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Wing Luke Museum
1992.024.005 Book Government story of the War Relocation Authority charged with internment of Japanese Americans from the West coast. Beyond Prejudice: A Story of the Church and Japanese Americans Toru Matsumoto 1946 Friendship Press
1992.024.006 Book Government story of the War Relocation Authority charged with internment of Japanese Americans from the West coast. WRA A Story of Human Consideration United States Department of the Interior 1946 US Department of the Interior
1993.00.287 Document Copy of a photo of the graduating class of Central School at 7th and Madison in 1930. 1930
1993.002.001 Book Gray hard-cover book with photograph of woman filling cans with salmon. Title: Canning of Fishery Products: Showing the History of the Art of Canning the Methods Followed With Each Species, and Suggestions for Canning Unutilized Species; Where, When and How They Are Obtained; Together With Other Information of Much Value to Canners. by John N. Cobb, Director, College of Fisheries, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash., Miller Freeman, Publisher, 1919 Includes photographs of canning process. 1919
1993.016.001 Yearbook Broadway High School Yearbook for 1909. Black cover, Indian head and "Sealth" and "BHS" imprinted in orange and black. 1909
1993.016.002 Yearbook Broadway High School Yearbook for 1911. Rust colored leather cover, "Sealth 1911" imprinted on cover. 1911
1993.016.003 Yearbook Broadway High School Yearbook for 1912. Cardstock cover, Side view of Indian head and "Sealth 1912" engraved in green on cover. 1912
1993.016.004 Yearbook Broadway High School Yearbook for 1913. Leather cover, "Sealth 1913" engraved on cover. 1913
1993.016.005 Yearbook Broadway High School Yearbook for 1925. Cardstock cover, green, engraved on cover is a doorway entrance and "Sealth 1925" in gold. 1925
1993.017.001 Yearbook Franklin High School Yearbook for 1923. Green cardstock cover, printed on cover "Tolo Annual" with a shield and "1923" 1923
1993.017.002 Yearbook Franklin High School Yearbook for 1926. Gray cover with "1926", and Indian head and "Tolo Annual" in green on cover. 1926
1993.030 Book Gita, Hindu holy book printed in Hindi, dull red cloth cover with worn corners, black outline design on front cover.
1993.033.005 Book Soft cover Kokugo Japanese language book. Cover with pink and white background shows 3 boys lifting Daruma figures and 2 boys running. Red and blue flags on poles in background. Japanese characters in upper left.
1993.033.006 Book Chinese-Japanese Character Book, columns printed inside with "P.S., W.S." at the head and characters printed vertically. Used at Japanese Language School, Seattle
1993.034.001 Book Soft-cover Alphabet book. Cover shows children below and on tree gathering letters of the English alphabet. Written at top "Mot Nhom Giao-Vien written in orange circle in middle "Van Viet-Nam", and written at bottom "Xuan Thu". 1993
1993.034.002 Book Dictionary with a yellow soft cover with red stepped design in 3 parallel rows "Nguyen Van Kon, Anh-Viet, Viet-Anh", "English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English Dictionary", "#1 Bestseller", "Khai Tri" on spine.
1993.071.002 Book National Chinese Welfare Council post convention issue. Lists of Chinese American businesses in the Southwest. National Chinese Welfare Council Southwestern District Post Convention Issue 1975
1993.071.003 Book Essays on Overseas Chinese 1987
1993.071.004 Book Overseas Chinese 1964; 1978
1993.071.005 Book 13th Nantional Yee Fung Toy Family Association Convention 1978
1993.071.006 Book Lee Association World Conference Booklet 1977 1977
1993.071.008 Book Commemoration of the death of Chiang Kai shek with letters of condolences in English. Commemoration of the Death of Chiang Kai Shek 1975
1993.071.009 Book Commemoration of the death of Chiang Kai Shek The Death of Chiang Kai Shek 1975
1993.071.010 Book 19th KMT Convention Program 1981
1993.071.011 Book 16th KMT Convention Program 1968
1993.071.012 Book 10th KMT Convention Program 1948
1993.071.014 Book Kuo Min Tang Western Region Conference 1980
1993.071.016 Book Taiwanese economic report on overeas Chinese. Overseas Chinese Economy Yearbook 1976
1993.071.017 Book Kuo Min Tang Convention Booklet from 1951 convention in San Francisco. KMT Convention Program 1951
1993.071.018 Book Seattle Overseas Chinese record of fund drive to send money for relief efforts in China Seattle Overseas Chinese record of fund drive to send money for relief efforts in China. 1933
1993.071.019 Book Mane Yee Tong Meng Hui
1993.071.020 Book San Francisco Chinese Language School Yearbook 1948
1993.071.021 Book Book of News Articles cut out from the Young China Morning Post. Young China Morning Post Article Collection 1913
1993.071.022 Book Reprints of articles from the Nationalist Chinese American newspaper the Young China from 1910 - 1970. The Young China: 60th Anniversary 1970 Young China
1993.079.003 Book Practice of Pharmacy Remington 1907 J.B. Lippincott
1993.264 Document The Seattle Star newspaper reported the naming of a prominent Seattle journlist, Erastus Brainerd, as the executive director of the Anti-Japanese League, which is to stop the encroachment of Japanese economic activity in the Northwest. Erastus Brainerd Will Manage Anti-Jap Society Aug. 27, 1919 Seattle Star
1993.300. 216 Documents Newspapers, newspaper clippings, brochures, , etc. relating to the redress movement for Japanese American internees.
1993.300.001 Article Interviews with Japanese American families from Bainbridge Island on the wartime evacuation. For the Sake of the Children Gwinn, Mary Ann 3/19/1989 Seattle Times
1993.300.002 Article Painting "Eventide" by Y. Tanaka Foreward Photo "The Peaceful Night" by Kunishige Editorial Articles "America and Japan" by Col. Theodore Roosevelt, "Menaces---Old and New" by Gregor MacGregor, Photos sumo wrestlers, Roll of Honour - Japanese Members of Canadian Expeditionary Forces Who Made Supreme Sacrifice in WWI NewYear Greetings from The Great Northern Daily News January 1921 Great Northern Daily News
1993.300.003 Document Chapter from Morning Glories at Minidoka about Miki Akiyama Uchida, former Seattle resident A Memory Book of Men and Women Who Came to America as Immigrants, 1900-1930 Bales, Carol Ann 1977
1993.300.004 Article History of Japanese Americans in Seattle with photos and quotes from leaders Moving Toward the Mainstream, but Japanese-Americans Maintain Ethnicity Rhodes, Elizabeth October 25, 198 Seattle Times
1993.300.005 Article Controversy over the Smithsonian Institution's proposed exhibit called "A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution Smithsonian's Constitution Controversy - Show on Japanese Americans' Internment Protested by Vets Battiata, Mary March 16, 1987 Washington Post
1993.300.006 Document Booklet cover and table of contents on the history of Bainbridge Island, including the various groups that played a role in its development They Cast a Long Shadow Bainbridge Island School District #303
1993.300.007 Document Program agenda for discssing the future of the Japanese Presbyterian Churches and the population trends JPC (Japanese Presbyterian Conference) in the 1990's: Where do We Go from Here?
1993.300.008 Document Reference Brochures: Pride and the Shame, For the Sake of the Children (Kodomo no Tame Ni), The Way it Was: Northwest Issei and Nisei Before 1942, A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and he United States Constitution, Executive Order 9066: Internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans
1993.300.009 Brochure Brochures having timelines on Japanese Americans: We the People: Americans of Japanese Ancestry and the United States Constitution, The Experience of Japanese Americans in the United States: A Teachers Resource Manual, My Six Years of Internment: An Issei's Struggle for Justice
1993.300.010 Article Article on new Asian immigrants in Seattle and Washington state and their impact on the communities Asian mosaic expanding: Lure of Seattle attracts diverse group of settlers Serrano, Barbara A. Jan. 9, 1991 Seattle Times
1993.300.011 Articles Articles on Poston internment camp reunion , proposed monument and reunion exhibit Poston exhibit evokes memories; Funds sought for Poston monument; Reunion features model of camp; Poston III camp reunion all set in San Diego Honda, Harry 5/31/91; 4/12/9 Pacific Citizen
1993.300.012 Articles Articles on Japanese American exhibits in Sacramento and Ontario, Oregon and a conference and exhibit at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma (a)Exhibit to tell history of JAs in Sacramento; (b) 50th anniversary commemorations for the Day of Remembrance; (c)A tribute to Japanese Americans (b)5/1991; (c) (a) Pacific Citizen; (b) JACL Newsletter; (c) Seattle Times/Seattle P-I
1993.300.013 Article Article on a conference of Japanese Canadians' return to Vancouver 50 years after their internment to be held at the Hotel Vancouver 10/9-11/1992 entitled Homecoming '92 Canadian Nikkei head to head for home Pacific Citizen
1993.300.014 Certificate Certificate of Recognition award to Cano Numoto from King County Executive Tim Hill for Numoto's 50 years of voting Certificate of Recognition July 16, 1988
1993.300.015 Article Article on the history of the Bellevue Strawberry Festival and three Japanese American men who were involved in it--Cano Numoto, Tokio Hirotaka and Alan Yabuki. Berry Memories: Annual festival evokes memories both good and bad LeVine-Grindeland, Sherry June 18, 1990 Eastside Journal American
1993.300.016 Bibliography List of books, pamphlets, booklets, newspaper and magazine articles, etc. including papers from the War Relocation Authority, which operated the internment camps, available at the Tacoma Public Library August 1971 Tacoma Public Library
1993.300.017 Article Newsweek magazine article on Japan's trade policy and the reaction of Americans to Japanese imports and how it leads to Japan-bashing The Push to Buy Ameican: Will the latest form of Japan-bashing work? Why Japan must share the blame Schwartz, John Feb. 3, 1992 Newsweek
1993.300.018 Article Article about home movies taken by Japanese immigrants and how they will be remastered and combined to show what life was like for them before World War II. The Japanese American National Museum is making them into a video. Nakaa family donates 1920s films of Seattle Rafu Shimpo
1993.300.019 Program Listing of the various programs to be held in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the signing of EO 9066, which resulted in the evacuation and internment of persons of Japanese descent living on the West Coast 50th Anniversary of EO 9066 - Calendar of Events; Day of Remembrance 50 1/17/1992; 2/17 Japanese American Citizens League; Pacific Citizen
1993.300.020 Program Program listing the events commemorating the 50th anniversary of EO 9066 at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. The three day event includes panel discussions, lectures, seminars, films, music and art. A Remembrance of Japanese American Internment 1942-1946 University of Puget Sound
1993.300.021 Articles Articles on economic competition from Japan and Americans' feeling about Pearl Harbor today An Economic Pearl Harbor?; Poll finds persisting hostility for Pearl Harbor attack van wolferen, Karel; Knight-Ridder Newspapers 12/2/1991; 11/ New York Times; Seattle Times
1993.300.022 Article Articles on the dedication of the Minidoka memorial monuments on 5/26/1990 at Hunt, Idaho as reported in The Times-New of Twin Falls, Idaho dated 5/27/1990. Japanese Americans dedicate Hunt memorial; dust-shrouded rock garden stirls memories ---; Bowlin, Brad 5/27/1990 The Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho
1993.300.023 Article Article about the return of a Shi Shi (lion) statuary to the Bainbridge Gardens after being missing since Junkoh Harui's return to Bainbridge Island. from WWII evacuation. Article appeared in his Bainbridge Gardens Fall News flyer. Garden Nosalgia: His majesty has returned Harui, Junkoh 9/1991 Bainbridge Gardens Fall News
1993.300.024 Articles Articles from the North American Times regarding evacuation and from the Northwest Times regarding evacuation claims, a Japanese American professor's attempt to buy a house in a white neighborhood, white people's attitudes toward Japanese Americans, Seattle Buddhist Church's Bluebirds troop's TV appearance, and Japanese American bowlers allowed to compete in formerly all-white league This is our last shot in writing; Survey for Resettlement; Signing up for resettlement; Automobile survey; Your evacuation claims, JACL open night 1942(NAT);1949- North American Times; Northwest Times
1993.300.025 Article Articles on the atom bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the prejudice faced by Japanese American translators at the Military Intelligence Service in Minneapolis, and news photos of the translators in action after Japan's surrender 190,000 killed, hurt in 2 atom bombings; Prejudice poor reward to our Nisei heroes; 8/22/1945;10/17 Minneapolis Star-Journal; Minneapolis Morning Tribune
1993.300.026 Article Article from Nikkei Heritage magazine, the National Japanese American Historical Society's quarterly publication, telling of the Japanese Cultrual Center of Hawaii's exhibit on Japanese American women called Strengh & Diversity. A supplementary article tells of the touring exhibit of Strength & Diversity. Strength & Diversity: Japanese American Women, 1885-1991 in Hawaii Iwasaki, Patsy Nakayam Summer/1991 National Japanese American Historical Society
1993.300.027 Article Segment from the book In Mountain Shadow: A History of Idaho by Carlos Schwantes that includes the internment of Japanese American in Idaho. In Mountain Shadows: A History of Idaho Schwantes, Carlos
1993.300.028 Articles Article giving America's and Japan's version of WWII Song named after Executive Order 9066 by Linda Allen Informational papers regarding Sacramento Japanese community's proposed exhibit commemorating the internment "Continuing Traditions: Japanese Americans, Story of a People, 1869-1942 WWII as Reflected by Newspaper Reporters; Executive Order 9066 (Song); Various titles regarding Sacramento Japanese community's exhibit
1993.300.029 Posters Movie posters depicting stereotypes of Japanese people Mr. Moto; Japanese Sherbert Nu-Cuties; Teahouse of the August Moon; A Girl Named Tamiko; Sayonara
1993.300.030 Song sheets Song sheets or just their covers of songs relating to Japanese women or Japan , plus a polaroid photos of a Saturday Evening Post magazine cover showing a Japanese woman in a kimono holding a lute Fuji,; Poor Little Butterfly is a Fly Girl Now; Where the Lanterns Glow; Karama; Kimona Girl; I Want to go to Tokio Wallace, Oliver G.; Jerome, M.K.; Johnson, Charles L.; Grey, Vivian; Blake, Milt
1993.300.031 Newspapers Four issues of Northwest Nikkei from 1989 and three from 1990 which chronicles events from the Japanese American community in the Settle area Nikkei farmers harvest last crop; Seattle Nikkei recall camp life; Nikkei businesses: Continuing a tradition of community service; The Skyliners 12/89; 2/90; 5/ Nortth American Post Publishing, Inc.
1993.300.032 Article Article on the hiring practices of Japan firms in the U.S. and the discrimination Americans faced Firms accused of bias against non-Japanese Schoenberger, Karl Aug. 18, 1991 Seattle Times
1993.300.033 Pamphlet History of the Japanese community of Yakima Valley centered around Wapato and Toppenish Profile: Yakima Valley Japanese Community, 1973 Yakima Valley Japanese Community June 1974
1993.300.034 Brochure Booklet of the Poston Camp III reunion including photos, articles, stories, oral histories, news articles, etc. Poston III Camp Reunion Booklet 1991
1993.300.035 Article Articles predicting war with Japan but U.S. unworried The Ancient Imperial Power of Japan Comes to a Showdown with America; U.S. cheerfully faces war with Japan Dec. 8, 1941 Life Magazine
1993.300.036 Report Midnight Arrests Mitsuoka, Norio Mitsuoka, Norio
1993.300.037 Articles Newspaper articles from the Seattle Times pertaining to the Japanese community after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Feb. 1942 Seattle Times
1993.300.038 Document Copy of FBI document on Rev. Yoshiaki Fukuda from his book My Six Years of Internment FBI Mar. 9, 1942
1993.300.039 Articles Articles pertaining to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii from the Honlulu Star-Bulletin newspaper War! Oahu Bombed by Japanese Planes Dec. 7, 1941 Honolulu Star-Bulletin
1993.300.040 Article News article about the impact of Japanese community businesses in Seattle and its effect when they are evacuated Japanese Have Strong Hold on Life in Seattle McWilliams, John March 6, 1942 Seattle Star
1993.300.041 Articles Prolems facing Seattle's Japanese community after Japan allies with Germany & Italy Seattle's Japanese community in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing State officials fear mob violence; What of Jap Americans?; Curfew did ring last night; The Nisei: Challenge to fairmindness 1940, 1942 Seattle Star
1993.300.042 Document Notice to enemy aliens of WWII on how to conduct themselves during the war Conduct to be observed by alien enemies Department of Justice - Immigration and Naturallization Service July 1, 1944 U.S. Department of Justice
1993.300.043 Document Regulations established by the U.S. Attorney General in regard to conduct of enemy alines of WWII Summary of proclamations of the President of the U.S. of Dec. 7 & 8, 1941, and Jan. 14, 1942, and of regulations of the attorney general Biddle, Francis, Attorney General of U.S.
1993.300.044 Photograph Photo showing a woman pointing to a photo on the window of her family's business indicating a son is serving with the U.S. Army Seattle Times
1993.300.045 Prints One slide shows the headline from the Seattle Times after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Another slide shows a Renton restaurant with a sign indicating Japanese aren't welcome. War extra! U.S. declares war; 1500 dead; Renton XXX - No Japs Dec. 8, 1941; Seattle Times
1993.300.046 Card Yutaka "Dutch" Takekawa's membership card in the Olympiad Club, which came under scrutiny by the FBI Olympiad Club
1993.300.047 Articles Newsaper clippings on Japanese Americans
1993.300.048 Articles Articles from the Seattle Times and Seattle P-I concerning the Japanese community after the bombing of Pearl Harbor assembled in a booklet 1941-1942 Seattle Times; Seattle Post-Intlligencer
1993.300.050 Document Commentary on The Oregonian (Portland) newspaper's coverage of Japanese in the state in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor several months later Survey of Public Opinion in Western States - Oregon on Japanese Evacuation James, Norris (Information Serivce Staff, War Relocation Authority) May 1, 1942 War Relocation Authority
1993.300.051 Document Commentary on attutudes of Washington State rersidents on Japanese and evacuation from articles in the Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Tacoma News Tribune and Spokane Spokesman Review in the wake of Pearl Harbor Survey of Public Opinion in Western States on Japanese Evacuation - Washington Simms, D. Harper, Information Division, War Relocation Authority May 19, 1942 War Relocation Authority
1993.300.052 Articles Senator Warren Magnuson of Washington state urges tests to determine loyalty of Japanese Americans and Japanese Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial says to keep Lt. General John DeWitt as head of the Western Defense Command Jap Test Urged by Magnuson; General DeWitt and Japanese Markel, Dan 4/29/1945; 5/31 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1993.300.053 Poem Poem by Suma Yagi on assimilation and growing up ethnic A Japanese Name Yagi, Suma
1993.300.054 Documents Press release relating the story of Jean Kawamoto's resettlement in Chicago from the Gila River Relocation Center. Distributed by the War Relocation Authority (WRA) to encourage Japanese Americans to move from the internment camps. Also, a questionnaire put out by the WRA relating to the internees' willingness to relocate from the camps 6/10/1945 War Relocation Authority
1993.300.055 Posters Posters and a comic book reflecting Americans' attitudes about Japanese and Japan in particular during WWII and after On to Tarawa!; Buy war bonds! Help kill them; Mammoth Adventure: Manchu Terror; Our Enemy 1967; 1942; 194
1993.300.056 Documents Letters and news articles opposing the return of Japanese citiziens and aliens to the West Coast in the wak of the federal government's rescinding of previous exclusion orders League opposes return of Japs (Auburn Globe News); Committee named to oppose Japanese return ( Bainbridge Review); Schuyler charges "Smear" (BR) 12/20/44;11/10/ Auburn Globe News; Bainbridge Review
1993.300.057 Documents Posters, polaroid pictures and a magazine that depict American attitudes toward Japan, primarily as a result of WWII, and also Japan's actions in China Krak-a-Jap; Playee hookey, thanks please; Japan next; Gung Ho; God is my Co-Pilot; Blood on the Sun; Click magazine Jan. 1939 (Clic
1993.300.058 Print Polaroid print of a button from World War II that says "Me Amelikan...No Japanese," probably worn by Chinese to distinguish themselves from Japanese.
1993.300.059 Articles Artricles from magazines and a publication telling of Japan's plans for Asian conquest and Japan's war capabilities in WWII. Japan's Place in the Rising Sun; Japs Rely on Secret Superplanes for Last Dtich Stand; How Good is the Jap GI? Rea, George Bronson; ----; McGurn, S/Sgt. Barrett ---; Jan. 1945;
1993.300.060 Article Article published by the Native Sons of the Golden West stating its reasons for opposing the return of people of Japanese ancestry to the West Coast. Why he West Coast Opposes the Japanese Committee on Japanese Legislation - Native Sons of the Golden West
1993.300.061 Article News article from the Tacoma News Tribune telling of the finding of a cache of photos by noted photographer Ansel Adams at the Library of Congress, which shows the Manzanar camp and the plans to make it into a book. Heartfelt photos of internment Mehren, Elizabeth Oct. 17, 1988 Tacoma News Tribune
1993.300.062 Document Story of the Manzanar camp cenotaph and the man responsible for its design written by Norio Mitsuoka. To Last 100 Years Mitsuoka, Norio
1993.300.063 Poem Poem by Robert Gay about his visit to Manznar camp. Back to the Camp Gay, Robert March 1991
1993.300.064 Poem Poem about Lous K. Egashira's experience as a Sansei visiting Manzanar camp. A Sansei's Experience Egashira, Louis K.
1993.300.065 Document Dillon Myer, War Relocation Authority director, tells internees what to expect from the rescission order that allows persons of Jaanese ancestry to return to the West Coast if they want to. A Message from the Director of the War Relocation Authority Myer, Dillon Dec. 1944
1993.300.066 Article Newspaper article reported by United Press that Sen. Mon Wallgren of Washington state would introduce a bill transferring the internment camps' jurisdiction to the army instead of the War Relocation Authority, a civilian agency, because of reported coddling. Army May Take Japanese Camps United Press 1943
1993.300.067 Article Extra to the Heart Mountain Sentinel newspaper announcing that restrictions to entering the West Coast by persons of Japanese ancestry are being lifted, and after Jan. 2, 1945 Japanese and Japanese Americans will be allowed to return to the West Coast. Also includes a map of the Heart Mountain camp. Extra Dec. 18, 1944 Heart Mountain Sentinel
1993.300.068 Documents Segregation of Loyal & Disloyal Japanese in Reloc. Centers; Issei Nisei Kibei; What We're Fighting For; The Reloc. Program; A Voice that Must be Heard
1993.300.069 Article Article on the usage of the words concentration camp to describe the camps to which persons of Japanese ancestry were sent during World War II. Includes a listing of the concentration camps, internment camps and assembly centers. Concentration camps American-style Uno, Edison Dec. 1974 Pacific Citizen
1993.300.070 Prints Photos of Issei (first generation immigrants) internees at the Santa Fe camp in New Mexico during World War II. 1944
1993.300.071 Documents Maps showing exclusion zones on the West Coast, the assembly centers, concentration camps and internment camps, the states where the concentration camps were located, and the capacity of each of those camps.
1993.300.072 Drawing Pen and ink drawings by Mine Okubo from her book Citizen 13660 showing a memorial service at Topaz (Utah) Relocation Center and an art exhibit at the same camp.
1993.300.073 Article Photos and descriptions of the Minidoka camp, which were typical of all the other camps, and its facilities and appearance. Uncommon American Patriots 1991
1993.300.074 Poetry Poems written by Issei (Japanese immigrants) while in the internment camps. Abe, Bokshi; Sekshu
1993.300.075 Document Document from the Dept. of the Interior explaining some facts about the camps and the persons living there. Pertinent Facts about Relocation Centers and Americans of Japanese Ancestry Dept. of the Interior - War Relocation Authority
1993.300.076 Poetry Poems written by Issei (Japanese immigrants) interned at the Missoula, Montana camp shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Mizora Kinen 1942
1993.300.077 Stove Cast iron pot-belly stove like the kind used in the relocation camps. Owned previously by Watson Asaba.
1993.300.078 Letters Letters written by Iwao Matsushita to his wife Hanaye while he was incarcerated at the Missoula internment camp. Matsushita, Iwao 1941-1943
1993.300.079 Print Photo of people eating at a mess hall at an internment camp. The top has a caption "The West Coast Question" and the bottom right says "The March of Time." 1945
1993.300.080 Documents Poem by an internee at the Santa Fe Department of Justice internment camp and a chronology of an Issei's internment at various camps including Santa Fe. Santa Fe Internment Camp Soga, Keiho
1993.300.081 Directory Directory of the Issei (Japanese immigrants) at the Santa Fe Internment Camp operated by the Department of Justice written in Japanese and English. Santa Fe Japanese Internment Camp Directory Koyama, Kafu 1943 Santa Fe Review House
1993.300.082 Article History of the Santa Fe internment camp where Japanese aliens supposedly with pro-Japan ties were held during World War II. The Years of "Los Japos": Santa Fe's Wartime Internment Camp Niederman, Sharon July 10-161991 Santa Fe Reporter
1993.300.083 Document Card, folded, that says "Amache Colorado 1945, Compliments of the WRAnglers Club," and includes a picture of the Amache camp in the inside. Donated by Mrs. Ryo Tsai. 1945
1993.300.084 Poster Poster showing a picture of a man being processed for internment as well as a statement by then Gov. Ralph L. Carr of Colorado upholding the Bill of Rights and the American system. American Refugees Carr, Ralph L.
1993.300.085 Album Picture book of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team in 1943. The Album: 442nd Combat Team 1943 1943
1993.300.086 Article Article on four former internees of the Cystal City internment camp in Texas and their remembrances of it. Crystal City: Forgotten World War II camp Mochizuki, Ken April 29, 1997 The North American Post
1993.300.087 Documents Documents from the army service of Henry S. Tatsumi, a Japanese immigrant. Honorable Discharge from the United States Army; Enlistment Record; Discharge letter; Promotion certificate; Selective Service notice 1918-1919
1993.300.088 Article The article tells the story of the loyalty oath questionnaries and how it affected the Nisei and Kibei and their relationship with the U.S. military. The different answers to whether they would serve in the military resulted in different treatments and punishment. The Story of the No/No-No/Yes Soldiers of the 1800 General Service Battalion, U.S. Army Shimo, Cedrick M. July 4, 1986
1993.300.089 Document Petition by Minola (should be Minoru) Tamesa to be exempt from Selective Service during WWII because of being incarcerated in a concentration camp, Heart Mountain, Wyoming. In the Supreme Court of the United States: Minola (Minoru) Tamesa vs. United States of America October 1944 The Myers Legal Press, Los Angeles, CA
1993.300.090 Document Petition written primarily by Mino Yasui with the help of others asking for a clarification of and opportunities under the Selective Service Act. Yasui, Min
1993.300.091 Document Booklet containing information about Japanese American veterans and their role primarily in WWII and including a brief history of Japanese in America as well as short biographies on the deceased Japanese American veterans of the wars in which they were involved. Uncommon American Patriots Nisei Veterans Committee March 1991
1993.300.092 Documents Items from Tsuguo (Ike) Ikeda's scrapbook relating to induction into the army, including a notice of a meeting, ID cards, brochures, letter from MIS school and induction letter.
1993.300.093 Articles Articles from the Minidoka Irrigator, the Minidoka camp newspaper, regarding the military call-up from all the camps, the wounded from the camp in World War II and the Honor Roll of the men serving listed on a board at the camp.
1993.300.094 Letters V-Mail letters during World War II to Dutch Takakawa from Tak Hirai and Sam Sakai. 1944
1993.300.095 Letter Letter to Yutaka "Dutch" Takekawa from the Kinoshita family. He gave the eulogy at Tsukasa "Bako" Kinoshita's funeral. Both were serving in the U.S. Army. 10/30/1994
1993.300.096 Articles Articles about the Japanese American soldiers of the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) who studied the Japanese language in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and their contributions and their relations to the community. 3,500 Minnesota-Trained Nisei Act as "Eyes, Ears"; They spoke Japanese--all the way to victory Nyberg, John; Potter, Dean S. 10/22/1945;12/5 Minneapolis Star-Journal; St. Paul Pioneer Press
1993.300.097 Article Article from the Prologue: Journal of the National Archives recounting the draft resistance by Japanese Americans at the Heart Mountain, Wyoming internment camo, a Covenant: Japanese-American Internees and the Selective Service Act Bittner, Eric Fall 1991
1993.300.098 Letter Letter to the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) from Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, and M.P.W. Stone, Secretary of the Army, congratulating them on their 50th anniversary. 10/29/1991
1993.300.099 Letter Letter to Edward Hayashi from the U.S. Coast Guard rejecting his application to join this branch of service because they were not accepting applications from persons of Japanese ancestry. 7/6/1943
1993.300.100 Speech Speech given by Eric Saul, curator of the Presidio Museum, San Francisco, on the impact of the Nisei veterans of the 442nd. Go for Broke Story Saul, Eric 3/24/1984
1993.300.101 Article Article about Charlie Battery of the 522nd Field Artillery Batallaion, a detachment of the 442nd Regimentall Combat Team, the all-Japanese American unit, and its role in liberating Dachau. Reunion 11/11/1991 The New Yorker
1993.300.102 Document Form used by the U.S. govenment during World War II to register persons of Japanese ancestry in the concentration camps with a loyalty oath questionnaire and a special one for adult young men to see if they would be willing to volunteer for a segregated all-Japanese Amican combat team. Statement of United States Citizen of Japanese Ancestry 1943
1993.300.103 Letter Letter from Minola (Minoru) Tamesa to his Draft Board #3 requesting clarification on his status as an internee in a concentration camp at Heart Mountain, WY, yet being classified I-A by Selective Service. Minola (Minoru) Tamesa 3/2/1944
1993.300.104 Documents Sermon given by Judge Charles Z. Smith at the Blaine Memorial Methodist Church on July 28, 1974 discussing Minoru Tamesa's testimony of conscience in refusing to be drafted in World War II while incarcerated in a concentration camp. Masao Kataoka's military trial for insubordination at Fort McClellan, Alabama. Uhachi Tamesa, father of Minoru Tamesa, who was found guilty of draft evasion, is named honorary mayor of Burien during the 1976 U.S. Bicentennial. The Testimony of Conscience; A Quiet Patriot Smith, Judge Charles Z. Smith; Titone, Joan 7/28/1974; 5/16
1993.300.105 Program Program booklet for the MIS (Military Intelligence Service)-Northwest Association Fifteenth Annual Fall General Session held on November 3, 1995 at the Doubletree Inn in Tukwila. MIS-Northwest Association - Fifteenth Annual Fall General Session 11/3/1995
1993.300.106 Program Program booklet for the MIS (Military Intelligence Service) 50th anniversary grand reunion banquet at the Doubletree Suites on Sept. 9, 1995 MIS (Military Intelligence Service) National Reunion 9/9/1995
1993.300.107 Pamphlets Information brochures on job opportunities and housing in the Midwest and East for Japanese and Japanese Americans who are in the process of leaving the internment camps. Shuffle Off to Buffalo; Cincinnati: A city of families; Jobs in Pittsburgh; New Opportunities for Issei-Nisei in Central Ohio 1945 War Relocation Authority (WRA)
1993.300.108 Pamphlet Brochure offering tips on hiring internees from the concentration camps and the process of relocating people. Relocating a People
1993.300.109 Pamphlets Pamphlets on relocation, exclusion, myths and facts and status of Japanese Americans during wartime. Relocation of Japanese Americans; Town Meeting on Continued Exclusion from West Coast; Myths & Facts About Japanese Americans; Japanese in our Midst 1943; 1945
1993.300.110 Articles News articles from the Omaha World Herald, Twin Falls Times-News and Seattle Post-Intelligencer supporting Japanese Americans and asking for fair treatment of them. No Room for Bigotry; Opposes Discrimination; Group Would Aid Japs Who Return to Coast World Herald (Omaha); Times-News (Twin Falls, ID); Sseattle P-I
1993.300.111 Documents Notice from the War Relocation Authority staff at Minidoka regarding the future plans of the internees as to whether they want to relocate or remain at the center. Also, a notice of a person from Connecticut coming to Minidoka to talk to people about relocating there. Also, job listings in various states. War Relocation Authority 5/15/1944; 2/1
1993.300.112 Report Report issued by the American Baptist Home Mission Society of New York and written by Jobu Yasumura regarding the eviction and closure of Minidoka, his visit to the Granada camp, and the results of relocating elsewhere or returning to the West Coast. Yasumura, Jobu 11/5/1945 The American Baptist Home Mission Society
1993.300.113 List Listing of people who have relocated from the Minidoka Reloation Center to places outside the internment camp. 8/28/1943 The Minidoka Irrigator
1993.300.114 Article Photo that appeared in either The Seattle Times or The Seattle Post-Intelligencer showing the hostility that some people exhibited when a Japanese American family returned to Seattle before WWII ended. 1945 AP Wirephoto
1993.300.115 Articles Articles relating to the allowing of the return of persons of Japanese ancestry to the West Coast after the Supreme Court rescinds exclusion. Ban on Japanese Lifted on Coast; Supreme Court Upholds Return of Loyal Japanese to West Coast; Return of Japs Opposed by Elks Davies, Lawrence; Wood, Lewis 12/18/44;12/19/ New York Times; Bellingham (WA) Herald
1993.300.116 Article Article by E.J. Mathews, Dean of Admissions (emeritus), about the Nisei students who enrolled at the University of Texas, Austin, during WWII. West Coast Nisei Students at Texas University War Relocation and Resettlement Mathews, E.J. July 1, 1960
1993.300.117 Pamphlet Pamphlet issued by a Lambert Schuyler of Bainbridge Island arguing for the exclusion of persons of Japanese ancestry from returning to the West Coast and instead sending them to a Pacific island to live in a society of their own. The Japs Must Not Come Back Schuyler, Lambert Heron House
1993.300.118 Articles Various articles on opportunities for employment and housing for evacuees contemplating moving to the Midwest and East Coast. War Relocation Authority 1945
1993.300.119 Directory Listing of Japanese businesses in Seattle, including apartments and hotels, in 1956. Published by the North American Post. The Northwest Japanese American Directory 1956 1956 North American Post
1993.300.120 Directory Listing of Japanese businesses and residences in Washington state from the New Japanese American News directory of 1949. The New Japanese American News 1949 1949 New Japanese American News
1993.300.121 Document Document from the Minidoka Internment camp at Hunt, Idaho requesting a person to come for a hearing for return to the West Coast. War Relocation Authority 1945
1993.300.122 Article Article by Seattle Times reporter Elizabeth Rhodes about the Seattle Japanese community and how it is evolving. Moving Toward the Mainstream Rhodes, Elizabeth 10/25/1981 The Seattle Times
1993.300.123 Article Supplement to the Northwest Times newspaper showing events and happenings of the community . 4/1/1950 The Northwest Times
1993.300.124 Article Article in the Northwest Nikkei about the Skyliners, a Japanese American band composed of teenagers who played at various venues in the 1950s Skyliners Suguro, Ed May 1990(?) North American Post
1993.300.125 Document Information sheet on Japanese American clubs before WWII and after. They include Bellami, Valeda, Fuyo Kai and Japanese Students Club, which was renamed Synkoa after WWII. 8/12/1991
1993.300.126 Article Article from Scene magazine of March 1952 about the Rokka Ski Club and its ski trip to Stevens Pass. 44 ride bus to go skiing near Seattle Ogawa, Elmer March 1952 Scene Publications
1993.300.127 Document Information on the Spanish Castle ballroom, a popular hangout from the 1930s through the 1950s. Des Moines Historical Society
1993.300.128 Map Population density of Japanese in Seattle from information of the 1960 U.S. Census. Growth and Distribution of Minority Races McVey Jr., Wayne M.; Schmid, Calvin
1993.300.129 Document Certificate of Naturalization for Mr. Koi Tanagi, a Japanese immigrant. Certificate of Naturalization Dec. 28, 1953
1993.300.130 Article News article regarding Japanese Americans seeking to rescind their renunciation of U.S. citizenship at the Tule Lake Segregation Center. 247 More Internees Join 1,002 in Suit to Keep Citizenship March 5, 1946
1993.300.131 Pamphlet Excertpts from government officials, including President Franklin Roosevelt, and military officials regarding using Japanese evacuees in the military, agricultural work or other war manpower production. A Voice That Must Be Heard 1943
1993.300.132 Document Booklet making recommendations on the future of persons of Japanese ancestry incarcerated in the concentration camps during World War II. American Refugees
1993.300.133 Document Document explaining the procedure on how to file for evacuation claims from property loss due to the evacuation of persons of Japanese ancestry during World War II. Information Concerning Claims Under The Evacuation Claims Law Ennis, Edward J. 1948
1993.300.134 Pamphlet Pamphlet put out by the JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) exlaining what the organization is doing to combat discriminatory legislation in the United States. What We're Fighting For JACL
1993.300.135 Scrapbook Items from a JACL (Japanese American Citizens League ) scrapbook commemorating the evacuation of persons of Japanese ancestry to the Puyallup Assembly Center. Day of Remembrance 1978
1993.300.136 Document Report ofn JACL's (Japanese American Citizens League) wartime role on internment and treatment of the draft resisters. Report of the Presidential Select Committee on Resolution No. 7 1990
1993.300.137 Pamphlet Program booklet for a 50 year remembrance commemoration of the Japanese American internment throughout the year 1992 in the Los Angeles area. 50 Year Remembrance: 1992
1993.300.138 Article Two articles recounting the evacuation of persons of Japanese descent after the bombing of Pearhl Harbor. One is about a pilgrimage to Puyallup where an assembly center was located housing Seattle Japanese before being sent to Minidoka internment camp; the other about Gordon Hirabayashi's defiance of government orders to obey a curfew, then evacuate. Camp Harmony Revisited: Reparation effort begins; It's been 30 years of recovery Okimoto, Randy; Mano, Mark Dec. 1978 International Examiner
1993.300.139 Document Proclamation issued by President Gerald R. Ford rescinding EO 9066 which authorized the internment of persons of Japanese ancestry. An American Promise Ford, President Gerald R. Feb. 19, 1976
1993.300.140 Pamphlet Pamphlet issued by the Colorado Council of Churches explaining the current situation regarding the persons of Japanese ancestry in the internment camps and what should be done to get them back into American society. The Japanese in our Midst 1943 1943 Colorado Council of Churches
1993.300.141 Article Article written by Norio Mitsuoka about the history of Japan bashing and the results thereof. Japan Bashing Mitsuoka, Norio
1993.300.142 Article News item gleaned from the Hokubei Mainichi and reported in the International Examiner regarding death threats received by a Japanese American seniors service organization in San Francisco. The threat said "DEATH TO ALL FORMER INTERNEES1" National News July 3, 1991 International Examiner
1993.300.143 Article Article by Walt Woodward, , former editor of the Bainbridge Island Review, recounting the evacuation of persons of Japanese ancestry from Bainbridge Island in 1942. The Japanese Evacuation--Could It Happen Again? Woodward, Walt Dec. 7, 1979 The Seattle Times
1993.300.144 Articles Two articles from the Pacific Citizen telling journalists how to handle the Pearl Harbor anniversary and another recounting how anti-Asian feelings still permeate American journalism. Guide Gives Tips for Coverage of Pearl Harbor; 'Yellow Peril' Still with Us in Jounalism, Study Says 9/13/91 Pacific Citizen
1993.300.145 Cartoon Cartoon from "Ernie Pook's Comeek" by Lynda Barry showing a boy who has been callled a "dirty Jap." Two Donnys Barry, Lynda
1993.300.146 Poster Cover of Newsweek magazine showing a Japanese woman in a kimono holding a torch in her right hand and standing atop a pedestal. Japan Invades Hollywood: Sony's $3.4 Billion Deal for Columbia 10/9/1989 Newsweek
1993.300.147 Article News article about Rev. Emery E. Andrews who lived nearby the Mindoka internment camp in Twin Falls, Idaho during WWII to be near his Japanese American congregation from the Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle. Looking Back on Minidoka Satterfield, Archie 7/24/1977 Seattle Times
1993.300.148 Article Article on Walt Woodward, published of the Bainbridge Review who protested the treatment of persons of Japanese ancestry aftter the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The lonely voice against internment Hannula, Don 9/14/1981 Seattle Times
1993.300.149 Article Article about Floyd Schmoe, a Quaker and pacifist who assisted Japanese Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. A Most Active Pacifist Satterfield 5/13/1979 Seattle Times
1993.300.150 Article
1993.300.151 Brochure Brochure suggesting how to get the newspapers to stop using the racist epithet "Jap". How to Attack the Newspaper Use of "Jap" Sasaki, Shosuke 1962
1993.300.152 Documents Summary of conferences held in the state of Washington regarding the internment. Papers from a Conference on The State of the Field of Asian American Studies held in Los Angeles. Pamphlet from the JACL National Convention held in Seattle in 1988. Japanese America: Contemporary Perspectives on Internment; Conference on The State of the Field of Asian American Studies Abe, Frank/Seriguchi, Karen 1980; 1971
1993.300.153 Article Article regarding a claim by a North Carolina senator that the internees are getting more than the American public, and an invitation by the Heart Mountain internees for him to come there to see what it really is like. Jan. 23, 1943
1993.300.154 Document Description of the Heart Mountain internment camp telling of its origin, size, occupations, facilities, etc. For Your Information Ware Relocation Authority
1993.300.155 Newspaper Copy of the Heart Mountain Echoes, the high school newspaper of the Heart Mountain internment camp, dated March 10, 1943. Heart Mountain Echoes March 10, 1943
1993.300.156 Envelope An original letter size business envelope from the Heart Mountain internment camp showing a logo of the camp in the return address with the words Heart Mountain, Wyoming.
1993.300.157 Articles News articles in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing and its effects on the Japanese community. Most of these articles were included in Yoriko Watanabe's booklet Paper Trail to Interment. 1941-1945 Seattle Times; Seattle Post-Inteligencer; Seattle Star; Pacific Citizen.
1993.300.158 Newspaper Christmas edition of The Minidoka Irrigator, Dec. 25, 1942, the camp newspaper of the Minidoka internment camp. The Minidoka Irrigator Dec. 25, 1942
1993.300.159 Documents Information Bulletin issued by the Minidoka internment camp administration on the rules, regulations and policies of the camp to the incoming internees. Pacific Citizen article on the dedication of Minidoka as a U.S. National Historic Place in 1979. Information Bulletin; Minidoka dedicated as U.S. historic place 9/10/1942; 9/14 Pacific Citizen (Minidoka article)
1993.300.160 Newspaper Pages from two different issues of The Minidoka Irrigator including camp issues and an editorial. The Minidoka Irrigator 1/16/1943; 9/10
1993.300.161 Document Page from The Minidoka Irrigator, the internment camp newspaper, publishing letters to the editor from outside mainstream newspapers that supported Japanese Americans. The Minidoka Irrigator Dec. 23, 1944
1993.300.162 Newsletter Newspaper of the Hunt High School at the Minidoka internment camp featuring the graduating class of 1943. Hunt Hi-Lites July 16, 1943
1993.300.163 Document Papers authorizing Sharon Setsuko 'Tanagi's leave from the Minidoka internment camp to Minnesota. Includes travel schedule, authorization card, and fingerprint.
1993.300.164 Drawing Drawing of Minidoka by an artist named Hasegawa.
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