs U.S., So Does Soldier Kin Jan. 6, 1942
1900.5276 Article A speech by a James R. Young at the Sunset Club claimed that there was a vast network of Japanese espionage in this country. He cited his change of arrival day in Seattle and was already called upon by an editor of the local Japanese newspaper. Jan. 8, 1942
1900.5277 Article Enemy aliens were ordered to surrender additional items such as maps, drawings and photographs which could be used in aiding the enemy in addition to the firearms, short wave radios and cameras that had previously been confiscated. Aliens Deprived of Maps, Photos Jan.6, 1942
1900.5278 Article The Metropolitan Opera in New York City received some crank notes asking why a Japanese singer was on its roster; however, the person in question, Bidu Sayo, is Brazilian, not Japanese. Jan. 7, 1942
1900.5279 Article An editorial noted that four Japanese Americans were charged with subversive activities but that should they be found guilty, that it should not be a reflection on the whole Japanese community, which has maintained good feelings and trust throughout the years. Japanese in Seattle
1900.528 The Japan American Society: The Founding Years Mockford, James Summer 1983 Portage
1900.5280 Article The U.S. government was considering having enemy aliens carry special identification cards that had their picture and would be carried with them at all times. Aliens May Have to Carry Cards Jan. 7, 1942
1900.5281 Article A Japanese man said he gave $500 to someone posing as a "U.S. Agent," who said he was collecting the money for the U.S. government Japanese Pays 'U.S. Agent' $500
1900.5282 Article A new list of forbidden items was made up that included bombs, explosives (or material for their manufacture); signal devices, codes or ciphers; papers, documents or books with invisible writing; photographs, sketches, pictures, drawings, maps, or any graphical representations of military or naval installations or equipment, or of arms, ammunition or implements of war that could be used in combat situations. This list applied to enemy aliens. Enemy Aliens Must Turn In Explosives, All Codes
1900.5283 Article The Metropolitan Opera said it hadn't canceled "Madame Butterfly" but would probably not perform it because of the Japanese seeting of the opera. Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado was being canceled by most musical companies, although some peole thought that was going too far because it was written by Englishmen and was merely a satire of Japan.
1900.5284 Article A woman who hired a Japanese gardener wondered how he and his crew managed to get her place cleaned up so neatly and quickly when it took her and her husband hours and even then the place looked like a jungle.
1900.5285 Article A letter writer to the Seattle P-I said he agreed with columnist Westbrook Pegler and believed that all Japanese, German and Italian aliens should be placed in concentration camps so they would be prevented from causing any trouble. Distrusts Aliens Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5286 Article The American Legion Post No. 1 agreed to continue sponsorship of Troop No. 39, which was composed primarily of Japanese Americans despite the pall cast by the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Legion to Keep Sponsorship of Nisei Scouts
1900.5287 Article Japanese students at the University of British Columbia were asked to turn in their equipment as they were being barred from the Canadian Officers' Training Corps due to the war. B.C. College Bars Japanese in Army Corps Jan. 8, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5288 Article Translated diary of Saku Tomita on the events of her life in the Portland Assembly Center 1942 Portland Assembly Center: Diary of Saku Tomita Cormack, Janet, ed 1980 Oregon Historical Society
1900.5289 Program DENSHO: Japanese American Legacy Project Program Tribute to Nisei Veterans was held at Meany Hall University of Washington November 11, 2005 Tribute to WWII Nisei Veterans Densho 2005
1900.529 Keeping the Chinese Out: A History of Racial Exclusion Smith, Homer July 1978 International Examiner
1900.5290 Program Memorial service program for Silas G. Jue 1940 - 2005 Silas G. Jue
1900.5291 Program Memorial program for Yang Ja Chung Choe Yang Ja Ching Choe 2005
1900.5292 Article The Return of the Dragon Jung, Soya May 5-May 18, 1 International Examiner
1900.5293 Article The closing of the Higo Variety Store, a main staple of the Chinatown/International District. Includes the history of the Store. Fading family business' items have become antiques Davila, Florangela December 18, 20 Seattle Union Record
1900.5294 Article Packet of Curricular Activities Dealing with Chinese Stereotypes in Popular Music "The Heathen Chinee" Stereotypes of Chinese in Popular Music Brown, Darren Lee May 8, 2003-Feb Chinese Historical Society of America; Asian American Studies Department, San Francisco State University
1900.5295 Article Museum Exhibit Program Dealing with Chinese Stereotypes in Popular Music "The Heathen Chinee" Stereotypes of Chinese in Popular Music Brown, Darren Lee May 22, 2003-Fe Chinese Historical Society of America; Asian American Studies Department, San Francisco State University
1900.5296 Thesis Resettled People, Unsettled Lives Gatewood, James Vernando 2001 University of California Los Angeles
1900.5297 Article When a Girl Marries Lew, Ruby Chinn
1900.5298 Article This Land Is Made, Finally for Chinese Settlers Murphy, Dean E June 29, 2003 The New York Times
1900.5299 Article New Safeway Edges Mom 'n' Pop Doughnut Shop Large, Jerry May 4, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.530 Law and Chinese in Frontier Montana Wunder, John R. Summer 1980 Montana: The Magazine of Western History
1900.5300 Article Japanese, German and Italian aliens were allowed to buy tickets for ferry travel on Puget Sound after the government gave them permission as long as they had a letter from the U.S. attorney along with a picture. Casual travel permits will also be issued with the proper credentials. U.S. Modifies Curb on Alien Ferry Travel
1900.5301 Article A Japanese American druggist was shot at his place of business by a customer who was angry because he thought his wife had been disrespected when the druggist asked for a deposit for some film she was leaving and she refused. Man Shoots Japanese Druggist Jan. 10, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5302 Article Release of Immigration Files - A Look Into History For Local Chinese Americans Akamine, Mary August 7, 1991 International Examiner
1900.5303 Article 'Gold' Is A Shining Piece Arnold, William April 26, 1991 Seattle PI
1900.5304 Article Thousand Pieces of Gold Cassidy, Susan L. April 27, 1991 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.5305 Article Too Good To Be Viewed Brennan, Mary April, 1991
1900.5306 Article Chinese Immigrants' Own Words, Images Bacon, Betty September 28, 1 People's Weekly World
1900.5307 Article Dale Hom, staff from the Forest Service, talks about an idea for a tour of Chinese American history around the Pacific Northwest. Includes University of Idaho research. Museum and forest service to study early Chinese settlers Gelernter, Carey Quan April 24, 1992 The Seattle Times
1900.5308 Article 'In China, You're Not A Minority' Chinn, Karen May 4, 1998 The International Examiner
1900.5309 Article The Northwest Asian American Theatre will be doing a production of "West Side Story" performed at Nippon Kan Theatre. It features an Asian American story with the Chinatown/International District as a background. 'West Side Story' Gets New Twist Adcock, Joe January 22, 199 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.531 Less Severe Housing Measure Pondered by Some in Concil Willix, Douglas 10/9/1963 Seattle Times
1900.5310 Article A Japanese American druggist was shot by a gunman at his pharmacy at 14th and Yesler. It was revealed that the gunman felt that the druggist had been rude to his wife when she came to the drug store. Gunman Shoots Druggist, Flees Jan. 9, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5311 Article Japanese aliens were being allowed to buy commuter tickets on the ferries as long they produced a letter of identification signed by the Assistant U. S. Attorney General Gerald Shuklin. Alien Travel Tickets May Be Allowed
1900.5312 Article The Miyako restaurant in New York City reopened with pictures of the owner in an American army uniform plastered all over the walls. Winchell, Walter
1900.5313 Article Fred Yasunaga recounted the difficulties of looking like the Japanese enemy yet being an American in his prize-winning essay in Scholastic magazine. He Looks Like a Japanese Boy But Is an American Underneath Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5314 Article Japanese Americans in the Santa Ana area started a drive to purchase a $50,000 anti-aircraft gun California Nisei Seek $50,000 to Give U.S. Gun Jan. 10, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5315 Article A Japanese American student at Belmont High School, Tad Mukaihata, was nominated to be president of the student body. Fellow Pupils Nominate American-Born Japanese Jan. 10, 1942 Seattle Times
1900.5316 Article T.T. Hayashi, a Japanese alien, turned in his bows and arrows to Seattle police headquarters after learning that they were among the items banned among aliens. Bows and Arrows Surrendered by Seattle Japanese
1900.5317 Article Alderman Halford E. Wilson made the suggestion that Japanese in British Columbia be removed from their homes and sent east of the Rockies to stem the possibility of fifth column activity. One Man's Opinion Snaddon, Andy Jan. 9, 1942 Ubyssey - University of British Columbia
1900.5318 Article Japanese people in the U.S. were feeling the stress of Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor with some of them committing suicide, being interned, being sanguine and facing hostility from the U.S. public. Sorrowful Yellow Men Time magazine
1900.5319 Article "The Mikado," a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, was canceled in Cleveland but was still on the schedule of a company in Washington, DC. The Washington company explained that the opera shows Japan in the light of history. Propaganda: Opera Non Grata
1900.532 Massacre on River Retold Nelson, A. W. 11/7/1937 Walla Walla Union
1900.5320 Article Describe's Yoshio Noma's work, including photographs he took of Post Alley. Noma won the 1955 Seattle Times Amateur Snapshot Contest. Yoshio Noma's Covered Alley Dorpat, Paul October 1, 2000 The Seattle Times
1900.5322 Article Conversing With the Cosmos Beeman, Linda L 2000
1900.5323 Article Chop Suey Does Not Suit Whites May 16, 1907 The Seattle Times
1900.5324 Article Maids From Japan Come In Boxes May 20, 1907 The Seattle Times
1900.5325 Article Moy Bach Hin to Fight Again May 19, 1907 The Seattle Sunday Times
1900.5326 Article Fifteen Students to Compete May 16, 1907 The Seattle Times
1900.5327 Article Emerging Leaders in 1996 Ng, Assunta Jan 20-Jan 26, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.5328 Article Greenwood Gallery Features Chinese Artists Taylor, Susanne Jan 20-Jan 26, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.5329 Article Peacemaker: Erin Kimura January 1994 Mirror
1900.533 No Police Spying in the Filipino Community Regional Executive Board, KDP - Seattle
1900.5330 Article Orchestra leader reaches out for aid Kusumoto, Kay October 14, 199 The Seattle Times
1900.5331 Article My son, the candidate Tokuda, Tama June 5, 1994 The Seattle Times
1900.5332 Article It's Official Jan 5 - Jan 18, International Examiner
1900.5333 Article Duo of Asian American performers explore issues through art Lagonoy, Jeff Jan 5 - Jan 18, The International Examiner
1900.5334 Article "Uncle Bob" does one-man show at NWAAT Jung, Soya International Examiner
1900.5335 Article Local poet continues her love affair with words Del Rosario, Carina A International Examiner
1900.5336 Article Luu Masters Books, Foes Edgar, George Jan 11, 1994 Sun
1900.5337 Article Photo essay of nine photos of the Japanese in America by a French language magazine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada showing the life of Japanese Americans in California and Seattle, especially the work they're involved in. Americains D'Origine Japnoaise Dec. 20, 1941 La Presse
1900.5338 Article A Japanese alien interned at Fort Richardson in Alaska requested that his family be allowed to join him because the conditions were so nice a the Fort. Jap Wants Family To Share Luxury Of Internment Jan. 11, 1942 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.5339 Article Brtish Columbia's Japanese were preparing to leave the defense areas of the province and to move inland as required by government fiat. Fishing boats were being sold to other Canadian operators, and prohitition of certain items (cameras, explosives, short wave radios) was put into effect. Japs In B.C. To Be Sent Inland Jan. 14. 1942
1900.534 Open Housing Outcome Disappoints Churchmen Smith, Lane 1963
1900.5340 Article 'Dragon Sydicates' helps to understand and to clarify our thinking about China Lilley, James R. The Washington Post
1900.5341 Article A man was arrested in the shooting of druggist James Hara after the two had exchanged greetings. The gunman said he shot the druggist because the latter had been rude to his wife. Man Arrested For Shooting Jan. 11, 1942
1900.5342 Article A 17-year-old Japanese youth was arrested between an oil company dock and Pier 14 with an open knife. Knife-Carrying Jap, Hiding At Pier, Arrested Jan. 14, 1942
1900.5343 Article The government presented it case to a federal grand jury regarding four American-born Japanese Thomas Masuda, Kenji Ito, Yoshima Osawa and Charles T. Takahashi who were charged with subversive activities. Evidence Given In Jap Case
1900.5344 Article A legislator in the British Columbia legislature urged the removal of all Japanese in the coastal areas and send them further inland where they wouldn't be able to engage in fifth column activity. B.C. Legislator Demands That Japs Be Moved Jan. 13, 1942
1900.5345 Article The number of cases of insanity rose in King County as a result of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the war. Insanity Rising Due to War Jan. 14, 1942
1900.5346 Article The government of Canada announced that all Japanese aliens were to be removed from defense areas in British Columbia and the only ones that would be allowed to remain would be those with police permits. B.C. to Ban Aliens In Defense Areas Jan. 14, 1942
1900.5347 Article An aide to President Franklin Roosevelt acknowledged a resolution signed by, 1,300 Seattle residents of Japanese ancestry pledging loyalty to the United States. The letter was received by James Y. Sakamoto, chairman of the Emergency Defense Council of the Japanese American Citizens League. U.S. Aid Lauds Japanese Here For Loyalty Jan. 14, 1942
1900.5348 Article Fifteen more Japanese aliens were arrested by the F.B.I. bringing the total to 151 arrested since the start of the war. 15 More Japanese Arrested by F.B.I. Jan. 14, 1942
1900.5349 Article All enemy aliens 14 years and older had to reregister at the U.S. Post Office. They had to bring a photograph of themselves and only their index finger will be fingerprinted. New Checkup Ordered On Enemy Aliens Jan. 14, 1942
1900.535 Commemoration of the expulsion of the Chinese from Seattle in 1886 Releasing a Memory Stripling, Sherry 2/7/1986 Seattle Times
1900.5350 Booklet The history of Mexican/Chicano Americans in the United States. Includes the first Mexican/Chicano immigrants, civil rights events, and the accomplishments of Mexican/Chicano Americans. Includes study questions for each chapter. The Mexican American/Chicano Experience Howard, Gary 1987 R.E.A.C.H Center
1900.5351 Booklet The history of African Americans in the United States. Includes the first African immigrants, civil rights events, and the accomplishments of African Americans. Includes study questions for each chapter. The Black American Experience Howard, Gary 1987 R.E.A.C.H Center
1900.5352 booklet Elementary education text The Indian American Experience LaFrance, Joan 1986 R.E.A.C.H Center for Multicultural and Global Education
1900.5353 Article Jung explores the relationship between how Chinese laborers were labled and the stance against slavery in the 19th century. Outlawing "Coolies": Race, Nation, and Empire in the Age of Emancipation Jung, Moon-Ho 2005 American Quarterly
1900.5354 Article Shigeko Uno Iwamoto, Gary May 1992 International Examiner
1900.5355 Article Frank Irigon Iwamoto, Gary May 1992 International Examiner
1900.5356 Article Asian Pacific American Community Voice Awards Takami, David May 1992 International Examiner
1900.5357 Article Van Sar Shimabukuro, Robert May 1992 International Examiner
1900.5358 Article Dan and Sid Ko Shimabukuro, Robert May 1992 International Examiner
1900.5359 Article The men dream of reuniting with wives, from whom they have been separated, and imagine the new prosperity they will achieve in the new land they hope to enter. But they begin to worry, as their confinement persists, whether they will ever be released from the island. They carved and painted their bitterness into poems on the walls of hte detention center barracks.... -below main title of article. 'I came on a ship full of dreams and landed in a cage full of lies' Chew, Ron June 6, 1984 International Examiner
1900.536 Senate Vote Admits Chinese 11/27/1943 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.5360 Article Stars With a Far-East Glow Baroni, Diane May 1991 Cosmopolitan
1900.5361 Article Henry Kay Lock, 1910-1992 Fung, Jeni Kay August 5, 1992 International Examiner
1900.5362 Article Aida's Dong-Jian Gong Yong, Byron Au August 5, 1992 International Examiner
1900.5363 Article Michi Weglyn receives honorary degree from Hunter College Abe, Frank August 5, 1992 International Examiner
1900.5364 Article Community members join together to remember Romero Yumul Abellanosa, Ethelyn C August 5, 1992 International Examiner
1900.5365 Article Successful Nikkei novelist has 'other things to say' Mochizuki, Ken October 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.5366 Article Seattle musician debuts jazz album Uyeno, Steve October 1992 Northwest Nikkei
1900.5367 Article A time to discover Filipino American history Cordova, Fred October 21, 199 International Examiner
1900.5368 Article United Way President Elaine Chao visits ACRS and CISC Ng, Assunta October 24, 199 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.5369 Article Velma Veloria is victorious in primary election Caoili, Bert October 15, 199 Filipino-American Herald
1900.537 Status of Japanese in America Changes Fisher, Sterling, Jr. 9/9/1934 New York Times
1900.5370 Article Jennifer Paz is "Miss Saigon" Caoili, Bert October 15, 199 Filipino-American Herald
1900.5371 Article House Approves Chinese protectoin legislation Honour, Tracy September 12, 1 Northwest Asian Weekly
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